Monsters instinctively try to kill people.

Black Hunters also try to hunt people for their own benefit.


What is the difference between that black hunter and the monster?

Both rushed to kill Cheolhan.

On top of that, that black hunter who became a corpse added to his ugliness.

to pursue their own interests and desires.

A being who has given up being a human being who commits murder without hesitation.

“That guy or the monster. It’s all the same for me.”

If it had been ironclad in the past, that corpse.

Although it is a skill, he may have felt reluctance to eat it with predation.


It was not the current iron limit.

If you hadn’t prepared in advance.

The one who lost his warmth and became a corpse wasn’t that guy, it must have been Cheolhan himself.

He just killed the enemy who ran for his life.

That was it.

More than anything.

“It hurts.”

Hunger is felt.

Obviously, Cheol-han is not a madman who eats cannibals.

The more I looked at the corpse, the more hungry I became.

An S-class attribute obtained by Cheol-han during his second awakening.

‘Hunger’ seems to have been activated.

When you ate Howling, an E-class monster.

Increased stats and acquired new skills.

If that’s the case, if you eat that corpse presumed to be a C-class hunter.

What reward awaits you?

Of course, there was a possibility that the predation would fail.

If so, I would have known by doing it myself.

Cheolhan activated the skill window.

『Predation (S): You can eat the opponent you subdued. As the skill level goes up, the grade that can be eaten goes up.

Current Predatory Rating: D』

Apparently, the skill window said that the grade that can be eaten is up to D.

Even if Cheolhan uses predation.

It meant that there was a possibility that the corpse could not be eaten.

There was no need to hesitate any longer.

You’ll know if you do it.


Let Cheolhan stretch out his hand.

The shadows under my feet stretched out and swallowed the corpse.

After a while.

The shadow returns to Cheolhan’s feet again.

On the floor that was full of blood.

No traces were left.

At the same time as the shadow returns, a notification window starts to appear.

『Current predation level: D.

The target is Class C, so you cannot prey on it.』

It’s impossible because it’s a C-class hunter.

The moment when you want to give up thinking that it is.

『Hunger kicks in. It devours C-rank targets with some penalties applied.』

‘Hunger’, an S-class trait that Cheol-han has.

It was triggered once again.

『Name: Park Cheol-han

Age: 33

Awakening: 2nd

Class: Predator

Attribute: Indomitable Spirit (B) Hunger LV.01 (S)

Strength 44.1 Stamina 47.8 Agility 28.4 mana 22.2 Spirit 46 Karma 2』


Predation Lv.02 (S)

Growth Lv.01 (S)

Wild Leap (E)』

It was Cheol-han who went through numerous level 9 dungeons for two months to catch Howling.


The result of devouring one Black Hunter.

I’ve grown as much as the results I’ve gotten from running dungeons for two months now.

It wasn’t because they ate people.

Howling is only an E grade monster.

The Black Hunter that Cheolhan had just eaten was grade C.

No matter how many E-ranks you devour.

It was the moment when it was proven that it was much better to eat the C-class, which is two levels higher.

It didn’t end there.


It was the first stat I saw even as Cheolhan.

And it was a word I had never heard while living as a hunter for the past 7 years.

Because there were 5 stats that the Hunter could have through the status window.

strength, stamina, agility, mana, and spirit.

Only these 5 things.

However, there was a 6th stat that shouldn’t be in Cheolhan’s status window.


What is it?

The moment when Cheolhan tried to check the predation skill that became Lv2 next.

I could feel the signs coming towards me from the bottom of the mountain.

many, not one.

This time, it seems that the Hunter Administration Bureau Gate Response Team is actually coming up.

Cheol-han’s eyes looked at the place where Kim Yi-han’s body had been.

It was clean.

as if there was nothing.

Cheol-han had no choice but to postpone the confirmation of the level-up of predation.

There were a total of five Hunters who arrived at the place where Cheolhan was.

