Tokyo Bubble Life

Chapter 476: 475, Shura field forced to open?

  Chapter 476 475, Shura field forced to open?

  It is not the first time for Naoki Naoyama to visit the building of Fuji TV, but this time he brought a job card as a producer, and it feels like an internal employee, and all the studios are open to him.

  Sometimes after opening the door, others thought it was a guest, but they were surprised when they saw the work card on the chest.


  In a studio, I accidentally ran into an acquaintance, Uemiya Haruta, the producer of Fuji TV. He glanced at the job card and said with a smile: "When did Naoki-san join Fuji TV?"

   "I have already joined, and I will be an employee dispatched by Fuji TV in the next five years." Naoki Naoyama joked, "Please take care of Senior Haruta!"

   "Haha, is it the program called "Twilight Meow Meow"?" This program has been discussed many times in the high-level mouth, and Ueya Haruta naturally knows something about it.

   "Hey, but there are other shows after that."

   "Then there will be more opportunities to meet each other in the future~" Ueya Haruta didn't get to the bottom of it, but said to Naoki Naoyama, "Does Naoki-san want to watch this show?"

  The variety show that Ueya Haruta is currently supervising is a funny performance show, where you can see the production scenes and guests dressed in weird ways.

   "Thank you, I still can't do it~" Naoki Nagayama took a glance and shook his head, "Haruta-san, I'm more interested in Fuji TV's FNS song festival. I heard that today is the first rehearsal, right? Where is it?"

   "Ah, that's in the large studio on the first floor."

   In the morning, Chuntian pointed out the direction for Naoki Naoyama, and Naoki Naoyama walked over like this.

  The outside of the studio door is dark and quiet. The good sound insulation makes it impossible to hear the sound inside, but once the door is opened, there is a noisy atmosphere.

  Because this is the first rehearsal, there is no audience in the studio, all the artists and staff who are going to participate, and the artists did not change into singing clothes, but all are ordinary clothes.

  Of course there are also reporters from various media.

  The stage set at the scene has not been fully completed, but the previous performances are already in order.

  The spotlights are gathered on the stage. In addition to the music and singing, the rest of the scene are more loud scheduling instructions from the director and staff.

   Naoki Naoyama sneaked in while others were not paying attention, stood aside and watched the performance for a while, and then started searching.

   "Where is Akina. Ah! I found it!"

  Under the dim light, seeing Akina sitting on the seat at the other end, watching the rehearsal on the stage, Naoki Naoyama circled around and walked to her side:


   "Naoki-san!" Akina suppressed her voice, full of surprise, "Is it signed so soon?"

   "Ah, yes, because we have already negotiated before, just sign the contract." Yongshan Naoki sat next to her, "Has Akina already played?"

  "I rehearsed the opening according to the procedure. But I haven't rehearsed my show yet." Nakamori Akina said, "Now it's Nishijo Hideki-senpai."

   "Hideki Saijo~" Naoki Naoyama looked at Hideki Saijo on the stage, who was performing "ギャランドゥ (Garandu hard, "It feels like Elvis Presley."

   "Haha, I think so too." Akina Nakamori also agreed with a smile.

   "If Akina didn't play, would I have to wait here all the time?" The FNS Music Festival was broadcast live for 4 hours, and the rehearsal time was naturally longer.

   "Hey! There are so many seniors here, if you leave the stage halfway, there will be bad news." Nakamori Akina looked at the reporters in front, and would find some people to interview in the middle.

   "That's not boring." There were no cell phones in this day and age, and newspapers couldn't be read in this dim light.

   "Isn't it possible to watch an artist's performance? This is a performance that a thousand dollars can't buy!"

  Akina Nakamori laughed, "Does Naoki-san want to participate in the rehearsal together?"

"No need this time." Naoki Naoyama looked at the watch in his hand, it is now three o'clock in the afternoon: "I have made an appointment for dinner with the people from Fuji TV, and we will go up to gather around five o'clock, and I can also accompany Akina for two Hours."

   "Two hours is not short."

  Akina smiled contentedly. In the dim light, there was nowhere to place her little hand and she was already holding Naoki Yongshan.

