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Chapter 290: The "trap" persuaded Lingbao, and Lu Changsheng swept away invincible

  Chapter 290 "Arrogance" persuades Lingbao, Lu Changsheng sweeps Invincible, and searches for thirteen Lingbaos!

   "Let's put the matter of Lingbao aside for now."

   "Since the Kunyu Xianzong has been destroyed, the next step is to accept the power of the Kunyu Xianzong and transform everyone into blood descendants."

   "Once we have the sphere of influence of Kunyu Xianzong, plus the sphere controlled by Excalibur Villa before, the rise of blood descendants will be unstoppable. At that time, the martial art of flesh and blood will naturally spread to the entire metaverse."

   Lu Changsheng said lightly.

   Actually, the next thing is very simple.

   That is to wait!

  Under the "boosting" of the will of all living beings, martial arts can completely reach the peak level of transforming gods, that is, the seven growth peak levels, and there is no way to advance.

   At that time, it was time to try to break the martial arts and obtain martial arts fragments.

  But you need to wait.

   Moreover, it is necessary to strive to push the martial arts to the seventh growth peak within a few years.

   Otherwise, after a few years, the Yuan Realm will gradually move away from the Xianwu Realm, and it will be troublesome.

  Lu Changsheng went straight back to Shenjian Villa.

  He still has to study Lingbao carefully.

  He felt that these spirit treasures were quite interesting, and what Yishanyinqi Ling said was right.

  Perhaps, one can really "earn a fortune" in Yuanjie and seize one spirit treasure after another.

  These spirit treasures can be used as the background of a sect or power.

  However, Lu Changsheng still has some worries.

  Once he returns with a large number of Lingbao, he is very likely to face a problem.

   Holy Spirit!

   Or a monk who refines virtual reality.

  Will they fall in love with Lingbao?

   There are also spirit treasures in the fairy world.

   There are even a large number, which is far from what Metaverse can match.

  However, all the spiritual treasures in the Xianwu world have masters, many sects under the command of heavenly sages or masters.

  It is quite normal for those sects to have Lingbao.

  Who dares to snatch?

  Some Void Refining experts or Heavenly Sacred Forces don’t even have Lingbao at all.

  The appearance of a Lingbao will be contested by various forces.

  Lu Changsheng was in the Yuan Realm and was able to forcibly seize the Lingbao.

  Although there are not many Lingbao.

  But it can't stand the entire Yuan Realm now, only Lu Changsheng has the strength to seize the Lingbao.

   "Lingbao... I still have to try it after all."

   "If you miss this time, it will be very difficult to seize the Lingbao next time."

   "As for the pressure from the Heavenly Sage or the Void Refiner, let's talk about it when we return to the Immortal Martial Realm."

  Lu Changsheng had already made a decision in his heart.

   This time I was able to come to the Metaverse.

  Besides, Yuanjie is still a world of cultivating immortals, and it is already extremely lucky to have Lingbao.

  How difficult is it to find such a secret world again next time?

   May never encounter such a secret world again.

   Therefore, we must seize the opportunity.

   "Yishanyin, please tell me carefully, what kind of spiritual treasures are there?"

  Lu Changsheng directly asked about Lingbao's weapon spirit.

  Yishanyin is now wishing that Lu Changsheng would "take away" the other spirit treasures, so that he would have spirit treasures to "companion" with him.

   It can only be said that there is no betrayal in Qi Ling's eyes.

  There is no psychological burden for being a "rapist" for oneself.

   "Master, you have Yin-Yang swords, which are the treasures of the Yin-Yang Immortal Sect. They are extremely powerful."

   "There is also the Wuji Clock, which is the treasure of the Wuji Immortal Sect. It can imprison everything, even magic circles. It is very mysterious."

   "There is also the map of mountains and rivers, which is the treasure of the Shanhe Xianzong. It is said that it forms a world of its own, which can seal the world, even creatures can be sealed..."

   The "trap" Yishanyin almost told out all the Lingbao it knew.

  Lu Changsheng calculated carefully.

  Actually, there are only twelve pieces of Lingbao in total.

  Including the Yishan Seal, the spirit treasures of the Yuan Realm, there are only thirteen pieces in total currently on display.

   There are many top Lingbao among them.

   Various powers and functions are simply amazing.

  Of course, Yishanyin is actually quite strong, and it can be regarded as the best among Lingbao.

