Cheolhan Park.

33 years old.

A 7-year veteran C-Class Hunter.

Like all Hunters. In a way, Cheolhan’s specs may be an ordinary C-class hunter.


“What is a veteran Class C…”

Only a self-deprecating sigh came out of Cheolhan’s mouth.

It was close to ridicule for a C-class hunter to be called a veteran.

I can’t go up to grade B.

Stayed in C-class for several years. It was a mockery of going to the same level of dungeons repeatedly.

It meant that he didn’t know anything about the dungeons that B-level or higher hunters entered.

In fact, Cheol-han is a 7-year-old C-class hunter. He had never entered a level 6 dungeon or higher.

“Mr. Cheolhan. It’s all good, but can’t get rid of tank aggro quickly with skills? This is only a level 7 dungeon.”

“sorry. I don’t have any skills yet.”

“under. You don’t have any skills? How many years did you say you lived as a hunter?”

Cheol-han bit his lip at the opponent’s deadly question.

I couldn’t help but answer that question.

He is only a C-class Hunter. Because the opponent was class B.

“Seven years.”

“no. This man is a funny man. Haven’t you been able to find a single skill while rolling as a hunter for 7 years? Aren’t you buying a skill book?”

“that is···. I can’t acquire skills with the skill book.”

“Huh true. hit the goal Let’s say it is. But I lived as a hunter for 7 years. What’s wrong with the equipment again? Did you make money and spend it on gambling?”

Obvious ridicule.

Nevertheless, Cheolhan’s head only went down.

Where did you spend all your money?

If Cheolhan himself had written it, he wouldn’t have lowered his head like this.

But there was no excuse.

At this time, the only thing Cheol-han could say was sorry.

The moment he tried to say one more word, as if he didn’t like Cheol-han.

Another C-class healer who was watching from the side stopped him.

Although it’s the same C-class as Cheol-han. It was an action that he could do because he had a heal skill.

“Hey. stop. Cheolhan also worked hard today. You said you came out of turn today?”

“yes. Thank you for your hard work today. Let’s go first.”

Before hearing more mockery, Cheol-han hurriedly turned around.

“anyway. Why do you listen to other people’s requests when you can’t even take care of yourself? If you don’t want to do it next time, get out of it.”

Although the class B Hunter’s mockery followed.

Cheolhan bit his lip and left the place.


Cheol-han headed to the corner of the building and took out a cigarette.

a short sip.

The smoke that was exhaled disappeared asrai.


I wanted to, but Words I couldn’t bear to say.

Cheol-han barely shouted those words when he was alone.

The smoke that spewed out of his mouth dissipated like hope.

When I first woke up, I just knew everything would work out.

I only knew that I had a genius talent.


I need to correct it.

To be precise, ‘I knew it.’

Cheol-han took his cell phone out of his pocket and opened the photo album.

[The appearance of a new divinity? An interview with Red Guild’s new hunter Park Cheol-han.]

An old article that doesn’t come out well even if you search on the Internet now.

There was Cheolhan’s name and photo there.

smile brightly.

And the old self, who seems to be full of confidence.

It was.

Cheolhan 7 years ago. He was a promising player who received attention from numerous guilds at the same time as his awakening.

Even the 5th largest guild offered a scout.

To the extent that Cheolhan’s interview article was uploaded on the Internet.

Cheol-han was a promising prospect hunter.

“It’s all in the past.”

Cheol-han threw the cigarette on the floor and trampled the embers with his foot.

It’s as if they’re making up memories that fill up in old articles.

It was then.

Ugh. The cell phone in my hand vibrated.

[Hanseol Bank. 02/21 14:23


Withdrawal KRW 7,600,000

Louisvis Co., Ltd.

balance of 934,200 won]

it was a text

Someone bought something with Cheolhan’s card.

There was only one person who would spend money on Cheolhan’s card.

His wife, Kim Mi-yeon.

Cheol-han’s forehead wrinkled when he saw the text withdrawal amount.

“no. I said I shouldn’t use this money.”

Cheol-han pressed the call button while clutching his pounding head.

The beep goes.

However, no voice could be heard beyond the receiver.

The other party can’t answer the phone. Only a mechanical voice can be heard.

Cheolhan roughly kicked the butt on the floor.


It was a beggar day.


“I’m here?”