   When it was not Akina Nakamori's turn, the two watched the rehearsal of the song festival like a real audience, commenting on the performers from time to time.

  But Yongshan is directly subordinate to such a conspicuous person, and everyone who comes in will take a look at him. The two looked at it for a while, and someone they knew came over:


   The person here is Yoshie Kashiwahara!

  Akina Nakamori quietly let go of her hand, while Naoki Naoyama greeted politely: "Yoshie-san, you are here for the rehearsal today~"

   "Hi, you were invited this year." Kashiwahara Yoshie continued to ask, "Naoki-san also came to the rehearsal?"

   "No, although I was invited as an award presenter, I don't need to participate in this rehearsal yet." Naoki Yongshan explained, "I have something to do at Fuji TV today, so let's take a look."

   "Boom?" Kashiwahara Yoshie became even more curious, and didn't intend to leave for a while.

  But I didn't expect that the chat between the three people here attracted another person to come over:


  This time it's Nahoko Kawai!

  Naoki Naoyama began to feel that something was wrong, the atmosphere was wrong! Why did the eyes of Akina next to him become dangerous?

   "Ah, Nahoko-san! You came to the rehearsal today~"

   "Yeah, is Naoki-san also here for the rehearsal?"

   Yoshie Kashiwahara helped explain: "Naoki-san is the award presenter, but I have other things to do today."

  You talk to me, and a few people start chatting. To be honest, as a gold medal musician, Naoki Nagayama is very attractive among many idol singers, especially when the two songs he composed for Yutaka Ozaki this time are very popular. Oricon ranked first and top ten for one month in a row.

  "What is Naoki-san up to lately?" "Has the new movie started?" "I heard that the debut song of your new idol is also from Naoki-san's name?"

   Questions one by one, Naoki Naoyama was a bit unable to answer.

   At this time, Matsuda Seiko came in from the backstage after putting on makeup. She kept a perfect image in front of people all the time, so she came a little late.

  In the studio, besides the center of the stage, I also saw a small group of four in the corner:

   "That's Naoki Nagayama? Next to him are Akina Nakamori, Yoshie Kashiwahara, and Nahoko Kawai?!"

   These are all Matsuda Seiko's strong competitors today! What are they doing around the gold medal musician Naoki Nagayama? Are you inviting me to sing? Yes, Naoki-san's latest two songs are on sale!

   "How can this be done! Are you so thick-skinned? A few people surround him and show courteousness!" Seiko Matsuda thought about it, "Has even Akina Nakamori, who has always been very arrogant, put down his posture?"

  Among several competitors, Nakamori Akina is the most threatening!

"Damn it! Naoki Yongshan's first song was written for me!" Seiko Matsuda bit his lip, "It's a rare opportunity, Naoki Yongshan doesn't participate in music activities outside! These guys are so put down I can't miss it either!"

   Seiko Matsuda adjusted his face, showed a sweet smile, and walked to the side of Naoki Yongshan:

   "Naoki-san! Long time no see!"

   "Ah, Sheng Zisang, today you also came to the rehearsal."

   This sentence seems to have been said many times today!

  The word "dangerous" flashed in Naoki Naoyama's head!

  The eyes of several girl idols meet, why do sparks seem to shoot out?

  Hanako Naoki, who was forced to open the business, felt bitter and couldn't tell. He really didn't think about provoking other idols, but just like the lines in the movie of Master Xing,

  A man as handsome as him is like a firefly in the dark, so bright, so outstanding.

   Naoki Naoyama felt Akina's eye knife flying around his face from time to time, but at this time, he couldn't just drive people away, right?

Eh? Why are you still sitting down and having a tea party?

In fact, quite a few reporters saw this scene, and there were many discussions: "That is Naoki-san? Why are there so many girls around? They are all top-notch girl idols?! He is indeed a man with the name of Huaxin Naoki !"

  Unfortunately, this was during the rehearsal of Fuji TV's FNS Music Festival. They were asked not to make negative revelations except for the rehearsal and interview content. Otherwise, this would be another piece of gossip!

