What greeted Hana Kim when she went to work.

As soon as he saw it, he was the general manager who came running.

“Are we here?”

“Boss. Why are you so burdensome?”

Despite Kim Hana pushing the approaching manager.

The manager quickly comes back and removes Kim Ha-na’s chair.

“Did the interview go well yesterday?”

“yes. I said I live Hunter Park Cheol-han said he had a reservation and took me. Thanks to you, I got something delicious.”

“I see. That’s enough, you’re best friends with a hard-nosed Hunter now. I can go to work late today.”

“I have to write an article. The manager is waiting for me like this. burdensome.”

At Hana Kim’s joke.

The manager was surprised and waved his hand.

“Ugh! It’s burdensome. Anyway, it’s a knight. One of us must know how to use it well. Feel free to use it only during this morning. don’t be burdened Understand?”

“yes. Okay.”

Kim Ha-na’s shoulders were raised as if they were piercing the sky.

The corners of the manager’s mouth twitched slightly, as if he didn’t like the look.

It was not Kim Hana who would miss that expression.

“why? Manager, don’t you like me?”

“Can it be? Who could hate our reporter Hana Kim?”

It’s a secret.

The manager whispered so that the person next to him could not hear it.

It was as if they were telling the correct answer about the yellow cow and the black cow.

“You know you are the one person I cherish the most, right?”

Despite the manager’s flattering praise.

Kim Hana just made a sour expression.

“hmm. I don’t know, but I’m a bit thirsty.”

“Are you thirsty? Sung Hoon. Go get some water.”

Hana Kim’s senior, Seong-Hun Cha, who was next to the manager running errands, responded with an absurd face.

“Boss. I have to go out soon.”

“know. So, it’s a warm-up before we go out, and we’re asking each of us to get some water.”

The joke ended here.

No matter how much Kim Hana’s shoulders went up.

I couldn’t have my senior, who had taken care of me since I was a freshman, run water errands.

“It’s okay, old man. I already brought water to drink in the tumbler. Boss. From now on, I will summarize the contents of the interview yesterday.”

“That, is it? okay. I’ll tell you right away when it’s over. Understand?”

“yes yes.”

When asked to type a iron coin.

The manager was regretting why he was nervous at the time.

If the self at the time had strongly insisted on OK.

Kim Ha-na’s shoulders wouldn’t have risen like that now.


The general manager’s eyes looking at Hana Kim were filled with warmth.

Because the reporter who won the exclusive interview with Cheol-han over a drink last night was Kim Ha-na.

Cheolhan Park.

After achieving Class A in the fastest period of time than any other Awakener.

Now, the world is paying attention to Hunter.

It didn’t end there.

Recently, he blew his neck while dealing with a Death Knight who came out of the 5th level gate alone.

After that, he attacked the level 3 dungeon with the Daehan Guild.

These alone were enough to startle people.

Did Cheol-han think that alone was not enough?

An S-class Hunter who smuggled in from Russia a few days ago.

It is to stop Alexar, who caused a mass murder in the middle of Seoul.

Among the two who moved to another place and fought.

One person has no trace.

The other person was back intact and was active.

Of course, there was an uproar because the latter was Cheolhan.

Because of this incident, people’s interest in Cheol-han was on the verge of exploding.

After the creation of the 5 largest guilds.

It was because there had never been a Hunter who had taken such an unconventional move.

“I’m going to have to eat Korean Samgyetang for lunch today.”

Even before lunchtime.

As soon as the article was finished, he was the general manager who promised to take good care of Hana Kim.

The only reporter who could follow Chul-han’s solo interview was Kim Ha-na.

The more Kim Ha-na did well, the more the person who benefited the most was the manager herself.

After a while.

An article written by Hana Kim was completed as a series.

why don’t you upload one?

There was no need to complete all of the interviews at once that received such national attention.

Literally each article will be able to record a huge number of views.

[Ukraine is shocked. A hunter was born in our country, who said that he had to pay hundreds of billions of dollars to bring him from Poland right away?!]

[A Hunter who grows faster than any other Awakener in the world appears in Korea! Astonished foreign media are paying attention to find out the secret.]

[The surprising reason why Russia is so nervous about Korean A-class hunters! Even S-class hunters couldn’t stop him!!!]

