Because I became an Awakener.

Not everyone wanted to live a hunter life.

Despite being a B-class or higher hunter.

There were Awakeners who entered the Hunter Administration for reasons such as patriotism.

There was a gate response team with the most famous A-rank hunter Kim Ji-woo.

There was Kim Chang-hoo, an S-class hunter who was the reason the Hunter Administration Bureau could have deterrence.


With the authority of a summary judgment on the spot for the Black Hunter’s crimes.

There was a dedicated Black Hunter team.

“manager. It was noisy last night.”

“I know man. I was going to gather some of the cubs and sweep them away. I couldn’t stand it and had an accident.”

Normally, conflicts between Black Hunters were not common.

One in particular is an illegal immigrant.

Even more so if they are black hunters who distribute drugs.


These guys fought and shed blood all night long.

There are quite a few casualties in the process.

Above all, there were quite a few missing people.

If this is enough.

It was said that he brutally defeated his opponent like Cheolcheon’s enemy.

“Did the two overlap at least?”

“It can’t be. One is a water accident. The other is a drug dealer. They say it happened because something happened by accident.”

“okay? But, they said, there was such an uproar as to kill Cheolcheon’s enemy. Let’s see, how many are missing?”

Team leader Kim Geon-ha of the Black Hunter Response Team 2 of the Hunter Management Bureau clicked his tongue.

At best, a fight between small organizations with a B-class Black Hunter as the boss.

There was no need to go out to Kim Geon-ha, an A-rank hunter.

I was just about to come out because there was something suspicious about what had happened the night before.

“no. So many of these guys moved. Except for those who are behind and those who are half assholes. Where did it all evaporate?”

Apparently, a bitter war broke out between the two organizations overnight.

There were open traces of it in a few places of those who sell water.


There are signs of a fierce fight.

In some places, those who have shed blood have disappeared.

There are quite a lot of missing persons.

They could have kidnapped the opponent they defeated because of their grudge against each other.

But there were too many of them.

I couldn’t even figure out what the number of undocumented babies was.

They were always crawling through the sea like cockroaches.

As soon as I get out of the situation at dawn.

There was a high probability that he escaped Korea like a rat.

“anyway. Awakened smugglers are the problem. There is no way to catch them once they jump out.”

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Just in time, a few guys who were trading in the water were caught.

Precisely, it seems that he left someone to enter because of the one who fell behind.

I heard from them that the kids guarding the store are gone.

There was no way to know whether it disappeared into the sky or fell to the ground.

“What do the caught undocumented bastards have?”

“no. They say human rights and whatnot and ask me to call a lawyer. They keep their mouths shut saying they don’t know anything.”

“anyway. Clearly, with traces like this, it’s normal for one or two corpses to come out. that’s interesting.”

there are traces

A situation in which the dead have disappeared without a trace.

Those who were caught and brought in just shook their heads saying they didn’t know each other.

“manager. How can I do a precise detection?”

“done. The guys who should be chasing after all have gone after them anyway. I want everyone to die right now.”

“Ugh. You can’t say that. Because you are on the disciplinary table again.”

“Did I say something wrong?”

Anyway, undocumented persons are criminals who do not exist in Korea on paper.

It would have been a good situation if even one of the guys who were selling water was reduced.

It doesn’t do anything useful to society anyway.

Because they were human garbage.

“Just end it as a murder and kidnapping crime committed by drug addicts and illegal bastards.”

“may I?”

“What if? Would you like to take off your feet and run around? There are still a lot of places where the movement is unusual these days. Just ignore the little ones.”

I felt a murmur of dissatisfaction.

Kim Gun-ha ignored it.

In the past, if one murder crime happened.

There was a time when national attention was pouring.


Awakener appears.

As monsters start pouring out of the gate into the world.

People are starting to get used to it little by little.

Whether it’s for the good or for the bad.

“Is there only one or two crimes like this these days? You said there were no casualties anyway?”

“yes. So, the team leader said he was leaving, but I didn’t stop him.”

“That’s all right. Anyway, these days, when a criminal dies, people cheer, saying that he died well. The world is going crazy.”

Did you say that humans are adaptable animals?

Little by little, the social atmosphere was changing in a world that had changed before I knew it.

If only there was an article about the Black Hunter missing.

