Icy cold and hard.

Si Xiao woke up suddenly, quickly got up, and subconsciously squeezed the watermelon knife in his hand and looked around.

It's not a dream. ’

Feeling the hard watermelon knife in his hand, Si Xiao thought to himself.

He found himself in an ordinary classroom, sitting in the middle of the last row.

Inside the classroom,

There are many tables and chairs, and there is nothing but a few sundries behind you.

Four men and two women in front were climbing on the table, adding himself for a total of seven people.

At this time.

A text can't help but appear in my mind.

[Welcome to the space of reincarnation. 】

[This World: Zombie World].

[Number of squads: 7].

[Main quest 1: Survive for 30 days].

[Completion reward: 10,000 points, comprehensive evaluation plus one level.] 】

[Main mission 2: Kill 10,000 zombies].

[Completion reward: 10,000 points, comprehensive evaluation plus level two.] 】

[Main mission 3: Kill the corpse king located in the TV Tower].

[Completion reward: 10,000 points, comprehensive evaluation plus three levels.] 】

[Note: Complete any of the main quests.] 】

[Loop Branch: Kill 10,000 zombies].

[Completion reward: 100 points].

[The protection time for newbies is 30 minutes, after which the protection screen will disappear.] 】

[Beginner's tip: Reincarnators can meditate [panel] in their minds to view personal attributes, task information, and other information].


Si Xiao clenched his fists, and the corners of his mouth raised a slight curve.

Reincarnation space?


Although imminent danger,

But compared to the original oppressive world, this world is undoubtedly fantastic.

[Panel! ] ]

Si Xiao meditated in his mind

Instantly, a panel appeared in my mind.

[Name: Si Xiao].

[Reincarnation number: 7].

[Title: None].

[Attributes]: Physique 16; Power 13; Agile; 15; Spirit 21 (10 for normal adults.) )

[Talent One]:

Endless Extraction (SSS).

All non-living objects can be extracted.

After extraction, it can produce unexpected effects.

[Talent Two]:


Quickly understand and apply what you have learned.

The higher the spirit, the faster the learning speed.

[Skill]: None

[Equipment]: None

[Attribute point]: 0

The information on the panel is very simple.

In terms of attributes, because of the perennial practice of martial arts, the physical fitness is very good, and the physique, strength, and speed far exceed the level of ordinary adults.

As for the spirit, I am afraid that because of living in a depressive environment for many years, the spirit is far beyond ordinary people.

What attracted Si Xiao's attention the most.

It is the two talents of [Endless Extraction] and [True Insight] in the talent column.

The ratings are all above grade S.

Si Xiao looked up at the few people who had not yet woken up, frowning and wondering.

According to common sense,

SSS level is probably the highest level of talent.

Just no reference,

He is also not easy to make decisions, let alone whether the double talent is special or almost everyone.

[True Insight] is a passive talent that can greatly increase the speed of learning, and it is impossible to experiment now.

As for [Endless Extraction], it can extract all non-living objects, which can produce unexpected effects.

The introduction is somewhat vague.

Specifically, it is necessary to experiment before conclusions can be drawn.

Seeing that several people did not wake up for a long time, Si Xiao walked to the window with a watermelon knife and looked out the window.

The red rubber track wrapped around the football field in the playground, and it was empty except for the two goals facing each other.

It seemed to be an L-shaped four-story school building, and they were at the end of the top floor at the moment, and the stairs were on the other side.


He reached out and touched the invisible but incomparably hard novice protective barrier.

According to the information just now.

In less than 30 minutes, this protection will disappear.

He has to face the so-called zombies.

Come to think of it.

Si Xiao tightened the watermelon knife in his hand, and a smile rose slightly at the corner of his mouth.

It's fantastic.

The location of their classrooms should be considered quite superior.

With its back against the wall, the aisle is narrow and long, which can be described as easy to defend and difficult to attack.

Unless the zombies appear directly in the classroom.

Come to think of it.

Si Xiao looked at several people again, wondering if it was the reason why his attributes were much stronger than ordinary people, these people had not woken up yet.

Take advantage of this opportunity.

Without alerting a few people, he turned the classroom over.

It's a pity,

In the drawer, except for some textbooks, there were not even some snacks.

'What kind of honest people are they who don't even eat snacks in class?' ’

Si Xiao walked back to the back of the classroom, touched the three boiled eggs in his pocket, pinned the watermelon knife behind him, and was a little speechless.

I haven't eaten pork, and I've seen pigs run.

He has also read a lot of novels, but he doesn't know if this is a certain novel world or a world made by reincarnation space.

Now he prefers the latter

There are students who don't have any snacks on their desks.

Impossible, absolutely impossible! This is mostly a novice area.

Since it is the end of the world where zombies exist, food is undoubtedly extremely critical.


The rest of the people finally woke up.

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