Following his movements, this time it was not simply three puppets that were dispatched, but ten puppets moved together, and all the eight puppets used to attack rushed up.

The two large puppets used for defense and melee combat also have their own actions. The horned puppet with a broken arm puts Monzaemon on his shoulder, and another hedgehog-headed puppet puts Monzaemon on his shoulder. Covered up tightly.

While avoiding the attack, Fuji tried to attack Monzaemon in the distance with sword energy, but the two tall puppets beside the old man were obviously not ordinary.

The unerring sword energy can only leave a wound that is not deep or shallow, and cannot break through the defense of the two large puppets at all.

Not only did the attack fail, but he was also approached by other puppets, and the fastest puppet with a ball head and two knives rushed up wielding two big knives.

Bu Er blocked it with the crescent moon in his hand, but was surprised to find that the power of the two-knife puppet was extremely powerful, and this defense made his hands a little numb.

Not only the two-knife puppet, but several other puppets rushed up one after another. Seeing this, Fuji frowned, and he decisively launched the knight action, and quickly distanced himself from the puppets.

After cutting off the chain blade that followed, Bu Er raised his hand as if venting his anger and swung a sword energy to attack the blue-faced puppet, but a double-knife puppet appeared in front of the blue-faced puppet in an instant. Two big knives blocked the unerring sword energy.

How disgusting!

Seeing this, Bu Er could only choose to fight and retreat. Anyway, his Shunpo speed was very fast, and it took time for the old man to pass the instructions to the puppets. Be careful, those puppets would still hardly hit him.

If I can't kill you immediately, then I will kill you too!

Thinking in this way, Fuji launched a long guerrilla war, rushing left and right outside the puppet group. Although those puppets cooperated tacitly, they really couldn't do anything about the slippery Fuji.

But at this moment, Monzaemon's unhurried voice came from a distance: "Guerrilla, you have been staying in the distance, in fact, you want me to waste my energy for nothing.

If you are making such a plan, you should die. I also know that it is difficult for the puppeteer and the puppet to transmit instructions faster than your instant body.

If it continues like this, I may indeed lose to you due to excessive consumption of physical energy and mental energy.

But I want to remind you that the Uzumaki clansman has been poisoned by me. Without an antidote, he can't survive for 5 minutes, and my physical strength can definitely last for more than 5 minutes.

If you want to wait until my strength is exhausted and win without a fight, then you'd better be prepared to sacrifice your companions. "

Hearing these words, Budu's expression changed, the old man was so insidious enough, he actually wanted to use this method to force himself to rush into the pile of puppets to fight him head-on.

Glancing at Uzumaki Masahiko whose complexion was gradually turning purple and black in the distance, Fuji clenched Xinyue tightly in his hand, as if he had to do as he said this time.

Glancing at Monzaemon, who was protected by a group of puppets, Fuji lowered his head and chose to rush up to fight the puppets without saying a word.

Seeing this, Monzaemon was secretly happy, this kid has been tricked!

He was actually deceiving Buer, it was true that his puppet couldn't keep up with Fuji's movements, and it was true that his physical energy was constantly being consumed by Fuji, but he lied about how long he could hold on.

In fact, Monzaemon doesn't even have the strength to continue fighting for another 5 minutes. He is 77 years old this year. If it is his peak period, it will not be a problem to fight with Fuji like this for a whole day.

But now that he is old, the Kage-level strongman who used to dominate one side is now almost exhausted after less than 10 minutes of fighting. Now he can only win through this kind of strategy.

But he has already made up his mind, as soon as this kid chooses to rush up to fight with him, he will directly activate the Three Treasures Suction Rupture, and use this move to directly solve Bu Er.

But now, his chance has come, and the balance of this battle is already tilting towards him.

Seeing Fuji rushing at high speed, Monzaemon was overjoyed, and he immediately manipulated the two knives, the chain blade, the fan blade, and the thorns, surrounded by five puppets.