   Lu Changsheng was also very moved by the various powers and functions of these spirit treasures.

   "Martial arts have entered a normal track, and can be gradually promoted by the will of all beings bit by bit."

   "But the more blood descendants, the faster the martial arts will improve."

   "You can use this reason to launch an attack on those immortal sects to seize the Lingbao."

  Lu Changsheng thought for a while.

  I have already made a decision in my heart.

   Now, for him, martial arts fragments are already within easy reach.

   Then, Lingbao became the top priority.

  Thinking of this, Lu Changsheng no longer hesitated.

   "The map of mountains and rivers is a bit interesting, it should be similar to the auxiliary Lingbao."

   "Besides, Shanhezong is also the closest holy place to Shenjian Villa. Let's go to Shanhezong first."

  Lu Changsheng selected the target.

   So, he didn't inform anyone.

   To seize the Lingbao, of course it is most suitable to go alone.

   If you bring the people from Shenjian Villa with you, is it possible to give the people from Shenjian Villa a spirit treasure?

   This kind of thing naturally depends on its own ability.

  If Shenjian Villa can also seize the Lingbao, then Lu Changsheng will naturally not stop it.

  It's a pity that Excalibur Villa doesn't have this ability.

  Then only Lu Changsheng can do it.

  At this moment, within the Shanhe Sect, the entire Shanhe Sect is filled with a dignified and tense atmosphere.

  The reason is simple, Shanhezong feels threatened.

   Or, feel the pressure.

  The territory of Shanhezong is actually next to Kunyu Xianzong.

  The relationship between the two immortal sects is actually quite harmonious.

  Shanhezong is a holy land without much expansion.

   is relatively mild.

   The relationship with other Xianzong is very good.

  However, Kunyu Xianzong was destroyed.

   Was wiped out.

   This is just too scary, too unbelievable.

  However, this is the truth.

   Being so close, Shanhezong knew the details of Kunyu Xianzong's extermination.

  Basically understand the ins and outs.

  Because of knowing the inside story, Shanhe Sect was gloomy.

"Elders, the Shenjian Villa is aggressive. Although there is no movement for the time being, they are warriors. They are different from our immortal orthodoxy. They have wiped out the Haoqing Sect and Kunyu Immortal Sect one after another. How can our Shanhe Sect be free? Save?"

"That's right, the Kunyu Xianzong is stronger than our Shanhezong, but in the end it was also wiped out, and even the spirit treasure was taken away by the other party. Once the Shenjian Villa attacks our Shanhezong, I'm afraid our Shanhezong will be destroyed." I can't stop it either."

   "Perhaps, you can contact other Xianzong Holy Lands and join them in fighting against the Excalibur Villa?"

   "What nonsense are you talking about? We are the closest to the Shenjian Villa. If we join forces with other holy places of the Xianzong, I am afraid that our Shanhezong will be the first to be wiped out!"

   "That's right, you can't easily offend Excalibur Villa."

   "But if we don't offend Excalibur Villa, we can guarantee that it won't be destroyed?"

   "How about we fall to Shenjian Villa? At worst, it is better to be an affiliated force of Shenjian Villa than to cut off the Taoism."

   "Impossible! My Shanhe Sect is a dignified holy place, how could it be possible to become an affiliated sect of a martial arts force?"

  For a while, the Shanhezong main hall started to quarrel again.

  In fact, the strength comparison between the two sides is already very obvious.

  Shanhezong has no advantage at all.

  If you choose to confront, then there is only one ending for Shanhezong.

   That is Miemen!

  It was the same fate as Hao Qingzong and Kunyu Xianzong.

  If you choose to fall to Excalibur Villa, there may still be a glimmer of life.

   Just, dignified holy place.

   It is indeed unacceptable for many monks to fall to a martial arts force.


  Suddenly, the entire Shanhe Zong Shanmen formation shook violently.

   There is quite a sign of landslides and ground cracks.

"what happened?"

   "Why is the mountain gate formation shaking?"

   "Quick, go out and have a look."

  So, one after another, the ancestors of Huashen flew out quickly.

   As soon as they flew out, they immediately looked up and saw the void, or the top of their heads.

  Over the head, a large seal covers the sky and the sun.

   Exudes rich black and white colors, mighty and mighty, covering the entire void.

  The complexions of the ancestors of Huashen changed instantly.

   "This is... Lingbao Yishanyin!"

