After a while, Zhenhong came out of the woods with his people. When he saw Fuji, he couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. He came up in two steps in three steps, and punched Fuji on the arm: " You guys scared me to death, I heard from Zuo Ming that you were attacked by the enemy, so I was so scared that I came here quickly."

Seeing Zhenhong, Buer also smiled, and said casually: "What is there to worry about, they are just small characters, and they are easy to deal with. Don't you know my strength?"

Zhenhong put on a look of disdain, and joked: "You pretend to be you...?"

The Danzo who appeared behind heard this and had a black question mark face again. I am selling my teammates like this. Iwakakushi, why don't you just send some rotten fish and rotten shrimp?

At this moment, a fancier Chunin in the transportation team said excitedly: "That's not true, there were six Jōnin and a dozen Chunin, and they were all killed by Fuji-sama in less than a minute."

Hearing this, Danzo had the urge to vomit blood again: "Okay, the six Jnin are called small characters, so they're just pretending to be forceful, right?"

At this time, Fuji also noticed Danzo behind Zhenhong, and he knew what was going on when he saw Danzo's expression as if he had eaten Ollie.

He said that originally this route was the most covert route he had discussed with Shuo Mao in theory, how could it be attacked by the enemy not long after leaving the sentry post?

Co-authoring is because there are ghosts doing things.

Thinking about it like this is not polite, put on a look of surprise and said: "Oh, isn't this Danzo-sama? I didn't recognize you.

Ouch, it's all because the woods are so dark, mine, mine. "

Danzang was so angry that he was about to explode when he saw Fuji's strange look, but he could only force a smile: "It's not in the way, it's not in the way, as long as nephew Fuji is fine."

Buer didn't mean to let him go, he was still there with yin and yang, after the baptism of the Onmyoji system, Buer's yin and yang was not inferior to others: "Oh, it's very difficult to think of something wrong, I don't know why the people in Yanyin If you dare to be so foolish, you can send six jounin to attack us. Isn't that a free gift?

Senior Danzo, don’t you think so? I was thinking, there is no one who is so brain-dead that they think that six jounin can kill me, no, no, no. "

At this time, Danzo had his heart torn apart, but he still could only obediently remain embarrassed and smile politely.

Hi, so angry.

Looking at Danzo's black face, Fuji finally made up his sword and said, "Oh, senior Danzo, why do you have such an ugly face?"

Danzang's teeth were creaking, and he barely squeezed out these words: "It's okay, it's probably a relapse of an old injury.

The old man is not feeling well, so I will go back to recuperate first, and my nephew and nephew will see you in the future. "

Looking at the back of Danzo leaving in embarrassment, Fuji continued to output: "You must take good care of your body, this person has to obey the old age, otherwise, maybe one day he will die.

Hey, no, look at me, I just can't speak, I should hit you, Danzo-sama, don't take it to heart. "

As he said that, he patted his face quite artificially, and the ninjas around him couldn't help laughing. It turns out that the handsome and powerful Master Fuji also has such an unknown side.

It's so cheap!Seeing that I wanted to beat him up.

As for Danzo, a group of people didn't care much about it. Most of the crowd were Chunin, and they didn't have access to the level of Naruto Assistant, so they didn't know who Danzo was at all.

And those jounin who have participated in high-level meetings have long been unhappy with Danzo, because Danzo's arbitrariness, his reputation in the jounin circle is not good.

This is probably why Danzo can't be Hokage. He is only willing to show his hypocritical compassion to those who are valuable, and once other people are deemed worthless by him, he won't even look at them.

Such an unpopular approach is destined not to sit in that position.

Danzo, who was leaving quickly, almost vomited blood on the spot when he heard this and the sneer behind him. He didn't want to stay here for a second, and he didn't call Zhenhong, let alone whether the sentry would There will be problems.

He directly used the instant body technique, and disappeared into the jungle in two or three strokes.

Looking at the back of Danzo leaving in embarrassment, Zhenhong shook his head dumbfoundingly, turned his head and said to Bu Er: "Would it be too much for you to offend Danzo like this, but anyway, he is also a former member of Hokage-sama, and the current battlefield Go to the boss of both of us."

Budu shrugged indifferently, and it was not easy for him to talk about Danzo trying to control himself with illusions. Besides, on this battlefield, Danzo's operations would not be able to hide sooner or later, so he just moved out of Mito's name. The head said: "Grandma Mito told me before she died that her sense of good and evil could sense Danzo's malicious intentions and asked me to stay away from him as much as possible.

