Heard Si Xiao's words.

Karuizawa sat on the ground with his eyes blank, already able to anticipate his future.

She may become a plaything for the group to vent their desires, and presumably Yukino is no exception.

After all,

This is the space of reincarnation, and it's not written like this in novels.

Why did she have the idea that only she was special before?

Come to think of it.

Karuizawa looked at Si Xiao and Jing Chengye in front of him, with a mocking smile at the corner of his mouth, mocking his innocence.

"Want me to save you?"

At this time, Si Xiao looked at the light Iizawa in front of him and asked lightly.

In the age of cultural overflow, the reincarnation space has the advantage of allowing them to rationalize everything in front of them.


Karuizawa was stunned.

Although we know that the possibility is low, we will not give up any glimmer of hope in front of us.

"Si Xiao, what are you..."

"Actually, I know."

Before he finished speaking, Si Xiao grabbed Jing Chengye's neck with one hand, pressed it against the refrigerator, and made a bang.


Jing Chengye instantly felt like he was about to suffocate, constantly slapping Si Xiao's arm, and the incredible strength made him unable to make a sound.

"Want me to save you?"

Si Xiao carried Jing Chengye and looked at the light Iizawa who was a little confused in front of him again and asked.

"Will you save me?"

Karuizawa looked at Si Xiao's flat gaze, and his beautiful eyes asked with some hope.

In any case, she doesn't want to be bullied, she doesn't want to die, and she doesn't want to become a man's plaything.

If reality has to be so

It's better to be just one person's plaything.


"That depends on your performance."

Si Xiao turned his head and glanced at Jing Chengye in his hand and said disdainfully: "Now, hit him." "


Karuizawa was stunned again.

Not to possess her, not to do anything else, but to let her dig a well?


Karuizawa glanced at Inariye with some hesitation.


Si Xiao carried Jing Chengye to Karuizawa, and with the other hand lifted her snow-white chin, and black pupils like an abyss looked into her eyes.

"I don't care if you are kind or don't dare, start hitting him now, I will save you, otherwise, I will kill both of you."

He remembers.

Karuizawa in the original book is too stupid.

In order not to be like a bully, choose not to use violence.

It's just stupid.

He wants Megumi Karuizawa who can do anything for him, not Megumi Karuizawa, who is weak and deceptive.

In places like the space of reincarnation, kindness is useless.

Although Karuizawa is very beautiful, there are so many beautiful women in the world, and there is no shortage of her.


Looking at the inky black eyes in front of him, Karuizawa was stunned.

She instantly understood that Si Xiao was serious!

Either use violence against Inari and become someone she doesn't want to be, or the two die together.


Si Xiao said indifferently: "I'll give you three seconds to consider... 3..2..."

"I do!"

Karuizawa looked at Si Xiao's dark eyes and muttered.

Then, she got up, and under the terrified eyes of Si Xiao and Jing Chengye, she smashed a trembling punch on Jing Chengye's face.

Under the reaction force, Karuizawa felt a trace of pain.

The feeling of cooking and killing zombies is very different, but the feeling of killing zombies and hitting people is paradoxical.

In order to survive, sooner or later she will have to get used to all this.

"Go on, hard, imagine the face he just threatened, what would you become if I wasn't there? Don't you want to hit him. If you want to live in the space of samsara, you must learn to accept all this. "

Si Xiao grabbed Jing Chengye's neck and sent him to Karuizawa.


Karuizawa quickly answered, gritted his teeth, and smashed a firm and heavy punch on Jing Chengye with his eyes.

She knew that Si Xiao was thinking about her.

This is no longer the peaceful world she is familiar with, and she must accept it if she wants to live.

Punch after punch fell on Jing Chengye.

Karuizawa's lips trembled, but his eyes became more determined.

It wasn't until she was panting and her chest heaving that Si Xiao let her stop.

So far.

Even if he returns to the original world, Karuizawa will not be bullied again.


"What about him?"

Karuizawa glanced at Inari Yedo, who was beaten by her nose and swollen face.

"Of course it's killing."

Si Xiao glanced at Jing Chengye in his hand, and the powerful force made him unable to make a sound.

However, hearing his words, Jing Chengye, who had no reaction, struggled violently.

The person in front of him is what kind of stupid Bai Tian thinks about the team, he is simply a villain who is more hypocritical than Ohga Sun, and he is a demon!


At this moment,

The voice of the Great Sun sounded behind him, and he quickly ran to the two of them, pressing down with his hands to soothe:

"Two, calm down."


See the Ohga Sun,

Jing Chengye hurriedly raised his arm, as if he had touched a savior, and wanted to say something.

He also killed a lot of zombies during the day, but there was no possibility of resistance at all.

This power,

It is definitely not something that can be explained by attribute points in the dozen or twenty points.

"You've been watching."

Si Xiao turned around and looked at Ohga Sun Dao, who was sweating on his forehead

He had long felt a faint movement behind him

And more than one.

After all, there was some movement just now, and it was not surprising that someone came over.

But now it comes out and pretends to be a good person, which is funny.


Ohga Sun did not hide it, looked at Jing Chengye, who had a blue nose and a swollen face, and said a little nervously:

"Although I am also very unaccustomed to Jing Chengye, but no matter what, he can't die of sin, you have already beaten him like this, and the anger should also come out, right? I believe that Jing Chengye will not dare to do this in the future, right, Jing-kun? "


Jing Chengye quickly patted Si Xiao's arm and nodded weakly, as if it was possible to rest at any time.

At this moment, there was only endless regret, and he would never dare to do such a thing again.

"Oh, yes."

Si Xiao said flatly.



The sound of bones breaking sounded.

Si Xiao squeezed gently

Jing Chengye in his hand completely lost his breath when his eyes widened, and his head fell to the side weakly.

[Kill Reincarnation Number**: Reward 2 attribute points. 】

The prompt also sounded in his mind instantly, and Si Xiao silently thought endless extraction in his heart.

[Extraction successful: You get 2 attribute points.] 】


Witnessing the scene in front of him, Ohga Sun's pupils shrank into needle tips.

Even if it's unbearable.

This is also a living person.

Unexpectedly, Si Xiao really dared to do this, and it didn't seem to have the slightest psychological burden.

"Well, he's dead, what do you want to do."

Si Xiao casually threw Jing Chengye to the side and looked at Daga Sun Dao, who was still a little stunned.

Killing chickens is different from killing zombies, and killing zombies is not the same as killing people.

He just wanted to try what it was like to kill.


Nothing to feel.

Saying that, Si Xiao walked towards the Great Sun and Karuizawa also looked at Eye Chengye's body and quickly followed behind.


Ohga Sun clenched his fists with a complicated expression.

In front of Si Xiao, he seemed to be a toddler who had just arrived in the space of reincarnation.


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