late night.

Cheol-han left Lia at home and was ready to go out alone.

“Ironhan. Even if I can’t go with you today, you shouldn’t be sorry.”

while escorting.

Is it regrettable that we can’t go out together?

It was written in Leah’s eyes to take me too.

Cheol Han-eun laughed inwardly at that appearance.

“Today Leah can’t come with me. I miss you so much.”

Leah gave the answer she wanted.

I couldn’t help it.

Those who had already chased them from Russia found traces of Lia’s magic.

If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be scouring all over Seoul.

There was certainty in their movements.

I won’t stop searching until I find Leah.

Under those circumstances, I couldn’t take Leah out tonight.

Stealth magic or transformation magic was essential to take Lia outside.

Lia is very cute and her exotic appearance catches the eye.

It was clear that if he went out without using magic, he would attract people’s attention at once.

If you go there with Cheolhan.

A picture would have been taken and posted on the Internet.

More than anything.

“For the perfect implementation of the brown bear hunting project tomorrow. Let’s wait until today.”

The effect could be maximized only when they suddenly discovered traces of magic.

Until tomorrow.

No trace of Lia should be found anywhere in Seoul.

“after. We will endure until today. The thought of starting revenge makes tomorrow feel so long.”


If Cheol-han ran to destroy Lee Soo-hak.

Even while escaping Russia, Lia said she never forgot one resolution.

Someday, I’ll definitely return these pains to them.

Revenge for a dear friend who sacrificed himself for him.

And revenge on Head, who did all kinds of vicious things in the lab.

“I’ve been waiting for you whenever I go to Russia. Rather, that bad guy came to Korea. This is heaven giving me a chance to get my revenge.”

Do you think the first step of revenge is finally accomplished?

Lia couldn’t hide her excitement.

“Don’t go.”

After leaving the house, Cheol-han immediately started moving using ‘Gyeonggong’.

The destination is a building in the middle of the Seoul nightlife street.

From a room salon in the basement to a hotel on the ground.

It was a place where you could solve all of the entertainment inside the building.

Of course, Lee Soo-hak was behind the organization that ran it.

The day before Cheol-han started the brown bear hunting project.

The reason I came here was simple.

‘They must have been impatient to find Leah as soon as possible.’

Through the data already handed over to Han Mu-hak.

It was Cheol-han who confirmed the information about Alexar, a member of the Head who came over from Russia.

In addition to that, even the personality of Alexar heard from Leah.

Perhaps if you find traces of the Red Witch.

Even if it was the place that Lee Soo-hak was running behind, he would not care and overturn it.

Especially if you do a bang bang in the process of chasing the trail.

If Alexar went on a rampage like that.

Of course, it was in the middle of Seoul, so there was going to be an uproar.

This operation was supposed to hit Lee Soo-hak once again.

It was easy, even without Cheolhan using his own hands.

I was thinking of making a typi.

‘see. If we weave the traffic line from here to there.’

The finishing work had to be done in a place where no one’s eyes could reach.

There is a big commotion in Lee Soo-Hak’s building.

It was better to finish the work from as far away as possible.

If the situation breaks out, even if it’s the Hunter Management Bureau.

You won’t be able to blindly chase after Head, an S-class hunter, without any preparation.

Cheol-han is constantly moving with ‘Gyeonggong’.

I started to decide the route for tomorrow’s brown bear hunting project.



9 o’clock at night.

Traces of Andrei’s skill ‘tracking’, which wandered around Seoul again, were caught.

Finally, traces of the Red Witch’s use of magic were discovered.

It didn’t end there.

Although I found traces of using magic twice at the mart.

The traces were all cut off in the mart parking lot.


The traces Andrei had just discovered were leading somewhere.

As if he were trying to seduce Andrei.

“This could be a trap.”

It was a red witch who did not know what to do because she was not smart enough.

In fact, it was shown as a result of escaping Russia and hiding in Korea.

If Andrei had been alone in Seoul, he might have been thinking about following this trail.


“yes. I found the traces now. However, they are leaving long traces as if they were attracting people.”

Head member Alexar was currently in Korea.

I don’t know who is helping the Red Witch.

It was clear that he would never have thought that there would be an S-class Awakener from Russia in Korea.


‘Rather, I’m going to chase it in reverse. I’m going to catch the red witch tonight.’

There really isn’t much left now.

If only this Red Witch thing was handled well.

Even Charba’s officers were confirmed.


It was as expected.

The one who discovered the traces of Lia’s use of magic.

He didn’t immediately follow the trail or give up.

I just called somewhere and waited in a seat.

A member of the head who came to Korea.

Waiting for Alexar.

After Cheol-han also took Lia to the destination.

I was quietly running after Andrei.

He followed her until he found traces of Lia’s magic.

“I asked for a bait. I called and waited at my seat.”

– It is clear to call the head.

“okay. It will probably follow the trail only after Alexar arrives.”

– If you follow the trail like a maze, you will surely be angry.

Lia could now move freely even in stealth.

I was even able to use ‘blink’ magic while maintaining that state.

Today’s plan was simple.

She left traces of Lia’s magic even in the basement of the building she saw yesterday.

In the process, the lines were complicatedly twisted here and there.

In the process of tracking the trail, Alexar’s anger can soar.

He probably had to follow the trail for an hour to reach the destination where Lia was.

If there were no traces of Lia in the basement of the building like that.