While they were blocking Buer's line of sight, following his finger movements, the last three remaining three-color puppets came together, and two of them formed a posture similar to zama stance, while the last puppet Then he jumped onto the shoulders of the two puppets.

The three puppets formed a "pin" shape, and as Monzaemon formed a tiger-shaped seal, the mouths of the three puppets suddenly opened, and the three figures of "Buddha, Dharma, and monk" were exposed from the tongue-like parts. large characters.

Monzaemon's face covered in cold sweat showed a victorious smile: "You won't be able to escape this time, brat, Shiro's three treasures!"

Following his words, the three puppets with Buddhist monks engraved on their tongues produced a strong wind escape. This wind escape is different from the normal blown wind escape. Its direction of action is to suck all the opponents in.

In such a strong suction, normal people can't run away, they can only be sucked in by the three treasures, and they will be sieved by the weapons of the puppets who follow behind them!

At this time, Bu Er was within the attack range of the three treasures, and he had nowhere to escape.

The three treasures sucked and began to burst out with terrifying suction force, causing Fuji's body to fly upside down uncontrollably.

Not only Buer's body, but even a lot of sea water rushed towards this side under the attraction of the hurricane.

Seeing this situation, Monzaemon feels more compelled, no matter how old I am, I can still kill this young seedling with outstanding Konoha talent.

It's not a bad deal for me who has been living for a few years to replace such a future confidant here!

The more he thought about it, the more Monzaemon wanted to see Fuji's panicked expression at the moment, what kind of expression would the Kinmatsu ten people who were brazenly saying that they wanted to break through the old man before now have such an expression?

Monzaemon poked his head out from the guard of the bull puppet, wanting to appreciate Fuji's expression.

But what he didn't expect was that there was no trace of panic in Fuji's expression, and he could even read a smile from Fuji's slightly upturned mouth?

This kid is still laughing?Is he crazy?Does he think he can escape from the old man's three treasures again?

how is this possible?Unless he is a shadow-level powerhouse whose strength is still higher than his own, but how is that possible, he spent his entire life breaking through the shadow-level at the age of 40.

This kid is only fifteen or sixteen years old now, can he still be a shadow-level powerhouse?

It's just a bluff, you scheming boy, you'd better wait to die!

Thinking viciously like this, Monzaemon increased the output of chakra again, making the suction force of Sanbao even stronger.

At this time, Bu Er's voice came along with the wind: "Do you think now that I have no way to get rid of this wind escape, and you are determined to eat me?

If you have such an idea, then the battle can be declared over.The fourth door hurts, open! "

As Buer's faint voice came out, the aura on his body changed suddenly, and light green chakra light began to emerge from his body, and these scattered chakra seemed to form a protective layer on his body.

Although his body was still flying forward under the huge suction force, he was no longer in the immobile state before.

I saw that Fuji slowly retracted Xinyue back into the scabbard, slowly closed his eyes, adjusted his breathing a little, and then activated Qinglian Sword Art Full Moon, converting all of his chakra attributes into fire Attributes.

Holding Xinyue's hilt tightly, Monzaemon said to Monzaemon who showed a head in the distance: "Take a good look at this move, this is the swordsmanship that breaks through the ten people in Chimatsu, Qinglian Sword Jue Yan ·Moon embrace style."

As Fuji's voice fell, the crescent moon in his hand was unsheathed instantly, and the moment he unsheathed, a red streamer flashed in front of Monzaemon's eyes.

A huge ring-shaped flame sword energy burst out, and the hot and bursting flame energy cut off the hurricane sucked by the three treasures, and landed on the puppets behind, cutting off all the mechanisms on those puppets.

This is not the scariest thing, the scariest thing is that because of the suction power of the Three Treasures, all the flame energy in front of Fuji was sucked in, and gradually amplified in that wind. Under the blessing of the fire, it turned into a huge fireball.

Seeing this, Monzaemon's eyes were tearing apart, damn it, stop it!

He hurriedly wanted to cut off the output of Chakra, but it was too late, the three treasures sucked all the flames into it.