   "Isn't the Yishan Seal the treasure of the Kunyu Xianzong? And the Kunyu Xianzong was destroyed, and the Lingbao also fell into the hands of the flesh and blood ancestor in the Shenjian Villa..."

   "Could it be that the flesh and blood ancestor came?"

   "Excalibur Villa is so fast, Kunyu Immortal Sect was destroyed just now, and now you want to destroy my Shanhe Sect?"

   "It's so deceiving..."

  For a while, countless monks of the Shanhe Sect were filled with righteous indignation, eager to go up and do their best.

  However, just talk about it.

  In the end, none of the monks went up to work hard.

   What a joke.

   That's a Lingbao!

  For the monks, their fear of Lingbao has been deeply rooted in their bones, so they are naturally aware of the horror of Lingbao.

   Only Lingbao can fight Lingbao.

  Otherwise, if you bump into each other, you will be seriously injured even if you don’t die.

  Especially Yishanyin, this spiritual treasure is a terrifying spiritual treasure that ranks among the top five in terms of attacking power in the entire metaverse.

  Who dares to go up and confront Yishanyin?

"What should we do now?"

   "Sovereign, you decide, what should we do now?"

  For a while, many people looked at the Sovereign.

  The contemporary head teacher of Shanhe Sect is a nun.

  It must be unusual for a nun to be in charge of the Holy Land and become the lord of the Holy Land.

   This is the case with the head teacher of the Mountain River Sect. Regardless of talent, cultivation, and character, the head teacher of the Mountain River Sect can be regarded as the top existence among the many head teachers of the Holy Land.

   Even, she is a deity herself!

  Many headmasters in holy places are actually Nascent Soul monks.

   There are very few monks who transform into gods.

  But Shanhe Sect is in charge of teaching is Huashen.

  If she doesn't become the God of Transformation, she won't be able to become the head teacher of Shanhe Sect.

  It's just that, such a teacher, at this moment, has a solemn expression and frowns.

   "That's all."

   "I'm going to get in touch with the people in Excalibur Villa."

   "Let's see if Shenjian Villa really wants to destroy my Shanhe sect?"

   After finishing speaking, the head teacher of Shanhe Sect flew into the void in an instant.

  She manipulated the Great Formation of the Mountain Gate, and she was able to block Yi Shanyin's attack for the time being.

   But if the opponent continues to attack, it won't last long.

   After all, that is a Lingbao!

   And if Shanhetu wants to accept Yishanyin and suppress Yishanyin, it will be very difficult.

   If you are not careful, the map of mountains and rivers will be damaged.

  Therefore, unless it was absolutely necessary, the head teacher of Shanhe Sect didn't want to use the map of mountains and rivers to confront Yishanyin head-on.


  The head teacher of Shanhe Sect came to the void.

   Through black and white, she vaguely saw a figure standing in the void.

  It was a man who looked terrifying.

   Just standing quietly in the void, as if with infinite power.

   "Fellow Daoist, is Lu Changsheng, the flesh and blood patriarch of Shenjian Villa?"

  The head teacher of Shanhezong asked.


   "That's right, it's Lu."

   "Are you the head teacher of Shanhe Sect?"

  Lu Changsheng responded slowly.

  He also saw the head teacher of Shanhe Sect, which was rather surprising.

   Beforehand, he didn't know that the head teacher of Shanhe Sect was a female cultivator.

  In Lu Changsheng's eyes, the Shanhe Sect was in charge of a peerless majesty, exuding a sacred aura.

   Of course, that's all.

  Since Lu Changsheng has practiced, he has already passed the realm of looking at appearances.

   What he saw was that the other party was a deity!

   Moreover, there seems to be a hidden power fluctuation on his body, which is comparable to Yishanyin.

  Obviously, the head teacher of Shanhe Sect has Lingbao Mountains and Rivers Map in his body.

  Now the map of mountains and rivers must be on the opponent.

   "Fellow Daoist Lu, you are aggressive at the Excalibur Villa. Don't tell me you really won't give me a way out?"

  The head teacher of Shanhe Sect took a deep breath and said in a deep voice.

  Lu Changsheng was not angry, but said calmly: "Lu will naturally give the noble family a way out."

   "As long as the noble sect does not prevent the free transformation of the blood, then there is no problem. Excalibur Villa will not personally intervene in the transformation of the blood. It is up to ordinary people to choose freely, how about it?"

