Choi Woo-joo was looking ahead with a cautious face.

“Is this good? Or would that be better?”

When was the last time you thought about it this much?

Even when selecting equipment while preparing to start broadcasting for the first time

It didn’t seem like he was more careful than that.

“I would like to take them all. president. Give me everything here.”

It was.

What is Choi Woo-joo buying right now?

It was a luxury gift set of red ginseng potion, which has recently been a big hit.

The red ginseng potion is said to be good for relieving fatigue and restoring energy.

It was a product that was popular as a gift and could not be bought even if there was money.

Choi Woo-joo was able to make a purchase only after making a reservation and waiting.

What I was thinking about right now was what to pack with the red ginseng potion gift set.

Ultimately, Choi Woo-joo’s choice was to buy them all.

“Because it is a gift to give to the person you are grateful for. Please make the wrapping paper luxurious.”

The person who gave the present prepared by Choi Woo-joo was none other than Cheol-han.

“I’ll give it to my parents when it’s their next reservation turn.”

If your parents made Choi Woo-joo born into the world and see the light.

For Choi Woo-joo, Cheol-han was the same as the person who paved the way for life.

Choi Woo-Joo, who came out with both hands heavy, immediately called Cheol-Han.

“older brother! Where are you?”

– It’s home. I’m going to try to leave after a while.

“All right. I’ll finish all the settings and wait.”

It was clear that today’s broadcast featuring Cheol-han would also be a hit.

It was the first communication broadcast since Gyeongju Gate.

Immediately after the gate ended, Choi Woo-joo’s broadcasting station was ablaze with questions about when Cheol-han would appear.

It didn’t end there.

Cheol-han was one of the most popular Awakeners not only in Korea but also in the world.

Because he was Cheol-han, who was literally making a movie-like story.

Second awakening at the end of life’s frustration.

Reached the highest level A from level C in the shortest period of time.

And before I knew it, the word S-class entered related search terms.

There was even a place where he recently offered himself a large sum of money to set up a place with Cheolhan overseas.

Choi Woo-ya rejected it without a second’s thought.

Perhaps today’s broadcast will be visited by a large number of foreigners.

Choi Woo-joo’s role was more important than anything else for a natural progression.

“Please let today’s broadcast pass safely.”

It’s like saying something like a line in a movie.

It was Choi Woo-joo who diligently headed home to prepare for the broadcast with Cheol-han.


“hello. I am Park Chul-han, an A-rank hunter.”

At the same time as Cheolhan greeted him.

Numerous chats started to come up.

It was the first communication broadcast since Gyeongju Gate.

The number of viewers was already rising as if the numbers were out of order.

└ He is a racer. Hunter Park Cheol-han, thank you so much for keeping me safe at the gate. I also joined the fan club.

└ I also joined the Park Cheol-han Hunter fan club. Thank you for protecting the real city.

└ I heard that it ended there and yielded the settlement to the hunters. It’s really great bro!

└ By the way, it seems that there are a lot of English chatting on today’s broadcast? Any reason?

Today’s broadcast of Cheol-han had one difference from the past.

It’s just that a lot of foreign viewers came in.

Chatting in English that was barely visible.

It was constantly coming up every day.

└ You still don’t know? Interestingly, the hottest Awakener in America right now is a hard-working Hunter. There are even rumors that even large American guilds are trying to recruit them.

└ There are no words. In fact, several guilds put in offers. One of them said that he offered ridiculously unconventional conditions. Did you say he flatly refused?

└ Yes? what a waste. If it were me, I would have signed the contract and moved on. To put it bluntly, the treatment of hunters is worse in the United States than in Korea.

└ If the Park Cheol-han Hunter goes to America. Literally, our country is going to go crazy? The most beloved Awakener in Korea right now is Park Chul-Han Hunter?

In particular, the country that showed the most interest in Cheol-han was the United States.

As the story about Cheol-han spreads, starting with Hunter Net in the United States.

It was because numerous American Internet users formed a public opinion that Cheol-han should be brought.

There was no choice but to be interested in Cheolhan.

Although he is an A-rank hunter, he has already entered a 4-rank dungeon alone and cleared it twice.