   Naoki Naoyama’s predicament was saved by the on-site director of the Kayo Festival, because the performance of several girl idols was next, so these people were called to prepare at once.

  Taking advantage of this opportunity, Naoki Yongshan immediately evacuated in small steps. Although he had agreed to watch the rehearsal together with Mingcai, in this case, there might really be a Shura field in the future!

  FNS Kayo Festival is the most famous music program at the end of the year in Japan. Famous singers are naturally invited, and Yutaka Ozaki is no exception.

  At this time, he was watching Mori Shinichi performing from the side of the stage, and he glanced at Naoki Nagayama:


   A call almost made Yongshan Naoki tremble, and he turned his head before he breathed a sigh of relief:

   "So it's Brother Ozaki!"

   Yutaka Ozaki said with a teasing smile: "Haha, is Naoki-san leaving now? You won't be participating in the rehearsal?"

"I'm an award presenter, and I should come only at the final rehearsal. I'm here today for other things." Naoki Naoyama had to explain again, "Brother Ozaki, do you have confidence in the Japan Record Awards at the end of the year? ?”

   "Huh? The Japan Record Awards?" Yutaka Ozaki was a little surprised, "Isn't this usually only won by enka?"

   Naoki Naoyama smiled: "Judging from the current development situation, pop music is also possible. Besides, "Song of the Sunset" itself has a feeling of performing songs, anyway, it is still possible."

  Actually, there are still various forces competing behind this, but besides the emerging Being Records behind Yutaka Ozaki, there is also the support of Sony Records, so there is still a great possibility.

  Ozaki Yuto scratched his head: "I have some confidence in the gold award, but the Japan Record Awards"

   "Haha, it's okay, there will always be a chance in the future~"

  After chatting with the only male singer under his name for a while, Naoki Nagayama returned to the office area, chatting with Rumi Nishi, while waiting for Taitai Sugiura to get off work.

   "Naoki-san, you've been waiting for a long time!" At around five o'clock, Sugiura Taiyasu finally finished his work and hurried to catch up.

   "Ah, it's fine, I had a good chat with Xi Rumi."

   Sugiura Taitai took a look at Nishi Rumi's smiling face, and knew that his partner must be very happy today.

"Haha, that's good. It's almost time, let's go to the restaurant now!" Sugiura Taitai turned to Nishi Rumi and said, "Nishi Rumi-san, I'm going to invite Naoki-san alone today, not for you! "

   "Huh? Why is this!" Xi Ru was so beautiful, she was obviously looking forward to having dinner with the handsome Yongshan!

   "Next time, there is a chance!"

  Sugiura Taiyasu led Naoki Nagayama to a pretty good restaurant nearby. He was a regular customer here, so he asked the boss to prepare a box, and then the usual drinks and appetizers were served.

   "Naoki-san, I would like to toast you!" Sugiura Taitai started first, "Thank you for this cooperation, Naoki-san's trust!"

   "Haha, Datai-san is a reliable person!" Naoki Yongshan drank it in one gulp.

  "Naoki-san, if the resources are ready, this program will be launched in mid-to-late October." Sugiura Taitai and Yongshan Naoki chatted about the progress of the program, "I have already applied for the studio!"

   "Execution is really strong!" Naoki Naoyama said, "In October, I should be in Kyoto most of the time, but Tai Tai-san will let me know at any time if needed."

   "Well, thank you Naoki-san!"

  The two big men drink one glass after another, drinking very intensely.

In order for Zhikako Aoyama to make her debut on "Night HIT", Naoki Naoyama poured Sugiura Taitai down tonight, and apologized to Naoki Naoyama in a delirious state, saying that he had robbed others' achievements, and at the same time promised a lot condition.

   When sending this guy into a taxi, Naoki Naoyama couldn't help sighing, such a pure person is really rare in the entertainment world!

   Naoki Nagayama, who returned to Yamazakura-in, wanted to call Akina at first, but after the alcohol came on, he fell asleep on the sofa.

   Also missed the call from Akina.

  October in Tokyo is very special for Naoki Nagayama. Because he came to this era at the beginning of October.

