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However, this word sounded even more hysterical.
But Chuan Ying was not angry in the slightest.
On the contrary, there was a little bit of gratitude to glance at him.
“Thank you, Dai Long Shou.”
Even if he knew this move well, it would probably compare the desire to exaggerate several times, even dozens of times, more than a hundred times!
Maybe minimal.
Anyway, let them see a glimmer of hope.
Anyway, it’s better than before, I don’t know when I want to die.
At the back of him.
The rest of the people, however, did not say anything, but in their hearts they were very accepting.
Only Le Cong, only felt the blood all over his body was boiling!
Right from the moment when Thien Bi Canh cave saw Thien Dao Kim Bang.
In his heart, he wanted to think about fighting with Ximen Invincible.
The fact that the other party suddenly appeared to attack me just now was a bit self-destructive.
Perhaps this idea was not only not abandoned, but on the contrary stimulated him to fight more and more.
However, he is also transparent.
In front of his own eyes, the difference between them was too huge.
If you really want to fight, it’s also about getting Eggs to fight Stone.
Just keep this one thought in mind.
But now.
Had an early opportunity to expand knowledge of the enemy’s tricks.
And it’s also under the situation of eight people joining forces.
So, how could he not be excited? How can you not be excited? !
Hear that.
Invincible Ximen understood his thoughts well.
Silently laughi.
Also no explanation.
Just a flash of humor and reminder on his face.
“Are you well prepared?”
Fits just five words.
Again the sound is not very loud.
But listening to Chuan Ying waiting for someone in the ear, I feel the pressure has doubled!
The original is fragile hope.
Again, not less fragile.
No him.
Mainly, Ximen Invincible also specially reminded one sentence.
What does this say?
This clearly shows that the opponent has a plan in mind for this move.
Basically, I don’t care if I and others do it all the time or not.
Naturally let them move in the belly.
The mood also followed, becoming more and more heavy.
“Come hereˇ!”
Mental absorption.
Don’t dare to think anymore, Truyen Ying.
Watch him closely.
True essence in the body, in an instant, covered the whole body.
See that.
Invincible Ximen smiled lightly.
Nor did he make any offensive moves.
Just lift your legs, take a small step forward.
This is a small step.
As if stepping on Truyen Ying waiting for the people of the Heart Gate to come forward!
Feel the immense, powerful, and powerful power.
The pressure on the body suddenly increased several times!
The body follows a slight bend.
Even mental.
Also at this moment is like in the wide sea a lone boat.
There is a possibility that there is a possibility of collapse in the big waves flooding the sky from time to time!
Right at the time when Truyen Ying was waiting for people, his face was full of terror, his mind was full of panic.
A dangerous ray of extreme danger quietly rose in their hearts.
Almost in an instant.
The eight people only felt cold after that, and the hairs on their bodies stood up straight!
A blast of cold air from his heels instantly ran to the back of his head!
The facial expression followed by a great change.
Great Terror! ! !
Still dryWaiting for them to take action.
The scene in front of them, just looking at their purpose, was about to crack, and the heart was shaken!
I only saw Han Cong Du widen his eyes.
In addition to the intense fear in his eyes, there was also a hint of confusion.
My heart is deep inside.
One as big as a pinhole’s tiny hole, slowly oozing out a trail of blood.
Dream Transmission.
Stupid Le Cong.
The remaining five people were dumbfounded at the same time.
The mouth couldn’t help but open wide.
On the face, except for fear, was still fear.
Whether still staring at at.
But they are still a little confused.
When will the Ximen Championship come to the end?
Again, not even a single hint of a sign.
Even with what weapon they used to attack, they couldn’t know.
In the eyes, a color dream sheet.
“How? How is this zither?”
To meet them was full of shock.
Invincible Ximen smiled faintly and asked in a calm tone.
There is no way that Han Gongdu’s death is a big deal.
It’s like killing him, killing the same cockroach.
“This . . . what kind of move is this?”
The previous performance returned the god to come.
Chuan Ying took a deep breath.
Restoring a mood.
It is worth mentioning that refusal in the middle is still inevitable as long as it carries a hint of awe.
Thinking through his brain, he did not think clearly from beginning to end.
How to take the shot of Ximen Champion to the end? !
It is clear that here the eight great masters are all mentally focused and very careful.
But still, it was as easy as turning one’s hand and being attacked.
Let him be a little bit insulted.
Otherwise, the vitality of Han Gongdu would be noticed slowly dissipating.
There is a tiny spot of blood on the eyelids.
He didn’t even know he was dead!
This makes his eyes always higher than his head, how can he accept it? !
“` ˇ is just invisible sword qi.”
Invincible Ximen waved his hand with a look of disdain.
In fact.
Don’t look at him talking like that.
Before, in order to find out this trick, he wasted a lot of thought.
Fortunately, the effort does not depend on people who have a heart.
He was still able to research it in the end.
The effect is also unusual at first glance!
“How…how is that possible?!!”
“In this world, still… can there be such a strange move? ! ! !”
The transmission of Eagle throughout the body vibrated strongly.
Two strong eyes widened.
Unbelievable look.
Than is Thien Nhan peak landscape master.
Naturally, he could see the horror of this move.
It’s also because it looks terrifying.
This is the time to show such failure.
No way.
Really, this trick is too exaggerated!
Even if it’s not a high level of cultivation (yes) a martial artist.
But just learn this one trick.
The so-called champions of the same rank can basically be ignored.
At least they cross the border and slash back!
Even crossed two great realms, three great realms!
As for the cause.
Mostly this trick is too chatty!
It’s too hard for people to defend!
Even other people’s attacks are not detected.
How can we talk about defense?
Again say.
There are only a thousand days to be a thief, how can there be a thousand days to guard against ethical thieves?
Don’t say anything, it took a long time to lose everything!
Others can make the same mistake countless times.
But you only need to make a mistake once, that shyness, no fate! !
Unless it’s the existence of intense cultivation.
Perhaps it is also possible to break the fist fight with this move.
But only this limit.
Once the two sides cultivate the difference is too big.
At full force on the basis.
No matter how hard you practice, you will only be reversed! Return.
Demonic Fairy Religion
UNIQUE-Strange-Strange, sceneNewspaper: Entering the pit is easy to go crazy!!!

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