And I think about letting the wind flow like a vortex, that is, the so-called tornado, which can usually last for a long time through a tornado, and as long as the kinetic energy or the temperature difference is sufficient, it will continue to blow.

Although the damage may not be as good as the normal compressed wind blade and wind bomb, it is much more durable than the general wind escape, which is suitable for dealing with attacks such as poisonous mist. "

This technique is Yasuo's tornado, and there are similar techniques in the original book, such as the hurricane water vortex technique made by Yamato and Naruto.

Bu Er felt that it would not be difficult to create a tornado by virtue of his mastery of Qinglian Sword Art · Full Moon on Feng Dun.

After the tornado is created, all the ninjas need to add to the wind evenly around the wind tunnel, the tornado should last for a while, maybe it can directly suck away all the poisonous mist, and then take all the poisonous mist away.

Orochimaru also felt that this technique was very feasible and agreed with it. Tsunade and Jiraiya also felt that this technique was very possible.

Buer continued: "The second technique is to imitate the technique of the thunder armor in Yinyin Village, or to imitate the chakra coat formed in the state of the six gates.

Attach a layer of flowing wind-attributed armor to the body like the Thunder-Dunk Armor, follow the flow of Chakra you want, and drive the direction of the flow, and you can run with the poisonous gas.

Even when Hanzo and I are in close combat, we can use this method to bring all the poisonous mist to other directions, so as to prevent inhalation of poisonous gas. "

The source of inspiration for this technique was Yasuo's passive shield, and Fuji felt that he could use a similar method to isolate the poisonous mist, so that he would not be attacked by the poisonous gas.

This technique also has a sufficient theoretical basis. Although the feasibility is lower than the first one, it is also very possible to see the line of sight. Orochimaru also nodded in agreement, and looked at Fujishi more appreciatively.

Mr. Fuji is worthy of being the man he is optimistic about. He can get along with such an exquisite ninjutsu.

Fuji still didn't intend to stop, and opened his mouth to say the last technique: "I plan to call the last technique the Wind Barrier, just like his name, I hope to build a wall of peace and soil flow through the wind escape chakra. Or defensive ninjutsu like a water wall.

By adding chaotic wind attribute turbulence inside the originally stable wind wall, after the enemy's attack passes through the stable wind film outside the wind wall, the kinetic energy will be consumed by the wind attribute turbulence inside, thus Disables the enemy's ninjutsu. "

After listening to these three techniques, Orochimaru was a little restless, and seemed to be dragging Fuji to go outside to develop ninjutsu: "It's great, Fuji-kun, you really have far more talent and wisdom than me. genius."

It's a bit embarrassing to boast so much. If he hadn't watched and played so many anime and games in his previous life, he wouldn't have been able to think of so many useful moves.

But now that he is exaggerated by Ninjutsu No. 1, of course he feels ashamed and panicked: "Don't talk about Orochimaru like that, if you really want to talk about the principles and development of ninjutsu, I am definitely not as good as you, I can only be regarded as It’s just a little bigger.”

"Brain holes?" Hearing this word, Orochimaru was taken aback, but with his comprehension ability, of course he quickly understood the meaning of this word. He couldn't help sighing: "What I lack the most is exactly It's the so-called brain hole. Since the first day I came to the front line, I have been thinking about how to develop an effective wind escape ninjutsu.

But I have been thinking about it for so long, and there is no lack of ideas, either lack of power, or not stable enough, and some of them have no possibility of realization at all.

This brain hole is probably part of the talent, Fuji-kun, you are really a genius. "

In the following time, Fuji spent every day discussing with Orochimaru how to study the three wind escape techniques he proposed, while Jiraiya and Tsunade ran out to find the highly poisonous salamander.

Of course the highly poisonous salamander was not the only one under Hanzo's feet, otherwise the poison sac in his body would have no way to explain it.

They also questioned the captured Ninja Rain, and got the exact answer. The highly poisonous salamander is a unique species in the Land of Rain, and it is extremely rare even in the Land of Rain.

One or two salamanders can only be seen occasionally in the rotten swamp after the rain, and because of the protective color on their bodies, it is difficult for people to notice.

Most of the highly poisonous salamanders are extremely small, like the one at the foot of Hanzo is obviously a genetic mutation.

