Under the moonlight, a transparent phantom flickered twice at a terrifying speed, and when it reappeared, it had already appeared at the corner of the street, still facing Tsunade and maintaining a gesture of waving goodbye, but moved a little bit across the corner quickly Disappear.

The rope tree caught in the arms looked extremely envious. Is this the power of ninjutsu?In the future, I must learn this super powerful move from Brother Fuji!

After returning to Konoha, Fuji's life rhythm seems to have slowed down. After getting up and running around Konoha three times a day, Fuji will come to the death forest to start his follow-up training.

Separate two shadow clones to watch the main body use the unique skills such as the moon-grazing pose or the wave-breaking pose, and then talk to the two clones about their own experience after watching.

After the template proficiency reaches 40%, Fuji's insight ability has risen to another level, and every time he observes advanced sword skills, he will have a different experience.

After exchanging ideas, the three of them practiced swordsmanship together. This kind of progress is not low. According to this progress, he is confident that he can break through to the shadow level within ten years.

Ten years sounds like a long time, but you have to know that Buer is only 15 years old. Even in the past ten years, he is only 25 years old. Although the 25-year-old movie stars are not as good as those who are not good, they are still the same as the three Tolerance level off.

What's more, Fuji would sometimes compete with Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Sakumo who returned from the mission, and the rewards would be even greater.

Orochimaru and Jiraiya are still Jonin, so each battle is not very helpful to Fuji.

But because Sakumo has the bonus of sword skills and he is also an elite jōnin, he will gain a lot from fighting him.

Shuo Mao's career in Anbu these years was not in vain, and the tasks Anbu set out were not simple, and almost every task involved a tragic fight.

Shuo Mao's mission completion rate during these five years was [-]%, which made him a legend in Anbu.

I don't know how many new Anbu ninjas regard the mysterious Bai Fang as their lifelong idol.

The difficult battles and the occasional teachings from Hiruya allowed him to realize his talent earlier than Orochimaru, Jiraiya and others.

Of course, there is also a very important point in this, that is, Buer put forward the development direction of Duankong very early, and Shuomao's ability to obtain today's strength is inseparable from Duankong.

Breaking the air used to be just his hole card, but after these years of continuous development and the baptism of experience gained in various fights, breaking the air has become his instinct.

That is to say, every knife Shuo Mao makes is at the level of Duan Kong, and he has also developed a lot of terrifying Chakra knife skills on Duan Kong.

It can be said that the ninjutsu-type Jnin is given for nothing in front of him, within three swords of Sakumo, the opponent will definitely die suddenly.

But Sakumo is not enough to watch when facing Fuji, because this guy is full of hangs, and other ninjas are just two or three proud skills for a lifetime.

But Buer is different. Listing all the sword skills on this guy can list an entire skill tree.

Shuo Mao fought him so many times, every time this guy can come up with new skills, and each one is extremely delicate and difficult to find flaws.

Even Shuo Mao's most proud Lightning Tun Chakra Saber Technique can be mastered by Budu. Although not as advanced as Shuo Mao, Budu can also master Thunder Tun Chakra to stimulate cell activation, and even swing a sword with Thunder Tun gas.

Even Shuo Mao doesn't know this, and besides the sword energy of Lei Dun, there are also Fire Dun, Wind Dun, Water Dun, Earth Dun...

This is of course the power of Qinglian Sword Jue Full Moon. After recovering Chakra, Bu Er discovered that Qinglian Sword Jue Full Moon is really a magical skill, with various attributes and no fear of restraint. It can also advance and retreat. Shou.

Bu Er even fused this skill with sword skills, thus developing sword skills like Fenglei Zhan.

The principle of use is also very simple, just release two shadow clones and transform them into two different attributes through Qinglian Sword Art·Full Moon, such as wind and thunder, water and fire, and then let the two shadow clones activate sword energy at the same time attack.

The sword qi will block the enemy in an X shape, even if it misses, the explosion produced by the collision of the two sword qi will make the enemy lose their vision.

