Moo-Hak Han was asked to meet Cheol-Han.

It’s not a restaurant like last time.

I called Cheol-han to the chairman’s office at Daehan Group’s headquarters.

“Are you here? I’m sorry for bringing a busy person here.”

“no. President. Thank you for taking the time to do so despite the sudden request.”

Cheolhan knew.

About how Han Mu-hak called himself to this place.

It means that the relationship between the two people in this meeting is different from the last time.

After blocking the Chuncheon Gate.

Why was it possible despite the fact that Cheol-han, whom he met for the first time, asked for a private meeting?

It was possible because there was a existence called Han Seo-ah between the two.

Han Mu-hak is Han Seo-ah’s grandfather.

And Cheol-han is a contractor who trades materials with Han Seo-ah.

Because there was this middle bridge.

If not.

No matter how hot Cheolhan is, even if he is an A-class hunter.

It would not have been possible for Han Moo-hak and the two of them to have time to study alone.

“Sit over here. The car will be coming soon. Is coffee okay?”

“it’s okay.”


The first person who requested a meeting was Cheol-han.

what do i need to say

The fact that Cheol-han asked for a meeting because he needed Han Mu-hak’s help.

You should have noticed it right away without having to explain it.

The fact that such Han Mu-hak called Cheol-han to this place, the chairman’s office of Daehan Group.

Except for Han Seo-ah, the granddaughter between the two.

Department of Hanmu, the president of Daehan Group and Daehan Guild.

A-class hunter Park Chul-han, a recent hot figure.

It was Han Mu-hak’s answer that he would meet in this relationship.

“okay. I wonder why Park Cheol-han Hunter asked to see me.”

one example of that.

The title Han Mu-hak used to refer to himself has changed.

“I made a request because I wanted to introduce myself to the president.”


Was it an unexpected word that came out unexpectedly?

Han Mu-hak made a surprised expression.

When I received a phone call from Cheolhan.

And even when I called Cheol-han here.

You would have known that there would be stories about the Black Mercenary Guild or Yi Su-hak.

However, in the mouth of Cheol-han, whom I met.

Han Mu-hak was saying completely unexpected words.

“yes. I was lucky this time and accidentally got a corruption ledger. Based on that, we plan to secure more convincing evidence. We need one for later.”

“hahahaha. You were lucky. okay. Who was the ledger?”

“This is a ledger about Rep. Kim Joo-sang.”


At the same time as Cheolhan’s words ended.

A coughing sound escaped from Han Mu-hak’s mouth.

What more explanation do you need?

I obtained a ledger containing the corruption of a key member of the ruling party.

And Cheol-han’s request to introduce a person that follows.

Its purpose was very clear.

“Using that ledger. Do you know what will lead to it?”

“yes. Isn’t Kim Joo-sang the closest person to Lee Soo-hak?”

“Right. But let me tell you. You shouldn’t make too many enemies in the world.”

Han Mu-hak had already received a report and knew about it.

The fact that Cheol-han once again shot Lee Soo-hak through Internet broadcasting.

This is math up to this point. And it was a problem with the Black Mercenary Guild and Cheolhan.


From now on, what Cheolhan was trying to do would not simply be a fight between a giant guild and an individual.

Bring down senior lawmakers through the disclosure of corruption ledgers.

It couldn’t have been that easy.

Even if it’s just Lee Soo-hak, who is suspected of a crime along with the evidence right away.

It ended with just sending his right-hand man, Cha Do-joon, and a few executives.

Even more, if you want to be hostile to the current ruling party’s senior lawmakers.

It was clear that Cheolhan would be in a much more difficult situation than now.

There was only one reason Han Mu-hak cared about Cheol-han.

Because Cheol-han and her granddaughter Han Seo-ah signed a deal.

If it wasn’t for that relationship.

Cheolhan wouldn’t have been in front of him like he is now.

“I know. I’m not asking the president to step out. I am just asking for a seat with the opposition party.”


Han Mu-hak looked at Cheol-han and quietly drank the tea from the cup.