If he proposes something to win you over, don't pick up on him. "

Zhenhong felt that his performance was a bit exaggerated, but he also knew this friend's temper, so he didn't continue on this topic: "Anyway, I think his heart is still for Konoha's good, and he Now it's our immediate boss, so don't go too far.

By the way, do you want me to walk with you for a while, I feel that this road is not smooth. "

Intentionally or unintentionally, Bu Er glanced at Tuan Zang's leaving back and shook his head, "No need, it won't be so unlucky to be watched all the time.

Even if it does, I can handle it. "

Zhenhong rolled her eyes: "Yes, yes, everyone knows that you are the best."

After the ridicule, he still said seriously: "Since you think you can handle it, we will go back. Danzang is right. Too empty a sentry post is always prone to problems. Be careful later on."


Just like what Buer said, the road ahead went smoothly, and even if there were encounters, they were all fleeing teams with only three or four people, and Buer and others could deal with them without any effort.

After walking along this route for about a day, the transport team finally arrived at the general headquarters of the offensive front.

Tsunade and the others here have been waiting for a long time. Most of the materials transported for the first time are scarce resources on their side. With the batch of materials brought by Fuji, they can be regarded as relieved .

Of course, compared to supplies, what is more important is the arrival of Budu. One is the friendship between them, so they have long been used to the life of fighting side by side.

Another one is that one more powerful ninja like Fuji will greatly improve the morale of the front line.

You must know that Fuji's "Konoha Ghost Sword" name is much louder than the unknown Sannin on the battlefield, and it is a clear banner on the battlefield.

When Fuji kills all directions on the battlefield, the ninjas around will definitely be encouraged by it.

After the transportation team outside registered their military merits, they all went to their friends in twos and threes to brag and beat farts, while Fuer followed Tsunade and others into the command tent.

The first time she entered the tent, Tsunade's arms were wrapped around her, and Fuji rubbed her blond hair helplessly, letting Tsunade hold her arm.

During the period of Mito's death, it can be said that Tsunade was the most vulnerable period, and he was not thinking about the issue of self-freedom under his soft heart.

The two stayed together almost every day, and the relationship progressed rapidly. Tsunade had already made no secret of her dependence on Fuji in front of Fuji.

It can be said that there is only the last layer of window paper between the two of them. Tsunade has already prepared herself. Just wait for Fuji to speak, and she will choose to become Fuji's girlfriend or even wife without hesitation.

But Fuji is always evasive, maybe it's the mentality of the scumbag in his previous life, he always feels that he is not ready to officially be with Tsunade.

Unlike the girlfriends he talked about in his previous life, Tsunade belonged to the type who didn't break up, only widowed, and absolutely kept his word.

She is not an ordinary girl, when her man gets up, she is more fierce than ordinary hunks!

When I think of being with Tsunade, I may enjoy the strange power warning for 24 hours, and I will succumb to my desire to survive.

So it became what it is now. In the eyes of Jilai and others, the two of them usually behave like boyfriend and girlfriend, but they didn't do any of the things that should be done between boyfriend and girlfriend.

Jiraiya was talking and turned his head to see the actions of the two people, rolled his eyes and made a "D-zone" expression, Tsunade looked at it and wanted to press his size 37 shoes on his size 42 face .

In the end, Fuji and Orochimaru stopped together, which prevented a murder from happening.

After some laughter, the four of them returned to the topic. After setting up a copper pot, the four of them discussed the current war while eating hot pot.

To put it bluntly, he must be regarded as the inventor of hot pot in the ninja world. He took them to eat like this once before, and after that time, everyone fell in love with this kind of food.

Tsunade even regarded hot pot as his favorite, and the fried chicken had to be held back a little bit, so that the number of times they went to the fried chicken restaurant for dinner together became less, and the fried chicken restaurant owner lost six regular customers.

At this time, Fuji was sitting next to Tsunade, and while sipping the meat, he asked, "How is the battle going on here?"

The chopsticks of the three of them paused when they heard this, and then Orochimaru said: "It's not good, the strength of those rain ninjas is ordinary and easy to deal with, but Hanzo's strength is beyond our imagination.

It is really unimaginable that such a powerful ninja can be born in such a small village. "

I was very curious to hear what Orochimaru said. Orochimaru seldom admires someone sincerely. Is that man who was short-lived in the anime really that powerful?

"Is Hanzo really that powerful? Have you ever fought against him?"