This is not a coincidence, but thorough skill.

What kind of image can Cheol-han show if he reaches S-class?

It was a question that didn’t need an answer.

Because the numerous love calls already pouring in from other countries were the answer.

“A lot of people came from abroad. I have no intention of leaving Korea. We will start broadcasting by saying this clearly first.”

└ Wow. This is a tough hunter. Whoever criticizes the hard-nosed Hunter in the future is the same as attacking me. From this moment on, I will fight for you!

└ Me too! Protect the Park Cheolhan Hunter!!!

└ (I think you don’t know yet. If a hard-hearted hunter comes to the United States of America, which is a bigger world. I’m sure that achieving S rank will be faster.)

└ What do foreigners keep fussing about?

└ They said to come to their country. I promise to give you the best support at the national level. I’m not kidding, that’s what’s being said in countries that are actually in conflict with Russia.

S-class Hunter.

Equipment supported at the national level.

It wasn’t easy to fend off the Russian Awakeners equipped with these.

Especially in the relatively small countries bordering Russia.

It has already been known around the world that some areas have fallen into Russian hands.


What the European Union is still hiding is.

It was because Russia was thoroughly confronting the countries that joined the European Union.

It was a pretty clever choice.

I wonder if it was before Dmitri appeared in the world.

Dmitri has already appeared in the world, giving a huge shock to all of Europe.

Public opinion within the European Union was not good due to its overwhelming power.

Because Russia’s head wasn’t just Dmitry.

“Then, I will take questions through Done today. The income from today’s broadcast will also be donated to those in need.”


The Gate Management Team of the Hunter Administration Bureau after the last emergency broke out.

I was still having busy days.

After the 5th level gates were created simultaneously last time.

This was because monitoring of gate creation could not be neglected.

Manager Kim Gwan-sik was smoking with me and a team member for a while.

“Chief. How long do we have to work all night and overtime?”

“Stop talking nonsense, just do it. It was fortunate that I stopped well in the race last time. Don’t you know it’s almost a catastrophe? It is a time to be vigilant.”

“I know. There is no fuss at home asking when the father will come.”

Manager Kim Kwan-sik was also aware of the complaints from the gate management team.

It’s the first time. Even the employees who did their best with enthusiasm and sincerity gradually got tired as time passed.


Now was not the time to let down our guard.

A few years ago, after level 6 gates were created simultaneously across the country.

Level 5 gates appeared for the first time in Korea.

A similar incident has recently occurred again.

That meant that a level 4 gate might appear someday.

“Today is our day off work. How about a drink later?”

“You said you were going to die? A child is waiting for you at home?”

“no way. Still, wouldn’t it be better to have a drink after work to energize yourself and go to work?”

“anyway. Then it’s over…”

It was then.

Before Manager Kim Kwan-sik finished his words, a loud warning sound started to sound.

To hear a warning sound even to the smoking area.

It means at least level 6 gate or higher.

Kim Kwan-sik threw away the cigarette he was smoking and started running.

“And, chief!”

In spite of that urgent voice calling for herself when she arrived.

Kim Gwan-shik did not have time to answer.

“What grade is it? no way···.”

That guess was right.

Because the worst assumptions always fit.

“Level 4! uh? Ha, one more is being created!”

On the large screen that Kim Kwan-shik stares blankly at.

Level 4 gate.

It was also announced that two of them were being created in Seoul.


Cheolhan’s communication broadcast continued as usual.

In the meantime, there have also been posts asking foreigners to come to their country.

It was passed quickly due to the viewers who cried out that it could not be done.

└ Huh? I’m in Seoul, and I got an emergency evacuation order right now?

└ What bullsh*t. Even when two level 5 gates were created last time. I got a text message telling me to stay home safely.

└ I thought it was real? It came to me now too. uh? Urgent news is coming out on TV right now.

└ Right now… I heard there are 4 level 4 gates in Seoul… and 2 of them?

starting with those words.

In an instant, there was an uproar.

“Tongue, bro.”

The emergency evacuation order also reached Cheol-han and Choi Woo-joo’s cellphones.

