Read Vo Hiep: I Dai Long, My Identity Is Revealed – Chapter 85

Feel the sound that contains a powerful inner strength.
Everyone looked at Huyen Tu’s eyes, and couldn’t help but contain a trace of awesurprised.
They were all so unexpected.
Always show the paint and reveal the water ~ Huyen Tu.
There is still this level of power!
Some cultivations are weaker than martial artists.
The more he was shocked by this sound, the more his face turned white, and there was a little swelling under his feet.
“Ha ha ha!”
“Okay! Good —- the Shaolin Fang Staff!”
“This cunning edict has really opened the eyes of this seat!”
Right at Huyen Tu the voice just fell not long ago.
A random laugh resounded in the void.
“What evil person here pretends to be a god or a ghost?!”
“What’s the point of hiding your head and tail?”
“I don’t want to show up!!”
Huyen Tu’s old face sank.
An unfriendly tone shouted softly.
A dangerous light flashed in his eyes!
When everyone heard that, their hearts moved.
On his face, he was full of cheerful expressions.
“Hidden head and tail?”
“Just like you, you’re not even worthy of this sitting!”
In the direction that was filled with disdain resounded.
Everyone just felt dizzy.
3 silhouettes appeared in the middle of the field.
Just for the doubters.
Except for the masked intermediary.
The remaining two people were held in his hands by him.
Looks like a prisoner.
However, one is a middle-aged woman, the other is a bald monk.
No matter how you look at it, they all seem a bit out of sync.
“So isn’t the Four Great Evil Ones Ye Er Niang?!”
A scream of terror broke out from the crowd.
It was someone who recognized Diep Nhi Nuong’s left side.
Everyone was originally stunned, and they all frowned at the same time.
Recalling Diep Nhi Nuong’s actions.
His eyes couldn’t help but become ice cold!
Wanting is not not knowing who goes to the depths.
I’m afraid that soon I can’t help but rush up!
Especially for those Great Song Gypsy Martial Artists who came to talk.
This level of Diep Nhi Nuongtoxic infant harm.
It really makes people upset! !
Looking back at Huyen Tu.
When I saw the person coming in the arms of the two, the pupils unconsciously shrunk.
Because these two people he knows.
It’s true that I’m an old lover and a son and daughter!
After admiring the other party’s abundant preparation, he couldn’t help but secretly feel a bit lucky.
Fortunately, fortunately, I prepared the defender myself.
Think of this place.
His face remained motionless as he looked at the person coming, his eyes filled with anger and questioning.
“Who are you guys?”
“Shaolin and I have the same deep hatred and hatred?!”
“Why is it useless to shame the old man and Shaolin?”
“Today, if I don’t give an explanation, I Shaolin, it is not so good to live together!!”
It is impossible not to say.
Huyen Tu’s acting skills are indeed a bit strong.
Kia Dai Nghia suddenly looked extremely angry.
Don’t say everyone here.
Even behind him, the Shaolin monks, could not help but choose to believe.
Suddenly, the unscrupulous face turned angry and looked at the person coming!
Public law according to transportation.
There are many kinds of ideas that can be moved at any time!
“Bad you? Ha ha ha …”
“But it’s just Shaolin.”
“It’s also worth the effort of our Thanh Long Guild to put a bad name on it?!”
“As for my status, Thanh Long Hoi 99 Dan Dan Master, April 9th!”
It was like hearing something that made my jaw drop.
Quy Tran laughed loudly.
In his voice, full of contempt and sarcasm.
What? !
Thanh Long Hoi? ! !
Everyone was dismayed.
Follow along and take a breath of cold air.
His face was full of disbelief and he looked at Quy Tran.
The courtyard instantly fell into complete silence!
As for Quy Tran, whether or not he lied.
People have no doubts.
Thanh Long Hoi’s strength is what everyone knowst!
They were all praised in the evening as the ninth dynasty of the Nine Provinces.
Is there a need to stigmatize Shaolin?
If it’s true, it’s not refreshing to say.
It’s okay to kill the killer directly!
What’s the need to find this kind of excuse to make a wave by yourself?
What is the benefit of doing so? !
This one moment.
Except for everyone here.
Even the original believe Huyen Tu Shaolin they increase.
Also, the old face darkened rapidly, and looked at Huyen Tu, waiting for him to explain.