At this time, driving the "Red Dust Style" Budu body will convert the chakra attribute into the earth attribute, relying on the unique shield of the earth escape, rush in with the aftermath of the explosion, and take away the enemy with a single move.

It can be said that it is a set of combos arranged for you clearly, very humane~

Shuo Mao: Your uncle, during the time when Chakra was sealed, I went to practice physical skills. Why is it more versatile than me when I come back?

However, so many years of working life have also honed Shuo Mao's heart. Even if he knew that Bu Er was still better than himself, he would not be unhappy about it. Generally the same.


This day was another day after a battle with Jiraiya, and Jiraiya collapsed on the ground and complained: "You guys are really like a pervert. I thought you went out to practice Taijutsu for so long. When I came back, I used ninjutsu It can easily suppress you.

As a result, a wind-attributed sword energy from you chopped up my Great Flame Bullet, so what else should I fight.

And your ninja sword with blue flames is too handsome, really, should I also hang a good-looking ninja sword? The girls on the street who went out to eat recently saw your eyes. straight up.

Can't they see Master Jiraiya at the side?I don't know how to appreciate it. "

In the middle of complaining, Jilai also put on a very wretched expression and said: "Speaking of which, I heard that there is a newly opened hot spring recently, do you want to go together...hehehe~"

This is probably Zilai. Three sentences can't be separated from the beautiful sister, and ten sentences must drive.

To be honest, Fuji was a little excited, but thinking about it, it seemed that Ziraiya's peeping did not go well, so Fuji still gave up the idea of ​​​​peeping with Jiraiya.

As a good-natured young man with positive energy, we must resolutely resist this dangerous idea.

Barrels, am I doing the right thing?

Zilai also gave this hypocritical guy a big roll of his eyes, he patted the dust off his body and ran to peep, Fuji shook his head and practiced sword for a while on the spot before going home.

When he passed a street corner, he clearly felt that someone was following him, and he seemed to be quite strong.

Seeing that there was no one around, Buer thought for a while and turned his head and said, "Come out, it's no fun to hide."


As soon as Buer finished speaking, a person came out from around the corner clapping his hands: "As expected of Mr. Buer, your attention is really sharp."

I couldn't help but smile when I saw the visitors. Sure enough, I'm still down and out now, even the classic "Danzo-sama doesn't have any invitations."

I can only run out to follow up by myself, and there is no meeting to be honest.

When he was still weak before, Bu Er could only admit his weakness and call him "Uncle Danzo", but now his strength is not inferior to Danzo, so naturally there is no need to show weakness to him.

Fuji asked blankly, "Senior Danzo, is there anything I can do for you?"

When Danzang heard that Buer called himself "Senior Danzang" instead of "Uncle Danzang", his expression was a little unnatural.

This brat really didn't take himself seriously, but when he thought that maybe it was because Fuji was distressed because his strength was not as good as Shuo Mao and others, he calmed down his anger.

He took a deep breath and put a smile on his face again: "I heard that nephew Fuji finally recovered his chakra after going through a lot of hardships, so I came here to congratulate him. potluck?"

Seeing Danzo's expression, Fuji felt extremely tired. If other people spoke like this, Fuji would of course give the other party a face, and he would improve his evaluation of that person in his heart.

But if you change the object to Danzo, you will only feel disgusted. If you think about the actions of this guy in the original book, you will know that this meal must be a bad meal.

If Fuji was still the little chunin from before, he might choose to have this meal with Danzo in order to keep himself and his mother safe, but now Fuji has no need to make false claims with Danzo.

Danzo is now an elite Jnin. He has no cells between the pillars and the kaleidoscope of Shisui Sharingan. Although he is in the prime of life, but in a real fight, even if he can't win, he can't be easily defeated by him. suppress.

With such strength, Fuji naturally has the confidence to fight Danzo in the face. Since he was destined to be an enemy from the beginning, he is not in the mood to hold Danzo in that mood.

So he simply said: "I'm sorry, my mother has already prepared meals at home, so there is no need to eat. Thank you, senior Danzo, for your kindness."

