After devouring all of the New Seoul faction’s establishments.

Cheol-han decided to wait until the next raid.

“It is clear that they will prepare for it soon and sell traps.”

I learned from watching the war between the Black Hunter organizations last time.

As time goes on, the vigilance will inevitably decrease.

The fact that an illegal immigrant drug gang was able to seize victory at the same time as the raid.

I crouched down and waited for a long time of a month.

It was because it lowered the vigilance of the opposing organization.

“Your guard must be at its peak now.”

So it wasn’t the time yet.

Even though it is Cheol-han who has risen to the B rank.

The New Seoul faction was also a Black Hunter organization rooted in Seoul.

The guy who was in charge of the karma that was attacked this time was also.

It was an undeniably B-class Black Hunter.


The spatial constraint of a narrow hallway.

I didn’t anticipate the ‘double jump’ that allows me to move while ignoring recoil, so I just got hit.

“I’ll have to see the atmosphere in 15 days.”

I’ll be vigilant and careful right now.

When time passes without anything happening.

I would have to loosen up again and be careless.

I’m doing business with the Black Hunters.

You can’t do it with a lot of vigilance.

“Then hit again.”


Besides revenge against the Black Mercenary Guild.

There were many things waiting for Cheolhan.

To grow, you have to enter the dungeon and devour monsters.

Also, I had to go to the slime dungeon to deliver the goods to Han Seo-ah as I signed the contract.

“Status window.”

Cheol-han confirmed his current condition.

In the status window that popped up in front of me.

I can see the stats that have grown beyond comparison with the past.

『Name: Park Cheol-han

Age: 33

Awakening: 2nd

Class: Predator

Attribute: Indomitable Spirit (B) Hunger LV.02 (S)

Strength 63.7 Stamina 62.1 Agility 56.4 mana 46.1 Spirit 61.7 Karma 224』


Stats rose by leaps and bounds.

It is clear that the body has become completely different from before.

You can feel it clearly every time you fight.

More than anything.

The level of ‘Hunger’ that Cheolhan had had risen to 2.

As the attribute level rises.

『Hunger (S): Temporarily runaway is possible when hunger reaches its peak.』

Existing hunger characteristics remain the same.

One special ability has been added.

It’s the ability to ‘runaway’.

When dealing with an enemy that Cheol-han is difficult to handle.

It was clear that it was an ability that temporarily exploded stats.


Even just looking at the stats and characteristics, a smile is drawn on its own.

It didn’t end there.

“The real jackpot was skill.”


Predation Lv.03 (S)

Growth Lv.02 (S)

Double Jump (D)

Throw (D)

Regeneration (E)』

The moment he ate up the B-class Black Hunter of the New Seoul faction.

The levels of the S-class skills ‘Saturation’ and ‘Growth’ rose by 1 each.

As a result.

A new ability was added to the ‘predation’ that Cheol-han had.

『Predation (S):

Can be absorbed from devastated opponents.

Extraction and absorption cannot be done at the same time.

Skill absorption can only be acquired by one skill.

Current Predatory Rating: B』

Until now, only ‘extraction’ was possible from the opponents who ate them.

I also used it mainly after hunting monsters.

Unless there is a special ingredient coming out.

All of Cheol-han ‘satisfied’.

Because that side was more helpful for Cheolhan’s stat growth.

Because a few bucks right now wasn’t important.

Cheolhan, except when it is a necessary material.

I ate them all up.


The new ‘absorption’.

“It is obviously a skill that can be used against the awakened.”

It was clear that it was for Cheol-han who ate the Black Hunter.

If you eat the Black Hunter.

You can get the skills that Black Hunter possessed.

“You’re crazy.”

Literally a fraudulent skill.

However, just like getting a skill by ‘feeding’ a monster.

It was obvious that the skill could only be obtained by filling it 100%.

“Still, it’s great.”

The lottery that happened to Cheol-han.

It wasn’t just ‘predation’.

『Growth (S): You can grow through predation. The higher the skill level, the higher the level you can grow.

You can develop two skills at the same time.

Current Growth Possible Grade: D』


Growth Lv.02 (S)

1. Skills that can grow

Double Jump (D) – 0%

Regeneration (E) – 72.1%』

– At the current skill level, only two skills can be developed.』

The level of another S-class skill, ‘Growth’, also rose.

In addition to that, the grade available for growth has changed to D.

In addition to ‘Regeneration’, which was previously growing.

It is now possible to grow ‘Double Leap’ at the same time.

“When Double Leap becomes a C-class skill. I can’t wait to see what kind of power it will show.”

Even though it’s a D-class skill right now.

