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“Ha ha… don’t you understand?”
“I didn’t understand in the first place.”
“In order to avoid them, I made a special trip down the mountain.”
“What do you think the outcome will be?”
“Just bumped into an even more than eighty-year-old man, there’s still a master in the flower bush!”
“AfterAfter that, I couldn’t bear the curiosity and went to give me some advice.”
Ly Thai Bach casually smiled.
Explain and do not forget to sell the closure.
Straight to see the Champion Ximen has nothing to say.
Angered, he tilted his head.
The latter awkwardly touched his nose and continued to speak.
“I seem to have a sincere intention to offend the old man.”
“He pulled me out of the flower bush, patiently told me to come back.”
“He said, the more ugly you are, the more potential you have!”
“As long as you embrace the ugly picture close to the center of the body, and the flower bushes “Three Nine three” are spread, there will be no disadvantage!”
“I think about it slowly, hey, it really makes sense!”
“On the contrary, they are all the same!”
“Then I will come back, taste and exchange with their sisters and brothers.”
“Wait a minute, don’t look at you as a tall, rough, skinny girl with one rib.”
“But talking to kill time, must be triyin!!”
“This is not, in the end I just pretended to refuse below…”
Talk to the next part.
Ly Thai Bach burned you, using your eyes to understand.
The appearance at first glance is extremely ugly!
After saying this, he was still a little unsatisfied, licking his lips, and sighed.
“What a master at folklore!”
“Don’t say, the taste in it, really has not come to say to outsiders!!”
Just said.
A face that could only be perceived was revealed, with a high expression of profound compassion.
Even words in words outside inside.
There is also a hint of arrogance and pride.
Ximen Champion: “…”
Is it possible for her mother to be here?
Silently tighten your tongue.
Look at Ly Thai Bach’s appearance in the eyes.
Do not say Ximen Invincible in an instant understood.
Good guy.
Feelings say half a day.
Is it over here magical? !
But the problem is, you magically can or not first find a good object back to humagical?
Such heavy taste.
Where are you magical?
Or how to respond to people?
Anger glared.
It seemed that he did not want to see him again with such a cowardly expression.
Invincible Ximen snorted lightly, deliberately exaggerating his color face, and opened his mouth to speak.
“Is it possible or not… I mean, the possibility is equal, that boss can only look bad, because he looks down on him because he’s beautiful?”
Most afraid of the air suddenly quiet. . . .
This word has just been said.
Originally a quiet hall, the moment when a needle fell, you could also hear it!
But hearing that, Ly Thai Bach.
The smile on his face froze in an instant.
The whole body froze in place.
Everyone is a bit stupid.
One breath. . . . Two breaths. . . . Three breaths. . . .
Time every minute passed.
It’s been a while.
Ly Thai Bach now recovered his spirit.
Recalling the old man at that time, he simply wore it.
Whole body vibrates.
Pupils magnified at a glance!
His face was white with no blood in it.
Even the lips couldn’t help but tremble a little.
Two godless eyes staggered.
For a moment, everyone who was attacked must be a little unstable.
“It’s nothing, little thing.”
“One-stop lamp, with eyes closed, everything is a little fairy.”
Invincible Ximen reached out and patted his shoulder
Suppressing laughter, slashing a knife.
Then, without looking back, he drifted out of the hall.
Ly Thai Bach put it in his heart.
Raise your head to a 45-degree angle and look up at the sky.
Two rows of elegant lines, quietly following the cheekbones down.
This kind.
Still less than himself in the chest, to a sentence Here it hurts, buzzing, buzzing. . . .
… .
Say two-headed.
The capital is the state itself.
At Truong Xuan Coc with Bu Lao Tuyen and the scriptures, Thien Dao Kim Bang broke out later.
In an instant, it became lively.
On the main road, it is all before the rush of martial artists.
Complaintsn let around the hotel make a profit full of tubs full of bowls.
Countless hotel treasurers of Tra Lau, all with smiles on their faces.
Which spent the last days looking.
On the contrary, there is also a lot of news.
Every once.
Both will attract countless martial artists, one after the other.
Not once was the news true.
It can be considered like that.
The martial artists are also happy to endure 0 . . .
Afraid of me because I did not go, which led to a long missed Xuan Coc opportunity!
At the same time.
Royal Agent.
Looking at the front, sitting neatly, you can see the three directions of power.
Feel the smell of fire medicine in the invisible air.
Doan Chinh Minh rubbed cold sweat on his forehead, a piece of luck in his heart.
It’s good to listen to Kho Vinh Dai Master.
There was no deliberate attack on Truong Xuan Coc.
If not say.
No matter if there is no.
I’m afraid that Dali Quoc can’t stand Dai Qin, Dai Nguyen, and Dai Duong, these three peaks of the Royal Dynasty are angry!
Not to mention, there are also countless top-tier gypsies among them.
“Surely your intentions are clear.”
“A saying, help or not help?!”
This time.
Sitting in the main seat, a middle-aged man wearing a battle armor, his tone was cold and he asked.
While talking.
In the twinkling eyes, the sky was dense and murderous.
Let people’s hearts not tremble for a while!
Even in the yard temperature.
Also because of these words, suddenly fell a lot!
But behind him.
It is standing still, Dong Hoang Thai Nhat, Bac Minh Tu, and Tuan Tu three people.
Every strength is so terrifying, it makes people speechless!
The lineup is powerful and flamboyant, so obvious!
Doan Chinh Minh’s whole body trembled slightly.
Look at the evidence.
Shaking his old face, he smiled bitterly.
Blue sky
“Martial arts . . . Great lord, it’s not like I’m not willing to give out 3. 6 soldiersassist.”
“It is true that Big Li was originally a small army of Quoc Tieu, and there was no specific information there, even sending troops, it was no different from finding a needle in the bottom of the sea.”
“Not to mention, there are so many martial artists in Dali’s eyes, they still need them to maintain order to prevent any chaos.”
“In addition, Da Yuan and Datang-sama also want me to send troops.”
“You said, I’m just a small country, what should I do?”
“Even if I tell you first about the group of one family, the other two families are angry, I Dali can’t stand it.”
“So, as for you, let me and Dali group go for once, I really don’t want to get involved in this matter.”
Finished speaking.
A longing look at them.
Kia has a sincere voice, full of emotions.
Still less squeezing out a few tears.
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