Until three o'clock in the afternoon.

Under the leadership of Si Xiao, everyone relied on the talent of Yukino under the snow and the topographic advantage of the stairs to clean up the zombies in the teaching building.

A total of 130 zombies were killed.

If it weren't for [Endless Extraction], Si Xiao wouldn't have counted them one by one.

Among them,

He killed 30, Ohga Sun probably killed about 30, and Qinghai Ori also killed roughly 20.

The only surprise was that Karuizawa also seemed to have killed nearly 20 of them.

Yukishita and Ai Chengye killed about 10 of them.

The more to the back,

Several people also slowly began to adapt.

If you don't want to die, you can only let your heart fall hard.


At this time, the teaching building is in the lobby on the first floor.

Everyone sat on the stairs on the first floor to rest, and Si Xiao leaned against the wall and opened the panel.

This time, a total of 78 attribute points were gained.

After thinking a little, he was still ready to increase his strength first.

It's just that when the power reaches 30 points, the + sign after the plus bar turns gray.

'Sure enough, the strength cannot exceed 1.5 times the physique? ’

Si Xiao thought to himself.

His current physique is 20 points, and his strength limit is 30 points, and the other two attributes are probably the same.

The constitution is like a container, even if you pour more water, it will only overflow.

Think for a moment.

There is [spiral qi] in

He decided to allocate all his attributes to strength and physique, and his speed was already 20 points, as long as he ran faster than zombies.

Although there is no shortcoming in adding points to balance, the comprehensive strength is undoubtedly stronger.

But if it's for the unexpected

It must be a priority for combat power.


[Attributes]: Physique 51; Power 75; Agile 20; Spirit 21 (10 for normal adults. )

Feeling the power in his body, Si Xiao felt that he could smash people with one punch now.


What he has always performed is only one line stronger than Ohga Sun and others.

Anyway, he has always been the bravest and killed the most zombies, which will not arouse suspicion.

"That, Brother Xiao."

Karuizawa glanced at Si Xiao, who closed his eyes beside him, and said in a low voice: "What are we going to do now?" "

Even if you don't say it,

Everyone also knew what she wanted to say.


There are also hundreds of zombies gathered around the goal to shake, and there are dozens of zombies guarding outside the teaching building.

Go out, but there will be no geographical advantage to defend.

"If you already know it, you won't point your attributes on your physique."

Qinghai Zhe also said a little bitterly, "Then there may be another way now." "


Si Xiao sneered, glanced at Jing Chengye, who was panting across the side, and said, "No physique, you should be like him now." "

Even if you stomp on bones for a day, it is very difficult, let alone fight zombies with all your strength.

Although there is a break in the middle, it is only to restore Yukino under the snow, but it will not wait for the well to be completed.


"I have a way, similar to when I was on the third floor, let Si Xiao go out and lead those zombies to the stairs, how about it?"

"It's not dangerous."

Jing Chengye's face turned red and he proposed.

This guy only thinks about himself.

"No, the staircase is too far from the gate, this is completely death."

Yukino frowned tightly, a little reluctantly.

After killing more than a dozen zombies, she seemed to be in a much better state.

Although it is speculated that Si Xiao has killed dozens of zombies

But converted into attribute points, there are only a few points, most of them are also added to the physique, I am afraid that they will soon be caught up by zombies.

The eyes of the others also looked at Si Xiao, and Karuizawa raised his hand and said, "I don't approve either." "

"yes, let's think of something else."

Seeing this, Ohga Sun also said with a smile.

"You guys..."

Jing Chengye's face turned red.

It's almost exploding, and these people are literally targeting him.

And the opposite.

Si Xiao didn't pay attention to their conversation at all, when was it, and he was still playing democracy with him here.


At this time,

Si Xiao's eyes swept over everyone, and said flatly: "Go, I definitely won't go, if you have any hidden talents, don't hide them." If you can't get to the cafeteria today, there is nothing to eat, and tomorrow it will only be more difficult. "


At this moment, Karuizawa's lower abdomen made a sound, feeling everyone's gaze, and her face turned red instantly.

"I'm really hungry."


Several people smiled wryly at each other.

From the morning to now, I have indeed been hungry for a long time, but it has only been more than half a day, and I can barely bear it.

Before, I never knew what hunger tasted like.

If it's been a long time, I don't know what will happen.

"What kind of talent is there, I want it too."

Feeling Si Xiao's gaze, Qinghai Zheye's face was full of bitterness.

"You guy thinks everyone is like Ye Feng? If only there was talent. "

Jing Chengye said sourly.

Before, I had learned from the chat with Si Xiao under the snow that Ye Feng also had talent.


Si Xiao frowned, scanning around, originally thought that these guys were a little hidden, but now it seems that there is really none.

"Then again."

Qinghai Zhe was also a little worried: "We searched the entire teaching building and couldn't find food, what if the canteen didn't have it?" "

At the moment, it comes out.

Everyone's faces became ugly.

It took them nearly a day to clean up the zombies in the teaching building, thanks to the merits of Si Xiao and Snow.

Even if there is no strength in the air, what is the use, if there is no food in the cafeteria, they dare not think about the things behind.

"Don't think about it now."

Si Xiao raised his head, pressed the back of his head against the wall, and sighed: "I'm afraid it will only have to wait for death, but." "

"According to my presumption, it should be food."

"Everything in this school seems to be artificially set up, at the beginning the zombies are at the entrance of the stairs, and the zombies on the other floors are at the other end."

"If you don't have food, it's a dead end."

"Now we should think about how to get out of here and how to deal with the more than a hundred zombies outside."


Outside, there are thousands of zombies blocking the school gate.

He really didn't know who could deal with so many in the first place.


Yukinoshita Yukino nodded in agreement.

Jing Cheng looked at the scene in front of him, and his gums were hard to bite and bleed.

From the third floor, Yukinoshita Yukino agreed with Si Xiao's words, in addition to agreeing.

Most of them have no chance, and the only thing left is Karuizawa.

Come to think of it.

He glanced at Megumi Karuizawa without a trace.

"Actually, I have a solution."

Seeing that everyone did not speak, Ohga Sun looked at Si Xiao and smiled.

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