Among them, Hunter, who seemed to be a B-class, approached Cheol-han.

“I am Park Han-soo, team leader of the Gate Response Team 3 of the Hunter Management Bureau. I’ll check Hunter’s identity.”

The equipment brought out this time was the latest scanning equipment.


Certainly compared to where I lived before.

one room. It wasn’t even a master bedroom, it was a studio the size of a dressing room.

However, for Cheol-han, there was no place he felt as comfortable as here.

The sigh that comes out when you arrive at the front door is no longer there.

There are no more wounds from continuous rejection.

losing everything

I was alone again

Rather, it was a time when he felt more comfortable now.

Tonight’s dinner is pig’s trotters and soju from the market.

Spread a small prize on the floor.

I turned on the TV.

[This is today’s Hunter news. The news is that the S-class challenge of the Black Mercenary Guild’s Guild Master Su-Hak Lee is not far away. For more information, let’s find out through Reporter Park, who went to the Hunter Management Bureau. Reporter Park?]

[yes. This is reporter Park Dae-ha. I am now in the Hunter Administration.]

[I heard that the black mercenary guild’s guild leader Lee Su-hak is facing an S-class challenge. Is that correct?]

[That’s right. The news that the black mercenary guild’s Lee Su-hak guild leader would arrive in a while. Reporters have been waiting here for a long time.]

[I hear the black mercenary guild is voting for a 3rd level dungeon?]

[you’re right. This time, news came in that the Black Mercenary Guild was voting for a 3rd class dungeon in Cheongju. If you clear it, there is a prospect that the achievement of the S rank of the guild leader Lee Soo-hak will not be far away. furthermore···]

Cheolhan’s expression hardened.

I turned off the TV to make more noise.

It’s a level 3 dungeon.

It’s an S-class challenge.

None of these things mattered.

Black Mercenary Guild.

Lee Soo-hak, the owner and guild leader there.

It was a name that those who lived as hunters could not know.

whether positive or negative.

Among those awakened, criminals who disregarded the law and did not hesitate to kill were called Black Hunters.

It has a similar tone to that Black Hunter.

In reality, it was a black mercenary guild that was rumored to be doing bad things.

No one carelessly mentioned that part.

Rumors abounded.

Not only rumors, but also many revelations posted anonymously on Hunter Net.

There was also a story that infested the anonymous bulletin board until the post was deleted.

But the black mercenary guild.

To this day, it was still firmly in place.

Although Lee Su-hak guild leader was also a strong A-class hunter who was on the verge of becoming S-class.

Above all, the Black Mercenary Guild did not choose any means or methods for its purpose.

Sue against those who slander them.

He doesn’t hesitate to come and threaten you.

Many said that the guild lobbied the most in politics.

There was no place where you could touch the black mercenary guild located right below the 5th guild.

Above all, the mathematics of the black mercenary guild.

“It’s a son of a b*tch.”

To Cheol-han, he was a son of a b*tch.

A son of a b*tch who took away what I once considered most precious.

I didn’t know.

I thought he brought up the word divorce because he was disappointed with himself for not being able to get out of the C grade.

until you find out the truth.

Cheol-han just thought it was his fault.


“b*tch, motherf*cker.”

It is betrayal.

The result of giving everything.

It was a betrayal of the faith.

I lived for several years without a single piece of equipment properly equipped.

I believed that rejecting myself would be accepted over time.

While stamping the divorce papers.

Cheol-han learned all the truth.

That it was just a dirty b*tch, that bastard’s betrayal.

I’ve seen it even if I stopped talking about rumors about bastards.

Rather than holding it back.

An act he did because he couldn’t see the person he once loved go to hell.

But the answer that came back was cold.

“so? It’s better than having to go all the way to grade C for the rest of your life like my older brother. Wherever he goes, everyone supports him. Even me next to you.”

“It’s just taking you to entertainment for a while. i won’t hold on Just don’t go into that quagmire.”

