Chapter 165

When Hei Wu saw the crescent moon on Fuji's waist, he secretly praised the knife in his heart, and of course, he couldn't restrain the idea of ​​wanting to snatch it.

On the other side, Fuji saw the slender and straight ninja sword in Kuroya's eyes and confirmed it immediately. This ninja sword is definitely the Tenbu Liujian, one of Erzhuzi's saber Kusanagi swords in the original work. Not in vain.

Bu Er looked into Hei Wu's eyes and said, "Put down your knife, and I will spare your life."

"This seems to be my line. As a junior, I advise you not to be so arrogant."

Now that we have talked about this, of course there is no room for negotiation. Both sides put their hands on the knives around their waists almost at the same time.

Of course, Fujikage's swordsmanship is not a joke. The moment the new moon came out of its sheath, Fuji had already taken the lead.

Heiwu's level of swordsmanship was not low, but he fell into a disadvantage the first time he drew the sword. The new moon had already pierced, and Heiwu was able to pull out the Kusanagi sword.

Just this time, cold sweat broke out on Heiwu's forehead. The specific strength of the opponent is still unknown, but the level of swordsmanship is definitely higher than his own.

Fortunately, after many years of combat experience, Heiwu used the blade of the Kusanagi sword to block Fuji's stab in time, and at the same time used the scabbard of the Kusanagi sword to smash it.

This trick is similar to Ssangyong Shan's, but Buer won't fall for it.

After he took a step back to avoid the swing of the scabbard, he used the crescent moon in his hand to slash towards the black mist from top to bottom.

This move is the second stage of Ssangyong Shanlei, but the only use is to hold knives with both hands.

Heiwu held the Kusanagi sword in one hand, and attacked Fuji with the scabbard in the other hand, so facing Fuji's top-down slash, he couldn't abandon the scabbard and hold the knife with both hands to block.

Since this is the case, he can only bet that the opponent's strength is not as strong as he imagined. Thinking of this, Hei Wu gritted his teeth and tried to block the Fuji sword with the one hand holding the Kusanagi sword, and at the same time smashed it with the scabbard again. No two.

But it's a pity that he underestimated the power of Fuji. The moment the two knives touched, he was jumped by the huge force formed by the pressure of Fuji's hands while holding the knife with one hand.

Such a huge force is not something he can resist with one hand, Hei Wu could only give up attacking Budu with the scabbard in embarrassment, and instead used the scabbard to rest on the back of the Kusanagi sword, using the scabbard instead of the left hand to block ..  

Even so, he was almost crushed to the ground by Fuji's huge force, and only then did he dodge Fuji's attack in embarrassment by rolling backwards.

Such a terrifying level of swordsmanship is unmistakable. This person is definitely the "Konoha Ghost Sword" that has been widely circulated in the Land of Rain.

Thinking that the young man in front of him was Senjubuji who was rumored to have defeated Hanzo with the Sannin, Heiwu couldn't help feeling a little chilly in his heart, and even couldn't restrain the idea of ​​handing over the Kusanagi sword in order to survive.

But the reluctance in his heart for the Kusanagi sword made him suppress the desire to survive.

So what if it's the Konoha Ghost Sword, is it impossible to escape if you can't beat it?

Thinking of this, Hei Wu suddenly stood up and formed a seal: "Secret technique Hei Wuyin."

The moment Hei Wu's voice fell, he suddenly opened his mouth and spit out a large amount of thick black mist. His code name was Hei Wu because of this technique.

This black mist is not an ordinary mist concealment technique. The black mist is also mixed with a squid ink that is unique to the Kingdom of Rain. The visibility of the black mist mixed with ink is even more exaggerated than that of ordinary black mist. It can be said to reach out No fingers. .

Chapter 166

Of course, there is nothing unusual about this alone, as long as some ninjas with excellent hearing can easily tell his specific location.

But he still has another secret technique that can cooperate with this ninjutsu, that is "secret technique thunder".

In the black mist where you can't see your fingers, the black mist simultaneously separated several Thunder Dun clones, and these Thunder Dun clones simultaneously poured the Thunder Dun chakra into the Kusanagi sword in your hand.

