The companion next to him watched Fuji walk into the tent with some reluctance, and nudged her with his elbow: "Don't be a nympho, Master Fuji already has Master Tsunade, so you should die."

The female ninja of the Uzumaki clan glanced at her companion and curled her lips: "Do people always have dreams, what if they come true?"

Seeing her like this, the companion showed a helpless expression, and said to her back: "Master Tsunade, I have tried my best."

When the female ninja of the Uzumaki clan heard this, she hurriedly turned her head and saw Tsunade holding a food box behind her, looking at herself with a smile.

She quickly bowed ninety degrees and signed: "I'm sorry, Tsunade-sama, I was rude."

Tsunade smiled and said: "It's okay, I'm very relieved of him. By the way, Jiraiya is still single. If you think it's okay, you can try it, so that he won't look like he has excess energy every day."

After finishing speaking, Tsunade entered Fuji's tent and no longer took care of the two little girls.

Inside the camp, Tsunade looked at the food box and said, "What number is this, the seventh?"

Fuji replied somewhat helplessly: "It's the ninth one. Is Ohnoki out of his mind? He really dared to assassinate me. In the past two days, it's Yan Yin and a black market ninja. I really can't do anything about them."

Tsunade in front of him was the first to discover the reason why the person had a problem, because since the rescue of Tsunade, the two of them no longer concealed their concern.

Although they didn't live there once, almost all three meals a day were eaten by the two of them together in the Buer tent.

Almost everyone in the Konoha camp knew about this, so how could someone else come over to deliver food.

Tsunade chuckled when he heard this: "After two days of shifting the battle line, there won't be such a problem."

Hearing this, I couldn't help but subconsciously asked, "What do you mean?"

"The antidote has been successfully developed, we can fight Hanzo." Da.

Chapter 57

Yuyin Village, inside Hanzo's mansion.


After a loud noise, he smashed the coffee table in front of Hanzo to pieces, and Hanzo's chest heaved violently, as if everything he saw would be torn apart in the next second.

Under the violent breathing, a light lavender poisonous gas was exhaled, which made all the subordinates pale in fright.

"It's unreasonable, it's really unreasonable, a group of juniors think that if you force me to retreat twice, they can step on my head and do their best?

If you don't give up, you will all be subdued, where will I put the face of the demigod of the ninja world!"

A confidant subordinate wearing a special gas mask came over to clean up the mess on the ground, and tentatively asked, "Why is Master Hanzo so angry?"

Hanzo gasped for a while, and then calmed down, suppressing his anger and throwing the letter on the floor.

Under his tremendous strength, he actually nailed the soft envelope deeply into the floor: "The juniors of Konoha really deceived people too much. I was concerned about our casualties and retreated a few times before, but they really thought We have nothing to do with them, and dared to take the initiative to tell me that we will fight Yuyin in three days.

This old man has always been the one who has given the challenge to others all his life, so no one dares to give the challenge to me. "

It took a lot of effort for the confidant to pull out the envelope, opened it and glanced at it for a while, but was shocked: "Master Hanzo, what are your plans?"

Seeing that confidant's expression, Hanzo glanced at him subconsciously, and was so frightened that the confidant felt like falling into an ice cave: "You think I can't beat Konoha and those juniors."

The subordinate was so frightened by Hanzo that he couldn't breathe smoothly, and he said in a trembling voice: "Master Hanzo is joking, there is no reason why Master Hanzo is a demigod in the ninja world and should be suppressed by a few juniors. If Master Hanzo goes all out, No matter if it is Konoha Ghost Sword or Leng Jun's mad ghost, I will designate them to die without a place to bury them."

After hearing the flattery from his confidant subordinates, Hanzo snorted coldly and put away his arrogance: "The old man has already decided, since these juniors don't know the heights of heaven and earth, I must make them suffer a lot." .

Three days later, most of my subordinates will be stationed in Yuyin Village, and the rest of them will go with me to fight those four brats. In this battle, I will use their four heads to tell the whole ninja world that the old man is not old yet, not these juniors can be challenged. "


Two days later in the evening, a grand dinner was held in the Konoha camp on the offensive front.

Just wait until tomorrow morning, more than half of the ninjas in the offensive line will take the initiative to attack and have a final decisive battle with Hanzo, completely breaking the current battlefield pattern.

Although the time is urgent, Tsunade has already produced a large dose of antidote, which can basically ensure that there is one Jonin-level combatant.

After testing, although the antidote is not completely immune to Hanzo's poisonous gas, it is enough to ensure that Konoha's ninjas can continue to fight in the lower concentration of poisonous gas for nearly two hours.