Before the three puppets even showed any changes, they couldn't bear the blazing high temperature and exploded into countless pieces.

The three puppets were all abolished, and the absorption of the three treasures naturally had no effect, so he landed steadily with his hands.

After landing, he didn't hesitate, and under the speed of Humon and Shunpo, he went straight to Monzaemon like an arrow from the string.

The crescent moon in his hand had turned into holding a knife in his backhand at some point, and the other hand pulled out the dragon tooth again, Qinglian Sword Art·Full Moon exerted force here, this time it was the fierce and swift Fengdun.

Qinglian Sword Art Wind Knight Walk!

Under the quadruple blessings of Chivalrous Walk + Injury Gate + Wind Dungeon Chakra + Shunpo, Buer's figure has turned into a meteor flying across the sky at high speed.

If he could barely see afterimages at his previous speed, then his current speed is just a streamer.

Monzaemon hooked his fingers and tried to mobilize the last two defensive puppets to defend himself. At the last moment, he saw the two puppets standing in front of him, which made him feel a little relieved.


Unable to move due to paralysis, Uzumaki Masahiko, who could only watch the battle from the sidelines, only saw a silver-white "x"-shaped mark flash in front of his eyes, and then saw Fuji appearing behind Monzaemon.

There was no extra words, just slowly inserting the two knives into the scabbard silently.

Monzaemon felt as if a silver light flashed in front of his eyes, but he didn't feel any pain. Are you okay?

Seeing the two puppets in front of him who seemed to be unharmed, he showed a smile like the survivors of a catastrophe, and actually blocked it.

But at this moment, there was a "click" sound when Toki retracted the knife into its sheath. Hearing this sound, Monzaemon's face turned pale.

Because he felt as if he was flying at this moment, and the moment he fell, he saw a smooth knife mark suddenly appear on the two tall and burly puppets in front of him.

The upper bodies of the two puppets slowly moved towards the ground, and along with the upper bodies of the two puppets fell to the ground was a familiar headless corpse.

Why is the headless corpse so familiar, ah, because it is wearing his own clothes!big.

Chapter 52

Putting away the knife, Fuji turned around and searched the headless body of Monzaemon, and found the antidote in the interlayer of his clothes.

He took out the antidote and fed it to Masahiko Uzumaki. After waiting for a while, Masahiko Uzumaki also gradually recovered. The physique of the Uzumaki clan is really astonishing. Most people may have to slow down for a long time before they can barely walk after being poisoned by this kind of poison.

But Masahiko Uzumaki was able to walk within half an hour after taking the antidote. Seeing that he was already able to walk, he looked down at the time.

Originally, the battle with Monzaemon took a lot of time, and Masahiko spent half an hour recovering his physical strength. At this time, it was already close to the planned [-]:[-].

I could vaguely hear cheers erupting from a distance, and I knew that it was the movement of Tsunade and the others that made those of the Uzumaki Clan think that support had arrived, so such cheers erupted.

If that's the case, it's about time.

Supporting Masahiko to swim out for a certain distance, after making sure that neither of them would be affected by the explosion, Fuji looked at the time again, this time it happened to be [-]:[-].

Bu Er raised his hand and sealed his mouth with a smile, and shouted in a wicked way: "Art is explosion!"

As his words fell, the detonating symbols on the bottom of the four large ships quickly turned red, and then a deafening explosion broke out and splashed waves of waves.

Fuji and Masahiko didn't look back at the explosion, after all, real men never look back at the explosion!

The two looked at each other, turned around and walked quickly towards the direction where Tsunade and the others were.

The country of Uzumaki is just a small island country, which looks very spacious in the eyes of thousands of Uzumaki people, but its land area is actually about the same size as Konoha.

About half an hour later, Fuji and Masahiko came to the place where Tsunade and the others went ashore. Without much hesitation, the two rushed towards the Uzumaki clan's ancestral hall.

And this one hour ago.

Whirlpool Village, at the Great Ancestral Hall.

