Si Xiao walked to the corpses of those monsters, squatted down, and pressed his palm on the zombie and groped.

Meditate in your heart [Endless Extraction]!

[Extracted successfully, you have obtained 0.5 attribute points.] 】

Attribute points?

The corners of Si Xiao's mouth raised slightly, and he quietly stretched out his hand to the next zombie.

Soon, all ten zombies were extracted by him.

Quickly open the panel.

[Name: Si Xiao].

[Reincarnation number: 7].

[Title: None].

[Attributes]: Physique 16; Power 13; Agile; 15; Spirit 21 (10 for normal adults.) )

[Talent One]:

Endless Extraction (SSS).

All non-living objects can be extracted.

After extraction, it can produce unexpected effects.

[Talent Two]:


Quickly understand and apply what you have learned.

The higher the spirit, the faster the learning speed.

[Skill]: None

[Equipment]: None

[Attribute Point]: 6

As expected, behind all attribute points, a '+' appears.

Each zombie killed rewards 0.1 attribute points, and extracting one can only earn 0.5 attribute points.


He gained 6 attribute points!

That's equivalent to killing 60 zombies in this instant.

Si Xiao's heart thumped

Although Endless Extraction could not directly provide him with combat power, it meant that he would grow more than five times faster than others.

After thinking a little, Si Xiao chose to point the 4 attributes on the physique first

He also didn't know what the impact of these attributes was.

But in his opinion.

These ordinary zombies have no intelligence, they are not very terrible, but there are just a few of them.

And he often exercises, these zombies are not much stronger than him in terms of speed or strength.

But today I have to leave the school building and go to the cafeteria.

Not only zombies, but also the diseases caused by the decomposition of corpses may not allow them to stay more, although it can make the Ohga sun burn, but the place is obviously not suitable.

At least one day of full fighting, the next day does not make the muscles sore.

Not so

Today is fine, the next day's combat effectiveness will drop a lot in an instant, and you can send it with a slight accident.

Since it is a physique, it should increase physical strength.

Ideally, with such a number of zombies outside, Si Xiao would prefer to fight for three days without sleeping.

In this way, there is enough tolerance to give yourself room for maneuver.

Unfortunately, the attribute points are not enough for the time being, so I can only add a few points to try the effect.

[Add a little success! ] 】

[The current physical attribute is: 20].


Si Xiao felt that the exhaustion just now had been swept away.

At the same time, for some reason, he felt as if his skin had become tougher, and his defenses seemed to have improved a lot.

If in the past the skin would be easily scratched by the knife, it feels like it needs to be pushed harder now.

It's not just about increasing stamina, it's also about defense." ’

Si Xiao thought to himself.

In this case, as long as the physique reaches a certain level, I am afraid that it is not difficult to enter the knife and gun, and the number of zombies is not enough.

It's just,

It is only the improvement of four attribute points, and it does not feel very obvious.

Hesitated for a moment

Si Xiao added the remaining two points to the speed.

Instantly, I felt that my hands and legs seemed to be a little lighter, and my reflex speed increased a little.

'It affects movement speed, attack speed, and reflex speed. ’

Si Xiao raised his eyebrows.

As long as he runs fast enough, these zombies can't catch up with him.

Does it mean that as long as a certain attribute is high enough, these zombies will not be afraid.


"What are you doing?"

Ye Feng leaned against the wall and looked at Si Xiao, and asked with some doubt.

"I'm looking for anything that works."

Si Xiao touched the pockets of the corpses and said indifferently, "By the way, try to strengthen these corpses and see if they can come in handy." "


This statement came out.

Everyone was instantly stunned.

Even the corpse has to be used.

Not yet cornered, Karuizawa and Yukishita dodged their eyes, still a little difficult to accept, but did not say much.


When Ye Feng heard this, he shook his head and smiled.

Obviously has a good ability but only C-level strengthening talent, can only survive cautiously like this, it is inevitable that some small family spirits.


Several people rested for half an hour.

Si Xiao took Karuizawa and searched the other three classrooms in the corridor, the principal's room and the staff room on the other side.


Apart from a few mops, I couldn't find any food or water.

"Leave this to them."

Si Xiao used a watermelon knife to make several mop long guns again and handed them to Karuizawa.

Although some people do not like the sun of Ohga.

He still has this pattern

Weapons spliced together by cold ice are not strong after all, and industrial products are not strong, which can also reduce the pressure of snow under the snow.

"Got it."

Karuizawa carefully took the five spears and handed them to Yukinoshita and the others, living cautiously.

Although his performance is not as good as that of Ohga Sun and others, he is very obedient.

Si Xiao had some doubts, and now that she asked Karuizawa to dedicate her life, she would probably agree.

Unfortunately, now is not the time to do this.

"That's enough."

At this time, Ye Feng's sharp eyes glanced at Si Xiao.

Although he doesn't want to conflict with everyone because of a little conflict, this does not mean that he is afraid of them.

Rest time, almost enough.

Si Xiao did not respond, and turned his head to look at Yukino under the snow.

"That's it."

Yukishita Yukino nodded and looked at Ye Feng with some complexity.

Let's be honest.

She didn't really want Ye Feng to leave.

The best performers in the group just now were undoubtedly Si Xiao, Ye Feng, and Ohga Sun.

Losing anyone is a great loss.

The probability of survival will decrease.

But she didn't know how to persuade the other party, and Si Xiao and the others didn't seem to care much.

Several people followed Ye Feng to the opposite staircase.

I have already made a tour just now, and there are no zombies along the way.


"I'll watch from behind you later."

Si Xiao looked at Ye Feng in front of him and said, not in doubt, but as if stating a fact.

He also wanted to see why this guy was so confident.

Even if the other party refuses, he will still follow, but talking away can reduce a lot of trouble.


Ye Feng paused at his feet, glanced back at Si Xiao, and stared for a moment before saying

"Yes, but I will also say ugly things in front, don't do anything superfluous, if you dare to come within three meters of me, I will directly treat you as zombies, understand?"


Si Xiao shrugged indifferently and did not respond.

It is not without the possibility of backstabbing this guy, after all, every zombie is 0.1 attribute points.

In his opinion.

Although facing 10 zombies at the beginning, this is probably still the so-called 'novice training area'.

There are tens of thousands of zombies outside the school, and I don't know how many there are.

What's more,

He also had some ideas about the corpse king on the main quest.

Before leaving school, naturally the stronger the better.

If Ye Feng really had the ability to face more than a dozen zombies alone and snatch all the zombies, it would be better to find a way to backstab and kill.

"That's good."

Ye Feng mistakenly thought that he agreed, nodded and continued to move forward.

Come to the staircase again

Everyone instantly became nervous.

Even the footsteps couldn't help but be lowered a lot.


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