In this battle, a total of about 500 ninja teams were mobilized, among which there were more than 50 jounin and elite jounin, and it was bound to defeat Hanzo in one fell swoop.


It was clearly nine o'clock in the morning, but the sky was as gloomy as evening.

Like black clouds soaked in ink, they are churning in the sky, and thunder can be seen flashing from time to time in the clouds.

The dull thunderous sound like the beating of a drum added a bit of chill to the upcoming battle.

In the country of rain, there is a ninja brigade rushing all the way on the slightly muddy plain at this time, and the leader of the team is Buersi.

They were heading towards the hilly area they had agreed with Hanzo.

Budu is the fastest among the crowd, even though Shunpo is useless, his speed is also the fastest among them.

Behind him are Jiraiya and Tsunade, and Jiraiya has also been taught by two sages, Shima and Fukasaku. Although he has not yet learned the sage mode, he has received a lot of inheritance from Mt. Some experience.

Orochimaru is at the bottom of the three, not because he is not strong enough, on the contrary, when it comes to real strength, he is the strongest one.

Orochimaru, who has developed the embryonic form of software transformation, definitely surpasses Tsunade and Jiraiya in terms of combat effectiveness. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is at the level of quasi-kage. He will fall behind because he is simply not good at physical skills.

When the terrain gradually became steeper, looking at the jungle in front of him, Bu Er slowed down and raised his right hand at the same time, which meant to stop everyone.

"Everyone rest on the spot for 5 minutes, Oshemaru, come over and scout the terrain."

It is related to the direction of the next war, even the least upright Zilai will not feel that it is unnecessary...  

Orochimaru nodded and stepped forward to make a seal: "Ninja method, snake snare technique."

After the seal seal, Dashemaru slapped his hands on the ground, and hundreds of small snakes came out of the smoke, spitting snake letters and burrowing into the dense jungle.

Five minutes later, a large number of small snakes came back from the forest, wrapped around Dashemaru's wrists and hissing, Dashemaru turned back after listening to the report of the snake group: "It's really right to let you, although Hanzo didn't What kind of large-scale traps were set up, but a lot of small actions to convey information were done.

But I have already cleared up my snake group, and then, we can directly march. "

Fuji nodded and said: "Well, everyone continues to move forward, the perception team is paying attention, especially Hinata Qingsong and Uzumaki Hongling, don't close your white eyes and Kagura Xinyan, report any information immediately. "


The two nodded in agreement at the same time, one opened his white eyes, and the other closed his eyes to perceive with all his strength. Even a fly in such a perception lineup could not escape the detection of the two of them.

Despite Orochimaru's reconnaissance in the front, everyone in the team was quite alert.

Although Sanshoyu Hanzo said that he was upright in combat on weekdays, he was known in the ninja world for being cautious after all.

This could be called a crucial battle of the decisive round, if you believe in his usual uprightness, would you be a fool?

A group of people carefully walked through the jungle and continued towards the hills.

Not long after passing through the jungle, Hyuga Qingsong and Uzumaki Hongling said at the same time: "The enemy has been found, Mr. Fuji."

Hearing these words, the people who were a little tired from the long journey suddenly regained their spirits, and Bu Erwai asked with a serious expression: "How many?"

Hinata Qingsong and Uzumaki Hongling looked at each other and said, "It's about the same as us, about 500 people, but the amount of chakra is generally much less than ours.

According to our estimates, the number of ninjas at the Jnin level may be less than thirty, and we are definitely superior in terms of individual combat ability. "

After hearing this, Bu Er waited for a moment, and stopped hesitating, and said: "Everyone, pay attention to hiding your figure, get as close as possible and charge directly, let's catch them by surprise first.".

Chapter 58

Everyone in Konoha Fang slowed down, concealed their aura, and moved forward cautiously.

In the team, only Uzumaki Hongling and Hinata Qingsong were still talking, and they were responsible for reporting the location.

"Yuyin's team didn't move forward, it should be because they took their positions and waited for work."

"The front is a large depression. They should have made arrangements in it. I took a general look and there are no traps. Don't worry about the trap."

"There are still 2000 meters left. It is estimated that the other party will notice it when it is about 1000 meters away. Everyone, be prepared."

Hearing what they said, Fuji and the three looked at each other, and Orochi 26 Maru said, "Change formation, ninjutsu attack team, come around me and prepare to seal."

Jilai also followed Orochimaru's words: "The melee team comes with me, and get ready for ninja throwing and melee combat."

Tsunade said: "The medical team, as well as the special protection team, all gathered in the formation and prepared for treatment and defense."