Danzo's unnatural face turned completely dark when he heard this, which meant that he didn't save any face for someone in his group.

Danzo was not a good-tempered person, and Fuji's successive refusals made him very dissatisfied, but he is not yet the powerful root leader in the future.

Therefore, even if Fuji does not give him face, he is not easy to get angry due to his current power and status, but simply said to Fuji: "You have just recovered Chakra, so many years of vacancy in ninjutsu, let you The improvement is negligible, and it feels uncomfortable to have a huge gap in strength with your friends."

Speaking of which, Danzo quietly opened the three-goed jade sharing sharing eye. In recent years, he has used the power of this eye to attract many confidants with illusion.

He also has some experience in using this eye. He never planned to use this eye to control others for a long time, and he didn't have that much chakra.

This eye is only used to cause a momentary shake in the opponent's heart, as long as there is such a thought, it is enough.

Danzo still has the ability to tap into the hearts of others a little bit.

As long as you have it, coupled with the ninjutsu and power he can give, the power of the combination of the two cannot be underestimated.

Many junin and talented chunin have become his secret minions in this way.

Danzo looked at Fuji with a compassionate expression. At that moment, he seemed to be really concerned about Fuji's development, and said in a very deceptive tone: "Actually, it will be very unwilling, obviously before they can only I look up to you, but now everyone's strength is above yours.

Although they don't say it, their attitude is self-evident, isn't it?

No one is willing to help you, and everyone thinks that instead of helping a guy like you who is so far behind, it is better to curry favor with those people.

No resources, no power, nothing, you are nothing, you can only watch the distance between you grow farther and farther. "

Buer felt the existence of illusion right away, and Zhenhong stayed by Buer's side for so long, how could Buer not ask him to practice illusion resistance?

In fact, even Zhenhong's most powerful illusion can't affect Buer, let alone the illusion of the three-hook jade.

The spiritual power of Fuji's life as a human being, coupled with the blessing of the Sword Immortal system, makes Fuji not afraid of ordinary illusions at all.

Even if it is an illusion of the level of Infinity Moon Reading or Bietianshen, it will be monitored by the Sword Immortal system, and a reminder of abnormality will be given on the system interface.

Although there may be no way to crack such an advanced illusion, but it is absolutely impossible to be manipulated at will because of illusion.

(cgdd) Looking at the hard-working Danzo in front of him, he sneered in his heart. Sure enough, dogs can't change their eating shit. Even if there is a time traveler like Fuji, Danzo's disgusting personality still hasn't changed in any way.

Danzo's plan is still the same, but because of insufficient power, the original forced take away has been changed to split and win.

To be honest, if other people are afraid of death if they are hit, they will indeed be like what Danzo said, maybe they will really choose to join Danzo because of their lack of strength.

But I'm sorry, it's not the same. With a system, you can really do whatever you want!

Bu Er was not in a hurry to crack Danzo's illusion, but pretended not to know that he was under the illusion, and listened to Danzo's words with an attitude like watching a monkey show.

Seeing that Danzo was estimating whether he had fallen into an illusion, Fuji also frowned, making Danzo really think that he was bewildered by Fuji.

Danzo was secretly delighted when he saw Fuji's actions, and stepped up his efforts to lure him: "Why should you be left behind by them? You are excellent in the first place. As long as you are given enough resources, you will soon be able to shorten the distance and surpass them. "

Fuji also lowered his head very cooperatively, clenched his fists and said, "That's right, I didn't lose to them."

"So, come to me, I can give you all the resources you want, I am willing to pass on all I have learned in my life to you, give me your talent, and I will let you bloom your original brilliance!"

"Give me everything I want?" Fuji murmured.

Danzo couldn't help showing a successful smile when he heard Fuji's murmur, he looked at Fuji excitedly and said: "Yes, work for me, I will give you absolute fairness and give you everything you want."

Still bowing his head, Buer whispered, "Why?"

Danzang was stunned for a moment when he heard this, and he subconsciously asked, "What did you say?"

Bu Er raised his head and showed an extremely sarcastic smile: "Why do you give me everything I want, just relying on your ridiculous illusion?"