Ji Lai also drank the tea in his cup in one gulp, he is not so dissolute now, because he is on the battlefield, he is now resolutely pursuing the policy of not drinking alcohol during wartime.

Ji Lai also put down his teacup and cursed angrily: "It's not about whether he's strong or not, he's a very special kind, you can't fight him at all, you know."

Orochimaru said from the side: "Hanzo's personal strength is indeed not weak, his teleportation technique has reached a superb level, in terms of speed alone, you may not be his opponent.

In addition, his water escape and physical skills are undoubtedly at the level of Kage, and he is extremely cautious, and he will hardly underestimate the enemy. This kind of character is simply a natural ninja. "

Ji Lai also viciously ate a big mouthful of meat and said angrily: "If there are only these, the three of us can still deal with him together, even if we can't kill him, it won't make him feel better.

But that bastard was implanted with the poison sac of the highly poisonous salamander fish when he was young. Not only did he not die because of the poison sac, but he also gained the ability to control the poisonous mist.

He can release a large amount of poisonous gas between breaths, and this is the real tricky part. Even Tsunade can't cure that guy's poison, and every time he appears on the battlefield, he will cause a lot of casualties. "

Tsunade, who had been silent all the time, suddenly frowned and said, "Fart, if it wasn't for the last time my old lady used the fine extraction technique to help you extract the toxins, would you still be talking here?"

Tsunade's sudden aggressiveness startled Jiraiya, and he weakly found a way for himself: "It's true that you can deal with it after the battle, but isn't it true that you can't break his poison in the battlefield..."

Seeing Tsunade's fist clenched again, he was so frightened that he quickly lowered his head to eat, not daring to continue talking.

Fuji comforted Tsunade from the side, let Tsunade's anger dissipate, Tsunade loosened his clenched fist, leaned his head lightly on Fuji's shoulder and whispered: "Actually, there is no such thing as Jiraiya. Wrong, if I can develop an antidote that can be used in battle, everyone's casualties will not be so heavy.

In addition, there are too few advanced medical ninjas on the front line who can master the art of patient extraction, and I can't deal with a large number of patients by myself, so I can only watch them..."

When it came to the end, Tsunade's eye circles were faintly red. As the saying goes, the benevolence of a doctor, watching those patients die before her eyes one by one because of insufficient rescue, in fact, she was under much greater pressure than Jiraiya and Orochimaru.

Bu Er hugged her with some distress, patted her on the back and comforted her: "It's okay, everyone believes in you, and you will definitely find a way to crack the poisonous fog next."

Orochimaru on the side also spoke softly to comfort him, and Zilai said embarrassedly: "Oh, I said something wrong, why don't you give me a punch to vent your anger."

Tsunade still buried his head on Fuji's shoulder and said sullenly: "Now on the battlefield, remember first, I will deal with you later."

Ji Lai also showed an unlucky look on his face in cooperation, making everyone laugh, and the previous low mood was washed away by this trouble.

Fuji changed the subject and said: "If it takes time to develop an antidote, have you ever thought about isolating his toxin? Use wind escape ninjutsu or something like that."

Orochimaru shook his head and said: "It's not that we haven't tried it, but don't forget, that guy's instant body is very powerful.

Every time we stop the wind escape ninjas from trying to blow away their poisonous mist, he will directly use the blink technique to rush into the crowd and attack the wind escape ninjas who are difficult to avoid. It is really difficult to deal with.

If you really want to use wind ninjutsu to face Hanzo, you may need a super strong wind ninja, and perhaps Danzo-senpai is a good choice. "

Fuji thought about Danzo's Fengdun, and it seemed that he could indeed deal with the poison gas, but he couldn't help but sneered when he thought of Danzo's character: "That guy cherishes his life very much, so he won't fight Hanzo head-on."

A few people thought about it for the same reason, and they knew that Hanzo and Fuji would not deal with each other, so they gave up this idea.

Fuji thought of gas masks again, but he still shook his head after thinking about it. This thing can be developed a little bit, but it will take a long time to popularize on the entire offensive front, and it will be difficult to solve it in the short term.

In this case, you may need to do it yourself. If you don't have anti-virus and no reliable wind escape ninja, you can only do it yourself.

Speaking of it, it's not that he hasn't considered how to deal with Hanzo's poisonous gas. When it comes to wind, when he removes Miss Tornado in One Punch Man, two handsome figures come to mind.

One is Priest Gonitz, who is known as "Xibu Zhilan" in King of Fighters, and the other is naturally synonymous with "happiness", Yasuo whose "e" is gone forever.