“You say you’re the Azure Dragon Guild, you’re the Blue Dragon Guild?! What proof is there?!”
“Again, even if you are the Azure Dragon Guild, it’s hard to say that you can’t shame others?”
“Maybe these superiors will like this kind of fun?!”
Face everyone and with friends cast doubtful eyes.
Huyen Tu was momentarily panicked.
Especially in this, it is related to the Azure Dragon Guild, this giant monster.
” not white ( internal group: 0⑤23①4 (9)
Let him not panic!
Same time.
With his intelligence, he also wants to be transparent.
Thanh Long Hoi does so.
It was for revenge last time that he sent Xuancheng to Dai Minh!
So, take advantage of this opportunity to give yourself a reputation as a sweeper.
Let Shaolin consider the hundred-year reputation to be destroyed in an instant!
But this kind of thing first hits the other party into the Endless Abyss, so that they can’t see any hope but feel despair.
And the means of killing cats and mice, he is even more familiar!
He thinks he has done the same thing.
Again the number of times is not lower than but the number of decimals! !
Thinking of this, Huyen Tu’s mouth couldn’t help but feel a bit bitter.
It is really cyclical cause and effect, proper retribution!
4 5634⑧⒎⒎0
Heavenly Dao is good for reincarnation, loves heavenForgive who!
… . . .
Look him in the eyes with an uncertain expression.
Quy Tran laughed haha.
Conveniently, Nhi Nuong’s oar was thrown to the ground and untied her acupuncture point.
“Ye Er Nuong, can you imagine where you and the child Xuan Xu are?”
“What?! Child, I’m still alive?”
Diep Nhi Nuong has a happy face.
It can’t be hard to see right now.
He immediately knelt down on the ground and kept banging his head.
“I beg you! Quickly tell me where the child is?!”
“I can’t be without children! I beg of you!!”
In the direction of the cup, the cup, the sound of the sound rang out.
In the middle of the ground appeared a small mass of blood stains.
Kia is like a wind demon manifesting, and in a pitiful voice.
Straight to see the people here are a bit displeased.
Only Quy Tran, for this time there was no disturbance.
The so-called pitiful person must have a place to hate!
Take a look at Diep Nhi Nuong’s news.
He agreed to her but did not stand up!
Just a moment.
Waiting for Diep Nhi Nuong, there was a lot of shaking his head and motionless.
At this time, Quy Tran took Huu Truc’s hand and threw it to her side.
Cold tone said.
“On the contrary, you all have to die today, this seat will do a good deed!”
Just said.
Turning his head to look at Huyen Tu.
“Xuan Tu, don’t you say that this sitting is slanderous?”
“You still have honey in front of everyone, come and test it out!”
“Look at this kid, is it your child in the end?!”
Words just said.
The courtyard suddenly became silent.
Everyone turned their heads to look at Huyen Tu.
Waiting for him to reply.
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Read Vo Hiep: I Dai Long Head, Identity Revealed – Chapter 86

The crowd reacted in the eyes.
Huyen Tu’s face changed involuntarily for a long time.
Deeply sighed, announced the sound of reciting Buddha.
“Amitabha Buddha.”
“The old man already knew that the Qinglong Guild did this because it was revenge for the last time my Shaolin Sect Xuan Cheng went to Wudangshan.”
“However, this matter is the old man’s decision to make, and it has nothing to do with Shaolin.”
“This time, the old man vows to return his life, and the respect can be raised high and lightly beaten, leaving Shaolin.”
Finished speaking.
Sit on the ground yourself.
Reciting scriptures with your mouth, slowly close your eyes.
A set of hands to die posture.
If this time it is another force that makes it difficult.
He probably won’t even be.
Anyway, coming from the front is also a special defender.
Because it is the prevention of these things.
But this force is the Thanh Long Hoi, and he can’t help but do the same.
“Three 8 7” because.
In the face of the Azure Dragon Guild, even if he was this Shaolin Fangzhang, he would only be deeply powerless.
With him wasted Shaolin’s internal affairs.
Don’t kill yourself, let Shaolin have a chance to keep.
Of course.
The reason he made such a decision.
Mainly still self-understanding no matter what, oneself is also a way to die.
Therefore, do not use your own destiny to take an opportunity.
After all, he devoted his life to Shaolin, he naturally did not want Shaolin to be in trouble.
When everyone saw this, they immediately showed their emotions.