The ancestral hall of Ushio Village is the most important and sacred place in Uzuo Village as the burial place of the ancestors of the past dynasties. After the repair and improvement of Uzuo Villagers in the past, its defense facilities are far better than the city walls of Uzuo Country.

Although the sealing formation had already been breached yesterday morning, the villagers of Uzumaki Village can still continue to guard against it by relying on their own not too weak strength and numerical advantage.

"Patriarch Lu Ming, the gate of the ancestral hall is about to lose its hold. Most of the young and strong have been killed by the ninjutsu attack. I'm afraid the gate will not be able to hold it in half an hour!"

"Masahiko has already gone to Konoha to move the rescuers, and it will take two and a half days to bring the rescuers back again and again, but no matter what, we have to wait until noon.

Let's look at the situation again. If we still can't wait for reinforcements in the evening, let the women and children escape first. "

Speaking of whirlpool, Ashina rushed to the top of the city and said to everyone: "Everyone hold on for a while, the reinforcements should arrive soon."

The words were impassioned but did not cause any positive response. The atmosphere of the whirlpool clansmen was still dull. They had heard these words three or five times, but they still did not see the shadow of the reinforcements. A little desperate.

There was another round of ninjutsu attacking from the opposite side. Although the young and strong of the Uzumaki clan had used their best efforts to resist, several members of the tribe still screamed and fell to the ground without breath.

Cracks have also appeared on the sturdy main entrance of the ancestral hall, and it is obvious that it will not last long.

Uzumaki Ashina's brows frowned into a word of Sichuan, and there is no news of the advance troops so far. Could it be said that Uzumaki Clan has really been abandoned by Konoha?

I regret not listening to Mito's words. If all the clansmen were moved to Konoha in advance, it would be better to be looked down upon than to suffer the current disaster of extermination.

Just as he was thinking, if he was given another chance, he would definitely choose to relocate.

Just as he was thinking this way, a clansman suddenly asked, "Did you hear any sound in the distance?"

The other clansmen were not in the mood to take care of him, Ashina also smiled wryly, did the clansmen have hallucinations due to too much pressure?

Just as he was thinking this way, he suddenly heard the tremor of the earth.

Wait for this voice, is it true that a large army is coming?

Ashina didn't even care about his majesty as the patriarch of the Uzumaki Clan. He crawled on the ground and listened carefully to the shaking of the ground.

There really are voices coming from the rear!

Ash Ming's eyes widened all of a sudden, there was hope, reinforcements really came!

"Everyone, work harder, there are really reinforcements coming!"

This time, the eyes of the originally listless clansmen lit up when they heard this, and they cheered happily one by one. Facing the ninjutsu and kunai flying from a distance, they also defended even more watertight.

When there was no hope before, they were naturally lifeless, but now they have heard the sound from behind, and they all rekindled their efforts to survive.

All the ninja coalition forces outside the ancestral hall changed their expressions one by one when they heard the cheers from the Uzumaki people inside. Could it be that Konoha's reinforcements really came?

The upper ninjas of each village looked at the elders of their own villages one after another. Although they were said to be the coalition forces of the four villages, in fact they just did not take action against other villages for their own sake.

There was a quarrel when they robbed the Whirlpool family's Wai Zangjing Pavilion before. If it weren't for the elders of the villages to restrain them, they might have faced swords and swords at that time.

But after that time, they had grown tired of seeing each other. Basically, they were all ninjas from a ninja village huddled together, attacking with a certain evasion technique, and there was no cooperation at all.

If they could really work together to make all kinds of compound ninjutsu like they did during the Fourth Ninja World War, they would have broken through Uzumaki long ago.

The elder of Wuyin Village is most familiar with affairs at sea. When he heard the reinforcements from Konoha in the distance, his expression froze, and he hurriedly said: "Send some people to the shore to see what happened to the boat. If it's over, we're all done!"

Hearing this, the group of Kirigakure ninjas were also startled, and many of them hurried towards the shore.

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