A few detonating symbols suddenly popped up under Tsunade's feet, and the moment the detonating symbols were about to be attached to Tsunade's calf, there was already a tendency to burn.

Even if you use the instant body technique, it may be difficult to dodge.

"Ninja · Needle Jizo."

At this moment, a few strands of silver-white long hair flew over, wrapped around Tsunade's arms, and dragged her out at once.

The detonator exploded with a bang, making a loud noise.

Tsunade glanced at his calf and patted his chest with lingering fear: "Thank you, Ziraiya."

"It should be, and you must be careful next time, this guy has shown his real skills now."

Jiraiya looked at Hanzo with a little more fear.

At this moment, a voice came from behind: "The battlefield is not a place for you to chat."

The owner of the voice was none other than Sansho Hanzo, and Jiraiya and Hanzo in front of Tsunade turned into smoke and disappeared with a bang.

That turned out to be just a shadow clone! .

Chapter 64

Both Jiraiya and Tsunade's expressions changed, none of them thought that the Hanzo in front of them, who almost got them into big trouble, was just a shadow clone.

At this time, Hanzo's body had quietly appeared behind Jiraiya, and the sickle in his hand slashed down with the sound of howling wind.

Jiraiya's pupils shrank, he didn't expect Hanzo's speed to be so fast, because he used the needle Jizo to save Tsunade, at this time he had no means of protecting himself.

Just when Jiraiya thought he was going to die, Hanzo behind him disappeared suddenly.

Jiraiya turned his head and saw the crescent moon in Fuji's hand stopped three inches in front of the tip of his nose.

But Fuji arrived in time, forced Sanshoyu Hanzo back with a swift blow, and stopped in time, so Jiraiya didn't get cut with a single blow.

Before Zilai could react, there was another crisp sound of jingling metal and iron from behind.

Jiraiya saw it clearly this time, but he retracted the knife in time, and even precisely stuck the blade of Hanzo's sickle with the bottom of the handle.

Even Hanzo's eyes widened in surprise with this move: "This kind of saber skill is worthy of the name of Konoha Ghost Sword. You are probably the well-deserved No. 1 Konoha in terms of saber skill."

But then he regained his composure. Being blocked by this knife does not mean that he has no backhands. The chain with the counterweight on the back of his sickle is not a decoration.

Hanzo still had the astonished expression on his face, but secretly exerted force in his hand, swinging the weight linked by the chain behind the sickle and smashing it towards Fuji's face.

If this hit was real, not to mention killing Bu Er on the spot, at least it would make his head bleed and lose his fighting power for a short time.

But what Hanzo didn't expect was that the counterweight was held by a slender jade hand while it was still flying in the air.

"Don't even think about it!"

With a coquettish shout, Hanzo felt a sudden force coming from the counterweight, such a force that he couldn't even hold the sickle in his hand.

But he absolutely can't let go, for him now weapons are life, if he withdraws his hand at this time, he is sure that Buer will definitely come over with a knife, and then he will be passive.

Thinking of this, the muscles in his hands bulged, he squatted down and moved his center of gravity down, while restraining Fuji, he began to try to regain the counterweight at the other end of the chain.

Tsunade is just a female class, even if she is stronger, she can't be stronger than herself who has been practicing all the year round.

Just as he was thinking like this, an angry low shout came: "¨Come here."

Tsunade's willow eyebrows stood on end, and with all his strange force, he pulled hard with one hand, and when Hanzo was caught off guard, Tsunade pulled Hanzo who was holding the sickle and would not let go.

While pulling Hanzo along the chain, Tsunade quickly changed her movements. She held the weight in her hand and turned the chain twice, wrapping the chain firmly in her hand.

At the same time, she resisted the chain on her shoulder, and threw Hanzo out with a standard over-the-shoulder throw (Li Haohao).

Nani? !

Hanzo, who was still in the air, looked confused, how could this be possible, he was thrown out by a woman with one hand!

Being so shocked, he even forgot to release the chain to launch the instant escape, or in other words, under the terrifying inertia caused by Tsunade's strange power, he had no chance to use the instant escape at all.


Sanshoyu Hanzo's back hit the ground heavily, splashing mud and water around it, leaving a big hole in the ground. .

Chapter 65

The body is as strong as Hanzo, and he spit out a mouthful of blood because of such a heavy fall. Fortunately, the ground was already shattered due to the ravages of his own water teeth.