I’m not asking you to help yourself with the power of Daehan.

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Just asking the opposition party to introduce a person who is ambitious and can act as a sniper.

That’s why Han Mu-hak didn’t refuse at once and was lost in thought.

What choice do you really have?

As if you’re struggling with whether you’re making the right choice as a businessman.

It was Han Mu-hak, the owner of Daehan Group, a conglomerate.

When it was time for the election, all spawns went in regardless of whether or not they were covered.

In the current situation, is it necessary to raise Cheol-han’s hand and make noise?

It was as if he had read the thoughts of Han Mu-hak.

Cheolhan spoke carefully.

“There is no need for the president to use his strength like last time.”

“Then what will I gain by helping with this task?”

“If only you could introduce me to the right person. We have prepared a gift that will make the president happy too.”

Han Moo-hak was a thorough entrepreneur.

If I hadn’t thought of that.

He wouldn’t have called Cheol-han to this place.

Isuhak and black mercenary guild?

This is mathematics, whose wings have already been broken.

I wouldn’t know if it had been officially recognized as the 6th guild.

Now that opportunity has been blown away forever.

Cards related to Lee Soo-hak were no longer attractive to Han Mu-hak.


Cheol-han knew about that fact.

“I brought this as a present for the president.”

“It was a car I was curious to bring in. What did you hear in it?”

Let the golden wrapping cloth come loose.

Inside, a luxurious storage box appeared.


The lock on the box opens.

Inside, something packaged to maintain a low temperature appeared.

“This, this!”


The moment I saw the stuff in the box.

Han Mu-hak, who had maintained his composure until now, jumped up from his seat.

“This is something that even my granddaughter doesn’t know about.”


no one else knows

Because Hanmuhak was something that I had no choice but to know for sure.

The contract I made with Han Seo-ah while obtaining the 6th grade dungeon.

It grabs the Giant Bear right away.

It was a business to trade the beardam in it.


Even with the A-class alchemist Han Seo-ah’s purification skill.

The boss monster Red Giant Bear’s toxicity was not deciphered.

So, from the time of the contract proposal, Han Seo-ah already excluded the boss monster.

I only wanted the bear talk of a normal giant bear.

Han Seo-ah’s goal is to make an S-class recovery potion.

Nutrient tonic using bear bile is only produced due to consumer demand.

It meant that it was not a product that pursued a higher grade.


Cheol-han was able to obtain the red giant bear’s mantle, whose toxicity was completely removed through ‘predation’.

for this moment.

Cheol-han did not inform Han Seo-ah of the fact.

Perhaps Han Seo-ah was also expecting it.

I didn’t ask Cheol-han to talk about the Red Giant Bear.

Cheol-han also thought that this moment would come.

I kept it well in Lia’s ‘sub-space’.

“Even the president would have recognized it at a glance. When the toxicity is completely removed, it takes on a vivid red color.”

“I know. At a glance, the poison is completely removed. Such a vivid red light.”

Big hum.

Han Mu-hak coughed and turned his head away.

His eyes did not move away from the red giant bear’s gall in the box.

“I think there is already an alchemist that the president will entrust to you. Then, what gift did I prepare? I think it will be the best gift for the president.”

What answer do you need?

I can see Han Mu-hak nodding his head without even realizing it.

Looking at such Hanmuhak.

Cheol-han did not express himself.

He just kept talking like it was nothing.

“If only I could enter the Level 6 Giant Bear Dungeon from now on. I think I can continue to present this to the president.”

“Are you going to keep going?”

“yes. With Yang Seo-ah Han, only the normal giant bear’s bear is held as a condition of the deal.”

S-class Hunter.

It was Han Muhak, who was said to be invincible if he held only one sword in his hand.

The strength of the body was able to withstand with stats.

That much could not escape the flow of time.

Oh, if you do.

among the older Awoken.

There was a lot of information floating around secretly.

Nutrient and tonic system using giant bear bile.

with strong consumer demand.

It’s just that Han Mu-hak’s sneaky remarks started production at Han Seo-ah’s research center.

