Night falls.

The cafeteria was dark, with only a mobile phone on the dining table, always maintaining a faint white glow.

Although the canteen still has electricity.

But novels, movies, everyone has basically understood.

At night, most zombies will be more terrifying than during the day.


The crowd really did not dare to turn on the lights.

Yukishita Yukino and the others sat down around the table.

The tense heartstrings of the day finally relaxed, and boundless fear followed.

As if the darkness surrounds,

At any moment, a zombie may sneak out and devour them.

It's okay to be in a state of excitement all the time, and once you are idle, the fear will grow deeper and deeper.

"This month, can we all do this?"

At this time, Qinghaizhe was also a little uneasy.

Although I was very tired, the surrounding environment was too depressing to sleep.


Ohga Sun looked at the endless darkness around him and shook his head bitterly: "We can only get used to it as much as possible." "

"Then again."

Under the faint light, Qinghai Tetsuya had a somewhat complicated expression: "Will we die like Ye Feng?" "

People sit idle.

Inevitably you will think more and more.

The pieces of flesh torn by the zombies on the third floor of the teaching building are still vividly remembered.

Ye Feng was obviously much stronger than them.

But even such people are already dead.

And how can they be spared.

I'm afraid that death is only a matter of time.

"That guy deserves it, who told him to think of himself."

Jing Chengye sat on the side and sneered: "When the strength becomes stronger, those zombies outside are not afraid." "

"It's rare for you guy to say something nice."

Qinghai Zhe was also a little surprised.


Jing Chengye sneered and glanced at Karuizawa on the other side.

I thought to myself, why aren't these guys sleeping yet.

"There's Si Xiao, it's okay."

Yukinoshita Yukino said with a trembling voice.


I have already visited the dormitory building, and the dormitory door is also locked with a U-lock.

The cafeteria was supposed to be safe, but even if they were allowed to rest, they wouldn't dare.

And Xue Nai under the snow has undoubtedly regarded Si Xiao as the backbone of his heart.

"Speaking of which."

Qinghai Zhe also looked around seriously, and said with some doubt: "Si Xiao, what about the others?" "


As soon as the words came out.

Everyone was stunned and looked at each other.

Looked for half a day.

I couldn't find Si Xiao's figure.

Several people quickly got up and instantly became nervous.

"How... What's going on? "

Yukishita Yukino said with a twitch at the corner of his mouth.

It shouldn't be some special zombie that was secretly eaten.

After leaving the school building,

Si Xiao's strength is undoubtedly second only to the existence of Ohga Sun.

That they

Yukino didn't even think about it.

"That guy must have abandoned us."

Jing Chengye panicked: "Go and see the food, damn it, I know that guy is not a good person, he must have left with food, bastard." "

"Calm down, how can you go, there are still tens of thousands of zombies outside."

Da He Sun's expression also became solemn: "Who was the last person to see Si Xiao?" "

Although he was not happy with Si Xiao's performance, he still believed in Si Xiao's person.

Selflessly help everyone strengthen weapons and share intelligence calmly.

Such people,

How can he be a bad person?

Right at this moment.

"Dah... Da..."

Not far away, there was a sound of footsteps.

Everyone instantly became nervous, and Ohga Sun quickly picked up the mobile phone on the table and pointed it in the direction of the sound source, and said a little nervously: "Who is it?" "

"It's me."

Si Xiao walked in front of him

He looked at the people who were visibly relieved, and became a little puzzled:

"What are you doing?"


Qinghai Zheye patted his chest, a little speechless: "You guy went there just now, and he almost scared me to death." "

"I've gone to find out the intelligence."

Finding a place to sit down casually, Si Xiao said with a heavy face:

"I just went out to strengthen the school gate and cafeteria door, and by the way, I locked it with a U-lock, in addition, there is another thing, the zombies at night are like crazy, moving around, and obviously react to the light source."

"Although this is still some distance from the school gate, you better not make too much noise and do not turn on the lights."

This statement came out.

Everyone was stunned at once, looking at Si Xiao a little dumbfounded.


"You... It's really awesome. "

Under the snow, Xue Naiqiao's face was a little complicated, and he glanced at Si Xiao.

I thought I was quite good.

Only now found out.

In front of the really strong.

The gap between her and him is too great.

Even in the face of this situation, he did not relax, and the first thing he thought about was to collect intelligence.

"Si Xiaojun, you are really powerful."

Qinghai Tetsuya frankly extended his thumb and praised: "I decided, today I will start calling you Brother Sixiao." "

"Okay, go to sleep."

Si Xiao shrugged indifferently and added meaningfully: "I believe that everyone's spirits are tense today, and it is better to stay away when sleeping, so as not to have some accidents." "

With that, he turned away and disappeared into the darkness.

"Got it."

Qinghai Zheya nodded indifferently.

With such a big position, there is no need to squeeze together.

Looking at Si Xiao's disappearing back, Qinghai Zhe also sighed a little

"Brother Si Xiao is really awesome."

Saying that, he looked at Jing Chengye playfully: "You guy still dare to say that Brother Si Xiao escaped, and now, his face is swollen." "


Jing Chengye's face turned red, snorted coldly, glanced at Light Izawa, and turned away directly.

And on the side.

Ohga Sun narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction where Si Xiao disappeared.

Although after killing the zombies on the playground.

His strength is obviously stronger than Si Xiao.

But I also really feel the gap between the two in heart, spirit, and all aspects.


After all, Si Xiao is only a C-level strengthening talent, and he can only play an auxiliary role.

As long as you kill more zombies, the stronger you are.

It will be his world in the future.

If Si Xiao is willing to bow down, it is enough, since he is unwilling.

Then I can't blame him.


On the other hand.

Ohga Sun was a little hesitant again

After all, Si Xiao didn't do anything to be sorry for him.

Although it is in the last days of zombies, the place of moral collapse.


Zombies are also different from people.

Except for those who have a dark heart and a cold heart.

Really want to kill,

Ohga Sun is also a little unable to do it.

'Look again. ’

Ohga Sun also turned away, he needed a reason.

And after everyone left.

Karuizawa's face was a little desperate.

What the hell should she do.

Do you want to tell Si Xiao about this? I'm afraid it's useless.

Strictly speaking, she also did not trust Si Xiao, but only regarded him as a host who could protect herself.

If only Ohga Sun were better

She was on the other side.


She could keenly sense that something was wrong with the Great Tai Sun, and she could also feel that Si Xiao should be regarded as a rational person.

Her current performance is not even as good as Jing Chengye.

What if Si Xiao stands on Jing Chengye's side?

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