Even behind him, his original face was a little unsightly.
At this moment, his eyes were also filled with emotion.
Another mind-blowing insight.
Quy Tran sneered twice.
His gaze swept over everyone here.
The tone of voice is extremely murderous.
“You shouldn’t do thisdreamy!”
“Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, as long as this is related to people and forces, one can’t run away! !”
“Blue Dragon Hoi, can’t be humiliated!!!”
“It’s better to kill more than 3000, won’t miss one!!”
Follow the dense sound reverberating in the courtyard.
The killing intent flooded the sky in an instant, covering the entire Huashan!
In the moment.
Everyone couldn’t help but shiver.
In the heart a slab is not cold but shivers.
Looking at Gui Chen’s eyes, it was even more filled with a trace of taboo and terror.
Even though it’s only four short sentences.
But they are transparent.
In this, perhaps more than a thousand lives are included!
Thus, it can be seen how many overbearing stars the Thanh Long Hoi has in the end! How many iron blood!
However, even knowing this one point.
No one here dared to speak up.
Faced with this level of Azure Dragon Guild, the giant monster terrorized.
They dare not fight!
Don’t dare to take the life of the property, the juniors, and the sect have countless bets on people’s lives! !
“You won’t be afraid to do that, will provoke a lot of people to be angry?!”
Huyen Tu’s face was as gloomy as water.
The pupils flashed endlessly with rage.
If eyes could kill.
I am afraid that at this time, Quy Tran has already pierced hundreds of thousands of holes and cut into thousands of pieces.
“Many people are angry? So how?!”
“As long as you dare to oppose the Azure Dragon Guild, then you will kill me!”
“Kill them until they are scared! Kill them until they panic! Kill them until they don’t dare to resist!!”
Quy Tran looked up to the sky and laughed.
Between the lines inside.
Except the cold killing intent outside.
Still contemptuous and confident!
This Jiuzhou, just one sound!
That is the sound of Thanh Long Hoi!
Dare to fight with Thanh Long Hoi.
Enterno matter who you are, no matter where you are.
Only death this way on! !
The word just came out.
The courtyard was silent for a moment.
Everyone could not help but blush with anger, and their eyes flashed with an icy cold light.
Also just this place.
Facing Thanh Long Hoi.
Face this time speech.
Even if they are mentally resentful to the point of gnashing their teeth, they can’t wait to defeat the Azure Dragon Guild properly!
But in reality, no one dared to stand up first!
Because, they all understand a moral.
The leading bird gun!
Therefore, I can only have an unpleasant face in my heart, I can’t get angry, angry, but I don’t dare to say anything! !
“Talking too much is useless.”
“Take the time to let the two guys behind you leave.”
“Solve you guys out, I still want to go to Shao That Mountain!”
Smiling coldly brought the look of the crowd into the eyes.
Quy Tran changed the subject, his face exposed to murder.
Just finished speaking.
Without waiting for Xuan Xu to open his mouth, a voice suddenly resounded from afar.
Feel the powerful power in it.
Everyone was panicking.
Unconsciously turning his head to look at the barn place.
How come in the end?
Quy Tran raised his mouth with a smile, and did not immediately take action. . .
However, in his heart, there was a faint hint of doubt.
The person who came was Kieu Phong in his heart very clearly.
But he really did not understand.
Why would his superiors pay such attention to him?
It’s just a generous expenditure, meaning a little silver and white.
Except for that place, the cultivation base is just so excellent.
How to this level of treatment? !
Of course.
If you don’t understand, you don’t understand.
If the mission said so, he would naturally only have clarity.
Kieu Phong walked over on foot.
Holding the right with both hands, he opened his mouth to speak.
“Shaolin withI am as respectful as a mountain, and Huyen Tu Phuong Truong is my respect for people.”
“You and them passed class, then Qiao Mo received it together, I don’t know what you mean?”
However, knowing that this type is a bit spoil the rules,
Faced with this level is still a terrorist of the Thanh Long Hoi.
But he is Kieu Phong!
Even if you know you can’t do it.
As the center of the Faith, he is still standing!
Extremely quiet!
This one moment.
Regardless of whether it is Xuan Xu from one side, there is still a group of martial artists here.
In shock, her eyes widened.
Stupidly looking at Kieu Phong.
A piece of disbelief on the face!
Anyway, this is Thanh Long Hoi!