  The head teacher of Shanhe Sect naturally knows the blood.

  I also know how terrifying the spread of blood is.

  But this is a blessing in misfortune.

  As long as Excalibur Villa doesn't intervene.

  Although many people will choose to transform into blood descendants.

  But those who have spiritual roots may still choose to become immortals.

   This can be regarded as a continuation of the orthodoxy.

"no problem."

  The head teacher of Shanhezong agreed.

   "Then, there is only one last condition left."

   "Ms. Lu needs a map of the mountains and rivers of the Guizong Lingbao."

   "If the noble sect can part with the loved ones and hand over the map of mountains and rivers, then Lu must have done nothing wrong."

  Lu Changsheng's words made the head teacher of Shanhe Sect change his face instantly.

   "Do you want a map of mountains and rivers?"

   "No, this is absolutely not possible. Without the map of mountains and rivers, is the Mountain and River Sect still the Mountain and River Sect?"

  The head teacher of Shanhe Sect refused without even thinking about it.

  This is the treasure of the Shanhe Sect, how could she give it away so easily?

"Is it?"

   "Without the Mountain and River Map, the Mountain and River Sect is still the Mountain and River Sect, the orthodoxy continues, and the mountain gate is still there, but it is no longer a holy place."

   "But there is no need to worry about the Shanhe Sect. The Shanhe Sect has no spirit treasures, and the other immortal sects will also have no spirit treasures. Lu will come to them one by one."

   "If the noble sect refuses to give up, then Lu will have no choice but to come and get it himself!"

   Lu Changsheng's words startled the head teacher of Shanhe Sect slightly.

  According to what Lu Changsheng meant, is this going to search for all the spiritual treasures in the entire Yuan Realm?

   In that case, wouldn’t all the holy places be devoid of spirit treasures?

   Everyone is the same!

  For a while, the head teacher of Shanhe Sect really fell into deep thought.

   "This matter is too big, I need to go back and discuss it."

  Lu Changsheng stood with his hands behind his back, and said calmly, "One hour."

  He doesn't want to waste too much time.

  Therefore, the head teacher of Shanhe Sect returned to the mountain gate to discuss with the ancestors of Huashen.

   Immediately, the ancestors of Huashen reacted fiercely.

   "Impossible, absolutely impossible! If you want my Shanhe Sect to suppress the Zong Lingbao, this is to cut off the root of my Shanhe Sect!"

   Just, nothing more.

  Some people reacted fiercely, but more people were silent.

   "Elder Liu thinks it's not good, so how about going to have a fight with Lu Changsheng?"

  The head teacher of Shanhe Sect said coldly.


  For a while, Elder Liu blushed, but in the end he dared not agree.

  Are you kidding, Lu Changsheng is a ruthless person who can destroy Kunyu Xianzong by himself.

  If he goes up alone, isn’t it a dead end?

   For a while, everyone stopped talking.

   Obviously fell into silence.

   "If you don't speak, you agree."

   "Actually, today we said it was a discussion, but did Lu Changsheng discuss it with us?"

   "He is directly issuing an ultimatum. In an hour, whether we agree or not, he will take away the map of mountains and rivers."

   "The only difference is that if we disagree, he will destroy Shanhezong, that's all."

  Shanhezong's words made many Huashen ancestors turn pale.

  They never thought that the dignified holy land would be forced to such a degree one day?

   Even had to obediently present the Zhenzong Lingbao.

   But people have to bow their heads under the eaves.

  The last Kunyu Xianzong who didn't bow his head, now the grass on the grave is three feet high.

  The Zongmen has been wiped out, and the mountain gates are in ruins.

   They still dare to resist?

   That is undoubtedly a dead end.

   "Forget it, teacher, promise Lu Changsheng."

   "Yes, we will agree to any conditions. The key is to preserve the Taoism of the Mountain and River Sect."

   "What's more, it's not that our family lost the spirit treasure. At that time, all the holy places in the entire Metaverse will no longer have spirit treasures."

  For a while, these elders also accepted their fate.

  Thus, the head teacher of Shanhe Sect no longer hesitated, and immediately flew into the void, and saw Lu Changsheng again.

  She took out a scroll without saying a word.

   That is the map of mountains and rivers!


  Shanhezong was the head teacher, and with a wave of his hand, the map of mountains and rivers fell into Lu Changsheng's hands.