The advanced chakra conductivity of Tianbu Liujian can enhance the power of ninjutsu. With such enhancement and the deliberate actions of Black Mist 26, the sound of Thunder Dunk Chakra becomes more and more sharp and high-frequency.

For a moment, the chirping of Thunder Dun resounded like a bird's chirp in the entire black mist, such a high-frequency sound made Jiuyue cover her ears in pain.

In the black mist, the black mist couldn't help showing a happy smile when he heard Jiuyue's scream. The double deprivation of vision and hearing would directly make the opponent fall into despair. I don't know how many mission targets died because of his simple but effective secret technique combination middle.

However, Konoha Ghost Sword cannot be judged by common sense, so Black Mist did not love to fight. He controlled the clone to continue to make noise, while his main body quietly started his evacuation.

If the opponent was someone else, Black Mist might have escaped successfully, but it is a pity that Fuji had mastered a ninjutsu such as Tianke when facing Hanzo before, and that was his Wind Guardian.

The swirling wind and air flow took away all the black mist, revealing the fleeing figure of black mist, without any hesitation, he directly used Shunpo and Xia Kexing to solve the life of black mist.

One of the Kusanagi swords, the Tianbu Liujian, changed hands.

Originally, Fuji didn't directly deal with the black mist, but he planned to see what effect the Tianbu Liujian could play in his hands, but after waiting for a long time, he found that he hadn't made any tricks.

Taking the Kusanagi Sword from Heiwu's hand, I didn't feel any resistance or surrender. Think about it, too. Although the Kusanagi Sword is called a divine weapon, it is not a creature like Shark Muscle.

The weapons in the world of Naruto are not so mysterious. Even the Kusanagi sword, which is called a divine tool, is just sharper than ordinary swords and has some special abilities.

I held it in my hand and weighed it, but I didn't think there was anything special, and I collided with the new moon twice with the Kusanagi sword, and there was no collision or defect between the two.

It seems that in terms of hardness, there is not much difference between the two knives. Afterwards, I tried the most commendable chakra conductivity of Tianbu Liujian.

After injecting the most commonly used wind escape chakra, the new moon is still a familiar expression, and the performance of Tianbu Liujian is roughly the same as that of the new moon, and there is no feeling that there is anything beyond the new moon.

After waving sword energy at the same object, Xinyue even performs better. Of course, there is a reason why Fuer and Xinyue have a higher compatibility. Under normal circumstances, the performance of the two should be almost the same.

After confirming this point, Buer can dispel his worries. Since Xinyue and Tianbu Liujian are comparable, he doesn't need to change his sword.

As expected, my old lady didn't lie to herself. As a family heirloom handed down from generation to generation in the Qianshou family, Xinyue is indeed an artifact comparable to the Kusanagi sword.

Since the performance of the two knives is almost the same, of course he will not break his promise, he put it directly in Jiuyue's hands: "One of the three Kusanagi swords, the Tianbuliu sword, one of the best magic weapons in the world, Don't bury it.

Chapter 167

From the moment it is handed over to you, this knife is yours, and you should treat it like a lover.

In addition, I want to remind you that I will only help you find the Kusanagi sword this time. If you lose it because you can’t beat others in the future, or if it is taken away by others, I will not help you take it away. Oh come back. "

Hearing what Buer said, Jiuyue inexplicably felt that the Tianbu Liujian in her hand was a bit heavy, and she would be shy when she said a few words on weekdays, this time she looked directly at Fuji and said: "Don't worry, don't worry. Second teacher, I will definitely take good care of this knife, and I will not let it fall into the hands of others."

It was rare to hear such a solemn promise from Jiuyue, and a smile appeared on Buer's face. He subconsciously touched Jiuyue's head and said, "The good knife I just got."

Jiuyue nodded obediently when she heard this, because the Tianbu Liujian was still a bit long for her, so she could only carry the Tianbu Liujian on her back as usual.