If you do that, won’t you be afraid of the anger of the Thanh Long Hoi? !
“Are you sure you want to kill the mother of the sheep and oppose me in the Azure Dragon Guild?”
3. 6 Quy Tran was surprised to hear that.
His face was filled with monstrosities.
“What killed the mother of the sheep? Do you know my identity?!”
Qiao Feng raised an eyebrow.
Following is like thinking of something, and suddenly his face is full of questions.
But he doesn’t know.
This time.
He was stopped behind Huyen Tu.
Heard so then.
His whole body trembled, and his face flashed with fear and terror.
Just blink and disappear.
Still clearly caught by everyone here.
Thinking about Quy Tran just said.
Her face couldn’t help but look a little thoughtfully at Kieu Phong.
Some are familiar with his Great Song martial artist.
It is only in his heart that he regrets it.
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Read Vo Hiep: I Dai Long, My Identity Is Revealed – Chapter 87

“Looks like you don’t even know.”
Quy Tran smiled softly.
Without waiting for him to ask again, he continued.
“You were originally the son of the Archbishop of the Great Liao army.”
“Thirty years ago, your father took you and your mother back to the Great Song to wake up.”
“As a result, the news was transmitted by Murong Bo, who took Xuan Tu as the leader of the big brother, and organized an ambush outside of Nhan Mon Pass with 21 good players.”
“In that case, even if your father killed dozens of masters, he still let your mother die suddenly.”
“Losing all of the will below, jumped off the cliff, then couldn’t bear to follow him to die, and threw you up again.”
“Then, when Cai Bang Bang, Wang Jiantong, saw that you were an infant, he was moved with compassion and decided to keep you.”
“As a result, Xuan Ci was worried that you would get revenge on them when you grew up, so he arranged you at the next Farmer’s house in Shao That Mountain.”
“If you think about it for a while, you will know, why are you so talented in martial arts, but Shaolin hasn’t conveyed you to be so skilled?”
“Don’t say anything about Shaolin 72 Great Skills!”
“The only one who teaches you, is still the most shallow Dai Song, Thai To Truong Quyen.”
“If you don’t want to be, then Wang Jiantong will accept you as a disciple, you are afraid that now you are still geographically farming!”
Tracing 30 years ago the mystery was revealed.
The courtyard was momentarily silent.
Everyone looked at Huyen Tu’s eyes and couldn’t help but feel a little disdain.
Even this is also called the compassionate heart of the monastic!
Even though Quy Tran didn’t say much just now.
But only a few words that hit his group can be known.
If it weren’t for Uong Kiem Thong, there were still some players here.
Huyen Tu is very likelyI’ll kill the killer who’s still an infant!
If you say that, it’s okay to be a sheep and a child.
Anyway, weeding does not cut the roots, the spring wind blows again.
Even the giants can explain.
But the problem is.
Huyen Tu clearly immediately reacted that his side was wrong.
As for him, this is an innocent infant that produces murder.
This is really a bit inappropriate!
As for Kieu Phong.
Suddenly heard such a large amount of news.
Everyone is stupid!
Stupidly standing in place.
For a moment, I didn’t know what to do.
“Besides, do you really think that Xuan Xu would be so kind to let you go?”
“If that’s true, why does he need to be on the lookout for an ordinary robber who won’t arrange you in Shaolin Temple?”
“Also, do you think that they have instilled all kinds of virtue and morality in you over the years, just to educate you?”
“No! He’s just taboo! Because your father’s martial arts are so profound, I’m afraid you inherit your father’s martial arts talent!”
“So, in order to prepare with both hands, this time I blame you for this kind of thinking.”
“It’s like now, even if you know that Xuan Xu is your great enemy, will you take action against him?!”
It seems that the fire throat is not enough.
Quy Tran once again added a torch.
The smile on the face, no matter what, makes people a little scared in their hearts!
Hear that word.
Qiao Feng’s whole body shook violently!
Trembling lips, eyes wide in disbelief.
His face was covered with fear, panic, confusion, inexplicably many very complicated emotions.
If you have a heart, you have to treat it as if the other party intentionally deceives public opinion with cowardly tricks.
You can see Huyen Tu silent and speechless, his old face full of shyness.
The mighty body swayed uncontrollably twice.
He raised his face to the sky and shouted madly.
The title isrefuse to accept this cruel reality.
Staggering to change body, unable to bear to escape.