While speaking, Budu mobilized the whole body of Chakra, and suddenly broke through Danzo's illusion.

In order to further seduce Budu, Danzo had increased his chakra investment before, but at this time he was suddenly backlashed by the illusion, his right eye was in unbearable pain, and blood oozes from the corner of his mouth.

He looked at Buer in shock and anger, but just bumped into Buer's ironic smile: "Let me work for you, and you are worthy?"

Danzo was furious, and he even wanted to kill the guy in front of him who didn't pay attention to him on the spot, but his remaining rationality made him give up this idea.

This is Konoha, and the old man in Mito is still alive, regardless of whether he can beat this, as a disciple of the second generation of Hokage, as long as he fights with Fuji, he will definitely fight in the future. Become the laughing stock of the whole Konoha.

The big bully the small, and he hasn't won yet. Once this kind of hat is worn firmly, Mito can drop his already dispensable status by another three points with a flick of his hand. This is not conducive to his future plans.

Be patient for now, no matter what, wait until that old bastard Mito dies.

When that old immortal thing dies, by virtue of his relationship with Ri Zhan and the subordinates he secretly arranged in the past few years, he won't have to worry about not being able to gain power.

With power, no matter how powerful Bu Er is, he can only die obediently.

After such a mental victory, Danzo finally adjusted his mentality. The win-win had failed, and he stopped pretending, showing his true face and saying: "Qianshubudu, you will sooner or later You will regret your choice."

Hmm~ That's right, the classic ruthless talk session.

Danzo turned around and left after letting go of the harsh words, and Fuji did not stop him.

After all, Danzo is a direct disciple of the Second Hokage. Although he is not as prominent as the other four under Mito's deliberate suppression, it is not something he can casually shoot.

In addition, Danzo's own strength is not weak, and now he is not the old man who has played tricks for more than [-] years, his overall strength has declined in all directions, and he can only rely on Izanaki to survive.

Buer doesn't have the strength to instantly kill Danzo, nor does he have the power to be safe after killing Danzo, so he won't choose to exchange one with Danzo.

After letting Danzo leave, Fuji also returned home slowly. As for Danzo's future revenge, he really didn't care much about it. His own growth rate was definitely faster than Danzo's.

Born in this era, he dared to pat his chest and promise that if Danzo can still be as arrogant as in the original book, even if I lose.


When Fuji went home to enjoy the dinner prepared by his mother, in a hidden jungle at the junction of the land of fire and the land of earth, a white humanoid object looked around and swished Drilled into the ground.

If Buer was here, he would definitely exclaim, because the white figure in front of him is nothing but Bai Jue in the original book.

Na Bai Jue twisted and turned in the mud and finally came to a dark underground cave.

He had just returned to the cave when a voice suddenly came from the dark cave: "Have you found a suitable carrier?"

Following Bai Jue's line of sight, one can see an old figure with white hair sitting on a man-made stone chair. If you look carefully, you can see that there are countless pipes connected to the back of the old man, connecting the huge shadow.

The old man was obviously haggard, but he still exuded a terrifying aura, especially his pair of eyes, those pupils composed of lavender concentric circles, exuded a terrifying pressure at this moment.

It seems that just being caught by these eyes will bring great pressure.

This place, this aura, these eyes... The identity of the old man is ready to be revealed: he is the ghost of the old era, the friend and old enemy of the first Hokage Senju Hashirama, the founder of Konoha, the number one dancer in the ninja world, The first generation of Uchiha Dragon Aotian, a recognized legend in the ninja world: Uchiha Madara!

Looking at Uchiha Madara in the upper hand seat, Bai Jue showed a regretful look and said: "I'm sorry, I have been searching for a long time, but I still can't find a suitable Senshou clan member.

You also know that the current Senju has merged with Konoha, and his blood is not pure. Senju's descendants are actually not as good as Uchiha's descendants.

The only ones who can withstand the power of these eyes without dying suddenly are the siblings named Tsunade and Nawaki, but they are all inside Konoha Village now, and there is no chance to bring them out. "

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