Jiuyue, who pulled out the Tianbuliu sword from behind, first waved it twice to get used to the feel of the Tianbuliu sword. After confirming the general feel and length of the Tianbuliu sword, Jiuyue began to inject her own chastity into the blade. carat.

Jiuyue, like most Uchiha people, is best at fire escape, so she is using the most familiar fire escape chakra at this time.

After hearing a bang, fierce flames ignited on the blade of Tianbu Liujian, feeling the blazing flames on the blade, Jiuyue grew a cute little mouth.

She never thought that her fire-scaping chakra could produce such a great power on ninja swords.

Feeling the hot blade in her hand, Jiuyue excitedly used her best Uchiha-style swordsmanship.

The Uchiha-style swordsmanship combined with the fire escape chakra is extremely gorgeous, the flames form a curtain of fire when the blade is swung, and the air becomes distorted due to the intense heat on the blade.

Lianlian, who was watching from the side, nodded, Jiuyue's Uchiha-ryu swordsmanship has become a great success after his own training, and at this time, the super-conductive power of Chakra with the super-powerful Chakra of the Shangtian Buliu sword is even more powerful.

It seems that Jiuyue's destructive power when using Uchiha-style swordsmanship is close to that of Jonin. With the gradual improvement of her sharingan and swordsmanship in the future, her growth momentum is already unstoppable. .


When Buer handed over the Tianbu Liujian to Jiuyue, a major incident also happened in Yanyin Village.

knock knock knock...

There was another knock on the door of Tuying's office, and Ohnoki knew that something bad must have happened just by hearing the hasty knock on the door.

Ever since Dayan Yin and Konoha started fighting, he hadn't heard any good news. At this time, even he had some doubts about whether it was right for him to send troops to Konoha.

After heaving a long sigh, Ohnoki adjusted his mentality, and he felt that he could bear the next blow after being mentally prepared.

(Li Qianhao) He looked outside the door and said helplessly, "¨come in here々々."

After getting Onogi's approval, an Anbu rushed in, and after bowing to Onoki, this Anbu said eagerly: "Master Onogi, just received the information, Master Lao Zi sneaked out again."

Ohnoki originally thought that he was mentally prepared to face any difficulties, but he didn't expect that when the bad news came, he still staggered. .

Chapter 168

Onoki shook his body and covered his heavy head, "How long has it been since you escaped?"

"One, one day..."

Hearing this, Onogi's face changed suddenly: "What about the Anbu guards, wouldn't they come and report to me if they couldn't stop Lao Zi? How could they let him run for a whole day?"

Onoki had already controlled himself very much, but he couldn't help but growl at the end. He had been heartbroken because of Lao Zi's affairs these days, but he never thought that he should take precautions and let him escape in the end up.

Hearing Onogi's roar, the Anbu ninja's head almost fell to the bottom of his crotch, and he said with difficulty: "Three generations of adults, don't blame the brothers, they have really paid attention, even when they sleep, they work in shifts. asleep.

But unexpectedly, a traitor appeared in the Anbu, and there was a secret drug on him, which directly stunned all the brothers. The drug was very powerful, and one breath could make them fall into a coma for a whole day.

Master Lao Zi took this opportunity to escape. "

"Forget it, it's useless to say these things now, even if I let Lao Zi run out for a whole day, I can't stop him halfway.

I can only see if I can save his life in time... Or maybe this is an opportunity, maybe I can meet that Qianshoubuer and Lao Zi in a fight, and find a way to kill Qianshoubuer Second, maybe.

In the next few days, the layout of Yanyin will remain the same as before. Beware of other people's intrusion, and strictly control everyone's entry and exit.

If it is invaded by others, it will be over, remember to remember. "

In Yunyin's office, the third generation of Lei Yingai looked at the secret letter on the table and couldn't help laughing: "Okay, it's really great, it really didn't make a mistake when we put our people into Yanyin Anbu with great effort. The Four-Tails Jinchuriki ran away, and Ohnoki rushed to the Land of Rain to recover Lao Zi, this is our great opportunity."

