As he said that, another tall, thin man separated from the crowd and came up. When he saw this guy, he suddenly showed an extremely wonderful expression.

Okay, isn't this just the old man with body odor?I was still saying you don't let me catch you.

In the end, you took the initiative to deliver it to your door.

I won't be called Li Taibai if I don't push you to the ground and beat you today.

No, I don't think I was originally called this...

The fox-smelly man took out the ninja knife in his hand very coquettishly when he came to the stage, raised his hand and shook out a knife flower, then pointed at Fuji with the ninja knife in his hand and said: "My name is Zhong Xiashi, what moves do you have?" Use them all."

Buer had quite a big opinion on Zhongxiashi, he stepped forward without even saying a word, and hit Zhongxiashi's wrist with a swing of the scabbard.

Nakashita was taken aback by Fuji's sudden burst of speed, he hurriedly tried to withdraw his hand, but how could there be time?

Fuji's scabbard hit his wrist precisely, and the ninja knife in his hand fell to the ground under the pain, and Fuji hooked up the ninja knife that fell on the ground with a hook from his toe.

When Ninja Knife was still in mid-air, Buer raised his foot and kicked it on the back of Ninja Knife, and the ninja Knife flew backwards to Nakashishi after being kicked by him.

Nakashita was completely dumbfounded by Fuji's movements, he really wanted to reach out to catch the flying ninja sword and continue fighting, but he was afraid that what he would not be able to touch would be the blade.

The whole person froze on the spot for a while, at a loss, and finally chose to avoid his ninja sword in a very embarrassing situation.

The ninja sword fell off the ring. For a samurai, he had already lost, and the audience booed everywhere.

I'm ashamed to say that others are silver-like pewter guns, but I couldn't make it through a round, which is really shameful.

Hearing the boos around him, Zhong Xiashi's face turned red with a shoehorn, and he was too embarrassed to say harsh words, so he stepped off the stage in desperation.

Bu Er said to all the samurai in the audience: "If they are all at this level, then don't go up and take their own humiliation."

Hearing this, the audience in the audience reacted differently. Some of them left silently knowing that they couldn't take advantage of it and chose another arena, while others had twinkling eyes and planned to go up and hit him in the face when he was exhausted.

Of course, there are also quite a few blushing, gearing up for a fight with Fuji.

No, not long after Fuji opened his mouth, a guy with an old-fashioned appearance appeared on the stage. At first glance, he was the kind of person who participated in the last kendo tournament at the limit age of 25.

After the person came to the stage, he put on a somewhat old-fashioned look and said: "My name is Matsushita Wuren, and I was among the top [-] in the last Kendo Conference. I came up here to tell you that young people should not look down on the world's talented people.

In terms of talent, I am not as good as you, but don't underestimate me, who is participating in the competition for the second time, let me, a senior, tell you the importance of prudence.

After seeing the gap with me, go home and practice stealthily. Your talent is very high. You may have a chance to win the top ten in the next Kendo Conference. "

The words of this Matsushita Wuren caused a commotion off the court, one is because Wuren was in the top [-] of the last conference, and the other is that his evaluation of Fuji is really high.

The top ten in the Kendo Conference are the top existences in the entire Iron Kingdom, and they belong to the type of the Chosen One. So this kid in front of him is so powerful?

Buer looked at this Wuren Matsushita speechlessly. Although what you said seemed reasonable, you still underestimated me too much.

However, this guy did arouse Budu's interest. Just by looking at this person's standing posture and the calluses on his hands, it can be seen that this person has really worked hard in the way of swordsmanship.

It is almost the same as the previous two dragons, maybe I can see the mid-level level of this kendo competition from this person.

Thinking about it this way, Buer is a little more serious, but he still didn't pull out the crescent moon in his hand. According to the old man, if he needs to get out of the sheath in the face of more than [-] contestants in the kendo competition, it means Buer Basically missed the top five.

I heard the old man said that when he was young, he didn't get out of the scabbard in the first three rounds, and he didn't start to get out of the scabbard until the fourth round.


Fuji really wants to challenge the old man's record.

When Matsushita Wuren saw that Buer hadn't even drawn his knife, he thought he was being ignored by Buer, and became outraged all of a sudden.

He drew out the ninja sword behind him and rushed towards Fuji: "Let me frustrate you."

It is also a forward strike and a downward chop at the same time, but just this one action can tell the difference between Wuren and the muscular man before.

That muscular man not only lacked speed, but also had flaws all over his body, but Matsushita Wuren in front of him was different.

I don't know how much faster than the muscular man. What's more, it's hard to see the flaws on his body at a glance. He draws the knife with one hand, but the second hand holding the scabbard is guarding his body irregularly. Flaws and flaws.

It is very difficult to deal with Matsushita Wuren directly in the same way as a muscular man.

The scabbard and Wuren's ninja knife collided with each other and made a ding sound. The sound of the metal and iron clashing sounded like a signal for war.

After this confrontation, the figures of the two people fought into a ball, and the clanging of gold and iron made a ball together.

