"Wait a minute."

Before coming to the staircase, Si Xiao looked back at the snow and lowered his voice, "Under the snow, you go down with me to take a look?" "


Under the snow was slightly stunned.

As soon as he nodded, he heard Ohga Sun beside him say in a somewhat reprimanding tone

"Si Xiaojun, there is no such thing as you, right? This is a very dangerous thing, if you want to observe the intelligence, go by yourself, there is no need to drag others, right? "

After that, Ohga Taiyo smiled at Yukoshita beside him, "Yukinoshita-san, this is a very dangerous thing, think twice for your own consideration, there is no need to listen to others." "


Si Xiao glanced at Dahe Sun and did not respond, this guy always wants to show his best side, hypocritical.

He looked directly under the snow.

Wait for the other person's reply.

Yukino has the ability to change terrain, and simply put, any plan is inseparable from Yuki's talent.

She is undoubtedly the most important fighting force in the group at the moment.

Although he didn't say anything, Si Xiao was also wary of these people.

He gave the fortified spear to these people to increase his chances of survival, but in other words, his value was also reduced to the lowest point.

Yukino is with him

Even if someone wants to betray, they must think twice before acting, otherwise Xue Nai under the snow will die, and everyone will die with their current ability.

If Yukinoshita Yukino refused, he would not go.


"Got it, I'll go with you."

Yukishita Yukino didn't think much about it, so he nodded.

Hear her words,

Si Xiao was a little surprised, he would not be the first honest person to echo him just now, it was indeed a little naïve, but it was also reassuring.

At least you won't be backstabbed by Yukinoshita Yukino.

"Then be careful."

Ohga Sun nodded helplessly, "If there is any danger, remember to say it, and I will go down to support immediately." "

Of course, I felt extremely humiliated in my heart.

In the past, everyone would be around him, however, now both Karuizawa and Yukishita are more inclined to Sixiao.

He used to use such a performance to subtly step on others, raise his own evaluation, and successfully deceive many stupid girls.

But Yukinoshita Yukino and Karuizawa are clearly not among them.

And on the side.


Looking at the scene in front of him, Ye Feng sneered.

It's still intrigued, it's really disgusting.

Between thoughts.

He didn't care about a few people, carried a spear down the stairs, and Si Xiao and Xuexia also followed to the corner of the stairs and did not step forward again, keeping a safe distance.

Ohga Sun stood on the fourth floor and observed the two, and at this time, Aomi Tetsuya and Jing Chengye also moved several tables according to Si Xiao's orders.

Third floor.

Ye Feng glanced vigilantly at Si Xiao at the corner of the stairs before observing the corridor.

I don't know if it's set up in the reincarnation space.

The zombies on the fourth floor were all at the entrance of the stairs, and the zombies on the third floor were all reunited and swayed at the other end.

At a cursory glance, there are about 40 of them.

More than four times more than the fourth floor.


The corners of Ye Feng's mouth raised slightly, and the spear hit the ground with a hum, what kind of zombie was in front of him, it was just 4 attribute points.


With a buzzing sound, all the zombies let out an angry roar, and then quickly rushed towards Ye Feng.

And Si Xiao, who was at the corner of the stairs, could not see this scene at all because of his vision.


"Si Xiao!"

Ye Feng turned his head to look at Si Xiao and said with a sneer, "Don't you want to see my talent, take a good look, you guys are intriguing there, I'm afraid you will never know, only cattle and sheep will flock in groups, and fierce beasts have always been alone." "


Si Xiao narrowed his eyes with a flat face, staring closely at the spear in his hand.

It was as if an invisible air flow was constantly converging on the spear, and a fine scratch appeared on the body of the gun.

If it were not for the reinforced stainless steel rod, I am afraid it would have broken.

Just at this time.


With the sound of hurried footsteps,

Three zombies rushed out of the corner at the same time, and four or five were followed at the same time at a distance of less than half a meter, and I don't know how many more there were.

"Go and die."

Ye Feng sneered, and the spear in his hand aimed at the zombie head, an ordinary sweep.

Where the spear passed.

The upper bodies of the three zombies were torn to shreds as if they had been cut by countless sharp blades.

Countless gray flesh and blood flew around, falling on the ground, walls, and scattered on Ye Feng's body.

A trace of fishy smell filled the air, and the entrance of the stairs on the third floor was instantly dyed a bloody red.

Hear the sound of attribute points in your head.

The smile at the corner of Ye Feng's mouth did not decrease but increased, and with another wave of his backhand, the four zombies that followed were instantly torn into minced meat.

Immediately afterwards, he rushed directly towards the corpses.


Yukishita rounded his eyes and quickly covered his small mouth.

With one blow, he instantly killed 7 zombies, which is also too strong.

And around.

Si Xiao also had pupil constriction.

He knew that Ye Feng probably had some hole cards, and he probably had done some experiments when he resisted the zombies before, so he was so confident in his own strength.

But he didn't expect that Ye Feng would be so strong!


His [Endless Extraction] can only be regarded as a growth talent.

In terms of effect, it is not as good as the Ice Queen of Xueno under the snow, let alone compared to Ye Feng's obvious offensive talent.

At present, I am afraid that even Ohga Sun's talent is not comparable.

'It still takes time.' ’

Si Xiao narrowed his eyes and thought.

As long as there is enough time to grow, I believe that these people will soon be thrown away.

At this time, the roar of zombies continued to come from the corridor, and the whistling sound of wielding a spear, Ye Feng's figure had long disappeared around the corner.

"Come down with me and see."

Si Xiao whispered to Yukino beside him, who nodded, and the two walked down the stairs.

The ground on the third floor was already blood-red, and the pungent smell of blood rushed into his nose, and Yukino quickly covered his lips, tears rolling in the corners of his eyes.

The egg I just ate feels like I'm about to spit it out.

She is also not without experience in killing

Occasionally, I cook my own meals and handle things like fresh fish, chicken, pork, etc.

But the flesh and blood scattered everywhere on the ground and walls in front of me are too cruel.

It's really disgusting.

And on the side.

Si Xiao was also a little disgusted, he had only pierced the head before, and the zombie's body was quite complete and could barely endure.

Now the large intestine and human internal organs can be seen everywhere on the ground.

It's really uncomfortable.

But he still stared at the leaf wind in the corridor, and the place where the spear passed was like an autumn breeze sweeping away the leaves, and the zombies touched were instantly swept into minced meat.

It's just that.

Si Xiao narrowed his eyes and looked at the scene in front of him

There seemed to be more scratches on the reinforced stainless steel rod, and I don't know if Ye Feng found it.

Right at this moment.

"Be careful."

Under the snow, his pale pupils suddenly shrank into needle tips, and he quickly reminded him.

Right in front of them, a zombie was knocked down by the ground minced meat and fell to the ground, just dodging this sweep.

Immediately after,

The zombie crawled on the ground like a mad dog and rushed towards Ye Feng.


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