  When Yoyo woke up, Naoki Naoyama felt a burst of weakness and weakness in his body, and opened his eyes:

   "Unfamiliar. No, the familiar ceiling~"

  Is this the living room?

   When he came back to his senses, Naoki Naoyama realized that he had slept on the sofa all night when he saw Utaro next to him.

   "No wonder my back hurts. Wait, why do you still have a low-grade fever?"

   It was the time when the temperature changed suddenly. I was drunk and slept in the living room all night. The cold morning breeze blew through the open glass door. Naoki Naoyama caught a cold for a long time!

"Hey Taro, other people's dogs will put a blanket on their owners when they see their owners sleeping on the sofa. Why don't you show any sign?" Naoki Yongshan patted the dog's head, "I'm not skilled in business. ah!"

   "Wow! Wow! (This dog is not covered with blankets!

   "Be careful next time!" Naoki Yongshan pressed the fault on Gouzi's head, and then saw the recording indicator light on the phone, "It should be Mingcai, right?"

   After pressing the play button, a voice came from the phone: "Naoki-san? Haven't you gone back yet? Still asleep. I'm already home. Please reply~"

   Then comes the next one, at 11:30 p.m.: "Naoki-san is really drunk from drinking! Hmph~"

   "I'm going out of town tomorrow, for three days, I won't see Naoki-san for the time being~ If you miss me, just hit the pager~"

  Naoki Yongshan wiped his face, and decided to wash up first, and then find time to reply.

  After taking a bath, I feel dizzy even more. People who are not usually sick will be very serious when they get sick.

  However, he persisted and came to the studio. There is something important to do today.

   "Naoki-san, why is your face so pale?" Yi Tangxiu met the tree of Yongshan as soon as he was in the hall, looked at his face and said, "Are you all right?"

   "Ah, I caught a cold, but it's not a big problem." Naoki Naoyama explained, "Shuichi-san, the venue and hotel in Kyoto have been arranged, right?"

   "Well, we can go there tomorrow." Itou Xiu said with a smile, "But this time the opening ceremony, we arranged for the local priests, and the witches here in Tokyo are too old, so let's forget it for now."

   "Ha, that sorceress is missing a big red envelope!" Naoki Yongshan laughed.

   "Masataka Komori has gone first, and the crew's luggage and other personnel have gone." Shuichi Ido explained the empty seats in the hall, "There are also some scene props, which have already been packed and taken away."

   "Of course I'm very relieved when Xiu Yisang handles business." Naoki Yongshan nodded, and then remembered, "Jiayi-chan, are you sure it's all right?"

  Ido Shuichi replied: "Hi, I have already asked for a week off from school. It should be enough time to finish filming!"

   "Haha, that's good."

"Naoki-san, I don't have anything to do here. I'm planning to pick up Jiayi-chan in the morning." Shuichi Ido said to Naoki Naoyama, "Go to Kyoto in advance, and I won't be free during filming." Yes. Naoki-san want to go together?"

   "No, I still have something to do." Naoki Yongshan shook his head.

  After confirming the location of the assembly with Shuichi Itou and tomorrow's start-up blessing, Naoki Yongshan watched his figure disappear outside the door, and then ran into the office.

   "Otomo-san, there is no problem with Chikako-chan's arrangement!"

   "As expected, it is Naoki-san!" Yoshimura Otomo, who was also hangover and pale, forced a smile, after all, he was not young, "Then I will continue to communicate with Sugiura Taitai in the future!"

   "Well, I'm sorry to trouble you." Naoki Naoyama said, "I'm going to Kyoto tomorrow, Otomo-san, remember the old house in Otaru City, Hokkaido, and talk to the school as soon as possible."

   "Well, I have arranged for Masami Inata to deal with it, there is absolutely no problem."

  Otomo Yoshimura then asked, "When does Naoki-san plan to start filming?"

   "We have to wait for a sunny day." Naoki Naoyama walked to the window, looked at the gloomy weather outside and said, "But first, there is one more thing that must be done today."


  Naoki Naoki’s mouth moved slightly:

   "I'm going to find that sorceress, and do a separate opening ceremony for "Love Letter"!"


  (end of this chapter)

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