8. The Flower of Possession

8. The Flower of Possession

“Winner, No. 19 Elasa!”

“Hoo-wook… Whoop… I won!”

Originally, a girl who looks like she would go to school normally and study, smiles broadly while covered in her blood.

Even though his left arm was cut off, endorphins surged wildly so he didn’t even feel sick.

“Wow. His arm was cut off, but he’s smiling like that.”

“By the way, the cloned guy just went through his heart…… Are you sure you don’t die?”

“I could really die. They say that even with rapid treatment, one or two people die every year.”

“What? My father never said anything like that.”

“Can I not do this… ….”

“If you don’t want to disgrace your family, you’d better do it once with your eyes closed. How can you not get scolded if you fall?”

The age group of academy freshmen varies from 13 to 22 years old, but the highest distribution is between 17 and 18 years old.

It was the same with those who huddled together in front of Yooseong and had a conversation.

Among the children of aristocratic families with similar status, those who were usually close to each other came together to take the test.

Rather than necessarily wanting to pass the Helios, the feeling that the family sent it instead of the coming-of-age ceremony was a little bigger, but he looked about 17 years old anyway.

‘There are certainly a lot of nobles. According to the setting.’

Almost all of Helios Academy’s cadets are nobles.

About 85% in terms of percentage.

Even Anise right next to him was a nobleman.

Even if you are a nameless baron in a country estate, isn’t a noble a noble?

The rest are filled with commoners, foreigners, and even a handful of prisoners.

Because of the minority of heterogeneous races such as elves and dwarves, they were not easily seen or made into playable characters.

‘Even if it’s not a setting, it’s natural.’

In fact, it was inevitable that most of the students at Helios Academy were nobles.

The strongest of the empire.

A collection of monsters who are despised as outcasts, pessimistically call themselves trash, and casually pull out Auras.

Even in a decent aristocratic family, parents’ shoulders would rise if their children were students of Helios.

As a result, many of the cadets received systematic training from childhood and grew up to be lethal weapons.

It takes a lot of money to hire tutors and train talents like that.

The mere fact that commoners accounted for about 10% of such a situation was proof that it was fair.

Of course, once you enter the school, you will be discriminated against.

“Day 1 is over!”

How many sparrings have been completed?

The referee loudly announced the end of the first day of the exam.

It’s not that we’re doing anything more, it’s just that we have so many people that we can’t evaluate them all in one day.

“Ha ha! After all, I didn’t call today. I’d rather do it quickly and feel at ease!”

Anise’s body slumped as if the tension was relieved.

“The order is completely random, so it can’t be helped.”

“How are you going to spend until the exam results are over, Mister?”

“Just get a room and stay nearby. I train, I eat. It would be nice to find a pastime to pass the time.”

“Hmm. Okay. I also have to train hard until the exam.”

“Mr. Anise will surely be able to do it.”

“Thank you for your support. Then I’ll go first. See you tomorrow!”

Anise brushed through her wavy blue hair.

‘Mmm, this fresh and youthful scent.’

It feels like the vitality is spreading.

With that thought in mind, I was about to leave the exam hall, but Shohei started talking to me.

“If it were your pastime, would you like to work as a mercenary?”


“Haha, a mercenary with the conviction of immortality.”

“Even if you don’t kill, there are many things to do. In bounty hunting, the more you catch, the more you pay. If you don’t like it, you can have a colleague.”

“Doesn’t it go against your convictions that the person you captured is put to death, or that your fellows finish off the enemies you cut?”

“Master said so. If you force your beliefs on someone, the essence will eventually become blurred and become nothing. I do not ask anyone to understand my beliefs. Just do what you set out to do in the first place. My belief is, I just don’t take my own life with these hands.”

“Yes, it should be. That’s a logic I like. You know that not letting anyone die is just an ideal theory that won’t appear in books.”

Shohei nodded his head in satisfaction.

You might wonder why he likes or dislikes other people’s beliefs, but it’s only natural if you know what he thinks of Meteor.

Shohei considers Yuseong his rival.

That word must contain the meaning of ‘there is nothing short of being my rival’.

His questions were all predictable.

He was able to answer skillfully because he had been running similar situations in his head several times.