Smiling, she glanced at his back.
Quy Tran did not forget to raise his voice to remind one sentence.
“If you don’t believe it, you can probably choose to go and find Trieu Tien Ton, Dam Cong Dam Ba, and Master Tri Quang to ask.”
“They were also the one who attended that year.”
“As for Huyen Tu and Shaolin, if you can’t do it, then hand it over to the Thanh Long Hoi.”
“Also, if you don’t know where to go after this, take this card and go to my Blue Dragon Guild!”
Quy Tran curled his finger and flicked it.
At this time, when coming to Thanh Long Hoi, three big words command cards, straight to Kieu Phong to shoot.
The latter unconsciously accepted the order.
There was no response.
It’s just that the speed underfoot, can’t help but increase a bit faster.
Seeing that, Quy Tran flashed a sarcastic smile in his eyes.
Continue to suddenly change body.
Cold eyes looked at Huyen Tu behind the void.
“What’s wrong? Phong Tang, Ma Ha Tang!”
Heard so.
Huyen Tu’s heart suddenly contracted, feeling cold all over his body in an instant.
Kia was so scared that the old face changed color.
In addition to the external terror, there was also a little panic.
He. . . . How will he know? . . . ? ! !
Right now, he couldn’t help but be afraid of the moment.
Everyone here did not make an appointment but was a bit surprised.
Eyebrows unconsciously furrowed.
Sad face, lost in contemplation.
A few moments later.
Next to Kui Hua Laozu, it was like thinking of something.
His face changed slightly, his tone was a little suspicious and he couldn’t stop speaking.
“Is this Feng Sang the Shaolin master more than a hundred years ago, the other master (Dich Can Kinh)?”
“There is also Na Ma ha monk, could it be that he invented Shaolin two hundred years ago?m 72 Great technique one of Ma Ha Chi Ma Ha Tang? !”
Talk to the next part.
Kui Hoa Lao To had a moving expression on his face.
Must know.
No matter who these two are.
They are all more than a hundred years without the existence of a Gypsy!
But they became famous.
Has held a non-trivial cultivation base!
Such a long time passed.
It was really hard for him to imagine.
How exaggerated did they become at this point in their cultivation? !
This word has just been said.
Nothing less than a blockbuster.
The crowd was in a flurry for a while!
A few people have experienced it.
Go past Kui Hua Lao To remind later.
Constantly remembering this number two characters.
A surprised face followed Quy Tran’s gaze towards the void.
As for those who have never heard of these two famous martial artists and cultivators.
After seeing Kui Hoa Lao An and these masters react.
On his face was also a set of inexplicable expressions that only knew very well.
Immediately, the spirit simultaneously fluctuated.
Expectations rush up and down the plot content.
Some of them came to see the bustling martial artists.
Seeing this situation, in my heart, I was secretly lucky.
Good luck coming early!
If not say.
Don’t you want to miss such a special duel? !
“How? Still not showing up?”
Seeing Phong Tang and Ma Ha Tang turn deaf and mute.
Quy Tran’s mouth contained a cold smile.
The glint in his eyes flashed and disappeared.
Accidentally broke Diep Nhi Nuong and Xu Truc’s heart.
The whole body’s aura was terrible, roaring, and rising to the sky!
Quickly head to Xuan Tu and wait for people to cover the direction.
Green. . . . Late Fairy Continent? !
Feeling so powerful and powerful.
Everyone’s eyes widened, their faces filled with surprise.
Some of the characters are a bit bad, the more scared they are, the more they are shocked, on the spotstunned.
This time.
There was only one thought in their hearts.
That is.
How many Continent of Wonders are there in the Thanh Long Hoi? !
How in the past in the Gypsy Than Long saw the head but did not see the tail, rarely appeared in the eyes of the world’s masters of the Continent of God and Fairy.
At Thanh Long Hoi here, it is indeed the same white cabbage.
One Root Continues Another Root Appears!
You say that you are a person who knows the Thanh Long Hoi 11 main hall and one of them.
Anyway, in their awareness.
It has been tacitly acknowledged that the 11 main roads are all masters of the Continent of Wonderland.
But now.
Suddenly, a 99 Dan Dan Master appeared, but it was also a Continent of Wonders.
Look at the terrible atmosphere, not even less than 11 main streets!
How is his mother still playing? ! !