The strength of this Panasonic Wuren is really not bad, at least stronger than the old brother Zhengkuan of the Kazama Dojo.

The fact that the weapons of the two have collided for so long and that he hasn't been shattered by Fuji's huge force is enough to show his strength.

But what I don't know is that at this moment, Matsushita Wuren is complaining because of his previous speech.

He originally thought that his evaluation of Fuji was already very objective, but he never thought that he still underestimated Fuji. Is this guy's body made of iron?

The two have been fighting for so long, and Wuren's arms have long been sore, but Fuji seems to be fine.

If this was encountered in a normal battle, Wu Ren would have surrendered, but he had already pretended to be a senior, and if he surrendered again, he would be ashamed to face others.

There is no way, I have to pretend that I am forced to kneel. I didn't expect that I was still the 87th five years ago and went through five years of hard training, but this time I would not even pass the qualifiers.

Sorry, Ma Fei!

Wuren didn't know anything about the depression in his heart, he was still concentrating on his own battle, he was a little excited, this Wuren could definitely provide him with a little feeling of fighting.

If there are one or two hundred guys like this waiting for me to challenge, wouldn't it be...

Made a fortune!

Thinking like this, the more you fight, the more excited you become, while Wuren on the other side becomes more and more timid, and becomes timid during the battle.

Finally, after two or three rounds, Bu Er caught the opening, and a scabbard stabbed him in the lungs. The sudden heavy blow made Wuren's breathing stagnate, and Bu Er punched him on the shoulder and knocked him out directly. arena.

After landing, Wuren might be afraid of being laughed at, so he decisively chose to pretend to be dizzy, which frightened a group of passers-by.

Well, the top 100 penance cultivators in the previous session have been beaten like this for five years, so how can I do better by myself?

All of a sudden, the ring where Buer was located was empty, and no one continued to go on stage even though Buer said something like "how about the seven of you going up together".

Nonsense, we don't want to lose face!

Half an hour later, under the admiring eyes of the young lady next to him, Bu Er successfully advanced and successfully got the invitation letter for the preliminary round.

Oh, how lonely it is to be invincible!

After his match was over, under the reluctant eyes of the female referee, Bu Er slowly stepped off the stage. After stepping off the stage, he did not go back to the hotel directly, but looked at the battles in other arenas, hoping to see something that could be done. Be a rival guy.

This scrutiny has seen a lot of interesting guys. For example, the leader of the No. [-] ring is a master of Juhe, and every opponent on the stage counts as one, and he defeated them all with a single blow.

As far as the level of this knife is absolutely equal to his own, I just don't know if this person's follow-up swordsmanship is as superb after this amazing first knife.

In addition, in the follow-up, I saw a hunk with a Nodachi. This hunk is much stronger than the muscular old man who looked like before. He is nearly two meters tall and carries a Nodachi over five feet.

The Nodachi is not a weapon that can be easily mastered, and it is not suitable for the ninja world that focuses on team battles. It is quite an unpopular weapon.

But the guys who use the Nodachi well, on the battlefield, they are one against one hundred.

The strength of the strong man did not disappoint Bu Er, as soon as he entered the field, he chopped off the weapon of the champion who had defended the ring for more than five games.

What's even more frightening is that this guy with the big and long Nodachi was able to cut off the opponent's weapon and at the same time stop without hurting the ring master at all.

This kind of precise grasp of power may even be above the best.

In the follow-up, there were also iron-headed children who did not believe in evil and continued to challenge, but they were swept off the stage by the hunk. Since then, no one has touched the bad luck of this old man. This old man also stood in the arena just like Fuji In half an hour, I got the invitation letter for the preliminary round.

The two people mentioned have good strength in Buer's opinion, and Buer thinks that even if they are weaker than him, they will not be much weaker.

Looking at the warriors with different skills and specialties in the arena, Bu Er also got high, and he looked forward to the official competition more and more.

After returning to the hotel, he devoted himself to practicing for two days. On the third day, Buer brought Garnett, who couldn't hold back his loneliness, to the preliminary round.

In the qualifiers, a total of 200 people successfully advanced to the preliminary round. The preliminary round is the official 1v1 men's battle.

Here, half of the people will be eliminated, and the remaining 100 people will enter the knockout round, and half of the 100 people will be wiped out, and finally only 50 people will be left to enter the real competition.

The opponent of Buer in the preliminary round was also an unknown pheasant player, and Buer used three moves to end his opponent without getting out of the sheath, and successfully advanced to the semi-finals.

The morning is the preliminary round, and the afternoon is the knockout round of 100 to 50.

It's also a bit of a coincidence, but the opponent who scored 100 out of 50 in this round turned out to be the Juhe master in the No. 8 ring he saw before.

After the two stood still in the field, the man put his hand on the ninja sword in his hand and said to Fuji: "My name is Yuichiro Furukawa, I haven't asked for advice yet."

"Li Taibai, please enlighten me."

After these words, the two fell into a strange silence. Furukawa Yuichiro is a master of Iai, and what Iai pays attention to is to strike first and draw the sword in an instant without giving the opponent a chance to react. Therefore, he rarely Take the initiative.

