However, before he and Yumiko could report, a figure approached from the side.

"That... Shimura Danzo."


Danzo turned his head to the side and looked at the black-haired hairpin girl who came to his side.

"You didn't bring a bento." The other party said.

But Danzo found that the attitude of the other party was a bit weird.

Eyes meow left and right, very shy.

Oh grass.

After Danzo was stunned for a moment, he suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

Could it be...

She wants to buy me lunch?

Because I taught Yoko Uchiha a lesson and let her discover my goodness.

Well, unexpectedly, Shimura Danzo is actually a good person~.

Then she took a liking to me because of it.

And then opened the strategy route...


Danzo immediately made up his mind.

Don't talk about routines or non-routines, because that's how it's played on TV.

Sure enough, the next moment, the black-haired hairpin girl took out a wooden lunch box from behind her.

"This, this is a bento I made with my own hands... I don't think you brought it with you. If you don't mind, then, just eat and see..."

When she said these words, her face suddenly turned red.

Obviously it takes a lot of courage to do something like this in full view.

However, this is also in line with the quick temper she usually displays.

"Look at the bento made by myself..."

Danzo didn't take it immediately, but turned his head and looked at Yoko Uchiha who was eating rice.

Uchiha Yoko was taken aback for a moment, wondering what Danzo was going to play again.

"Look at you again, you are a foodie, what else do you do besides eating?"


Danzo's words of belittling Uchiha Yoko amused the black-haired hairpin girl.

Chapter 46. The Unbearable Weight

"Oh~, I thought you were always fierce, but I didn't expect you to be cute when you smile."

Danzo's face was neither red nor heartbeat, and he immediately teased him.

The other party blushed, and immediately said angrily: "Danzo, you said you are an idiot."


After the bento was placed in front of Danzo, she turned and left, but anyone could see the happy expression.

"It's the benefit of being handsome...all the girls take the initiative to give lunch..."

Danzo boasted very proudly, which attracted Uchiha Yoko's eyes.


Uchiha Yoko cursed secretly.

The other students also screamed softly because of the bold behavior of the black-haired hairpin girl.

for a while...

The classroom is filled with a sour smell that makes people jealous.

Especially Yumiko on the podium broke the chalk with a snap.

Think about it...she's 20 years old this year and doesn't have a boyfriend yet...

The group of brats below had already started to walk on a path she hadn't experienced yet. calm, be calm...

The ninja teacher persuaded himself like this.

In Naruto World, puppy love is allowed.

This is different from Danzo's previous life.

"Children in this world... all mature very early..."

Danzo opened the bento box, and there was an exquisite style inside.

He picked up the chopsticks and took a sip.

Well~~~~, the taste is quite good.

There is no development of dark cuisine at all, everything is normal.

By the way...haven't asked her name yet.

Shimura Danzo turned his head away and leaned back.

"Hey, Hirizhan...what's her name?"

Hiruzaru Sarutobi was cooking with a big pot, he was a real foodie, the kind who used a big pot to eat.


Sarutobi Hiru, who had a mouth full of rice grains, chewed and was happy for his good friend.

As expected of Danzo, there are girls who take the initiative to give him lunch boxes!

"Her name is..."

Go to bed Xiaochun.


Danzo sprayed Hiru Sarutobi all over his face.


The next moment, Danzo's expression changed to that of Director Jin.


After half an hour.

"Danzo, why are you unhappy?"

Hiruzaru Sarutobi looked at Danzo who was squinting at the upper left corner at 45 degrees sadly, and Danzo was looking at the ceiling.

"No, don't ask, I'm mean if you ask, ah~~~~~."

Danzo-chan sighed.

He should have thought of it earlier.

The other party is none other than the Obasan in the original book, the old woman who turned to Xiaochun.


Danzang did not calculate after all the calculations, but Xiaochun was actually interested in him.

This is an unbearable burden in life.

nothing else.

As soon as Danzo sees Xiaochun's face, he will automatically make her into the old woman in her 70s.

It's not that Danzo doesn't respect the elderly.

It's just that the sense of disobedience is too heavy, Danzo stepped over the hurdle in his heart.

"Time is like a butcher's knife~~~~, one knife after another stabs your face~~."

"It's better to be a paper man's wife, ha ha! Damn woman, go to hell, I will spend the rest of my life with the paper man's wife!"

Danzo was talking to himself, with an expression of escapism from reality.

"Poor Danzo...the condition is getting worse..."

Sarutobi Hiruzen looked at the former with pity.

Fortunately, he is used to Danzo's occasional convulsions.

Chapter 47. I really want to write "正"

Why, why is this?

Time, ah, time.

Butcher's knife...

Danzo's self-pity continued until the evening of that day...

Because of his bad mood, he called Uchiha Yoko around, full of the style of a bully master and a hard-working girl follower.

"I feel more comfortable inside myself..."

Take the villain Danzo patted his own small mouth, and smiled.

Finally, someone can't stand it anymore.

Uchiha quenched.

This Shimura Danzo's defeated general sneaked up behind Uchiha Yoko, intending to persuade him.

for example......

The two can join hands to beat Danzo, and let Danzo single out the two of them, so as to understand how powerful the Uchiha clan is.


Danzo, who was holding his chin in his hand, obviously saw this scene.

"This kid is a dog...he must have no good intentions. Could it be...he wants to fool my follower?"

The more Danzo thought about it, the more he felt that this must be the case.

No, my newly recruited servant cannot be fooled by others.


Danzo remembered a sentence he said before.


End print.


Chakra, like a flame, jumped up in Danzo's palm.

This phenomenon lasted only for a moment.

After the flame was extinguished, a mark appeared on the palm of Danzo's right hand.

He walked forward like this, and came behind Uchiha Yoko...

Then he patted Uchiha Yoko's ass with his hand, turned around and ran away.


Uchiha Yoko turned around and slapped the person behind him.

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