   "Is this the map of mountains and rivers?"

  Lu Changsheng grabbed the map of mountains and rivers.

  The map of mountains and rivers is still shaking violently.

  As if wanting to resist.

  At this time, the spirit of Yishanyinqi manifested, and said directly to the picture of mountains and rivers: "Don't resist anymore, the master is not an ordinary person, if you make the master angry, it will destroy you."

   "We are all spiritual treasures. It is not easy to be born with spiritual wisdom. Why bother to be loyal to others? It is better to follow the master and be majestic."

   "Besides, other brothers and sisters will come to accompany us soon."

   "Come on, let me tell you about the benefits of following the master..."

  Yishanyin Qiling looks like a "trapist".

   Actually began to take the initiative to enlighten and persuade Shanhetu Qiling.

   This scene left the head teacher of Shanhe Sect dumbfounded.

   It was the first time she had seen Ling Bao Qi Ling as a "trap".

  It seems that Lingbao's stalwart image collapsed instantly in her heart...

   "Okay, since the map of mountains and rivers has been obtained, then Lu will not keep any more."

  So, Lu Changsheng broke through the air and left, away from Shanhezong.

   This is just the beginning.

  He still has many other spirit treasures that need to be "collected" one by one.

   Just like that, Lu Changsheng asked for Lingbao one by one throughout the Yuan Realm.

  Most of the holy places naturally handed over their Lingbao obediently.

  But there is also a Holy Land of Toutie, who refuses to hand over the Lingbao.

   Lu Changsheng didn't bother to talk nonsense about these holy places.

   There is no need for Lingbao at all.

  Manifest the law, heaven and earth.

   Directly slapped the gate of the Holy Land into ruins.

   directly forcibly took away the Lingbao.

   Then they called the people from Excalibur Villa to take over the site.

   It's that simple and straightforward.

   Not complicated at all.

   After several months, Lu Changsheng finally scoured all the spiritual treasures in Yuanjie.

  A total of thirteen spirit treasures were obtained.

  These thirteen spiritual treasures, in fact, what Lu Changsheng needs is only a small part of them.

   Lu Changsheng doesn't need the rest of the spirit treasures either.

   "By the way, too many Lingbao may cause disaster."

   "I'm short of martial arts shards or **** shards. I wonder if they can be auctioned or traded?"

   "If Lingbao can trade martial arts fragments, then the harvest this time will be too great..."

  Lu Changsheng had an idea and thought of a certain possibility.

   Lingbao is too rare.

   Those who refine the Void will fight for it.

   After all, Lingbao can suppress the luck of the sect.

   There is a spirit treasure, and that is the foundation.

   With such a precious spirit treasure, it should not be too difficult to trade martial arts fragments theoretically.

   At that time, maybe Lu Changsheng will be able to obtain many martial arts fragments directly, instead of going to the secret world again and again to take risks and take a long time to obtain martial arts fragments.

  So, Lu Changsheng first screened out the spirit treasures he needed.

  Among them, Yishanyin, Mountains and Rivers Map, Yin and Yang Swords, and Promise Clock.

   There are almost four spiritual treasures, all of which are helpful to Lu Changsheng.

   As for the remaining nine pieces.

   Either the function is duplicated, or it cannot meet Lu Changsheng's requirements.

  In short, the remaining nine items can be traded.

  Following Lu Changsheng, he "conquered" the major immortal sects.

   Therefore, the major immortal sects no longer dare to stop the spread of blood descendants.

   With the help of Excalibur Villa, the blood descendants quickly spread to the whole world.

  In just over a year, the number of blood descendants accounted for 70% of the entire Metaverse!

   And 70% of blood descendants is enough to push martial arts to the upper limit of Yuanjie.


   On this day, martial arts was pushed a little higher.

  Then, all the fighters who have grown more than three times have a telepathy.

   Reached the limit!

  They can all sense that martial arts has reached its limit.

   Can't go any further.

   No matter how many blood descendants are born, the martial arts cannot be improved.

   Unless one day, this world goes further, then the upper limit of martial arts may be raised.

   Otherwise, the upper limit of martial arts would be at this point.

   Can't go any further.

  Lu Changsheng raised his head.

   "Twenty-five months...just over two years..."

  Lu Changsheng murmured in a low voice.

  In two years, he allowed Yuanjie to condense martial arts, and even pushed martial arts to the limit.

  Although, he still has three years.