And the two have one thing in common, that is, they all play tornadoes.

Although Buer thinks that the head of the Four Heavenly Kings, Gonitz, is actually quite handsome, his heart is still calling on him to move closer to that happy man.

No, it's a compatibility, both of them use knives, it has nothing to do with happiness.

Thinking of this, Fuji raised his head and asked, "How long will it be until Hanzo comes to attack next time?"

Orochimaru thought for a while and said: "Although Hanzo is quite cautious and will use many intriguing offensive methods during the battle, he is unexpectedly very strong in the battle between the two sides. Every attack he has made so far has been made in advance. Warcraft will come to attack.

I have never heard of him making a sneak attack, and it is because of his way that he is called a demigod, because even if we have written the gauntlet in advance and made preparations, we still have nothing to do with him.

His last attack was two days ago. According to the captain before the front line, Hanzo will only fight Konoha once in half a month because of the simultaneous war with the three parties, so we should have another half a month. About time.

Fuji also thought of Mifune's evaluation of Hanzo in the original work, as if this man was a very upright guy before his fall.

From the fact that he let go of Sannin and Mifune, we can see some clues. From this point of view, the current Hanzo is indeed a guy worthy of admiration, and he should not make any fools.

So in the next half a month, you shouldn't encounter Hanzo, and half a month should be enough to develop the corresponding wind escape knife technique by yourself.

After making an estimate, it should be possible, then he raised his head and said to Orochimaru and the others: "I thought about developing a ninjutsu to restrain the poisonous mist before, but now there is only a prototype, can it restrain his? I don’t know about the poisonous fog, I still need your help.”

Hearing this, Jiraiya and Tsunade didn't have much reaction, but Orochimaru was more active: "Fuji-kun, can you tell us your general idea?"

Fuji organized his language and said: "You just said that the main reason why large-scale wind escape ninjutsu is difficult to succeed is that it is difficult for everyone to avoid Hanzo's attack when casting wind escape.

I think this matter should be considered from two aspects. One is that most wind escape ninjutsu requires the continuous output of chakra, and the other is that it is difficult for ordinary ninjas to avoid Hanzo's attack.

So I was thinking, if I can develop a strong continuous wind escape ninjutsu and stay in the crowd to protect the wind escape ninjas, will I be able to resist Hanzo?

No matter how arrogant Hanzo is, it is impossible to fight against a thousand. If I hold Hanzo back and you take the opportunity to kill all the Amagakure ninjas, even Hanzo can only choose to retreat. "

Jirai's eyes lit up when he heard this too, what Fuji said seems to make sense, although Fuji's Shunpo may not be as fast as Sansho Hanzo, but with Fuji's level of swordsmanship, he thinks he can hold Hanzo back , and even singled out Hanzo.

Even if Hanzo wants to use the instant body technique to get rid of Fuji, Fuji can still catch up with Shunbu, so as not to cause too much loss to the Fengdun troops.

As for the Amane ninjas, he and Orochimaru can easily sweep them away. According to their understanding of Hanzo, as long as the Amane ninjas suffer heavy casualties, Hanzo will definitely retreat.

If he could defeat the Amane ninja several times in a row, Hanzo would probably surrender soon based on Amane's little wealth.

Thinking of this, Jiraiya's eyes were shining brightly, but before he could open his mouth, Tsunade resolutely interrupted him and stared at Fuji: "No, have you ever thought that when you are fighting against him, you It will also be affected by his poisonous mist. If there is no way to break the poisonous mist, fighting Hanzo will be a slow death!

Unless you can show me the ninjutsu that can withstand the poisonous fog, otherwise I absolutely don't agree with you taking such a risk. "

After hearing Tsunade's words, Fuji knew in his heart that she cared about him. He shook Tsunade's hand lightly to signal her to calm down, and then explained: "I will bring up this matter, and of course I have figured out a solution. .

The wind escape ninjutsu I want to develop is also a kind of ninjutsu, and it will definitely protect myself. "

Orochimaru excitedly said from the side: "Talk about the principle of your skills, Mr. Fuji, let me see if there is any specific feasibility."

Fuji explained: "I probably thought of it, the three kinds of techniques, it is said that the three kinds are actually just one kind, and they are all variants of the Wind Slash and the change of the nature of the wind attribute chakra.

The first one is the wind escape technique that cooperates with the wind escape ninjas to deal with poisonous gas. The ordinary wind escape generally only blows in a single direction, and it passes after one time, so it is difficult to continue to use.

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