Although there are differences in size and toxicity, it is the toxin of the same salamander after all. If you can get a few poison sacs from ordinary salamanders, Tsunade feels that giving her a certain amount of time will always make an antidote.


Although Buer has a general idea of ​​the three techniques, the process of putting the idea into practice is still full of hardships.

Fuji's first consideration was the use of happy hasaki, that is, the use of tornadoes. With the help of Orochimaru, the development of this technique went smoothly, and the development was completed in about five days.

He has played Happy Windman before, and he has read the original work and he understands the principle of spiral very well, so he quickly worked out the principle of releasing tornado after several attempts.

Fuji put the saber into its sheath first, and then injected Feng Dun with different nature changes with the two hands. The left hand holding the scabbard injected the spiral of Feng Dun's chakra into it.

The right hand holding the hilt uses wind escape chakra to increase the sharpness of the blade, and when the two have reached a point of balance, Fuji quickly draws the blade out of its sheath.

The wind escape chakra that was originally gathered at the edge of the blade and continuously spiraled will be taken away by the unsheathing of the new moon.

When the spiral wind chakra is unsheathed, the high-speed rotating chakra and the surrounding airflow are constantly interlaced, thus forming a simple tornado.

After many attempts by Fuji and Orochimaru, this technique is also constantly improving and maturing. After several measurements, Fuji maintains the amount of chakra output at a constant amount, and the tornado blown out is also stable. about three meters in size.

Although this tornado is not big, its strength is extraordinary. The pure wind force is enough to blow up two hundred catties of weight.

More importantly, this technique will not disappear immediately after blowing out, but will stay in place for a while.

During this period, if the wind escape ninjutsu is continuously injected so that the kinetic energy in it does not dissipate, the duration of this technique can be continuously strengthened.

With Fuji and Orochimaru injecting into Fengtun in turn, this tornado can even become a huge tornado of more than [-] meters, swallowing everything around it.

In addition, Fuji has also developed a second gameplay, which is to add the two-tailed chakra flame on the basis of the tornado, just like the flame tornado, which can blow out a tornado burning with blue flames.

While blowing up the target, let the other party enjoy the burning of the flame at the same time.

Orochimaru was satisfied with how he saw this technique, but he didn't know why, when Fuji used this technique, he would always yell inexplicably: "Hasa~!"

After the tornado, it was the development of the wind barrier. After mastering the skills of using the tornado, the wind wall seemed to become much simpler.

Once you have mastered the use of different property changes on the left and right, the development of the wind wall becomes much easier, and also adds different property changes to the scabbard and blade.

But the difference is that this time the scabbard is injected with a more peaceful wind escape, which is like a coat, wrapping the chaotic and disorderly turbulent flow in the blade.

It's like adding a layer of chocolate on the outside of the ice cream to prevent the ice cream from flowing out. When the knife is drawn horizontally, the blade is downward, and the sword energy that seems to be no different from the usual sword energy is swung, but the sword energy hits After landing on the ground, the Fengdun coat that originally wrapped the turbulent flow shattered, and the violent air flow inside also escaped.

In this way, a wind wall that can exist for three or four seconds is formed, and the flying ninjutsu and ninja tools will lose kinetic energy due to the chaotic ups and downs.

But the reality is not a game after all, and the energy of Chaotic Flow is limited. With Fuji's current level, he can only use him to resist a b-level ninjutsu at most.

Maybe wait until you can reach a higher level after mastering stronger power.

When practicing this technique, Buer was very embarrassed, because the injected turbulent flow was too much, and the Fengdun coat couldn't bear it, and it would split and explode before the knife was drawn, directly injuring Buer.

And if it is too little, it will become a dud again. As soon as the wind escape coat is leaked, the turbulent flow inside will disappear, and it will not be able to defend.

It took several days to fully grasp the use of the wind wall.


After the development of Tornado and Wind Wall, the last thing they tried was the Wind Escape Armor, which is Yasuo's passive. This technique is regarded as the core existence. The power of war.

There are three phases of the thunder armor. The first phase is that the lightning chakra stimulates the activation of cells. The second phase is that the lightning possession enhances the attack power. The third phase is to cover the whole body to defend against the enemy's attack.

