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“It’s okay, just got a little backlash.”
Wipe off the blood stains on the corner of the mouth.
Do not forcefully wave your hand.
It’s just the sound, it’s a little bit like the middle air has not come yet.
“If you have any other trump card, just use it up.”
“Avoid saying that the Emperor is dependent on the big and small, not for youopportunity!”
Take a look at this screen in the eye.
Xiang Yutian smiled softly.
It’s just to make people shiver a little without being cold.
He clearly had a smile on his face.
Maybe his tone is filled with endless killing intent!
In particular, the humor in it carried disdainful eyes.
Making everyone here even more angry!
Just shy because of the difference in strength.
Don’t say a mover, don’t even dare to use your mouth!
Also lucky.
As the leader of Dai Sui, Pham Thanh Hue did not quit his job.
I only saw her black and old face, her tone was as cold as ice.
“And the ancestor took the shot, helping us get rid of the demon guard!”
What? !
Master ancestor? ! !
The crowd stirred for a moment.
He quickly raised his head from looking east to west, curious to the end, which position Tu Hang Tinh Trai existed.
About Huong Vu Dien.
After hearing that, his eyes trembled slightly.
The corner of his lips curled up into a weak smile that instantly disappeared.
And while Zhu Yuyan was waiting behind him, his face changed.
The name Pham Thanh Hue is not difficult to guess.
This Master Tu Hang Tinh Trai, even if he is weaker, I am afraid that he can be compared with the Evil Emperor!
Like that said.
Facing the rest of the fierce aura.
I am with others, afraid that it’s dangerous!
… . . .
Say two-headed.
Truong An Thanh, some building inside the hotel.
“Do we really want to work with them?”
“You have to know, they are all living beings!”
“Even counting Yang Guang’s death, with my group of forces, I’m afraid it won’t be possible to separate Dai Sui with them!”
Du Cofeng took a deep breath.
The expression on his face seemed a bit solemn.
“Fear of what! Don’t you all see the current state of Dai Han in your eyes?”
“With their malice and arrogance, how can they easily forgive others for dabbling in Da Sui!”
“What we have to do is to let them create a foothold and avoid each other, so boys and storks compete with each other, the fisherman wins!”
“Waiting for Dai Sui’s control, then they want to move again, then it’s too late!”
It seems that for such a situation there will be a solution soon.
Du Cofeng’s voice has not yet fallen.
Vu Van Thuong immediately smiled and said without thinking.
His face was filled with confidence.
This word has just been said.
Besides, Song Zhi and Li Yuan didn’t say anything, nodding their heads in agreement, indicating their agreement.
See that.
Doc Co Phong did not say more.
There was a cruel look in his eyes, and his voice was low.
“In that case, since those guys are also stealing the attention of the Eternal Life Art, we still have to act quickly!”
“Avoid being late, you will be born!”
Hearing that, the jaws nodded.
Vu Van Thuong continued to open his mouth.
“Then let’s first announce the three of you, then each of us starts to act.”
“After half an hour, the palace gathered.”
“Okay!” X3
… …
“The four worshipers are seated.”
Politely towards Le Cong, the four people raised their hands to show their signs.
Yang Guang didn’t even raise his head to speak.
“Where are you! Offer tea! Top class tea! !”
For this time.
Le Cong waited for him without any wavering.
Perhaps in other martial artists’ eyes.
It is possible to make the owner of Hoang Trieu Chi so polite.
Considered the supreme glory.
But for them come.
This is basically nothing anymore, the calculation is nothing.
Follow a series of footsteps.
Two eunuchs respectfully brought tea over.
Sip a cup of tea.
Le Cong, quite curious, raised his hand in the direction of nowhere.
Ask the doubts in your heart.
“What is the ceiling of this Jiuzhou battle power board?”
At his side.
Han Cong Do three people rushed to look at Yang Guang.
Similar to some interesting parts.
“There are places where the four worshipers don’t know.”
“This is the feeling of the Heavenly Dao, descending the Golden Table.”
“The so-called Jiuzhou Battle Force is the ceiling of the table, which is to unify all the masters of the Nine Provinces Mainland.”
“With their strength and cultivation, come to reveal their names.”
“According to the name of the high and low, grant the difference of Heavenly Dao rewards.”
Duong Quang froze for a moment.
Laugh out loud explaining.
Hear that.
Le Cong four people opened their eyes wide.
Originally, he didn’t care about his face, but in the end, there was a slight change.
Deep in the pupil, a look of terror appeared.
Is there anything else so good about this? !
The four of them glanced at each other.
Inwardly, I only felt an inconceivable moment.
The name of the Heavenly Dao, they naturally know.
But the problem is.
From time immemorial, even Jiuzhou in the legend.
Up to now, there has never been a miracle of this level!
It is not too much to say that it is difficult to meet once every ten thousand years!
Probably unconscious.
The four immediately produced doubts.
This so-called Thien Dao Kim Bang, is it someone who intentionally made a scheme of evil?
But only for a moment.
This idea was immediately abandoned by them!
Because, they have felt that Heavenly Dao Golden Table transmits tremendous power.
That level is vast, majestic, and indifferent.
Absolutely not human resources can reach!
Doesn’t take a moment.
They accepted the fact as such.
Following closely, curiosity rose in his heart.
A pair of eyes, staring intently at the top of the content list board.
A few moments later.
The four of them simultaneously took a breath of cold air, their faces covered with dignified expressions.
370 “What kind of force is this Azure Dragon Guild?”
“What kind of god is his Great Dragon Hand? So he will have great powerbig? ! !”
Blink a few.
Han Cong Do couldn’t help but speak in admiration.
As in the past, Dai Sui was one of the three great masters.
The whole body cultivation is inherently not ordinary.
Once again, he entered the paradise of heaven and earth to practice for many years.
For me, Thien Nhan is extremely powerful and extremely satisfied.
But now.
Invincible Ximen suddenly appeared, almost scared him!
Especially recently the post inside.
Ghost Coc Tu that day was a late-stage person, but he still couldn’t stop the other party from finding content.
Just a little bit more scared him to death!
Both were in the old days, one of the three great masters, Dien Qua Kha, and Truc Luc Hanh, two people.
Heard so.
Unconsciously, he nodded his head to show his approval.
On the face is a sheet of sobbing, a complicated look.
Even always extremely arrogant, known as the Blood Hand Le Cong.
Also shocked by Ximen Champion.
In addition to the fear and panic in the eyes, there was also a strong fighting spirit!
He discovered.
Except for Ling Donglai, he has more than one target!
Moreover, this target, at first glance, is very powerful!
The command to raise your face! !
But it is also this kind of restriction that exists.
Only to be able to let him feel the heat in the body that has been quiet for many years, boiling up step by step! .
Demonic Fairy Religion
UNIQUE-Strange-Strange, warning: Entering the hole is easy to go crazy!!!

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