After changing formation for a short period of time, the team with the strong in front and the weak in the back has completely changed. After taking a look at the formation, the formation has been reorganized.

Turning to Hinata Qingsong, he said, "Pay attention to the movements of the Ukakure ninjas. Once you notice that they are alert, immediately remind us that we must cause as many casualties as possible in the first wave of attack."

The blue veins near Hinata Qingsong's temples popped up. He opened his mouth and swallowed two Tsunade's secret military food pills, and then said: "500 meters, 1000 meters, the other party has noticed something, get ready."

This time, there is no need for Hinata Qingsong to remind, Fuji at the front can already vaguely see the dark and dark Ameyakure ninja in the distance.

Bu Er quietly made a downward cutting gesture, which meant full-speed assault and ready to attack.

On the other hand, if it weren't for Hanzo's keen perception ability, those few perception ninjas who are in name only haven't realized the existence of Konoha ninja.

The gap in tactical literacy between the two sides is vividly displayed at this moment.

Both sides began to form obvious chakra fluctuations, but it was obvious that Konoha's attack was superior.

Everyone in Konoha is very keen on controlling the distance. When they throw ninjutsu one after another to hit the air, everyone in Konoha rushes at full speed without even looking at it.

The moment they entered the attack range, each team moved quickly, and the melee team began to seal at the outermost part of the team.

"Tu Dun·Tuliu City Wall."

Earth walls surged up ahead to block all the ninjutsu coming from the extreme distance.

Meanwhile the ninjutsu attack group throws their attack.

"Fire Escape Fire Dragon Fire Bomb."

"Wind escape, a big breakthrough."

"Thunder Dungeon Appreciation Wave."

"Earth Dungeon, Earth Flow Great River."

"Fire escape, big flame bomb."

The ninjas of Konoha successively released ninjutsu of different attributes, and the ninjutsu of different attributes complemented each other, not only did not offset the power due to the chaos of chakra attributes.

On the contrary, because of the cooperation between attributes and attributes, they played an exquisite coordination.

Because the defensive ninjutsu in Yuyin Village is basically based on water escape.

Therefore, the wind and fire match at the beginning didn't actually cause too much damage. His main function was to consume a lot of steam while consuming the defensive ninjutsu of water escape.

The scorching steam scalded many of the surrounding Yukakure ninjas, and more importantly, the formed thick fog blocked the other party's sight at once, making it impossible for Yukakure's people to see the movements behind Konoha ninjas clearly. .

Chapter 59

Everyone in Yuyin didn't realize the seriousness of the matter at this time. Seeing that they blocked the first wave of attack, they were excitedly preparing to launch the second wave of attack. They didn't realize at all that the god of death had already raised his scythe.

The crackling sound of electric current sounded.

The moisture in the air in the Land of Rain had been sufficient for a long time, but it became quite humid after the operation just now. At this time, Lei Dun's shock wave spread out and directly formed a large-scale electric shock.

At the same time, there was a huge muddy river rushing down below, and the muddy turbidity swept in, knocking down many Ukakure ninjas who were unprepared because they lost their vision.

The two sides were rushing forward while releasing ninjutsu. When the person in front fell, the person behind stepped on it.

Even those ninjas who have stood firm are still unable to move an inch because of the muddy river.

At this time, several big flame bombs flew in, and while the high temperature burned countless Yuyin ninjas to death, it also baked the surface of the earth flow river on the ground into hard clay.

Amane Ninja, who was originally unable to move an inch because of the mud, was directly fixed in place this time and became a living target.

The melee team led by Jiraiya quickly approached, and a wave of ninja throwing took away the lives of an unknown number of Ukakushi ninjas.

As for Yuyin's attack, most of the first wave missed due to improper distance, the second wave was blocked by the Tuliu city wall, and the third wave finally caused some damage. Before the fourth wave of attack could be launched, Konoha's A set of ninjutsu hits the outside burnt but the inside tender.

The first wave of the most ferocious ninjutsu attack on Yuyin Village failed miserably. Many Yuyin ninjas died inexplicably without even realizing the situation.

Some Yuyin who had reacted were also helpless in the face of the melee team led by Jiraiya because they were out of position.

In the first wave of confrontation, Yuyin's ninjas lost more than one person, and nearly one-third of Yuyin's ninjas lost their fighting power in the first wave of attack.

This wave completely confused everyone in Yuyin, and even Hanzo lost his mind for a moment. It is true that Konoha Ninja has high combat power, but when he fought these people before, their combat power was really not so exaggerated. what.

He had never seen such an exquisite ninjutsu coordination before, otherwise he would not have watched his subordinates sacrifice in vain.

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