In the first stage, there were records inside Konoha, and in the second stage there were also some records, and the Thunder Dungeon Armor of the third stage of the hard-resistant ninjutsu of the third and fourth generations of Raikage is the untold secret of Yunyin Village.

In the beginning, the two of them planned to use the Thunder Dungeon Armor as a reference, and developed the Wind Dungeon Armor in three stages, but later found that it didn't work at all.

The nature of Thunder Dun is not the same as that of Wind Dun, Lei Dun can stab cells with tiny electric currents, but Feng Dun can only destroy cells, just like Naruto's Wind Dun spiral shuriken.

Letting Feng Dun sneak into the body will only injure the cells, so the method from the inside out will not work, and the method from the inside out will not work, so it is natural to directly consider external factors.

This time, what I think of is the "Bo Ren Qi" used by Bo Ren to Li Bo Ren.

The essence of Boren Qiqi is to use Gale Palm to study the changes in the nature of Fengdun, and then add a spiral method to it.

The two shadow clones are in charge of the spiral, and Boruto himself acts as the fired shell, stepping on the Gale Palm of the spiral, and letting the shadow clone shoot himself out.

I do not agree with this fighting method, but I think it is a good development direction. If the spiral wind escape chakra can be rushed in the hand, then there is no reason why he cannot be maintained all over the body.

After converting all the chakra attributes into a single wind attribute through Qinglian Sword Art·Full Moon, Fuji started his first attempt. He didn't dare to start the experiment directly on himself at the beginning, but he harmed the chakra in his hand. new moon. .

Chapter 55

Fuji took out his crescent moon and exchanged a glance with Orochimaru. Orochimaru nodded beside him, and a few small snakes on his wrists were spitting out snake letters.

If there is any accident during the development of Fuji, he will not hesitate to cast the latent snake hand to pull Fuji out.

Fuji nodded to him, and started the first attempt, which was much easier than expected at the beginning. Injecting chakra into the blade is already commonplace for Fuji.

The cyan chakra light on Xinyue's knife quickly lit up, but this was not the ultimate goal. Under his control, the cyan light on the knife trembled like water waves.

Fuji is trying to make Fengdun chakra flow irregularly on the blade, but this time it will not be so easy, because the irregular flow of Fengdun will conflict with each other.

When making the wind wall before, the only thing is to let the turbulence collide casually in a stable space. Don't worry about the conflict, because it will be launched soon, and even if there is a conflict, it will not affect the use.

But this time it is different, the wind wall needs instant defense, but the wind escape armor needs continuous flow, at this time the offset of the two chakra flows is a waste of chakra.

In addition, the continuity is also a big problem. If you want to make the wind escape Chakra knife flow in different directions stably, it is like controlling several silk threads to move in different directions at the same time without letting them entangle.

Such difficulty can be imagined, even if Budu's chakra control is amazing, it takes a high degree of concentration to do this. The wind escape armor is very different.

Orochimaru also realized the problem, and he stopped Buer in time: "No, this will not work at all."

Chakra who was on Bu Er scattered the knife nodded and said: "You are right, this is completely different from what I imagined."

Orochimaru frowned and thought: "The chakra turbulence method doesn't work, should we try some other methods?"

Bu Er looked at him: "For example?"

Orochimaru thought about it and said: "Turbulent flow is definitely not acceptable, if it is distracted and controlled like that, it is better than normal coverage or spiral.

Wait, spiral..."

Orochimaru suddenly became thoughtful in the middle of speaking, and he knew that Orochimaru had caught the inspiration, so he didn't bother him, but waited quietly by the side.

I don't know how long it took before Orochimaru stared at Fuji with shining eyes: "I thought of it, Mr. Fuji, it's still the spiral, we should still make a fuss about the spiral."

"What do you mean?"

Fuji is obviously a little confused, how can the spiral operate?

Orochimaru raised his hand to form a seal, which is obviously the seal of Gale Palm. With the completion of the seal, Orochimaru could clearly see the wind escape chakra spinning in his palm, finally forming a small cyclone.

This is exactly the principle of using Bo Ren Qi, but it was directly used by Orochimaru, after forming a cyclone in his palm, he picked up a stone with his other hand and said to Fuji: "This is Fuji-kun. "

As he said that, he threw the stone into the cyclone. Since the middle of the cyclone was in a peaceful state with no wind, the stone fell into it easily and stopped in the palm of Orochimaru.