   But there is no need to wait another three years.

   "Fellow Daoist Lu, now that the upper limit of martial arts has been reached, is it possible to break martial arts and obtain martial arts fragments?"

  The saints of the Excalibur Villa actually couldn't bear it long ago.

   Now finally the upper limit of martial arts has been reached.

   Therefore, everyone quickly found Lu Changsheng.

  They have been in Metaverse for so many years.

   Now I just want to harvest.

  Lu Changsheng glanced at the many earth saints, and he suddenly said: "Fellow daoists, have you ever thought about how to break the martial arts?"

  Many Earth Saints were slightly taken aback.

  Yeah, how to break martial arts?

  They have always wanted to unite martial arts.

  But the martial arts have been condensed, how to break it?

   "The martial arts in the secret world must be broken by absolute strength."

   "We can summon the real body to break through some weaker secret realms with the power of the real body."

   "But, now that our real bodies are all in the Metaverse, how can we break the way of martial arts?"

   "We have joined forces with so many earth saints, can't we still break the martial arts?"

   Yes, join forces.

   This is the plan of the saints of Excalibur Villa.

  Basically, this is the only way to go.

   "Okay, let's try it."

  Lu Changsheng brought many earth saints into the void.

  The digital saint of Excalibur Villa couldn't stand it any longer.

  If you can't deal with the cultivator of Huashen, can't you also deal with martial arts?

  This martial art is a living target, let them attack.

  So, the earth saints immediately manifested the earth saints.


   With the eruption of the Holy Dao Body, there were terrifying attacks again and again.

  Suddenly, countless attacks from the Holy Dao body fell into the martial arts in the void.


  Budo shook violently.

  But, that's all.

   After a wave of bombardment, Budao basically showed no signs of breaking.

   But the earth saints obviously know that it is not so easy to break the martial arts.

   So, one by one crazy bombardment.

   Without stinging the power of the Dao Body, they all bombarded in the Martial Dao crazily.

  Martial arts is the cohesion of the will of all living beings.

   And now it has reached the limit of the Metaverse.

   Bombarded again and again, martial arts seemed to shake violently.

  But there is no sign of breaking.

  The earth saints bombarded for three full days without sleep.

   As a result, their ground sacred body could hardly hold up, but the martial arts in the void still showed no signs of breaking.

   "This... martial art is so difficult to break?"

   "We have so many earth saints, bombarding them without sleep, but we can't do anything about martial arts. We can't even weaken martial arts."

   "Oops, we shouldn't have pushed martial arts to the upper limit, and we didn't think about it at all."

   "Yes, the martial art has been pushed to the upper limit. Although the gains are huge, the premise is that the martial arts fragments can be obtained. Now such a powerful martial art, even if we let us bombard it in front of us, we can't chew it."

   "At the beginning, we promoted martial arts at all costs because we wanted to obtain stronger martial arts fragments. Now it seems that we have shot ourselves in the foot with a rock?"

   "Fellow Daoist Lu, it's up to you..."

  For a while, many earth saints looked at Lu Changsheng again.

  Actually, they have little experience.

  It is very rare for the real body to enter the secret world.

  Everyone wants to maximize the benefits.

  Who would think about the problem of being unable to break martial arts?

   And now, the problem really came.

  They were helpless.

   Are you going to ask Tiansheng to help?

  Once Tiansheng makes a move, where will they still have their share?

  Thinking of this, the earth saints felt bitter.

  Can't help looking at Lu Changsheng.

  These earth saints are more dominant in the world of Xianwu.

   As a result, when they arrived in Yuanjie, everyone felt useless.

   Nothing seemed to help.

  However, other people didn't think of it, but Lu Changsheng actually thought of it a long time ago.

   In other words, he had thought about this problem a long time ago.

  The real body came.

  But the upper limit of the Metaverse is the level of Huashen.

  The real body is also the level of the earth sage and the **** of transformation.

  Once the martial arts are condensed, and it is the martial arts of the holy level.

  Then, earth saints, can they really break the martial arts?

   Now it seems that his original worries have been fulfilled.

  Ordinary earth sages may really be unable to deal with martial arts at the earth sage level.

  Since this is the case, he can only make a move!

   Moreover, Lu Changsheng also had a plan long ago.

  In the past few months, he has been fully prepared to break the martial arts!

   Now, it's time to use it!

  (end of this chapter)

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