Let’s talk, the third generation of Raikage slapped his desk and stood up suddenly: "Pass my order, gather three thousand Yunyin ninjas at the entrance of the village, and this time I will let him Onogi know what his mother's heartache is, hahahaha."


On the other side, Ohnoki is maintaining the technique of ultra-light and heavy rocks to control himself to quickly fly towards the country of rain.

This time, I knew that Lao Zi (cgdd) must have arrived near the Land of Rain, so Onoki didn't look for it along the way, and his flying speed was faster than before.

During the flight, Onoki was also thinking about the gains and losses of Lao Zi's escape. He just wanted to let Lao Zi escape, and if Siwei was released, there would be a big problem.

Under such worries, he could hardly think rationally, and now that Lao Zi's escape had become a fact, once things slipped to such an irreversible situation, Ohnoki suddenly calmed down.

Calm down and think about it, as I said before, letting Lao Zi come to the battlefield with me doesn't seem to be as bad as I imagined.

I and Lao Zi are invincible in the presence, plus I have a way to suppress Lao Zi, when the time comes to let Lao Zi release the four tails, and cooperate with myself, only two people can complete a huge kill.

You must know that his Dust Dungeon and Four-Tails Melting Dungeon both deal large-scale AOE damage, and the two ninjutsu sweeping over can be said to kill whoever touches it.

It doesn't even need the assistance of other Iwagakure ninjas, even if those subordinates come, they are just holding back.

I and Lao Zi only fought a wave of raids, directly killing half of the Konoha ninjas, and killing Senju Fuji at the same time. If these two points can be achieved, then Iwain will not be troublesome in the country of rain exists. .

Chapter 169

As long as there is no problem in the back road, such a risk seems completely acceptable.

Thinking of this, the anxious expression on Onoki's face was swept away, replaced by a full of chilling intent, this is the end of the matter, you Konoha Ghost Sword, don't blame us for being cruel.

Onogi snorted coldly, and flew even faster, heading towards the Land of Rain.

When Onoki was about to reach the border of the Land of Rain, Lao Zi had already arrived at the front line of Yan Yin in the Land of Rain~.

He didn't say anything, and went directly to Yanyin's command camp. There were people who tried to stop them, but they all stopped after seeing Lao Zi's appearance. People, but his - temper can not be called good.

No one was willing to touch Lao Zi's eyebrows, so he let Lao Zi drive straight in, rushing into the command-big camp without any hindrance.

Iwakakushi's commanding ninja at the front is called Kazuma Akagi. He was depressed because of two defeats in a row, and he is moaning in the tent at this time.

When Lao Zi came in, he was picked up by Lao Zi by the collar without even reacting.

Kazuma Akagi was about to get angry at first, but when he saw that it was Lao Zi who came, he turned pale with shock. He is a high-level person in Yanyin Village, so of course he knows Lao Zi, and also knows the relationship between Lao Zi and Lava.

He didn't receive any handwriting from his side, but Lao Zi had already come to him abruptly. Of course, the only possibility is that Injuri fled: "Old Zi, why are you here? The battlefield is not a place for you , go back quickly, if you have problems with your strength as a human being, then this war will be completely useless."

"Bah!" Lao Zi, who is already a little fiery, immediately reacted when he heard this. This is another waste who was frightened by Konoha Ninja, and he just spit out a mouthful of old phlegm when he felt so tired. On the face of the other party: "Do you think I'm a sack like you? Please tell me why my brother died on the battlefield. If I find out that my brother's death is related to you..."

Before he finished speaking, a red chakra had already faintly appeared on Lao Zi's body.

Kazuma Akagi, as a high-ranking senior in the village, is also an elite Jōnin, and Lao Zi's strength is still inferior to him if he doesn't explode the Tailed Beast Chakra. Of course, he is outraged to be humiliated by Lao Zi at this time.

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·??????????????

He originally wanted to scold the other party, but when he saw the red chakra on Lao Zi's body, he resolutely swallowed those cursing words back.

Having participated in the Tailed Beast Sealing Event, he knows the horror of Four Tails. If the really exciting old Zi went crazy in this Yanyin camp, it would be called a disaster.

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