"Under the snow."

Si Xiao stepped up the steps and shouted sharply.


Looking back at the group of zombies only a few steps away, Xuexia's eyes were flustered and instantly noticed, and his palm glowed with a light blue halo.


The stairs behind him were instantly covered with ice, and a group of corpses instantly slipped under their feet and rolled down.


Si Xiao had already carried the snow back to the fourth floor, and he directly threw the snow on the ground and looked back.

The steps from the corner to the fourth floor are covered with almost a meter of ice.

Several zombies rushed up with the corpses of their companions, but fell back.

"Not enough."

Witnessing everything in front of him, Si Xiao said coldly, "At least three meters of ice are required. "


Xuexia touched his knee with some pain, quickly answered, reached out and pressed to the ground, and the ice surface on the stairs was slowly extended to three meters.


Jing Chengye and Qinghai Tetsuya carried two tables and threw them down.

These zombies stepped on the corpses of their companions, relied on strong force to kick and kick the table under their feet, step by step up the steps, and then slipped and rolled down with the table.


Time is not waiting.

Si Xiao lifted the spear and instantly penetrated the head of a zombie.

[Killing ordinary zombies: 0.1 attribute points rewarded].

A tone rings in my head.

On the side, Ohga Sun, Qinghai Tetsuya, and Ii Chengye also carried spears and pierced the heads of three zombies.

Si Xiao looked at everyone with a watermelon knife in his left hand, always on guard against these guys.

It's just that.

After killing a zombie, the three covered their mouths, their faces instantly turned pale, and they quickly retreated.

"How so."

"It feels so sick."


The three looked at their hands in panic.

I thought there was something great." ’

Si Xiao laughed inwardly, it seemed that he looked up to the Great Greeting Sun.

After all, even if you are resistant to the smell of blood, killing people feels completely different from killing chickens.

It is obviously not normal to be able to adapt as quickly as him.

In between thoughts,

Kill two zombies again.

Under the snow, Yukino and Karuizawa glanced at the sun of Daga, and looked at Si Xiao's back sluggishly, not daring to make a move.

"I advise you to take this opportunity to experience the feeling of killing zombies."

Si Xiao said lightly without looking back, "Otherwise, I'm afraid it's only a matter of time before you die." "

"Brother Xiao."

Karuizawa's mouth twitched, and he said a little uneasily, "You will definitely protect me, right?" "


Si Xiao did not respond and continued to kill the zombies.

It's really naïve to hold this kind of fluke mentality.

Now it's just a lack of strength.

When he has enough strength to deal with thousands of zombies, he will naturally not cooperate with them anymore.

Of course, it is not impossible to cooperate, but their current performance is far from enough.

And behind.

Hearing Si Xiao's words, Xue Nai hesitated for a moment, and walked to Si Xiao's side trembling with a spear.

After taking a look at Si Xiao.

Yukishita exhaled deeply, gritted his teeth, and stabbed out with a forceful shot.

[Killing ordinary zombies: 0.1 attribute points rewarded].

"Boom... Boom..."

A crisp crash sounded, and the spear rolled to the ground, and Yukino looked at his hands with dull eyes.

Compared with the sound of reward in her mind, the sticky feeling of the spear piercing the piece of meat just now made her even more confused.

At this time.

The snow-white little hands seemed to be stained with blood.


Si Xiao looked at Xue Nai next to him and ran back with his small mouth covered, and soon heard a vomit sound.

Karuizawa looked at the back of the snow running away, gritted his silver teeth, and learned to kill a zombie with a spear.

Occupying such favorable terrain, there is basically no danger.

But it really doesn't feel good.


Karuizawa hurriedly ran over.

In terms of heart, the two are still a little worse than Ohga Sun.


Less than ten minutes.

At the entrance of the stairs, there was a strong smell of blood, and zombies piled up into mountains.

In the end, most of the zombies have been killed by Ye Feng, and the zombies who rushed up the stairs are estimated to be only about twenty.


Si Xiao killed ten, Ohga Sun also killed 4 after adjustment, and Yukino Yukinoshita and Karuizawa vomited and came back to kill two, which made him a little impressed.

As for the other two,

Si Xiao only took a cursory observation, and did not pay attention to it.

At this time.

Everyone sat in the corridor on the fourth floor to rest, and their clothes were inevitably stained with blood.

Yukino and Karuizawa buried their heads in their legs, and their mood was extremely low

There is no mood anymore to think about decent dirt.

And the other side.

At the corner of the stairs, Si Xiao held a spear and was wary of the zombies that might not be dead in the zombie pile in front of him, while carrying out endless extraction.

11 attribute points were obtained at once.


Si Xiao stepped on the zombie corpse back to the third floor, and instantly became vigilant.


In the corridor in front of him, a guy wearing jeans and stud earrings was kneeling on the ground and moving to this side.

It was Ye Feng!

The skin of the arm is slightly gray, and the muscles of the body seem to have been eaten by countless wild dogs, revealing red and white bones, bones that are clearly visible on the thighs, and a lump of meat hanging from the side of the legs, which has not been eaten.

Just take a look,

Si Xiao's heart was a little complicated.

This is the end of the reincarnation, Ye Feng can not be described as not strong, in addition to arrogance, strength, heart, vigilance are good.

However, if you are not careful, it can become like this.

When the number reaches a certain level, the heap can also pile them to death.


The zombie in front of him let out a hoarse roar, but unfortunately the vocal cords seemed to have been eaten.

As if feeling the movement, the speed of movement was a little faster.

'Do you die only if you pierce your head?' ’

Si Xiao was a little playful, there was little meat in his body and he didn't die, and he carried a spear and pierced the opponent's head.

Looking at Ye Feng's completely white eyes, as if he was staring at himself, as if he was questioning why he didn't save him.

Si Xiao pulled out his spear with a flat expression, and the zombie instantly fell to the ground.

[Kill Reincarnation 234971 number: 4 attribute points are rewarded. 】


Si Xiao raised his eyebrows.

Even if he becomes a zombie, this guy's identity is still a reincarnation.

Before, Ye Feng probably killed about 20 zombies, and the reward should only be 2 attribute points.

Then the remaining two attribute points should not be their own rewards, right?

In this way, it seems that the reward for killing the reincarnation is even greater." ’

Si Xiao raised his head and glanced thoughtfully at the ceiling.

As if looking at Ohga Sun and others.

In this way, as long as you kill the reincarnation, you can take all the previous efforts of the other party for yourself.


Si Xiao touched his chin playfully.

It is time to think about using this information like this, at least now let him single out Ye Feng, he will definitely not be able to defeat it.

I just don't know if Ohga Sun's talent is so powerful.

Anyway, let's take a look before talking.

Between thoughts.

He half-squatted down and reached out to Ye Feng's body to touch it, wanting to see if he could extract the reincarnation, and by the way, look for anything available.

Soon, the bulging chest caught his attention.


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