Fu Er also knew that the opponent's level was not low, so he didn't rush to make a move, and constantly adjusted his position under his feet, trying to find out when to launch a suitable attack.

Juhe is not as simple as drawing a knife and swinging a knife. It is a carefully calculated and sure-killing blow. Under normal circumstances, once it is shot, it must be a thunderous blow.

It's not that I can easily crack the existence by taking a step back or something based on my speed.

The unerring wave breaking style belongs to Iai's advanced move, and from this we can see the horror of this move.

Facing such an opponent, one must first find a way to trick his knife out. As long as he tricks his knife out of its sheath, the rest will be easy.

On the surface, the two people in the field seem to be just moving around meaninglessly, but in fact, hundreds of simulation calculations have been carried out in the thinking world of both parties.

Finally, after a period of thinking, Buer found an opportunity, or thought of a way to break this type of residence.

So he chose to take the initiative to attack, but he still didn't draw out the crescent moon in his hand, so he grabbed the unsheathed crescent moon and rushed straight to Furukawa Yuichiro.

Yuichiro Furukawa was overjoyed when he saw Fuji rushing up, this opponent finally lost his composure, as long as he makes a move, there will be openings, and grasping the instant openings is the opportunity for me to win.

Yuichiro Furukawa stared closely at Fuji's movements, for fear of missing the slightest detail, the veins in his hands bulged, obviously he was ready, as soon as Fuji showed his flaws, he would instantly take the victory away with his sword.

There it is, now!

As Yuichiro Furukawa thought about this, he suddenly let out a shout, and at the same time, the ninja sword in his hand was quickly unsheathed, so fast that people couldn't see the blade clearly at all, only a silver light appeared.

But something happened that shocked Yuichiro Furukawa, because the sword in his hand cut empty.

Buer suddenly disappeared while holding the knife and rushing forward.

Fuji launched a chivalrous line and quickly approached Furukawa Yuichiro, and just avoided the ninja sword in Furukawa Yuichiro's hand.

When he appeared, Buer was already standing behind the opponent, the crescent moon in his hand was not out of the sheath, but it was placed on the opponent's neck.

Feeling the cold touch from the scabbard around his neck, Yuichiro Furukawa asked unwillingly, "What the hell kind of move was that just now?"

"Ten steps to kill a person, a thousand miles without leaving."

"Qinglian Sword Art·Xia Ke Xing!"


After the knockout round, all the qualified players got a day off, which is to promote the next part of the competition.

Spectators were allowed to enter the arena to watch the games after the knockout rounds, and this was also an opportunity for the warriors to become famous.

As soon as he left the venue, Buer was stopped by a group of people, and the performance of Buer in the qualifiers was noticed by several avenues, but at that time they thought it was just luck of Buer, and the people they encountered were all rookies.

But after Buer passed the knockout round, this group of people couldn't sit still, and Buer didn't seem to be an adult yet and he was able to pass the knockout round. This talent is like a firefly in the dark night, and anyone who is not blind can see it out.

There are even gossip rumors that Buer even won the knockout round without even drawing a knife out of its sheath, which made all the dojo families go crazy, and even the General’s Mansion of the Iron Country regarded Buer as a dark horse look at.

At this moment, there is a large group of people who are inviting Buer with each other, and they are shouting: "Brother Taibai, our Hualan Dojo is very optimistic about you, I know if Brother Taibai would like to come to our Hualan Dojo. Let's talk about it."

Not to be outdone, the other side said: "Brother Taibai, the eldest lady of our Yanfeng family is beautiful and beautiful, and she is waiting in her boudoir. I heard that the younger brother is excellent in swordsmanship and wants to make friends. I wonder if brother Taibai is interested in talking with my lady at night by candlelight."

A group of people talked louder and louder, and finally even began to expose each other's shortcomings.

"Your Hualan dojo is a third-rate swordsmanship dojo, and it will be closed in two years. You deserve to invite brother Taibai to sit there, shameless."

"Miss Yanfeng of your family dares to say that she is beautiful and beautiful with a pockmarked face, I am!"

The sound of such tearing is endless, and the melon-eating people nearby are very unhappy.

A group of people were arguing and almost drew their swords to face each other, but at this time someone whispered: "Why is Brother Taibai missing?"

A group of people discovered that the culprit "Li Taibai" had disappeared.

Li Taibai and Garnett at the street corner looked at each other and strode away. Three words came faintly in the wind: crazy

As Fuji advances, such harassment will definitely increase.

But he doesn't care about these harassments, anyway, he can't agree, and if he has time to care about that, it's better to feel the gains in the game.

Back at the inn, Buer opened the Sword Immortal system and saw that the proficiency of the template had reached 31%!

40% is waving not far away!

Thinking of this, Bu Er suddenly ignited again, Yo Xi, the goal is to open the six doors and develop the template to 40% at the same time!

I really want to see what level of combat power I will have when I open the six doors!

"Karnett, come up and count!"

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