Rather, people were more likely to applaud that it was well done.


To pay close attention to even these tiny little things.

The movement of large organizations in Seoul right now was unusual.

The reason why Kim Geon-ha came all the way here.

It was to end the situation in an appropriate way.

“Patience. The number of people is limited, but there is a lot of work.”

in the world

There were too many trashy people.

Especially the black hunter trash who got power through awakening.

Even at this moment, the Black Hunter response team’s body was not enough.

“Who doesn’t eat those bastards?”

I lowered the cigarette I had taken a sip.

Gunha Kim let out a sigh.


Cheol-han did not worry that his existence would be discovered.

for the past month.

prepared meticulously.

‘Cause it’s been done secretly

No matter how much I look for traces there.

There would be no evidence that Cheol-han ate the Black Hunter.

There is no way to find the black hunters who are missing.

Rather, at the scene where even a murder like yesterday occurred.

Hunters belonging to the Administration Bureau were even granted the right to immediately kill on the spot.

In addition, illegal immigrants who avoided their seats.

Everyone should have left Korea by now.

I won’t even come back to Korea for a while to hide myself.

That’s why Cheolhan didn’t worry at all after last night.


Cheolhan leisurely checked the changed stat window.

『Name: Park Cheol-han

Age: 33

Awakening: 2nd

Class: Predator

Attribute: Indomitable Spirit (B) Hunger LV.01 (S)

Strength 55.4 Stamina 56.2 Agility 47.4 mana 35.1 Spirit 52.6 Karma 104』


Predation Lv.02 (S)

Growth Lv.01 (S)

Double Jump (D)

Throw (D)

Regeneration (E)』

In the midst of a war between two criminal organizations.

It was the result of eating all the Black Hunters.

Now, what is Cheolhan’s condition?

I was able to get out of the C-class hunter and reach the perfect B-class.

It was still on the level of a B-class chin-up, but.

It is in sufficient condition to be recognized as a B-class hunter.

Is it because of that?

There was a change in the ‘Predation (S)’ skill in the process of eating.

『Predation (S): You can eat the opponent you subdued. As the skill level rises, the grade of the opponent you can prey on increases.

Can be extracted from gorged opponents.

Current predation grade: C』

The moment you reach the B-class Hunter level.

The predatory grade was raised to C.

Thanks to such skill changes.

Cheol-han even C-class black hunters.

I could have eaten them all.


Cheol-han couldn’t help but fall into trouble.

It was Cheol-han who expected to reach B-class in a month or so.


By eating the Black Hunters.

I was able to reach grade B much faster than expected.

“The sooner the better.”

It’s in the Hunter Society.

Rank was rank.

My stats have risen to B rank.

I didn’t have to be in C grade to play hard.

“Then let’s go right away.”

Cheolhan made a decision.

I’m going to do a grade review today.


Hunters belonging to the guild.

I had to measure my stats periodically.

It was also to show off the skills of the hunters they had in the guild.

Above all, it was to understand their power more clearly.


“Hunters who have stopped growing. excluded from the measurement.”

Not all guild members measured periodically.

A Hunter whose growth has stopped.

Especially when there is no change in the stats even after going through the dungeon for 5 months.

The guild judged that it was a hunter who had reached the limit of growth and stopped measuring.

Even just a few months ago.

Cheolhan was a hunter who was left out of the measurement like that.

It didn’t end there.

One characteristic and two skills that were displayed as question marks in Cheolhan’s status window in the past.

No matter how much I measured, it was not displayed in the results.

That’s why Cheol-han officially lived as a hunter with no skills.

Obviously, there are skills that have not yet been confirmed in his own eyes.

As a result of the measurement, he came out as a hunter with no skills.

remembering that past.

Cheolhan looked at the Hunter Administration Buildings.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been here.”

The Seoul branch of the Hunter Administration Bureau was located in Yongsan.

In the place where it was decorated as a park in the past.

Awakeners and Dungeons.

And after monsters poured into the world through the gate.

No one objected to the establishment of the Hunter Administration Buildings in Yongsan.

When I woke up 7 years ago.

Cheolhan had also visited this place with a swollen dream.

‘And that’s where it ended.’

Despite spending 7 years as a Hunter.