‘Well, just because you put a little Yudo-ri on doesn’t mean that the nobility of the belief in non-killing will disappear.’

Rather, that side matched the concept character and image that Yooseong originally had in mind.

There are too many humans for the land mass.

Resources are limited, and countless people try to make up for what is lacking by stealing from others.

It was a world where it was difficult to live without the experience of murder, even to protect what was in hand.

In such a world, it is not romantic to force others to die in order to keep their beliefs.

It’s just a clumsy, unattractive thing, the plants in the greenhouse that have never experienced the cruel reality.

I didn’t come up with the concept like this because Yooseong was also good.

It just happened that way.

“Then, let’s go first.”

“Yes. See you next time.”

Yoosung left the test site and wandered around the surrounding streets.

The official name of this place is Helios Academy City.

As the academy entered, it grew into a city, so it felt like an appendix to the academy.

Commonly, it is called ‘Academy City’.

Since it was right next to the academy, the main stage of the game, it was understandable, but it was also the most dangerous place.

‘Shall we go?’

Now, Yooseong was moving his steps to take the hidden piece, the flower of game possession.

When it comes to Hidden Peace, there’s nothing grandiose like a legendary weapon, and it’s only a small benefit, but the difference between getting it and not getting it was quite large.

Shouldn’t it be the same status as coupons given when a new mobile game is opened?

Anyway, it would be nice to do it in my free time.

Now was the time given to do sub-quests.

‘Oh, there is.’

Entering the dark alleyway, Yuseong found what he was looking for, so he approached with a happy heart.

A man in a robe that looked suspicious even at first glance, wandering around the back alley.

He was not a Blood Moon, but a member of a group called the ‘Organization’.

One of the playable characters also belongs to an organization.

“Hey, there you sleep…” ….”

As I was passing by, a man started talking to me.

“What are you doing?”

“Looks like you’re from out of town. Don’t you need money to spend in the empire? Please do me one favor.”

This is a dedicated sub-quest when Yooseong is chosen as the main character.

Openly tricking Yooseong, who is dressed as a warrior from the East, to do something illegal.

So, Yoosung answered without making a single mistake between the lines in the game and the name Toh.

“That sounds suspicious. I do not do anything criminal.”

“It is not illegal. I just want to get back what was stolen. Rather, it was the country that suffered. The bandits took my valuables.”

“I’ll listen closely.”

“Thank you… ….”

No, thank you.

It would have been regrettable if it disappeared just because it became reality.

The man wouldn’t know that Yoosung was laughing inwardly.

[ You must know that traffic has increased a lot because of the academy entrance exam, right? That’s how much the bandits came to boil together. ]

[ Although troops were deployed on the nearby mountain roads, it would be impossible to stand on all the roads. ]

[On the way to Academy City, bandits stole his mother’s keepsake pouch. ]

[Her mother liked to collect pretty stones on the beach. ]

[I was traveling the world with stones that would contain his soul, in order to become a child even if it was late……. ]

[ Please, take it back. The case will not be boring. ]

[ This is a map of the area from which I was robbed. I probably wouldn’t have gone that far. ]

‘Giving medicine to a blind character is the same as playing a game. Look at the setup errors. Didn’t I see it because I was wearing sunglasses?’

He speaks slickly, but the man just stole the gemstone, and the bandits knew it was a gem and took it.

It’s a lie because I don’t want to let people know that things like mother’s keepsakes are just jewelry, and when I find them, I don’t even want to pay for ‘mother’s keepsakes’, so I run away quickly.

Anyway, the important thing is not the quest, but the bandit’s hideout.

There, it was possible to obtain a curse item for stat farming if certain conditions were met.

Not only Meteor, but also other playable characters had hidden elements in these sub-quests.

The items that Meteor can obtain are by killing enemies and collecting souls to build stacks, so I don’t need it right away, but I’m thinking of getting it because I think it’ll pay for itself someday.

‘You can give it to another playable character after liking it. It’s also helpful for concepts…….’

Yoosung first got a room at an inn and opened his inventory.

‘Didn’t I get a bunch of gifts yesterday?’

1 Level 2 gift.

I was able to get 10 level 1 gifts.

Let’s take a look at it with a reverent heart without expecting anything.

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