It was.

Like common hair loss.

In other words, older Awoken had a similar incurable disease.

Something that makes it possible to overcome that temporarily.

as soon as.

It was the story of the Red Giant Bear brought by Cheolhan.

“I heard that it is a very rare item in Europe and America. Money is not the problem, but even if you give hundreds of millions, you can’t get it because you don’t have the goods.”


what more do i need to say

the deal.

It was very successful.


Kim Ji-wook, a city council member belonging to the opposition party, was a man who hid his ambitions.

To live a perfect political life.

It has been thoroughly managed without a single blemish.

People around me scolded me for being so vigilant.

Kim Ji-wook silently managed himself.

If the opportunity comes someday.

It was because he had a dream to seize the opportunity and advance into the central political world.

I couldn’t challenge the National Assembly from the beginning.

career was required.

That’s why I did a lot of activities after being elected as a city council member.

As a city council member belonging to the opposition party.

So far, its limitations have been very clear.

The power of the current ruling party was too strong.

It was to the extent that the saying that a dog or a cow would win the election even if they went out with only the ruling party ticket came true.


An opportunity came to Kim Ji-wook.


“Uh huh. don’t make me say it twice You should know about one of the noisy hunters these days.”

“I know. Aren’t you a hard-hearted hunter who caused friction with the Black Mercenary Guild?”

“yes. Come and have a meal with that friend. I heard that the Daehan side quietly arranged a meeting.”

“···yes. All right.”

Behind Kim Ji-wook, who was about to leave the room.

The last word followed.

“I’m not just going to see you. So go and report what’s going on.”


Despite going through the first filter, Chairman Han Moo-hak.

Everyone who met Cheol-han was unqualified.

“Ironhan. Yesterday he was such a bad guy.”

“Leah. Good job.”

“it’s okay. Still, the piece of cake Cheolhan bought from afar yesterday made me forget everything.”

There is a saying that you can know ten paths under water, but not one path inside a person.

This is especially true for those involved in politics.

Even if you can show a nice smile in front of them.

As for what kind of dirty things they do behind the scenes.

This means that there is no way to know until it explodes.


Cheolhan did not have that.


Because there was Lia who could read other people’s memories.

Even if you can tell lies with your mouth.

Even the mistakes stored in the memory could not be hidden.

The method Cheolhan used was simple.

After eating a special hangover cure from Han Seo-ah.

It is to drink alcohol with a glass of wine with the person who came to the table.

It was also a hangover cure made by an A-class alchemist.

The opponent seems to be getting drunk.

Cheolhan was fine.

It didn’t end there.

I’m sorry.

I took the drug only enough to distract me for a short time.

It was a place created through Hanmuhak of the Daehan Group, not anyone else.

Who is the hottest person out there right now?

Become an A-class hunter in the shortest period of time.

A hunter who is being followed by evaluations that if he continues to grow like this, he will someday become an S-class hunter.

It was Iron Han.

To build a friendship with such a cheolhan.

Those who came to the table did not refuse the glasses they handed over.

Everyone is there to seize the opportunity.

If you get drunk and weak like that.

Lia, who had been hiding by ‘stealth’, quietly appeared from behind.

Leah had an outstanding ability to erase signs more than anyone else.

Despite sneaking up from behind and casting magic.

to the point of not being aware of it at all.

And the next test using Lia’s ‘Psychometric’.

“Politicians are the same everywhere.”


There was no one who could act as a sniper.

Even if you get a good hand and send it out.

Rather, there were already two people who would be happy if they didn’t hit the counterattack.

If it wasn’t for Lia’s ‘Psychometric’.

That there was such a criminal record and corruption.

He would have noticed it only after the other side exploded and the headwind blew.

In front of such iron.

“Hunter Park Cheol-han. hello. I’ve heard a lot of stories. This is Kim Ji-wook.”

“Nice to meet you. Representative Kim Ji-wook. I am Hunter Park Cheol-han.”

Kim Ji-wook appeared.

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