Obviously, as soon as I checked the title, I opened the door and Hana Kim! Where did this go! I should have shouted

Today, the general manager’s face was filled with only a warm smile.


After dealing with Alexar.

Cheol-han immediately contacted Han Mu-hak.

Even before Cheol-han calls.

There were already missed calls and text messages from Han Mu-hak.

Alexar committed a murder in the middle of Seoul.

It must have been reported that Cheol-han, who was passing by, intervened to prevent it.

After Alexar ate it up with ‘predation’.

Han Mu-hak was of great help in the recovery process.

– Then, pay for the spring at the time promised tomorrow.

“yes. Then I’ll see you tomorrow, Chairman.”

After finishing the phone call with the Department of Hanmu.

Cheolhan checked the schedules once again.

Although I had to enter more dungeons and grow as soon as possible.

Rather, there were more things to do than before Alexar was captured.

Tomorrow, a meeting was scheduled with the 5 guild leaders, including Han Mu-hak.

The day after tomorrow, a meeting with the Hunter Administration is promised.

I couldn’t help it.

Because all the schedules were to prepare for Russia not to do nonsense.

“older brother···.”

There was someone who looked at Cheol-han with respect.

A broadcaster who claims to be Cheol-han’s younger brother.

It was Choi Woo-joo.

“older brother. Could it be that the person you just talked to is Han Moo-hak, the president of the Daehan Guild?”


“also! I can’t believe my older brother is the one who can make frequent personal phone calls with Chairman Moo-Hak Han!”

After pushing away the fussing Choi Woo-joo.

Cheolhan once again checked the list to communicate with viewers today.

In today’s broadcast, every word was really important.

From the standby screen, nonsensical viewers had already arrived.

I didn’t have to worry about making a mistake because I wasn’t particularly nervous or cold-hearted.

It was clear that what Cheolhan said would spread to various communities in real time.

they go all over the world again.

In particular, it was going to go to Russia, which would be closely watched because of Alexar’s disappearance.

The reason Cheol-han checked once again was because of that Russia.

“older brother! Even before my brother appeared. From the stand-by screen, the number of viewers has already exceeded 300,000. If you do well with this, you can set a new record today.”

“okay? Please take good care of me today.”

“Trust me and don’t worry. I will lead the atmosphere neatly and proceed.”

After going to the 3rd level dungeon with Daehan Guild.

It was Cheol-han who promised to communicate with viewers through Choi Woo-joo’s broadcast.

The broadcast date was already announced through Choi Woo-joo.


It was delayed for a while because of Russian tracking.

That broadcast was made only today.

“hello. I am Park Cheol-han, an A-rank hunter. Originally, I promised to go to Daehan Guild and level 3 dungeon to communicate with you. I’m sorry I didn’t come to see you today.”

Although it is later than the originally announced date.

None of the numerous viewers blamed Cheol-han.

Rather, only praises for what Cheol-han did to stop Alexar are coming up.

As soon as Cheol-han appeared on the screen, the number of viewers exceeded 350,000.

It was not possible to read the chats of such viewers.

Although I set a higher done amount than usual.

No viewers objected to such a decision.

Because I was well aware that Cheolhan donated all of that money.

└ No. Oh my God, who would criticize the hard-nosed hunter who went out to save the lives of countless citizens.

└ I heard that he was an S-class hunter who sneaked in from Russia. If you imagine running into people at that time, it’s real…

└ When Europe announced that the madman was Alexar, an S-class hunter. I was really surprised. A nuclear bomb appeared in the middle of Seoul, right?

└ Did Park Chul-Han Hunter recognize at a glance that the opponent was stronger than himself?

Choi Woo-joo’s sharp eyes did not miss the last round.

before starting the broadcast.

It was Choi Woo-joo who had already heard from Cheol-han what he wanted to say on today’s broadcast.

At the same time, the question Cheol-han wanted came up to Done.

Choi Woo-joo skillfully led the conversation.

“Many older brothers are curious about this. When Cheol-han arrived at the scene of the incident. Did you notice that it was Alexar?”

“It wasn’t like that. Even if it’s an S-class Hunter. I didn’t memorize the faces of Awakeners from other countries. But I could tell at a glance that he was stronger than me.”

At the same time as Cheolhan’s words ended.

└ Even if you didn’t know who it was. I knew you were strong Aren’t you worried about taking on an enemy stronger than yourself? He was a madman who openly killed people on the street. There was a way to wait until support came.