It’s hard to say before the 98 Dan Lords, all of them are Continent of God and Immortal Realm? Or the Fairy Continent above?
In the moment.
Everyone here is in mind.
Without an appointment, a huge peanut appeared together!
Same time.
That was originally the extreme terror in their hearts, the Azure Dragon Guild.
At this moment, I was once again promoted to many levels!
If say.
Invincible Ximen is the forbidden existence in their hearts.
Thus, at this time, the status of Thanh Long Hoi is also close to the invincible Ximen!
That’s clear.
This wave gives them a shock, how exaggerated in the end! !
“Amitabha Buddha.”
“Patient, find a place of tolerance and generosity!”
Right at this moment.
Followed by a resounding buddha signal.
Two figures side by side appeared in front of Quy Tran.
Almost in an instant.
Instantly attract everyone’s spot of attention!
Only one person was seen on the left, with a dull face.
The expression on the face is unusually special.
Sometimes smiling, sometimes angry.
Crazy crazy, at first glancea set of not too smart looks.
And on the right of the monk, is the body wearing a gray robe.
The eyebrows are all white, at first glance, on the contrary, it is a bit high to attain enlightenment and raise the posture.
“Oh? The aura of the blessed land?”
“You Shaolin still have a blessed place?!”
Take a look at them.
Quy Tran frowned and spoke in horror.
Originally covered with murderous intent, suddenly a flash of surprise flashed.
“Do you know the blessed land?”
Ma Ha Tang looked surprised.
Must know.
Even the internal Shaolin.
Knowing the news of the blessed land is not more than just a few people.
Even Huyen Tu like this Shaolin Phuong Truong is just a vague sign.
Back to the dust that can be said in a mouthful.
So how could you not surprise him? !
From Quy Tran 99 Dan Dan Owner came to see.
In the Thanh Long Hoi, it seems that there are no high-level characters coming here.
Listen to two people talking.
Everyone here was staring at each other.
His face was full of dreams.
Obviously, every word is known, can be in the same place, but I don’t understand it. . . .
Is good then gas! !
However, if you don’t understand, you don’t understand.
He carefully grouped, still smelling an incomparable ray from within.
At a glance.
Exciting excitement.
Straighten the earphone hole up.
“Ah~ this seat knows that it can’t be compared to you!”
“However, no matter what, you still have to bring me this good news.”
“In order to repay you, I will try to save you a whole body.”
Quy Tran smiled.
Serious face.
As Thanh Long plan people benefit one.
His aura is too obvious for the Heaven and Earth Cave!
Because, he just came out from within the Heavenly Secret Realm.
Just let himIt’s a bit unexpected.
In Shaolin Temple, there is still a blessed place!
This is truly an unexpected pleasure!
Nor did he forget.
The mission in the living room of Thanh Long Hoi is related to the mission of Heaven and Earth Cave.
Again the integral is over a hundred thousand.
If possible, complete this mission.
Does Nhat Hau still need cultivation resources? !
Just thought of here.
Quy Tran’s mood suddenly became a bit rushed.
He also wants to play a round of cat neighs to consume Tzuyu coming here.
But now.
When knowing the blessed land news then.
It’s a little bit that the mind is not there.
On the other side of Shaolin Temple, there are still remaining members of the Qinglong Association who are going to destroy it!
If I were a little late.
Maybe this is over a hundred thousand integrals and someone else will hurry up and go first.
How can he accept it!
Feeling Quy Tran’s body, the killing muscle suddenly became intense.
Feng Tang’s original expression was impermanent, and suddenly became serious.
At his side, Ma Ha Tang.
However, the mind is full of doubts.
But he is also transparent.
This is not the time to talk.
Therefore, subconsciously, the whole body moves the gong energy.
His eyes were filled with wariness.
The atmosphere that followed became a bow and a sword!
Seeing that both sides, even the blessed land, did not speak clearly, they opened it.
Everyone was a little disappointed, but still couldn’t help but retreat to the far distance.
Two unblinking eyes stared at the courtyard.
Very afraid to miss something local special!
“Kill! !”
Because there is a blessing in the heart.
Quy Tran just wants to win quickly.
The cold eyes let out a loud voice.
His right hand trembled, and a three red long sword appeared in his hand.
No thought at all.
Continue towards Phong Tang and Ma Ha Tang twowho stabbed.
At a glance.
An invisible sword qi broke through the void!