The reason why Cheol-han was able to use it well.

It was thanks to the movement that ignored the recoil of the ‘double jump’.

The enemies who deal with ‘Double Leap’ for the first time are.

To be defeated without being able to respond to such an irregular movement of Cheolhan.

Of course, it wasn’t always a change for the better.

“Growth has slowed down.”

As Cheolhan’s stats go up.

The more you try to acquire a higher grade skill.

Its speed has slowed significantly.

It’s like a level that was possible when you were at the beginner level.

As the level goes up, it becomes more difficult to grow.


Cheolhan was growing faster than any other hunter.

As it is.

Up to the 1st goal of being an A-class hunter.

that it won’t take very long.

Cheol-han knew.

“I want to try the newly changed diet.”

Do you want to use the changed ‘Food’?

It is a situation where the New Seoul faction cannot be touched right now.

But it was fine.

Because the seeds of provocation have already been sown.


to fully recover a broken arm.

Kim Joo-hak had to pour in quite a lot of money.

The shame of that moment comes to mind.

Even though it was late at night, I couldn’t fall asleep easily.

“Don’t let go. as much as received. No, I will give you back several times that amount.”

After breaking my arm.

The words that Cheol-han whispered in Kim Joo-hak’s ear.

It was outright provocation.

Forgetting the many insults Kim Joo-hak had done to Cheol-han in the past.

Kim Joo-hak only thought of the humiliation he suffered this time.

“It’s okay to be careless. I must have been careless. A cowardly child.”

Even though Cheolhan has risen to the B rank.

He was a guy who stayed in C-class for 10,000 years.

no matter how much you grow

There was no way Cheol-han’s stats surpassed Kim Joo-hak’s.

over there

He was just reaching out to scare him.

But the cowardly bastard made a petty attack.

If you don’t cry yourself.

If only I hadn’t stretched out my hand in my carelessness.

It was clear that the one with the broken arm was Cheolhan, not himself.

What are the Awakener’s stats?

Because it was not something that could grow rapidly overnight.

More than anything.

As a hunter, Kim Joo-hak’s true strength came when he took up a weapon.

“I thought you said you’d come out of the dungeon tomorrow night.”

To Kim Joo-hak, who is suffering from a broken arm.

Cheol-han whispered a piece of information.

You said you would enter a dungeon anytime, anywhere.

If you want revenge, come to me anytime.

However, it won’t be as easy as this time, so be prepared for that time.

“Break all limbs. And by the time you beg for help. Get a slave contract and take them to the guild.”

Originally, I was thinking of taking Tyler with nice words.

If you put them back in your team and enter the dungeon.

Even those who cursed at the Red Guild would pay attention to themselves as the team leader.


Not only did Cheol-han foolishly reject his offer.

I crossed a line that shouldn’t have been crossed.

“Let’s see if I can make that face again today.”

The pain I felt when I broke my arm.

After making you feel it with your whole body.

Let it be smashed until it dies.

From that mouth, please save me.

I’ll rejoin the guild.

It will make you beg for life.

After brutally taking revenge on this opportunity.

Thinking of taking her back to the guild and treating her like a slave.

It was Kim Joo-hak with a cruel smile.


For Cheolhan, the goblin dungeon was.

Now, it was just a restaurant serving goblin poison needles.

Another similar thing was a slime dungeon that brought a lot of money.

There is one reason why Cheol-han came to the goblin dungeon, which is only level 8 today.

“I’ll be waiting outside.”

It was to lure Kim Joo-hak.

Obviously, it was because he suffered a disgrace to break his arm.

I’m just going to try not to get over it.

Kim Joo-hak was a man with such a strong sense of pride.

Because I know Kim Joo-hak’s tendency.

Part of it is that I broke my arm with provocation.

so that.

Kim Joo-hak was supposed to be waiting for Cheol-han outside.

Alone if possible.

Only when he came alone would he be able to brutally trample on Cheol-han.

I knew it.

It was Kim Joo-hak who greeted Cheol-han after finishing the goblin dungeon.

“Park Cheol-han.”

Were you filled with anger?

I called out Cheolhan’s name one by one.

“I’m here?”

“under. I’m here? Our Cheolhan has become a bit of a B-class hunter. The words are too short, perhaps because there is nothing to see.”

Although I cried this time.

I didn’t rush into it.

Because I’ve already had the experience of being reversed once.

Kim Joo-eun, who appeared fully equipped with equipment.

He took out the potions from his bosom and shook them so that Cheolhan could see them.

“I still think of my old friendship with Mr. Cheolhan. I’m here with the potions. Do you know what this means?”