A large amount of soft soil acted as a cushion for him, otherwise he would have broken at least three ribs in the fall just now.

Tsunade is not the one to accept when he sees a good one. After she fell over her shoulder with a strange move, she pulled the chain again to pull Sansho Hanzo back and punch him again.

How could Hanzo be fooled after suffering a big loss? He threw a lot of detonating charms with his hands, and at the same time sent away the hand holding the sickle, and escaped from the range of the explosion with a teleportation technique.

" drink!"

"Wind Barrier!"

The two voices recalled almost at the same time that at the critical moment, Buer held Tsunade's hand, and threw her behind him, and at the same time released a wall of wind.

Use this wind wall to block the terrifying explosion of the detonating talisman.

But the wind wall couldn't stop all the explosions after all, and the aftermath of the explosion left severe burns on Fuji's right hand holding the knife.

Fortunately, Tsunade was beside Fuji, and when he saw Fuji's injury, Tsunade hurriedly said, "Jiraiya, Orochimaru, hold on to Hanzo for a while, so that I can heal Fuji."

Said (cgdd) Tsunade did not forget to throw the sickle to the slug: "corrode it."

The slug nodded obediently, and opened its mouth to spit out a mouthful of sticky tongue and teeth, and the corroded sickle chirped.

At this time, Tsunade's hand also lit up with a light green medical ninjutsu light, and he was using the palm fairy technique to quickly help Fuji heal his wounds.

Hanzo clutched his chest and felt a little stuffy, probably because he had some internal injuries. Looking at Tsunade over there to heal Fuji, he knew in his heart that he must not let Fuji heal successfully.

He took out several shurikens wrapped with detonating symbols from his waist.

He shook his hand and threw it in the direction where Bu Erwai was.

Orochimaru and Jilai also hurriedly stopped when they saw this, Dashemaru raised his hand and sealed the explosion with a mud flow wall, while Jiraiya turned his hair into a weapon, and turned his hair into a long hair with a needle Jizo Whip, sweep towards the shuriken in the air.

For a while, he really swept out quite a few shurikens, but what he didn't know was that it was these few kunai that led to a new story.

After the explosion, Orochimaru and Jirai also rushed out of the smoke, along with Fuji and Tsunade.

The clothes on Fuji's right hand had long been burned by the previous explosion, and Hanzo could clearly see that the leather clothing on his right hand, which was completely unrecognizable, had returned to its original whiteness.

Damn, he was cured anyway.

At this time, Hanzo had already returned to the top of Sansho Uibushi's head with his sickle in hand.

Glancing at his own sickle, which was a little dull due to the sticky tongue and teeth, Hanzo showed a complicated expression.

This sickle has been fighting with him for many years, and it is also a magic weapon for cutting iron like mud, but once it is corroded by the acid, its sharpness may be greatly reduced.

But I'm also glad that the quality of this sickle itself is not bad, otherwise it might be directly corroded into a pool of scrap iron by the horrible acid.

If he didn't have his most convenient sickle, the next battle would be difficult to fight.

But now is not the time to hesitate, the battle is not over yet, even if it is for his subordinates, he must not show timidity.

If even he showed his timidity, it would be even more difficult for his subordinates to fight. .

Chapter 66

At this moment, Hanzo still had a grim expression on his face. He looked at Fuji and the other four and said, "You guys from Konoha are tenacious, indeed, you are more outstanding than the so-called geniuses of the other two villages, but if you If you still want to continue to die, the old man will never show mercy."

"Death? Do you really think this is our full strength?"

As he said that, he mobilized instantly and landed on Garnett's head: "I said you must have underestimated the four of us."

Looking at the three people around who were also standing on the head of the psychic beast, Bu Er said: "I admit that you did force us into a bit of a mess just now, but it was just that you caught the loophole and attacked first, that's all. It's just getting started."

Hanzang looked at Fuer, who was smiling but not smiling, with some ominous feeling in his heart, but at this time he was already ready to say: "The ignorant junior should not be ashamed there, just use any other moves, and today I will let you go!" You know that I am a demigod, and I am not in vain."

"Whether it's a waste of fame or not, you'll know by looking at it."

As he said that, he patted Garnett lightly, and Garnett let out a high-pitched wolf howl and charged towards the sansho fish under Hanzo's feet.

Jiraiya and others behind him also ordered Wen Tai and other psychic beasts to follow Garnett, and the four huge figures moved, and the formation was earth-shattering.

