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Right at the time when the high-level forces of all directions gathered in one place.
Leading to the shock of Jiuzhou, the leader, Thien Dao Kim Bang, also changed at this time.
Just seeing it was like being controlled by an invisible hand.
Under the scrutiny of countless eyes, which was originally trembling slightly, a line of small letters appeared along with it.
It makes people feel weird.
Obviously, the letters are as small as tadpoles one by one.
Maybe people can still see what the word is, even each pen and each line can be clearly seen.
Even if it’s stupid, it does exist.
Looking at the text at the time, there is no name to understand the meaning in it.
« Jiuzhou battle ceiling table »
« Mainland Nine Provinces, a talented man of class appeared, a genius who is uncountable, this list shows only nine cards (*) Chau Top 20 supernatural powerhouses, ordinary people, can be achieved God reward! »
« The list is renewed every half a year, the closer the titles come first, the richer the rewards! »
“Heavenly Dao’s reward? On the contrary, there is a bit of meaning, that is, I don’t know if there is a lady in need of an Eternal Life Pill.”
Dai Qin, Ham Duong Palace inside.
Ying Zheng’s eyes flashed a ray of light, and smiled softly.
The sound is not great.
But everyone here who is not transparent.
If there is a real reward from the Heavenly Dao, there is a Longevity Realm Pill and all kinds of medicinal pills.
Take this to count, absolutely will not regret any price to collect in hand!
“Your Majesty can rest assured, if this pill really exists, I will even risk this old life and take it back for you!”
When Trieu Cao heard that, he immediatelyThe golden lord stooped over the outwardly loyal man.
The rest of the great gods saw that, in their hearts they secretly scolded a flattering ghost, and in their mouth was a side piece.
“I don’t know, how many people do you think Da Qin can have on the board?”
Make people look in the eyes.
Businessman laughed ha ha.
They did not pay attention to their words, how many were sincere, how many were fake.
Heard so.
The great gods, who were originally stunned, continued to frown and fell into contemplation.
Even though Dai Qin is the most powerful in the Eight Great Emperors of the Empire.
But the immediate comparison is the strength of the individual, plus the longer the cultivation of martial arts, the longer the life span.
No one knows how many strange old monsters the Nine Provinces Continent has.
Therefore, nature did not dare to swear an oath to first open her mouth.
“I think that the Yin-Yang family Dong Hoang Thai Nhat, Dao Gia Thien Tong Bac Minh Tu Grandmaster, and Confucian family Tieu Thanh Hien Trang Tuan Tu, should all be enough to get on the board.”
Zhao Cao pondered for a while, then slowly opened his mouth.
As the owner of La Vong.
Even if these elders have specific strength, he is not clear.
But compared to the rest of the hall, the great god came to speak.
Of course he understood a little.
Therefore, after pondering for a moment, he whispered his own guess.
Of course.
This is also based on the fame and status of these people in Dai Qin.
As for the unspecified remains, he did not dare to flaunt it in vain.
” YES. . .”
Businessman gently stroked his jaw.
. . . . .
Dai Tong, royal palace.
Song Huy Tong Zhao Cat took his eyes back from the void and couldn’t help but sigh lightly.
Even though the Great Song in the eight great emperors of the Emperor Dynasty, there was Phu Tong claiming to be inside.
But when it comes to national power, it is absolutely a bottom-line existence.
Behind, still carriedNhut Tong is famous.
More important Van contempt Vo reason.
This time, Thien Dao Kim Bang, I am afraid that the entire Song Dynasty, on the board, is estimated to be very few.
However, he did not know what the reward from Heaven would be.
But according to Thien Dao Kim Bang before, the heavens and the earth came to see.
This heavenly reward is absolutely extraordinary!
But in such a good place, Dai Song did not save much.
As such, he was naturally a bit lost.

Dai Minh, Wudangshan.
Looking at Thien Dao Kim Bang on the content at.
Song Yuanqiao said with a happy face and laughed loudly.
“The battle strength of the ceiling, it seems that my Wudang can also be respected by the Heavenly Dao!”
“I don’t know, what rank can the master rank?”
At his side.
Except for missing Truong Ngu Hiep outside.
Even the stagnant Du Dai Yan, this time is also full of excitement.
“Marriage master’s ability, of course the number one!”
Mac Thanh Coc said without thinking.
Others heard that, constantly saying the right thing.
Only being surrounded in it, Truong Tam Phong, laughed and shook his head.
“Guys, knowledge is still too shallow.”
“Not to mention whether or not this Nine Provinces Continent still has outstanding seniors.”
“It’s just that the old Daoist I know, no less than me, has more than one hand.”
“The best goal is nothing. Useless claims to be great!”
The word just came out.
Song Yuanqiao and several senior brothers were momentarily shocked.
However, they also understand that there is a kind of senior senior in the same family as their master.
But from their point of view, they must all be the existence of phoenix feathers.
Another word for the cult master, blowing a natural first without the slightest burden in his heart.
But now, listening to the teacher’s words, it seems that there are not many of these existences coming here!
Just thought of here.
Suddenly, mouth wide open, surprisedwho looked at Truong Tam Phong.
Opening his mouth to inquire, Truong Tam Phong smiled and did not speak, his eyes showed nothingness.
See that.
A few people can only force their curiosity, and at the same time look at Tiandao Jin Bang.
« Nine continents battle strength ceiling – rank 20, Hoa Hi, cultivation: Continent of Gods in the early stage. »
« Identity: Dai Minh Di Hoa Palace, predecessor of the palace, incumbent Thanh Long Hoi 11 main hall, title: November. »
“She is a woman of wisdom, from a young age, she has been used to birth, old age, sickness and death, in the world a hundred kinds of states, there is no place to rely on her, at a time of wandering and wandering (living in a corner of the market) activities. Later, he was taken in by an old woman and began to practice from there. »
“Because of the fear of birth, old age, illness, and death, she was practicing the exercises after she developed her mind of creating the practice. »
At the age of 30 that year, she finally invented the eternal treasure of youth, the ice muscle of jade bone, the great city that could overflowing with inner strength, Minh Ngoc Cong, and was able to borrow strength to win the reins. , post-deployment of human rights, leading to changes in opposing the enemy’s martial arts. »
« Thien Dao’s assessment: Sutra is brilliant, a genius like a carp crossing a river, can constantly work hard to create two-thirds of the way, and she is an outstanding person! »
« Thien Dao rewards: Thien Level martial arts, Qiankun Dai Na Di, Dou Chuan Tinh Di. »
In the direction of the last word, the end appears.
People everywhere in Jiuzhou couldn’t help but widen their eyes, their faces covered with shock and admiration.
Not many times.
With each breath, the sound of the air echoed everywhere.
Early Fairy Continent!
The number one person in the countdown is the very few that appear in front of the people of the Continent of Wonderland existence!
This. . . . This. . .
Demonic Fairy Religion
UNIQUE- STANDARD-DIFFERENT, warning: Entering the pit is easy to go crazy!!!

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