Sporadic moonlight shone through the windows in the cafeteria, and occasionally the faint roar of zombies could be heard from outside the school.

At this time.

Karuizawa curled his shoulders and carefully walked into the back kitchen.

"Karuizawa? Come here! "

In the corner, Jing Chengye's somewhat excited voice sounded.

Karuizawa gritted his teeth and walked in with his head held high, but he couldn't find Jing Chengye's figure in the end.


"You're finally here."

Inariye's voice sounded from behind him, and Karuizawa quickly looked back.

I see,

Jing Chengye walked out of the crack in the refrigerator cabinet.

Looking at his action of swallowing saliva from time to time, Karuizawa felt a little disgusting, and his tight and pretty face said coldly:

"I don't know where you know about my past, but if you dare to make any attempts, I will tell Brother Xiao!"

It's only been a day.

She didn't trust Si Xiao very much.

Pulling the tiger skin and pulling the big flag is also the only plan she can come up with.

"Oh, is it really okay for you to talk to me like this?"

Jing Chengye looked at the light Izawa in front of him and sneered.

The light izawa in front of him, his skin was as white as mutton fat, his purple pupils were as moving as gems, and a pair of straight slender jade legs made his mouth dry.

He was a dead mansion in his own right.

He may have been intimidated by girls before, but he knew Karuizawa Megumi too well.

"Click, click."

Jing Chengye walked up to Karuizawa and clattered with his hands in fists.

With a little violence, Karuizawa will give in.

"Nope... Don't, don't hit me. "

Karuizawa quickly protected his pretty face with his arm, and said in a somewhat trembling tone.

Until now.

She didn't know why the other party knew about her past.


Jing Chengye showed a smug smile and said coldly: "If you don't want to be beaten, take off your clothes for me now." "

"Nope... No. "

What the other party wants is her body, and Karuizawa's voice trembled: "I killed a zombie for a day today, my body is full of blood, and it still stinks, wait for later, wait for the opportunity to take a bath, okay, you can rest assured that I will never tell others." "


The corners of Jing Chengye's mouth raised slightly, and he looked up and down at the light Iizawa in front of him.

It's that simple.

What Sixiao, what Da He Sun, can not compare to the original book he has read.

This reincarnation space exists for him!

He is the protagonist of this world!

Come to think of it.

"Do you think I'm easy to talk and want to drag it out and think of other ways?" Tell you, trying to lie to me, you are still tender. "

Jing Chengye looked at Karuizawa, his face full of pride: "Now, spread your legs apart and lift your skirt, otherwise don't blame me for being unkind, hum." "

Finish speaking.

He snorted heavily, and Light Izawa was frightened, watching Ai Chengye's eyes slowly become desperate.

The people in front of her were more despicable than those who bullied her.

She won't be given the slightest chance at all.

"I won't accept it, I'm not being bullied by people like you, I'm just being bullied by you and then being spoiled."

Karuizawa's beautiful eyes slowly lost their brilliance, and his tone did not fluctuate.

"It's okay to do anything like that."

Jing Chengye greedily admired the scene in front of him.

Leave it alone.

Because of his existence, the girl who cannot be seen in front of him has become the current picture of being slaughtered.

An indescribable sense of chopsticks rose in my heart.

"I warn you, don't make me say it a second time, lift my skirt for me."

Jing Chengye said with a fierce face.

Although he couldn't wait to do it directly, the feeling of being in control in front of him made him want to stop.

He had to play with the other party fiercely and make Karuizawa submit mentally and physically.

Anyway, it is also a reincarnation space, it doesn't matter.

"You know what?"

"When faced with the reality that is difficult to save by one's own strength, how will people react?"

"I will give up resistance, oh, I will not think with the slightest emotion, I am being preyed on."


Karuizawa's limp hands reached for the hem of her skirt.

It's over.

It's over.

Originally, I thought that after graduation, I would be able to enter a high level of cultivation and start again, and I would no longer have to be bullied.


The world played a big joke on her.

Before she could react, she came to this damn reincarnation space.


This is the fate of her life being bullied.

But even so, she didn't want to die.

Karuizawa reluctantly accepted this reality.


Right at this moment.

"What are you doing?"

A flat voice sounded from behind the two.


Jing Chengye was suddenly startled and quickly looked back.

I see,

With faint footsteps, Si Xiao's figure slowly walked out from the darkness.

"How are you."

Jing Chengye's face instantly distorted.

Damn it.

This guy again.

Not only did he rob him of Yukino under the snow, but now he is ruining his good deeds.

And behind.

Karuizawa looked at Si Xiao who suddenly appeared, and a glimmer of hope flashed in his desperate eyes.

Will he save himself?

Or like his classmates in junior high school, bullying himself together.

"What are you doing?"

Si Xiao walked in front of Jing Chengye and looked at Karuizawa behind him and asked again.

He himself is a social terrorist

Therefore, it is also clearer how much courage it takes for Karuizawa, who has been bullied, to be able to stand up again.

Therefore, he also has a good impression of Karuizawa.

With the virtue of Jing Chengye, the scene in front of you, you don't need to guess what happened.


Karuizawa in the original book is still too kind and must be changed.


Karuizawa, which is useless, does not matter if it is or not.

"We are..."

Jing Chengye's face was not very good-looking

Although he was a little disgusted with Si Xiao, he looked down on Ohga Sun.

But it has to be said.

He is not yet a match for these two.

Hesitate for a moment.

"Si Xiao, I'm afraid you don't know yet."

Jing Chengye pointed at Karuizawa, his eyes dripping and turning:

"Karuizawa has been bullied very badly before, and if he threatens a little, this guy will do anything, and this is the first time."

"Since you are here, then I will give you a blood."

Finish speaking,

Inari let go of one, leaned on the refrigerator, turned around and sold Karuizawa.

In his opinion.

Unless you don't lift it, or it's gay-sexual, there are no bad men in the world.

Although it is a pity that it is not possible to get Karuizawa Ichigo.

But it's also good to be able to drink soup.

In the space of reincarnation, only strength is everything, and women are not so important.

But since there are characters in these anime in the reincarnation space, there must be more people, and he can find an opportunity to make a comeback.



Si Xiao glanced at Light Izawa with some playfulness.


Karuizawa fell to the ground like he had fallen into an ice cellar.

The original glimmer of hope was instantly extinguished.

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