Cheol-han couldn’t visit this place to raise his grade to B-class.

But now.

Cheol-han visited to rise to the B rank.

A completely different look from the past.

“Hey. I finally became a C-Class Hunter from today! Brother shoots me today!”

By the time Cheol-han arrived in front of the measurement center building.

A young hunter with a excited face passes by Cheol-han.

The appearance of bragging to your friends over the phone that your rating has gone up.

Seeing it reminded me of my past self.

wake up

The moment it was confirmed through measurement that it was C-class.

There was a time when he himself was running around like that.

It was Cheol-han who had such contact with Kim Ji-hoon, who was a commoner at the time.

‘I’ll have a drink after.’

Hunter’s stat measurement.

Depending on the person’s wishes, they could decide whether or not to disclose the skill.

“Hunter Park Cheol-han. Are you going to use skill disclosure when measuring? Or are you going to keep it private?”

“I will keep it private.”

Of course, Cheolhan’s choice was private.

Literally private.

What skills does the Hunter have?

And it was a way to privately measure how high the skill level was.

The result sheet shows how many skills the hunter has.

Only that number came out.

If you set non-disclosure from the start of the measurement, the Hunter Management Bureau said they didn’t know.

‘Of course it’s private.’

It was Cheol-han who had two S-class skills.

The moment it is released, it is not only domestic.

The eyes of the whole world will be focused on Cheol-han.

It was not yet time to receive such stares.

growing up silently

It will be released when it reaches a state where no one can touch Cheolhan.


After today’s measurement.

It was clear that there would be quite a buzz about Cheolhan for a while.

Because of Cheolhan’s S-class characteristic ‘hunger’.

After the awakening was created.

People started to go crazy for the ‘S’ grade.

Even though it’s not a skill, it’s a trait.

The moment an ‘S’ was attached to anything, it was bound to attract people’s attention.


Cheol-han’s prediction became a reality.

“Bar, Hunter Park Cheol-han, the results are out.”

The flustered voice of the measurement staff called Cheolhan.

It was natural.

The Hunter who stopped growing.

Stats that have risen by leaps and bounds.

‘Hunger’, a characteristic of S rank.

Private but with 5 skills.

Because he became a 2nd Awakening Hunter.

“It must be because of the second awakening. Congratulations.”

However, the measurement staff had an expression that it could be.

2nd awakening.

Literally, it is also called reawakening.

It used to be rare to see such drastic changes as Cheolhan.

“yes. During that time, I was heartbroken. It feels like being reborn.”

Cheol-han left the measurement room with a smile on his face.

Because of the 2nd awakening.

Cheolhan’s stat increase and skill acquisition all made sense.

Why did Cheolhan reveal his growth like this?

It was because of the dungeon assignment.

Only up to level 7 can be assigned with the help of Kim Chul-soo, a dungeon management employee.

It wasn’t from the 6th grade dungeon.

I had to build a story from now on for the future.

A Hunter who deserves preferential treatment.

A Hunter who needs support for the sake of national power.

Cheolhan thought of becoming such a hunter.

The first thing Cheol-han did after becoming a B-class hunter was.

“hey. Are you busy today?”

– no. Today was my day off, so I was lying around at home. why? what else did you get?

It was to contact Kim Ji-hoon, my best friend.

Sorrow is halved when shared.

Happiness is multiplied when shared.

Not everyone is like that.

If the person you are with can truly bless you.

“Hyung, as of today, I became a B-class hunter. I’ll shoot the promotion jaw.”

– what?! What is the promotion chin! My friend said he went up to B grade. I have to buy a congratulatory drink. Where are you? go right away

“I will go to your house today. I was sorry to call you home every time.”

– okay. just come body After all, there is alcohol. Just order something you want to eat on the way home.

“I get it.”

At the corner of Cheol-han’s mouth after the phone call.

there was a smile

What is Cheol-han’s next move after making an appointment with Kim Ji-hoon?

It was to contact Chul-soo Kim of the Hunter Management Bureau.

More than an employee of the Hunter Administration.

You will find out that Cheol-han has become a B-class hunter.

Hearing it from the person concerned must have been a different feeling.

And one more thing.

It’s not a level 8 dungeon anymore.

It was time to head to the 7th grade dungeon.

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