He said that he would make all the potions to the extent that he had to use them.

From noble mtl dot com

Just as Cheolhan broke it.

No, it meant that I would pay back several times more than that.

Despite Kim Joo-hak’s experience of being victimized once.

The momentum was equal.

It was a natural attitude for Kim Joo-hak.

The B-class hunter who was already close to a veteran was Kim Joo-hak.

On top of that, Cheol-han, who had just risen to the B-level, was a level 8 dungeon.

The state that just came out of dealing with the goblins.

“Do you need a long talk?”

“under. Let’s see if we can show that kind of attitude in a little while.”

Cheolhan’s provocation.

Unable to bear it any longer, Kim Joo-hak stepped forward.

Kim Joo-hak had already packed all the equipment.

Cheolhan also just came out of the dungeon.

Both of them were well-prepared.


The reason Kim Joo-hak was able to quickly rise to the position of team leader at a young age?

It was thanks to that ‘Auror’, a skill that Kim Joo-Hak had.

Because it’s a C-level skill.

He couldn’t pull out his sword like the sword masters in novels.

However, despite being a low-grade skill called C-class.

It was an excellent skill enough to put Kim Joo-hak up to the 6th team leader position of the Red Guild.

‘Aura’ adds sharp anticipation to the weapon you use.

There was even an effect that made the inside shake when the opponent was hit.

“It’s good to be prepared.”

Kim Joo-hak looked at Cheol-han and gave him a lifelike smile.

“I heard you have 5 skills? Block it well.”

That we worked as part of the same team.

It means that they know each other’s battle habits.

That’s why Kim Joo-hak’s rush was unstoppable.

I’ve already seen the famous battle video of Cheol-han before I came.



The sword wrapped in ‘Aura’ strikes Cheolhan’s shield.

Despite the mere clash of sword and shield.

Cheol-han’s body, which was blocking it, was pushed much more.

It was also because the overall stats were still behind Kim Joo-hak.

It was because the effect of ‘Aura’ used by Kim Joo-Hak was stronger than the power of Cheol-Han’s shield.

It was also called by the Red Guild’s main 1st team.

Kim Joo-hak was the person who remained as the 6th team leader because he liked the authority given by the team leader.


The skill that made that possible was that ‘Auror’.


Cheol-han also did not lure Kim Joo-hak without any preparation.

A series of ‘double leaps’ instantly narrows the distance between Cheol-han and Kim Joo-hak.

Because of that, you can even feel each other’s breathing.


in such a situation.

Cheol-han takes out the goblin poison needle.

In an instant, he threw it at Kim Joo-hak using ‘Throwing’.

Even at the last gate, I only used the poison needle when I turned my back to the camera.

At the same time that the battle ended there, the poison needles were retrieved so that others could not see them.

That’s why Kim Joo-hak did not expect Cheol-han to throw a poison needle.

“Are you cowardly memorizing prayers now?”

The moment Kim Joo-hak roughly pulls out his poison needle and tries to attack again.


My body jerked.

at the same time.

Cheol-han used ‘Double Leap’ and aimed for Kim Joo-hak’s sword-holding shoulder.

Kim Joo-eun with paralysis poison and a spear stuck in her shoulder.

I had no choice but to let go of the sword.

The moment I looked up at Cheolhan with urgent eyes.

“Sah, save me.”

Kim Joo-hak could feel it instinctively.

Regarding what Cheolhan is going to do next.

“I was really just trying to scare Mr. Cheolhan. Well, you can tell just by looking at the potions over there!”

An impatient hand points to a potion that rolls on the floor from afar.

Cheolhan also knew.

At least Kim Joo-hak tried to take him to the Red Guild after he had just broken it.


“Sorry. There is one thing I want to check right now.”

For Cheolhan, whose skill level has risen.

It’s just a matter of not having food that tastes better than this.

in addition to that.

Although it is a story of the past.

The days when he was active in the Red Guild.

It was Kim Joo-hak who insulted himself several times.

More than anything.

The ‘Aura’ possessed by Kim Joo-hak was a skill that Cheol-han coveted.


The conversation ended there.

Cheol-han’s spear pierced Kim Joo-hak’s neck.

The body, which had struggled for a while, soon became limp.


The shadow that came from under Cheolhan’s feet.

Kim Joo-hak’s traces were erased everywhere.

『Would you like to absorb from the devoured target? (Currently absorbable skill: Aura (C)』


Cheol-han was able to realize the power of the upgraded ‘predation’.

Cheolhan’s mouth drew a smile.

If you eat the Black Hunter.

You can get new skills.

What could be more joyous than this?

“I won’t eat them all.”

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