Sunny and snowy.

Thick trees hang a handful of white snow, and at a glance, the world looks like a quilt covered with white flowers covered by snow.

A burgundy boy in a green and black plaid kimono carries a wooden box that is half adult tall and runs quickly through the snow.

Behind the teenager, an adult wearing a sky-blue kimono and a red tengu mask, holding a branch, constantly whipped at the teenager not far in front of him.

The boy was chased by this strange adult, and despite the pain of being whipped on his body, he did not let out a single scream, and he ran firmly with pain in his eyes.

Click, click, click...

The sound of a series of branches breaking and heavy objects hitting the ground made teenagers and adults stop.

Tanjiro couldn't help but run towards the voice, and Rintaki Zuoji behind him was also slightly stunned, and followed Tanjiro Tanjiro closely.

The two saw a rather young black-haired boy lying on the snow not far away, and the thick snow had almost buried his body.

"Master, let's go back first." Tanjiro hurriedly ran over and saw that the boy was wearing a black fur coat that he had never seen before, and that was very silky to the touch.

"I'll end here for training today, go back first." Rintaki walked to Tanjiro's side for the next time, rolled his eyelids, looked at his tongue, the large artery of his neck and the large artery of his wrist, and finally said a word to Tanjiro.

"Good master." Tanjiro, who was exercising for a while, picked up Jin Shu very easily, turned around and ran towards the wooden house.

Rintaki followed closely behind Tanjiro and returned to the house.


Jin Shu felt his stomach constantly purring, which made him frown and open his eyes.

The faint glow of the fire and the humble wood-paneled walls appeared in his sight.

Jin Shu felt a pain in his whole body, as if he had been beaten by his father's seven wolves for half an hour.

As Jin Shu sat up, Tanjiro and Rintaki Zuoji, who were sleeping soundly on the side, also sat up.

"Are you all right? How did you fall from the sky? Why does it appear in heaven? What's your name? Tanjiro looked at Jin Shu with a curious look, and Jin Shu with big round eyes and straight hooks.

The corners of Jin Shu's mouth twitched when asked.

You ask me, who do I ask?!

Who am I? Where am I? I...... What are you doing?

Jin Shu's mind is blank now, he knows at this moment that his name is Jin Shu, and he is not this world....

After two minutes, his memory suddenly came back to him, he was a two-dimensional otaku ?......

As for why he came to this world, why he fell from the sky, the corner of Jin Shu's mouth twitched, he didn't know....

[Ding, the traveling frog system has been loaded... The little frog has already got up, please name your very little frog. 】Travel

frog? Isn't this a pastime game that you can play casually?!

Jin Shu didn't have time to think, and directly silently said a sentence called a frog cub.

[Naming success... The frog cub is ready to travel to the world, please pack your frog's luggage, bento, props and amulet, and when it returns, it will bring you the world's specialties and mailing photos of the world it traveled. Jin

Shu discovers that he can use his mind to manipulate the traveling frog game interface that appears in his sight.

This allowed him to harvest large quantities of clover, which now resulted in three hundred clover, followed by four-leaf clovers, fresh milk waffles, and a cheap black scarf for his frog cubs.

Jin Shu was pleasantly surprised to find that the game remained unchanged, but the game's goods changed, and the price of the goods changed.

Jin Shu thought that his frog cub was going to travel to various worlds, and he was also relieved, after all, he was inexplicably dressed, what else could he not accept this?!

[The frog cub put on a bib, four-leaf clover and fresh milk waffle went on a trip...]

Jin Shu had been looking down and controlling the traveling frog game interface in his sight with his mind just now, and forgot to answer Tanjiro.

When Jin Shu looked up, he saw a baby-sized burn on the forehead of a young man in a green and black plaid kimono not far away, and this familiar shape made him stunned.

Isn't this the drama he just chased recently, the male protagonist of Ghost Slayer Blade!?

I've entered the Ghost Slayer Blade!

Jin Shu's body tensed up first, and then he remembered that he had a golden finger.

Originally, Jin Shu is a big heart, don't care where he is, as long as he has food, health and no disease and no life safety, then it's okay!

Can...... The world is not peaceful.

Jin Shu thought a lot at this moment, his face also changed and changed, his fists were clenched tightly, and he looked like I was unspeakable, and I made up my mind just now.

"I, I can't remember where I live, I only know that my name is Jin Shu, I have no parents, no relatives and friends..." Jin Shu lied with his own truth, and he had a clear conscience.

After all, before he crossed over, he was indeed an orphan without a father or mother, and after being adopted by his adoptive father in an orphanage, his eighty-year-old adoptive father died of old age when he just graduated from college, which also made him the only heir.

With tens of millions of dollars, he did not have the idea of doing business, but planned to live in a house ...

Thinking back to this, Jin Shu's face suddenly darkened, he remembered why he crossed here, he was just chasing Fan, and the villa exploded inexplicably....

Thinking of this, Jin Shu touched his waist and the inside of his legs without a trace.

Is it okay bro?!

Jin Shu sensed that his brother was okay and couldn't help but take a long breath.

Tanjiro and Rintaki Zuoji, who were not far from Jinshu, saw this teenager laughing for a while, angry for a while, touching his body again, and finally giggling.

The two of them thought that Jinshu's family must have been eaten by a ghost, and he was saved by a certain pillar, which threw him here.

With Tanjiro and Rintaki Zuoji's brain supplement, the two of them looked at Jinshu's gaze, full of understanding and sympathy.

"What are you going to do?" Rintaki Zuo suddenly asked.

Lintaki Zuo recently found that this teenager's body was not fat or thin, but his body was extremely heavy, and under his careful observation, he found that this kid's physical fitness was simply too good.

Linlong Zuo recently wanted to know how this kid's cultivation talent was, after all, good health does not mean that the breathing talent of practicing swords and water is good.

Jin Shu heard Lintaki Zuo suddenly ask himself, he stood up without thinking, bowed to him ninety degrees deeply, and pleaded loudly: "I want to become stronger!" Please give me a chance!

"How do you know that the master's strength will be strong?!" Tanjiro looked at Jin Shu with a surprised look and couldn't help but ask.

Jin Shu looked at him with a surprised expression: "Didn't you call him master?" Before I fell into a coma in the snow, I heard you call this, master. As he spoke, he turned towards Tanjiro but pointed to Rintaki to the left.

Tanjiro was slightly stunned when he heard Jinshu's answer.

Tanjiro suddenly realized: "So it is." Lintaki

Zuo stood up and said to Jin Shu: "You come with me, I'll see if you have the talent to learn, and carefully feel my breathing style."

When Lintaki stood up for the next time, Jin Shu stood up with his teeth in pain, and looked at him with torch-like eyes.

[Ding, discover the water breath cultivation method, whether to learn.

Jin Shu was overjoyed in his heart and hurriedly studied silently.

[Ding, I have mastered the breath of water entering the hall.

】【Tips: There are six skills mastery, enter the hall, integrate and penetrate, the furnace is pure, the peak is extreme, the spirit is out, and the basics are returned. Jin

Shu found that there was a translucent circle in the lower left corner of his line of sight, and there were two words in it, State.

With the movement of the mind.

[Name: Jinshu


: Male Physical Strength: 12/12 (General Adult Male 10) Spirit: 10/10 (General Adult Male 10) Strength

; 10/10 (

average adult male 10) Reaction: 10/10 (average adult male 10)

Skill: Water breath (enter the hall)

Strength summary: Little rookie chicken is not as good as ]

Rintaki Zuo recently clearly felt that Jinshu's breathing suddenly changed....

His eyes also changed....

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