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“Dare to move again?”
“Do you really think that the old lady is molded mud?!”
“Sister, now I’ll let the two of us give them a spot to look at the color!!”
Look at everyone’s fierce aura rushing back.
Khuyen Quoc’s eyes were cold.
The floor snorted an hour.
That small mountain has a normal body, fatty flesh follows the vibrations.
“Of course!”
Khun Thanh nodded without a second thought.
The two billionaires glanced at each other.
In an instant the spot disappeared.
Lightning strikes branches!
Ding Ling bag!
Fit is just a little elaborate.
Attached inside the hotel, waiting for the work to be damaged, the sound is broken.
Calling for father to call mother, the screams are constantly resounding.
Only seen in the yard.
Except for the imperialists, the two sisters were standing upright outside.
Just a strangely brutal group of high-class gypsy masters.
At this time, his face was swollen, his nose was swollen, and he was lying on the ground.
Looking at the two billion sisters, the eyes were filled with a little bit of horror.
They were really unexpected.
Both bad looking ones are strangely different.
However, there is a Grandmaster at the peak of his strength.
Really meet the Devil! !
It makes them even more embarrassed.
A bunch of great men.
Was beaten down by two women again.
An old face, really lost everything! !
This is to be transmitted, how can we still roll around in the Gypsy in the future?
Why can’t the acquaintance in front of me lift my head? !
“Hmph! Dare or not?!”
Khuc Quoc doesn’t care about anyone and sits in an unaffected front of the table.
Picked up a chicken thigh and nibbled on it.
Half the way, he still didn’t forget to glare at them cruelly.
Do not tell.
Because of her strong strength and shaggy beard on the surface, and rough under the sound.
Everyone is rightI’m scared to be startled.
Shaking his head repeatedly, indicating that he did not dare.
“Jay Jay, shrinking the truth!”
Beside her, she tugged her sleeve lightly, reminding in a low voice.
Khuc Quoc was stunned and continued to react.
Two or three sips to eat chicken thighs.
That shiny mop, big mouth, big lips, ferocious and murderous looking at everyone.
“Listen carefully, we want to ask you a question right nowˇ!”
“If the answer is true, let you leave.”
“If the answer is wrong, huh-huh …”
One side sneered.
One side of the kingdom did not forget to support two giant fists.
“Second Immortal Miss, if we know it, we definitely won’t dare to hide it!”
Everyone’s whole body was unconsciously startled.
Feeling almost exhausted from the body.
Smiling, embarrassed.
Where there is still a little that Giang Ho Hao Han is resilient.
“Okay! I just love you, this is up to date!”
“We ask you, can you see me from the Ly Lang family?”
Meeting them was such a wake-up call.
Khuyen Quoc somewhat satisfied nodded, asked to speak.
Inside. . . Lee Lang!
Everyone was a bit taken aback.
The heads are all black with question marks.
Then, a flash of respect flashed across his face.
For both extreme products, they can go down smoothly!
This taste is really too heavy! !
This man brother, is a good man! ! !
“Huh? !”
Looking at their thoughts flying, their faces looked strange.
Khuyen Quoc has two eyes and one side.
At a glance.
Everyone reacted at once.
Can’t help but shiver.
Following, a few brave warriors, a little hesitant and afraid, smiled bitterly.
“Tian Gu, don’t be angry, it’s not that we don’t want to answer.”
“Seriously, tell me your personality, we really don’t have an answer!”
Heard so.
Khuc Quoc patted his head.
It’s just this timesorry to myself just tried the question.
Do not bring your family’s complete identity out.
Right on the color face, pat yourself big fat belly, explain to speak up.
“Listen carefully!”
“We two sisters, brother and sister, surnamed Ly, our name is Thai Bach, we are called Thi Tuu Sword, Triet Tien Nhan!”
Just said.
Together, they raised their heads together.
His face was filled with pride.
This word has just been said.
Almost in an instant.
The inside of the hotel fell into complete silence!
Everyone was terrified, their mouths wide open, their eyes widening.
In his eyes, filled with the intensity of disbelief!
The whole person was very similar to being afraid of being stupid like a normal person, stunned on the spot.
Kia exaggerated spirit.
On the forehead, there are four big words engraved with doubts about human life!
However, this is not to blame them on the contrary.
Really, this news is too much for people to imagine, too shocking for people to realize! !
What is Ly Thai Bach like?
The human family is not only Thi Tuu Sword of the Three Greats, brought along with Triet Tien Nhan claiming to be.
Even ingenious geniuses are peerless in the world.
Not to mention that he is still in charge of the position of Thanh Long of the Five Dragons Association!
It is precisely such a thing that can be said to be posted to say that it exists.
Will value both exotics? !
Don’t say words, even punctuation marks, they don’t believe it! !
“` ˇ blame? Look down on us like no matter what?”
Make them react in the eyes.
Khuc Quoc opened his eyes wide, his tone was very dissatisfied.
The body is a sister and sister, and the same face becomes a bit unwholesome.
This kind.
Many of them dare to say “No”.
Will let them regret going to this point! !
“No, no, you two are very suitable, it must be the cooperation of God.”
Everyone waved their hands and lied and flattered.
“WOMENI’m jealous of whether or not those are lying!”
“We just want to know, have you seen him?!”
Khuyen Quoc coldly asked.
Not at all makes this few words move.
Also or say.
At her two billion sisters in the eyes.
They were originally with Ly Thai Bach God cooperated for, a pair of heaven born.
Where need these people repeat again.
See the move does not say anything.
Everyone complained about their old faces, afraid of losing their honey, and shook their heads.
in the heart is not to make an appointment but to bring up the same sentence.
z E woman, not like a good person! !
Did not get the answer.
There was a faint look of dismay on his face.
Immediately, he did not pay attention to everyone, walking side by side to the door.
Watch the girls leave.
Everyone’s body tensed up in an instant.
Rubbing cold sweat on his forehead, he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.
Look at this scene of the whole journey in the eyes of Ximen Invincible, the corner of his mouth is slightly closed.
He didn’t think.
Ly Thai Bach still has such two brainless fans!
Chasing Tinh came from Dai Duong to catch up with Dai Song!
This is the thought that Ly Thai Bach won’t let this person pass before the good opportunity of Hien Thanh?
Just thought of here.
Invincible Ximen’s eyes could not help but flash a glint of excitement.
In the vague mind, there is a bit of expectation that Ly Thai Bach and the country will turn into two female faces.
Come to think of it, that must be very interesting! .
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