Orochimaru raised his head and said to Fuji: "Do you understand what I mean, Mr. Fuji?"

Looking at the palm of Orochimaru, a flash of light flashed in his mind, and he understood what Orochimaru meant.

To put it bluntly, it is to give up the idea of ​​​​chakra covering the body, but to form a chakra airflow around him like returning to the sky, and in this way to be immune to Hanzo's poisonous mist.

Although it is not what I want, but it seems to be the best way for now. As for the Wind Dungeon Armor I want, I will continue to develop it a little bit later.

It is reasonable to think of a way to deal with Hanzo first.

Fuji nodded to show that he understood what Orochimaru meant, and then started the development of this technique as Orochimaru said.

This technique is much easier than the incomprehensible Wind Dungeon Armor. Simply put, it is a variant of Bo Ren's airflow, which enlarges the range of airflow.

In the same way, the Chakra is converted to wind attribute through Qinglian Sword Art Full Moon, and with Qinglian Sword Art Full Moon's perfect control over Wind Chakra, Budu mobilizes the Wind Chakra in the body without seals.

It shows that the wind escape chakra escapes along the feet, and then Fuji starts to mobilize the escaped chakra, so that the exuded chakra starts to rotate at a high speed.

A huge vortex was formed around Fuji's body immediately, and countless sandstones could even be seen to be continuously rotated by the cyclone outside Fuji's body.

It can be said that it is quite easy to complete this operation.

The surrounding airflow reminded Fuji, and Fuji took out the crescent moon, and the same spiral airflow was generated on the knife under his control.

Looking at the continuously rotating airflow on the blade, after hesitating for a moment, Bu Er stabbed forward at the forest in front of him.

The airflow that was originally entangled on the knife was really thrown out by Fuji, and the spiral airflow formed a rotating spear, which hit the big tree, directly piercing the big tree with a hole the size of a fist.

After passing through four or five trees, the spiral sword spear collapsed due to lack of energy.

Well, the number of unique skills +1.

Although this seems to be no different from sword qi, but his penetrating power is stronger, and it may come in handy at some point.

The development of the Wind Escape Armor was temporarily postponed, and this newly developed technique to deal with the poisonous fog was simply named the Guardian of Wind by Bu Er.

And the spiral spear that Feng Dun attacked was called the whirlwind of the wind.

After Tsunade came back, Fuji told Tsunade about this matter, and asked Tsunade to test it with ordinary poisonous fog.

Just as Fuji and Orochimaru expected, the poisonous mist blown by Tsunade was sucked in by the guardian of the wind as soon as it got close to Fuji's body. Although Fuji was surrounded by the purple whirlwind, he would not be poisoned by it and could still be normal breath.

After Tsunade's poisonous mist was blown, Fuji controlled the whirling of the wind to recover a little bit, and finally all the poisonous mist was collected into a small chakra ball.

A look of joy flashed in the eyes of Jiraiya and Orochimaru, but Tsunade said: "No, although this technique can withstand large-scale poisonous fog, but in the process of you fighting Hanzo, he A small amount of poisonous gas will also be exhaled during breathing."

"It's okay, there's this."

Said Fuji and used the whirlwind of the wind again, this time Tsunade was relieved, and stopped saying that Fuji and Hanzo would not fight.

Everything is ready, and the next day is waiting for the battle with Hanzo!

About two or three days later, Hanzo handed over the gauntlet, with a very simple sentence, the day after tomorrow will attack Konoha Camp.

Extremely arrogant, but also extremely forceful, no wonder he was called a demigod in such an era of mixed strength.

But this time, Orochimaru and others will not feel uneasy because of this. With the existence of the four unique arts, Hanzo's poisonous gas threat has dropped a lot.

In the absence of poisonous gas, Hanzo is just an ordinary Kage-level powerhouse, and the three of Orochimaru have the confidence to cooperate with Fuji to contain or even defeat Hanzo.

Don't underestimate the strength of the three of them. Although their current combat effectiveness is not as good as that of Fuji, they are already real elite johnin. Coupled with the precise cooperation of the three of them for many years, they can contain the Kage-level powerhouse and not It's not a joke.

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