Sharp attack, making one feel the whole body sink.
“Good come!”
Ma Ha Tang’s face did not change.
The whole person flew up into the air.
At the same time avoid escaping sword qi, drifting back out.
Quickly extend the distance.
Seeing this, Feng Sang learned how to avoid sword qi, and stayed by his side.
One hit did not hit.
Quy Tran was also not angry.
Underfoot, use some force, raise the sword to chase.
Just in an instant.
The three of them had already walked to the outside for a thousand feet.
“Amitabha Buddha.”
“If the donor doesn’t agree and doesn’t forgive him, the old man will not be polite!”
“Must know, Self-Buddha also has Vajra Fury!”
Ma Ha Tang announced the sound of reciting Buddha’s name.
His face was murky like water.
While talking.
The right hand sticks out, the palm of the hand is pointing.
It is to use him to become a great skill.
Ma Ha Chi!
Just a moment.
A huge illusory finger, suddenly appeared in the void.
There is another one who seems to want to make people suffocate with a terrible atmosphere!
Even though they are more than a thousand feet apart.
The people who gathered around couldn’t help but feel a tremendous amount of pressure.
The pupil suddenly shrank.
Big was shaken at the same time, his face suddenly became mobile.
This one moment.
They finally understood that the Jiuzhou Gypsies had been passing on that saying.
Do not enter the continent, share the smell of ants! !
This is not finished yet.
Right at Ma Ha Tang used his own great technique when.
Besides Phong Tang, he did not accept the weakness.
Simultaneously swings 1 spell.
It’s just that this palm is not unusual at first glance.
It seems that one person can hit a pattern.
Facing two attackers.
Quy Tran’s face did not see any changes.
In the hand of a long sword, like a manipulator arm above the airdoes not turn into a few sword lights.
Not only eliminate them completely by attacking them.
Even that didn’t decrease towards the two of them.
Ma Ha Tang’s face changed slightly.
The gaze that followed became dignified.
At this point, the position is on the upper hand.
He felt an irresistible force of wind!
In this world, there is still this kind of powerhouse!
Why did the old man never listen to it before!
The big heart was shaken at the same time.
Don’t forget to join forces with Phong Tang to defend.
Going along, there will be no reservations.
The entire body of the Continent of Immortals is at the peak of cultivation, and all of them are released!
Everyone was a bit dumbfounded.
Unconsciously opened his mouth wide.
Do not wait for them to say in admiration.
Again, a relatively weak aura, a terrifying and explosive atmosphere.
Look closely.
This person is not another person, it’s clear that there is no real paint, no water, Feng Tang!
Everyone sees that.
Instantly widen eyes.
On the spot, eyes wide open!
Inner panic!
1 Continent of Gods at the top, 1 Religion Continent of Wonders of late, Shaolin’s interior is really not like an ordinary form!
Old Ancestor Kui Hua’s eyes flashed, and he silently pondered in his heart.
Similar reactions with him are not few.
It’s just that the vast majority of people, hiding in the dark, don’t show up.
However, in my heart, I didn’t make an appointment, but with Shaolin, there was a hint of taboo!
Only not big notice.
There is also only Ximen Champion.
Blue sky

If you say Shaolin’s internal affairs, people will be surprised to say no.
So now.
Quy Tran shows his fighting power.
It was enough to frighten them, even panic!
Obviously, he is just a late-stage cultivation base of the Continent of Gods and Immortals.
Can face 1 late-stage Fairy Continent, 1 peak powerhouse.
He’s smartg not only doesn’t go downhill, but the more he hits, the more favorable.
Vaguely pressured two people to hit the trend!
It’s too wild indeed!
This is not what you want to see with your own eyes.
Just beat them to death, they can’t believe it! !
For this time, there was no movement on Quy Tran’s face.
Thanh Long Hoi has the biggest Nine Provinces of the secret martial arts, the god of weapons, the spirit of magic medicine.
And very few people know the secret scene of the blessed land!
At such a terrible level of self-reinforcement.
If not, you can’t be in the same realm as one-on-two.
Isn’t that a few years of trying to cultivate to the point of being a dog? !
Don’t say that you are the invincible Dai Long Thu Tay Mon.
Even if they are themselves, I am afraid that they will not let themselves go! !

The tea time passed very quickly.
Direction to push push time.
The three people in the middle of the battle also gradually entered the fierce stage.