Choi Woo-joo, who saw the contents of the text, looked at Cheol-han with a white face.

Because it was the appearance of a level 4 gate that is different from the gates that have been created so far.

Not one, but two 4th-level gates occurred at the same time.

Cheol Han-eun calmed down Choi Woo-joo for a moment.

He turned his attention to the viewers who were wondering what to do.

“everyone. You don’t have to worry.”

It was just the words of an A-class hunter.

On the other hand, Seoul is in a catastrophic situation with two level 4 gates being created.

Nevertheless, viewers could feel an unknown sense of relief at Cheolhan’s words.

“Today’s broadcast should end here. I’m leaving for the gate right now.”

└ Maybe… Are you broadcasting today?

└ Are you crazy? Is broadcasting a problem now?

└ There must be people taking pictures from a distance. you never know Will the hard-hearted Hunter stop it like last time?

└ Hey there. Didn’t you know that level 4 gates are classified in the same level as level 3 dungeons? Hurry up and pack your things to evacuate.

Watching the chat window start fighting each other.

Cheolhan spoke slowly.

“Of course, we are going to broadcast. So that you don’t have to worry about the level 4 gate.”

Chul-han ended the broadcast by saying that he would resume the broadcast when he arrived at the gate.

A level 4 gate has appeared.

The ripple effect of those words was enormous.

– What’s the situation? A level 4 gate being built in Seoul?

– ㅇㅇ Two of them. Now, because of that, all citizens of Seoul have an emergency evacuation order.

– An emergency evacuation order has been issued in Seoul? It’s the first evacuation order in years. This is a really serious situation.

– Have there been any evacuation orders issued in recent years due to the creation of a gate in Seoul?

– No. I was told not to leave the house because it was dangerous. This time, it seems to be a really serious situation for the first time in several years.

There was an uproar.

Even in the situation where the last level 5 gate was created at the same time.

It was a management bureau that just told them to stay in a safe place because it was dangerous outside.


This time things are different.

For citizens who just in case won’t listen to the evacuation order.

The broadcasting station started talking about the dangers of the 4th level gate as an emergency program.

[professor. Wouldn’t it be better to be safe at home this time?]

[no. Things are much different this time around. Rather than staying at home like last time. It is recommended to evacuate to a safe place according to the guidance of the government and management office.]

[Level 4 gate. Is that because there were two of them?]

[you’re right. There was a time when more than 300 people were injured and a lot of property was damaged due to the level 4 gate that was created in Paris. Although the strength of the current hunters in Seoul is much stronger than that of Paris. The problem is that two level 4 gates are being created at the same time.]

The government and management agencies urged citizens to evacuate through television emergency news programming.

As long as it’s a level 4 gate.

As much as it is currently being created at the same time.

It was to be prepared for any contingency.

While listening to the news on the radio.

Cheol-han was on the phone with Hanmu Department.

“yes. We are planning to leave right now. Has the boss monster of the gate been confirmed?”

After hearing Han Mu-hak’s answer over the receiver.

“Then I will go to the Gigant Golem Gate.”

The level 4 gate created this time.

Both places were places where Cheolhan experienced.

Lycanthrope and Gigant Golem.

In particular, Gigant Golem would not be easy to catch once it came out of the gate.

Cheolhan made a decision.

Then I texted Leah right away.

“It’s space.”


“I’m going to go home for a while.”


“okay. I just left anyway, so even if I stop by, it won’t take long. The road to the gate is said to direct traffic. Let’s go right away.”

The stage for Cheol-han was prepared faster than expected.


There was no iron limit to miss this opportunity.

What should I do to prepare to remove this mathematics?

Even if Lee Math disappears, the void should not be felt.

In order to do that, Cheol-han’s presence should be enough to completely bury Yi Su-hak.

For example, holding an S-grade item.

Showing the appearance of an S-class hunter.

It’s the kind of things that can shock people tremendously.

Cheol-han had the ability to show both.

– Cheolhan. Are you finally unveiling Derman’s sword?

– okay.

– Today, people in the world are once again surprised by Cheolhan.

Like Lia’s character.

Cheol-han was thinking of making the world buzz again.

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