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“What . . . Truong Chan Nhan this is . . . want to . .
Post-perceptual sense, the masses eat melons.
Stupidly looking at the void in the void, Yin and Yang fished more and more naturally.
Feeling more and more powerful pressure on Zhang Tamfeng’s body.
Unconsciously, on the contrary, he took a breath of cold air and spoke in admiration.
In the eyes of panic, admiration, forward at the same time.
A thought suddenly flashed in his mind.
Wudang, afraid to take off! !
Take Ly Thai Bach who just demonstrated his tricks to see.
The strength of the Heavenly Man Realm is enough for a narrow field of vision to be able to see a little!
Don’t say what.
Currently, Wudang, still leaning on this giant Azure Dragon Guild!
Don’t mention it.
It’s just that Li Thai Bach is so terrorized.
So, as the invincible Dai Long Shou Ximen, how terrifying is this? !
Except that place.
Nor did they forget.
Ly Thai Bach previously introduced himself when he mentioned it.
He is only the Blue Dragon Guild of the Five Dragons!
And Truong Tam Phong is the Seven Dragons.
In other words.
Except for the two of them, they both knew the invincible Great Dragon Hand of Ximen outside.
There are at least four dragons left!
Like Truong Chan Nhan, this level has enjoyed attending Dai Minh Gypsy for decades, revered as the first master in existence, now it is just that.g Prime.
That is not to say, the head of the Luc Long, is most likely also an existence of a Celestial Realm?
Think inside.
Everyone is mentally disturbed!
Everyone was a little short of being fooled by this thought! !
Ly Thai Bach is the Five Dragons!
In other words.
Above, except for the invincible Dai Long Thu Tay Mon outside.
Are there three people who have surpassed Ly Thai Bach in existence? !
This is just a guess!
But as people in the Gypsy, they all understand a principle!
If you don’t have enough strength, you won’t be able to sit on a high position!
Even if you sit up, it is very easy to be pushed down!
Like Ly Thai Bach, this level of existence is a master.
What else is not arrogant and arrogant?
If there is no certain guarantee.
Will you be willing to let a piece of trash rest on your head?
Don’t mention it.
It’s still the same as the Blue Dragon Guild of this level, a terrorist organization!
Inside of course there will be dense back strict mode! !
Thus, can be out, like Ly Thai Bach like a bad head! There are six left! ! !
Hi! !
Great meticulous thinking!
Great meticulous thinking! !
This guy is funny, haizz ~ what a man compared to people makes people angry!
Beside He Tuc Dao, he saw this scene.
Take a deep breath.
In his voice, there was a little bit of happy old friends, but also a lot of lost and fans.
Finished speaking.
Unconsciously clenched fists!
Silently in the heart of the mind made a determination.
The next day must definitely practice well!
Take advantage of chasing, even surpassing the opponent! !
Not far from that.
Looking at Truong Tam Phong about to step on the Thien Nhan Realm.
Except for Moc Dao Ren, Wudang Luc, the old man, was constantly agitated.
But because they are by your side.
Wudang That Hiep’s face was full of guilt.
Just because.
They are clear about their own strength yeh!
My body is Truong Tam Phong, a close disciple.
Yet there was no such thing as a breakthrough.
This really makes them a little embarrassed not to do it!
Regardless, the Great Grandmaster’s realm, whether it’s in the Da Ming Gypsy or the Jiuzhou Gypsy, is still considered a good hand!
It is possible that the masters are all masters of the Tian Ren Realm.
Disciple, but not even a peerless scene.
This said, doesn’t it mean that you lost all of your master’s old face? !
“Old Wei, you say, if I want to put down my posture, Zhang Zhenren can still not work for me?”
In the crowd.
Zhou Hou Chieu lowered his voice and asked to the side.
A bright pair of pupils, flickering with nameless light.
As for the previous part, he thought about giving up the invitation to the other party, but waiting for the person to establish the relationship with Dou Jiu Sang to think.
Soon, I will follow Ly Thai Bach 1 move that will kill the enemy.
However, the same way with grass at the top of the wall, the way to do it is a bit too much.
But the body is the king.
He didn’t pay any attention to these things at all.
Being able to work for me is the best!
The rest is not important! !
“Coughing… Your Majesty speaks carefully!”
Wei Tien Trung’s face changed slightly.
Involuntarily glanced at a Ly Thai Bach and the surrounding.
After determining that no one was listening, this time silently transmitted the voice.
“In front of people with many eyes, His Majesty must not open his mouth lightly!”
“Especially Truong Chan Nhan, he has now joined the Blue Dragon Guild.”
“If you want to offer it, I’m afraid it will be even more difficult, it’s better to wait and discuss it more thoroughly after coming back.”
If it was before coming.
He might even agree to this idea.
However, after thinking of the powerful and terrible Azure Dragon Guild, he may not dare to draw conclusions!
A little careless.
The most evil Thanh Long Hoi.
DIn front of Dai Minh, isn’t it snow on the roof of the house? !
When Zhou Houzhao heard this, his face was slightly stunned.
Still looking around.
There was a glint in his eyes!
But he doesn’t know.
In the courtyard.
As always, as he was, the thorn in the eye, the nail in the flesh of Chu Vo Thi, was similarly immersed in contemplation.
Silently thinking about countermeasures in the bottom of my heart.
Conspiracy can achieve cooperation with Truong Tam Phong!
Even if you can’t, you have to think of a way to involve the Azure Dragon Society on this road!
A terrifying aura that reached the end erupted from Zhang Tamfeng’s upper body!
Kia flaunts the strong and powerful heaven and earth.
In the blink of an eye, everyone was a little breathless!
Void inside.
The original is still in the rotation of Yin and Yang.
I don’t know when, formed a Tai Chi Project.
This same at the same time.
Truong Tam Phong’s whole body is windless but moving, white hair is arbitrary.
With their hands clasped behind their backs, while everyone was looking up at the sky in amazement, they laughed a few times.
“Human beings are self-existent and enter the Dao Sutra, the root cause of all transformations is in the heart!”
“Laughing again when I was crazy, I saw branches and leaves looking outside!”
“Bastard of the continent for thirty years, today, the old Daoist is lucky to be ranked first by the Qinglian Sword Immortal, and the first dynasty is enlightened to Thien Nhan! !”
Stop speaking.
Originally strong and powerful, he reached the peak in an instant!
The sky is high above.
Even Heaven and Earth changed color accordingly!
Originally, it was full of worries about Thien Tuong.
Wind clouds open, clear and bright inside!
If it’s not for control.
I’m afraid that just this terrible pressure, the entire Wudang mountain, can continue to survive, absolutely no more than five fingers! .
People In The World Of Cultivators, With Everyone Can Divide Five Years
In this world, no one can make fun of me, only I go to make fun of others!!!

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