Cheol-han’s return home was greeted by his wife, Kim Mi-yeon, who looked excited while humming.


“why? It stinks, so hurry in and wash up and come out.”

“Did you go to the department store today?”

Miyeon’s face hardened at Cheolhan’s words.

It was as if he knew everything, but why did he ask such a question?

“brother. you know That I still keep in touch with the wives and people I was close to with my old brother. We met today, and I bought one because I was just scratching my ego.”

“no! Mi Yuna. I told you. That money…”

Cheolhan’s words could not continue.

“Money, money, money! stop it Husbands from other houses say that it is a 6th grade dungeon, so they go into the 5th and 4th grade dungeons and bring them thousands. My name is the 7th year hunter wife, so can’t I buy a small bag like that?”

Cheol-han continued to speak calmly, holding back the anger that was boiling inside.

“Miyeon. I’ve told you several times that you should use that money to buy equipment. They said they had to buy it second-hand, so they had to give it in cash. But if you spend that money like that…”

“it’s okay. My brother can earn some money by working hard. stop talking about money I’m stressed out too.”

The door closes violently.

Cheolhan sat down on the sofa with a dejected expression.

Normally, it would have been something he wouldn’t have done because of Miyeon, who hates the smell.

Cheolhan now had no strength to stand up.

‘Status window.’

『Name: Park Cheol-han

Age: 33

Awakening: 1st (Second awakening is possible when conditions are met.)

Attribute: Indomitable Spirit (C)


Strength 41 Stamina 47 Agility 26 mana 21 Spirit 44』


??? (A second awakening is required.)

??? (Skills cannot be learned through skill books.)』

It was a really insignificant status window for a 7-year-old hunter.

The strength of an average male who has not awakened is said to be 10.

That strength number of 41 was by no means low.

It wasn’t four times that of a normal adult male, but much stronger.


“I can’t even reach B-class.”

If the comparison group was changed to Hunter, the story changed.

The average C-class hunter’s stats were divided between 30 and 50.

From the hunter’s point of view. Cheolhan was just an ordinary C-class hunter.

In addition, those unknown question marks that appear in the status window.

that was the problem

If only there was a skill instead of a question mark. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have heard the ridicule like today.

The skill window that gave me excitement with ‘???’ 7 years ago. Even after 7 years have passed, the state of ‘???’ has been maintained.

Like a padlock stuck.

Despite having tried everything in the last 7 years.

The familiar ‘???’ in the status window was always there.

As if they were laughing at Cheol-han.

My cell phone in my pocket vibrates.

Seeing the name on the screen, Cheol-han’s hand hesitated for a moment. He moved his finger and pressed the call button.

– hey! why didn’t you go out today?

“I am sorry. I had to spend money urgently, so I had no cash. I didn’t have time to ask for money.”

– You madman! How much did I ask to introduce it to you? If it’s 700, it’s free!

“sorry···. I was trying to get some money urgently.”

– I do not know. I just got a call from you I just passed it on to someone I know. you heard it too What kind of opportunity is that and you miss it?

The phone is disconnected.

Cheolhan looked up at the ceiling while washing his face.

Where did it get twisted from?

With a creaking movement, Cheolhan raised his body.

To enter the dungeon again tomorrow.

Even equipment that seemed to have reached the end of its lifespan had to be serviced.




“Hey you tank bastard! Get aggro!”

“Sir. Why did a guy who knew he had a schedule today leave yesterday?”

“catch! Sang-joon, you’re looking at me for a second!”

The shouts come and go.

An even louder impact echoed between the monsters and the hunters.

Cheolhan was staring blankly at his equipment, which had been smashed in it.

But that action was short-lived.

Cheol-han, who came to his senses, threw himself at the monster without hesitation.

The reason why a C-class hunter with no skills could act as the main tank.

It was because of Cheolhan’s genius fighting sense.


A monster’s arm barely passes over Cheol-han’s head, who is bent down with his teeth clenched.

If I had been a little later, my head would have blown off.

However, Cheolhan threw his body and shocked the monster.


The monster’s angry eyes turned towards Cheolhan again.

“Caught by aggro!”

“Hit it!”

“Is our tanker equipment destroyed?”

“So you can hit it quickly! You just have to catch the monster before it dies!”

The hunters rushed towards the level 7 dungeon boss monster that was caught aggro.

Red Guild Team 6 Leader Kim Joo-hyeok.