Just startling everyone here.
At this time, Quy Tran, the attack is getting sharper and sharper, and the sword technique is more and more sharp.
Each sword seems to carry the power of moving mountains and filling the sea.
In contrast, Phong Tang and Ma Ha Tang were two people.
Not just in this fierce attack down to support frantic limbs.
Even on the stem cells, 387 can also change a slab of flood.
They had a vague feeling that they had tried their best.
Gui Chen’s strength far exceeded their expectations!
In the unconscious mind rose a ray of resignation.
But let them look uncomfortable.
Gui Chen did not give them any chance.
Stay close to them.
Half an hour later.
Taking advantage of the two people’s support, the situation was a bit slow.
A cold flash flashed in Quy Tran’s eyes.
In the hands of the public according to the change.
“Died! ! !”
Accompanied by shouting sound tHanh.
Quy Tran swings and dances faster and faster.
Straight to the back.
There must be no afterimages appearing.
Let people basically not distinguish which one is real and the other is fake!
Also or say.
Every sword image is for real!
Just because the speed is too fast.
So the naked eye basically has no way to distinguish! !
Very fast.
In the direction of a shrill voice, the sound of tearing the wind continued to resound.
The sword light in the sky was like the Milky Way that was about to descend on the Nine Heavens.
Splendor flew towards Ma Ha Tang two people.
Not good ! !
When Ma Ha Tang saw this, his whole body hair stood up straight.
The face is wide open.
A blast of cold air rushed from his heels to the back of his head in an instant.
In the heart a slab is not cold but shivers.
Great Terror! ! !
If you can’t continue, you will die! !
Almost in an instant.
Ma Ha Tang’s thinking quickly changed.
Silently thinking about countermeasures.
Maybe let him despair.
Even if I stop acting in my heart countless times.
The end result is all about being yourself!
How does this make him able to continue? !
In the moment.
The test target was about to crack, the expression on his face was extremely fierce.

The whole process is very long.
The reality is that it only arises at the speed of light in between.
Wait for Ma Ha Tang to excitedly counterattack.
A stream of extreme danger quietly appeared in his heart.
Look back up.
The sword light in the sky was almost right in front of our eyes.
“Is not! ! !”
Ma Ha Tang’s eyes showed despair, his face full of unwillingness roared loudly.
What a pity.
The sound just reverberated for a short time, then stopped again!
Extremely quiet!
In the direction, there were not many sword lights that passed through Ma Ha Tang and Feng Sang’s bodies.
The entire Huashan, fell into complete silence.
Everyone gathered around to watch.
Can’t help but stupidly widened his eyes, dumbfounded on the spot.
facial expressionabove, filled with endless shock and panic.
Deep in the pupil, there is even a slight blur.
It always feels a bit unreal.
This is the existence of the Continent of Fairyland!
Thien Nhan did not come out.
Jiuzhou Gypsy has no crested king!
Even each of the Continent of Wonders, once suppressed a terrorist in a locality! !
But now.
But then definitely like that body still.
This kind of shock, directed them to speak.
It’s really huge!
No matter how big it is, I’m afraid to see it with my own eyes.
Still a bit incredulous!
“See it as solved.”
“Hopefully they haven’t arrived yet.”
Quy Tran took a deep breath.
Mutter a word to god.
Continue to flash the body.
In an instant, he appeared in Xuan Tu waiting for the person in front of him.
Lift the sword, collect the sword, change the body, seamless fluency!
Immediately, he didn’t even look at anyone.
Disappear on the horizon.
It wasn’t long before he left.
Huyen Tu was waiting for a group of Shaolin monks, and suddenly his eyes widened.
His face was filled with unbelievable words.
“Okay… Get it fast!!”
Falling to the ground with a bang, all vitality was gone.
Hi! ! !
I also don’t know how long.
At this point, people are reluctant to recover their spirits.
There was still a look of terror on his face that had not yet taken off.
Simultaneously, he took a deep breath of cold air.
Don’t wait for them to discuss.
On the void.
Thien Dao Kim Bang was slightly shocked.
Suddenly the light shined brightly.
A few moments later.
The direction of the needle light disappears.
Rows slowly appeared.
« Jiuzhou battle ceiling table – fourth place. . . . ».
People In The World Of Cultivators, With Everyone Can Divide Five Years
In this world, no one can make fun of me, only I go to make fun of others!!!

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