“brother. You know what’s ugly now? It’s because I’m trying to go to someone better than myself. It’s because your stomach hurts.”

There, Cheol-han gave up his mind.

The bright smile he knew.

There was no one who sent lovely eyes anymore.

With eyes that no one else can see.

There was only a strange woman looking at him with cold eyes.

Instead of pouring soju into a glass, Cheol-han.

I brought the bottle to my mouth.

Gulp. Soju goes down your throat.

The rage that soared in the cold alcohol subsided a little.

“Not yet.”

Even though I got two S-class skills.

Cheolhan was still only a C-class hunter.

The opponent is an A-class hunter with an S-class in front of her eyes, and the guild leader of the Black Mercenary Guild.

It is said that it is not too late to avenge the nobleman even if it takes 10 years.

Let’s not be in a hurry.

Let’s not rush.

‘Hunger’, an S-class trait.

The S-class skills ‘Saturation’ and ‘Growth’.

Finally, to the ‘wild leap’ obtained by predation.

Cheolhan now is just a C-class hunter.

So far, there are only 3 skills.


“It will be different in a year.”

Time was on Cheolhan’s side.

This time pour the drink into a glass.

Then, exactly one sip passed down my throat.

“Skill window.”

『Predation (S): You can eat the opponent you subdued. As the skill level rises, the grade of the opponent you can prey on increases.

Can be extracted from gorged opponents.

Current Predatory Rating: D』

When Cheol-han preyed on Black Hunter.

It wasn’t just the stats that changed.

The level of the S-class skill ‘Saturation’ has risen to 2.

As a result, a new line was added to the description of predation.

There was a phrase saying that it could be extracted from a devoured opponent.

“Extract. What does it mean?”

You’ll find out exactly what it is when you gorge on monsters.

Cheol-han closed the cap of the bottle of soju he had drunk exactly half of.

Being drunk and not being able to control yourself.

He had graduated by now.

After Cheol-han cleans up the drinking table.

Accessed Hunternet.

HunterNet is literally everything Hunte needs.





Monster Encyclopedia, etc.

Everything related to Hunter was in place.

A transnational hunter community created by the cooperation of hunter management bureaus in each country.

That was Hunternet.

Among them, Cheol-han accessed the monster encyclopedia.

“I need to find information about the monster.”

Gained ‘Rough Leap (E)’ as a new skill through howling E-class monsters.

Then it’s time to set your next goal.

As for the monsters that appear in level 6 dungeons or lower.

I was able to get all the information through the Hunternet Monster Encyclopedia.

Information related to level 5 or higher dungeons is the know-how of a veteran hunter.

And it was secret information that was the strength of each guild.

It was an era when information was power.

Although the rough information up to the level 3 dungeons that have appeared so far has been revealed.

Information related to the really important attack was being handled covertly.

Cheolhan’s fingers moved as he looked at the monster encyclopedia.

To find the next monster to prey on.

Now, what skills does Cheol-han need?

as soon as.

“We need to find a monster that can heal itself.”

It was a monster that could recover the damage it received on its own.

From the point of view of Cheol-han, who has to use predation.

You couldn’t enter a dungeon in a party with someone.

A secret can only be kept if no one knows.

Cheolhan had no intention of revealing his skills to anyone.

That means you have to solo.

It didn’t end there.

If you eat monsters with predation.

Didn’t leave a single drop of blood.

In other words, you can’t sell monster corpses.

“I don’t have enough money.”

That’s why I couldn’t buy a potion that was quite expensive.

When it was still only a C grade.

I had to acquire the skill to heal alone.

By acquiring a treatment-related skill with ‘Predation’.

I had to raise my skill level as much as possible through ‘growth’.

To take revenge in the distant future.

Cheolhan’s fingers moved slowly.

I checked the information of many E-class monsters.


Cheolhan’s fingers stopped in one place.


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