“To be honest, the opponent is at least the top A-rank hunter. I guessed that if it was stronger, it might be S-class. if i don’t step out I couldn’t wait because I thought that a big accident might happen.”

take a breath here

So that viewers who would be looking at themselves through the screen could focus on their mouth.

“If I can take the risk and make the citizens safe. Even if I knew in advance that my opponent was an S-class hunter, I would have made the same choice.”

└ Wow. bored This is a Hunter who truly knows the value of his power. These days, hunters like this are really extinct. I’m going to join the Park Cheol-han Hunter fan club right away.

└ That might all be smoke. That’s right. There was a murder case in the middle of Seoul, and he was passing by with his equipment just in time? Even an S-class hunter is obediently pursuing it? Maybe they’re all conspiring with Russia.

└ This lady is here again. Madame. Ajumma has a unique way of speaking, so no matter how many masks she wears, she is recognized. Now stop lingering and get out of it.

└ Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I’m good when I’m like that I think I’m going to die of a stomach ache if I accidentally miss it. Did you run away again when your identity was discovered? lol

└ They say they carry equipment because they don’t know when the gate will be created. Wow, Park Cheolhan Hunter is really cool.

The images were gradually being accumulated.

Now, even if Cheol-han made soybean paste with red beans, there were people who believed it.

The fact that Cheolhan’s fan club members exceeded 500,000.

Before I came to meet Choi Woo-joo today, I had known about it from Lia.

└ So, what happened to Alexar, an S-rank hunter that night? He said he went missing after that. They say you don’t even know in Russia?

The most important questions were addressed.

Clearly, it was Alexar who caused the murder even though countless people were watching.

Where did Alexar disappear after chasing Cheolhan?

Beyond the viewers, even Russia must be curious about it.

“The answer to that part is. I would appreciate it if you could confirm it through the interview with reporter Hana Kim.”

Cheol-han did not forget to bring Kim Hana.

If Cheol-han said the contents here, the number of views of the article would drop.

Anyway, the answer Cheolhan could give was decided.

Despite Cheol-han’s efforts, he had no choice but to be pushed back against the S-class.

However, he only gritted his teeth and fought because the citizens would be in danger if he retreated.


Suddenly, Alexar, an S-class hunter, ran away.

It seems that he ran away because he was afraid that the S-class hunter would come because of the delay.

Russia doesn’t seem to bother looking for Alexar because he committed a crime in Korea.

Because this was the answer Cheol-han gave through an interview with Kim Ha-na.

Hunter administration too.

Even the 5 guild leaders.

Even the Russian heads wouldn’t believe it, though.

It didn’t matter.

If you don’t believe Cheolhan’s words.

Find Alexar, the person involved, and check with him.

can’t you believe

So, did you ask yourself?

if you can ask

This was the position Cheol-han was taking.

Because Alexar, who has already died, will not be able to reveal the truth.

a few hours later

└ Will you keep blocking the gate?

“Of course. wherever I can reach. I will go without hesitation no matter what level of gate is created.”

Finally, to answer the last question.

The broadcast ended successfully.


“Cheolhan! It was a really hard day today.”

It was Lia who welcomed Cheol-han back home.

“What are those glasses?”

“These are glasses that enhance concentration.”

Ria’s tiny face was crowned with black, horn-rimmed glasses.

Looking at the eyes beyond the glasses, it seemed that there was no degree.

“I was writing this to increase my concentration and study.”


Lia nodded at Cheolhan’s question.

When Cheol-han saw the paper in his small hand, he was able to understand the meaning of Lia’s words.

“You were studying about the 4th grade dungeon.”

“That’s right. In order for Cheolhan to achieve S rank as soon as possible. It has become a body that can no longer be satisfied with only level 5 dungeons.”

I had already received information about the 4th grade dungeon through Han Muhak.

While Cheol-han was on his way to broadcast for a while.

It seems that Lia was studying about level 4 dungeons at home.

“The next dungeon is to go to the 4th level dungeon. I studied hard and found a suitable dungeon.”

“okay. Let’s go to the dungeon Liana found after studying hard.”

“If this news spreads. It will definitely surprise people.”

The dungeon that Cheolhan and Lia will enter next has been decided.

It is the first time in the world to challenge a level 4 dungeon alone.

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