He called Cheol-han, leaving behind the team members who were organizing the battle.

“Mr. Cheolhan. Didn’t you know that our team dungeon was scheduled for today?”

“no. I knew.”

“But why did you go all the way to support another team yesterday? Looking at it today, it seems that the life of the equipment has reached the end. Why didn’t you fix it?”


Cheolhan lowered his head and bit his lip.

If it had been, the equipment would have been repaired, so a disaster like today would not have happened.

However, I had to save money on used equipment that I decided to buy at a price that would give it away.

Because the repair cost of Hunter equipment was not easy.

It was the only protection that protected the body from monsters.

Needless to say the price of the equipment.

Even the repair cost was not easy for Cheol-han because of Mi-yeon’s extravagance.

It’s used there, but the equipment was scheduled to be changed.

To fix the equipment that I dare to dispose of.

Cheol-han didn’t have the energy to spend money.

If yesterday’s trade had ended normally, nothing like today would have happened.

It was all excuses anyway.

It’s just Cheolhan’s personal fault for not managing the equipment properly.

“no. Mr. Cheolhan. Although our guild is medium-sized, not large. Still, you do a good job with the money. Where the hell are you going to spend all that money and go around like that?”

Kim Joo-hyeok, who had spoken a few more words, shook his hand.

It’s as if it wants to get out of sight.

“I wish I could accept someone who is a skill idiot. I have to do well. I know that because I will report today and take the punishment.”


It seems that the beggarly day is not over yet.

“brother. Let us stop.”


“Long ago. Do you remember what my brother said when he asked me to marry him? You said you would let me live without worrying about money in the future.”

Cheol-han, who spoke confidently while proposing to Mi-yeon six years ago, had that ability.

Miyeon deserved to hear that.

It was because she was so beautiful that she received countless offers to become a celebrity while walking down the street.

Everyone who came to Cheol-han’s wedding was envious.

Cheol-han, who got a beautiful woman that makes you unable to take your eyes off him as a wife.

But now…

“Let’s stop. Even after becoming a hunter’s wife, I’m tired of spending hundreds of dollars a month and living with shaking hands. After all, there are no children between us. I think it’s best to split up now.”

“That… Do you really have to look at me and tell me?”

Miyeon’s warm eyes scan Cheolhan up and down.

“uh. I’m saying it because it’s now. Will things get better with time anyway? Even after 10 years, it won’t be grade C. I am also fed up with a life without progress.”

This was not a stance to have a conversation.

Because Miyeon already had her suitcases.


It was a notice.


after divorce.

Cheol-han became alone.

The Red Guild, which had done its best so hard, issued a notice of release to Cheolhan.

Even knowing the schedule for the next day. A colleague who begged him to repay the favor also turned a blind eye to Cheol-han.

wife. No, my ex-wife, Mi-yeon, also left.

If it had ended in a divorce, it wouldn’t have been this hellish.

Black Mercenary Guild.

I found out that Miyeon was having an affair with the guild leader there.

I shuddered at the feeling of betrayal.

There was nothing Cheolhan could do.

The opponent is an A-class hunter with an S-class in front of her eyes, and the guild leader of the Black Mercenary Guild.

On top of that, the guild was vicious enough to be openly rumored to commit murder in the dungeon.


How strong is your back?

It was a black mercenary guild that had never been discussed publicly.

Against such a place, there was nothing Cheol-han, who was only a C-class hunter, could do.

Cheol-han lifted a bottle of alcohol.

It was empty.

Cheol-han, who reached out and searched for another drink, found only empty bottles in his hands.

“I tried…”

I did my best.

I struggled to live harder than anyone else.

If I knew it would be like this, I would have lived without caring about it.

You shouldn’t live while losing money to maintain good relationships with others.

I won’t give up my all and give it my all.

Don’t set me on fire for a moment of love.

Such regret rushes in.

A deep bottom is visible in the field of view over the railing.

If it’s that deep abyss

Wouldn’t it be possible to escape the hellish reality?

Cheolhan’s body stood on the railing.

The moment when tears flowed down my cheeks that I had never shed before.

『The 2nd awakening condition has been unlocked. – Awakening Condition: Loss of the most precious thing. (divorce)”

There was no movement for 7 years.

The status window, which showed no change no matter how hard I tried, glowed.

Cheolhan’s second awakening broke out.

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