They’re pretty sure Leah’s hiding inside.

I’m going to go in right now and try to find it like this.

“Looking at the traces of you cut off underground. Conflict with members of the organization is inevitable. I wouldn’t mind if there were people around.”

– you’re right. The bad guy’s personality. It is clear that it will be overturned immediately.

“yes. Rather than contact Lee Soo-hak and seek cooperation. I’m going to try to look inside.”

Alexar was an S-class Awakener.

Will Alexar let the Black Hunters who are trying to restrain him stand still?

Your anger must have been piled up to the limit because you’ve been chasing the trail like a mutt for an hour?

Rather, he would blow off the neck of the opponent who was trying to block him and try to find Lia.

In Alexar’s eyes, whether it’s B-class or A-class, they’ll all look like bugs.

[Brown Bear Hunting Project]

The operation Lia had named was about to begin.

After a while.

In the eyes of Cheol-han and Lia, who are hiding on the roof of a building.

Two Russians come in.

Because it was Alexar with such a huge size.

Even in the crowd of people passing by on the streets of the entertainment district, he had no choice but to stand out.

“came. They took the bait.”

“okay. They’re going down underground. The operation starts from the moment when there is an uproar.”

Cheolhan smiled.


It was the first time I was going to eat an S-class Hunter.


I found the place where the traces of the red witch were last cut off.

Even the end of the trail headed towards the building in front of him as if to seduce Andrei and Alexar.

“Whoa. over there?”

“yes. The trail of the Red Witch has been cut off from that building. I can confirm it until I go down to the basement. I guess I’ll have to check where it went from there.”

“Is there any possibility that he came out of the building again?”

“doesn’t exist. I entered using magic. It is highly unlikely that he would break the spell and come out.”

“I can go in and check it out.”

Andrei’s words.

Alexar strode without hesitation.

It was Alexar who couldn’t stand it any longer.

It’s already been an hour since Andrei’s phone call and tracking.

During that time, like an idiot, he only followed traces and moved.

Not anyone else, but the world’s Alexar.

“It could be a trap. If you contact the Black Mercenary Guild and ask for their cooperation…”

Andrei tried to stop Alexar.

Rather, it was Alexar who reached out and grabbed Andrei’s throat.


“If you talk a little more, I will rip your mouth out. trap? Do you see me as a threat to a crude trap set up by a b*tch? A trap made by a girl whose only goal is to go round and round like she is doing now?”

The moment when Andrei was about to run out of breath.

Alexar relaxed his grip on his neck.

Andrei falls to the floor like a doll with a broken thread.

Those who were watching the huge Russians were startled and hurriedly retreated.

Not yet.

A situation where he could not see the Red Witch with his own two eyes.

He couldn’t kill Andrei, who had the tracking skill, just because he was momentarily angry.

this boiling anger.

It would be enough to cool it down with the blood of the humans inside that building.

I don’t know if Alexar in a cool-headed state would have tolerated it.

Now he had no more patience.

After all, the only thing Korea can do to Russia is to protest.

From now on, as a member of the Head, it was Alexar, willing to pour out his anger as he pleased.

“today. You must catch the Red Witch.”

Alexar smiled cruelly and headed back to the building.


As the huge Russian who caused a commotion in front approached.

The gangster guarding the entrance tried to stop it by blocking it.

That moment.


Alexar’s fist literally blew the member’s head off.


“what? Is it a murder case?”

“crazy! A foreigner killed a man!”

“Awakener. Report it to the administration immediately.”

In an instant, blood and flesh exploded in all directions.

Literally, the surroundings became a mess.

Alexar, who briefly savored the landscape he had created,

It soon disappeared through the basement stairs.

Andrei hurried after him.

The situation has already exploded.

The situation looks like gang members doing illegal things.

It would have been enough to somehow dismiss the fact that those members of the organization first quarreled with Alexar, an S-class hunter.

More than anything, since the situation is like this.

I had to somehow catch the red witch tonight.

If not.

It was Andrei who knew that Alexar’s anger would be directed at him.


“As expected, there was an uproar.”

“okay. Let’s start in 10 minutes.”

10 minutes was enough.

The amount of time required for an S-rank Hunter to clear up all the Black Hunters below.

Even that was the assumed time when they said they were looking for Lia and tidying up.

“If Cheolhan gives a signal. I will lure them right away with stealth magic.”

“Don’t forget to use Blink to move from rooftop to rooftop.”

“It is natural. Cheol-han can eat that bad guy today only when he doesn’t get caught.”

Cheolhan’s cold eyes looked down the building.

There was no mayhem like this already.

A foreign Awakener killed a man on the road where many people were passing by.

Even from the moment Alexar grabs the neck of what appears to be a subordinate.

I was just about to take out my phone and see that there were people taking pictures of the two of them.

at the end of the video.

It would have even included a scene where the black hunter’s head was blown off with a fist.

At the same time as Lia uses stealth magic again.


A loud explosion erupted from the entrance to the basement of the building.

In Alexar’s hand, who appeared on the road again.


“Mi, crazy!”

“Run away!”

I could hear the heads that had been roughly cut as if they had been plucked out.

Andrei, who hastily followed, points his finger at the top of the roof.

He had read the traces of Lia’s use of magic.

“Lia. Let’s begin.”

“All right. We are going to start hunting brown bears from now on.”

The bear hunt has begun.

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