The subordinates of both sides who were fighting in the distance stopped their hands after feeling the tremor of the earth ~ looked this way.

Hanzo was actually a little worried when he saw the four behemoths rushing towards him, he was better than no second class-that's right.

But Jing Fuke is not necessarily better than Buer's psychic beasts. Jing Fu's advantages are only poisonous fog and ground hiding, and there are actually not too many other offensive methods.

Seeing the menacing four psychic beasts, Hanzo hastily gave an order: "Ambush, the art of mud bombs."

When Jingfu heard the order, he wanted to open his mouth wide and spit out four huge mud bombs. If he was hit by the sticky mud, his speed would definitely be affected.

Garnett's eyes froze, and he deftly dodged the roaring mud bombs with a cat waist while traveling at high speed.

The three people behind them were not as vigorous as Garnett. Except for Wan Snake who twisted away the mud bomb with his flexible body, Wentai and Lulu both slowed down because they were concentrated by the mud bomb.

Garnett arrived first, and the paw with wind attribute chakra in his raised hand landed on Jingfu's smooth skin.

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·??????????????

Although Jingfu had smooth skin to resist the damage and did not cause any serious injuries, he was still writhing in pain with a not-so-shallow wound left by Garnett's sharp claws.

At the same time, the masters on the heads of the two psychic beasts also started a new round of confrontation.


Hanzo's sickle collided with Fuji's crescent moon, and sparks were knocked out in the air.

Seeing the sparks, Hanzo was startled. It is not a good thing to generate sparks when weapons collide. These sparks are not generated out of thin air. They are caused by the tiny shattering of the weapon itself due to the collision.

Such sparks are produced by metal particles that overheat themselves due to high-speed collisions.

This shows that while the two are attacking fiercely, it also shows that the weapon of one of them has begun to wear out.

Hanzo looked down and saw a small gap on his sickle.

This made him feel a little heartbroken, and this sickle might not last until the end of this war.

It is necessary to deal with the non-second-class people before this scythe is completely scrapped.Big.

Chapter 67

Thinking of this, Hanzo suddenly let go, allowing Fuji to pick up his sickle, and then turned sideways to avoid Fuji's slash, and at the same time, with a strong shake of the left wrist holding the chain, he quickly retracted the sickle in the air.

The scythe flew towards the back of Fuji's head with a howl. Hanzo has killed countless strong men with this trick in his fighting career for so many years.

But this time his attack was in vain, because Orochimaru had arrived with Wanshe, and Hanzo's sickle was knocked away with a sweep of Wanshe's tail.

At this time, Wanshe is not as rebellious as the original work under the intentional education of Orochimaru after the point mentioned by Buer. condition.

Hanzo's sickle was taken away, and he fell into a passive state all of a sudden. Seeing that he was about to slash down and turn into a horizontal slash with a twist of his wrist, Hanzo could only use the instant body technique to avoid it at a critical moment.

In order to ensure the speed, he could not leave with Jing Fu, he could only order Jing Fu to escape underground.

Garnett originally wanted to bite down, but he never thought that the sudden escape of Jingfu would make his bite come to nothing.

But at this moment, there was another shout in the sky: "Where do you want to run!"

This person was none other than Tsunade. Seeing that the speed of the slug was greatly reduced and it was no longer able to catch up with the movements of Fuji, she directly ordered the slug to throw her out.

Tsunade, who was in the air, had already started accumulating chakra, and more than [-]% of the chakra was collected by her on her right foot, and Tsunade fell from the sky at high speed without reservation.

Keep your feet!

Tsunade's jade feet fell to the ground, and there was a loud bang. The ground was cracked like a spider's web, and huge smoke splashed out. Throw out the one on top.

After the smoke cleared, a large crater with a radius of tens of meters appeared. Inside the crater, Tsunade lay weak in the crater, and her right foot was directly broken due to the huge recoil force.

Lying in the pit with her, there is also Sansho Uibushi who has been seriously injured and fell to the ground. It was directly seriously injured by the strange force of Tsunade's foot while it was in the ground, and it was still bleeding blood at this time .

If you don't take back the psychic world and let it heal your wounds, this Sansho Ibushi who has followed me for so many years will really die. Before the Hanzo seal can release the psychic technique, Sansho Yuifu will turn into smoke with a bang Disappeared.. ......

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