After some exchanges.

Several people finally confessed their main quests, only to find that everyone had the same tasks.

Final decision.

Whether you want to kill the corpse king, or take a look first.

At least the current situation does not allow them to think too far ahead.

Live first to be real.


Inside the cafeteria.

Several people ate breakfast together in a subtle atmosphere.

"Speaking of which."

Qinghai Tetsuya looked left and right, and only then realized that something was wrong.

He said with some doubt

"What about Jing Chengye? Is that guy dead? "

As soon as this statement came out,

Ohga Sun and Xue Nai under the snow couldn't help but look at Si Xiao, but the expression under the snow was a little complicated, but they didn't say anything more.

After all,

Even she herself did not know whether what she said was correct.

"Well, I killed it."

Si Xiao, who was eating, glanced at him and admitted frankly.


Qinghai Tetsuya was stunned.

He just said it casually, but he didn't expect to really die.

"Forget it."

"Forget it."

"It's good that that kind of guy is dead, I have long seen him unhappy."

After sneering, Qinghai Tetsuya buried his head in eating.

The others said no more, and Yukino pursed the corners of his mouth.

It was clear that only one day had passed.

But everyone's psychology seems to have changed to some extent.

Less emphasis on life.

She was the only one who couldn't adapt.

Come to think of it.

Yukishita Yukino's face was full of bitterness, and she could only slowly adapt.


Karuizawa, who had just finished eating, put another bowl and handed it to Si Xiao:

"Brother Xiao, didn't you eat enough yesterday, eat more."


Si Xiao unceremoniously took it and ate it directly.

Although today's meal was obviously a little more than last night, he could eat no matter how much.

And on the side,

Looking at Si Xiao's delicious appearance, Karuizawa showed a smirk.


Qinghai Zhe was also a little dumbfounded: "When did your relationship become so good?" "

"We have a good relationship."

Karuizawa affectionately held Si Xiao's arm and smiled sweetly: "Yes, Brother Xiao." "

"After eating, go out to guard."

Si Xiao did not respond positively and glanced at her flatly.

It's a good relationship, it's a little floating, right?

Dare to joke with him.

We'll have to see.

"Uh-huh... Got it. "

Karuizawa pouted and got up to leave.

As long as you don't make a big move, there should be no danger, but it's always right to be careful.


At this time, Yukishita Yukino was a little worried: "We only have enough food for three days now, what should we do next?" "

"Yesterday I saw a few cars in the parking lot, as well as the school bus."

Si Xiao said while eating: "When we finish eating, let's clean up the dormitory building first and take a look." "


Dormitory building.

This seems to be a boarding school that also allows day attendance


The dormitory building is also not very large, only five floors.

Finish breakfast.

Everyone came to the dormitory building and cleaned up all the zombies on the entire first floor, and it was not a big problem for a dozen zombies as long as they were careful.

"What's next?"

Karuizawa leaned over to Si Xiao's side, looked up at the stairs, and lowered his voice.

"What else can I do?"

On the side, Qinghai Zhe also heard this, and suddenly became a little excited: "Of course, I killed it directly." "

"Tetsuya, you're too excited too, calm down a little."

Ohga Sun patted him on the shoulder: "Yesterday we had the advantage of occupying the geographical advantage at the entrance of the stairs to be so easy, if it was still the same as yesterday, it would be very dangerous." "

"This way~"

Qinghai Tetsuya scratched his head: "Then what to do?" "

This statement came out.

Karuizawa and Yukinoshita Yukino turned their heads to look at Si Xiao.


They had already tacitly assumed that Si Xiao was the leader of the group.


Ponder for a moment,

Si Xiao took out a few boxes of reinforced fishing line and iron nails from his pocket and ordered: "Wait until I strengthen the handrails, Karuizawa, you pass these iron nails through the wall, and then tie them with fishing line, and tie the other end to the handrail to weave a net, and we will lead the zombies down to kill." "

These are all iron nails and fishing lines that have been extracted endlessly.

Sharper and tougher than usual.

Already tried last night, the tough fishing line can easily cut the stainless steel table legs.

"Create a trap?"

Yukinoshita Yukino also opened a box of fishing lines to observe, pressed the fishing line, and soon felt a trace of pain.

If you continue to exert force, I am afraid that your fingers will be cut off directly.

"Remember to open a few openings, otherwise too many zombies may not be able to hold on, so that zombies can occasionally leak two over."

Si Xiao looked at Karuizawa and instructed, and then looked under the snow:

"Then under the snow to make ice under the steps, we will kill again."


"Got it."

Karuizawa and Yukinoshita Yukino responded.

Although the fishing line used with endless extraction is sharp, the iron nails and handrails are also strong.

But there is a limit to it

Once there are too many zombies, it is likely to be unable to support it.

"But that's the case."

Ohga Sun frowned, "We can only kill a few, so we can't get the zombie's attribute point reward, right?" "

This guy really played the enhancement talent out.

But the more so, the more unhappy he became.

"yes, or we'd better do it differently."

Aomi Tetsuya quickly chimed in.

He also wanted to kill a few more.

"Safety comes first."

Si Xiao said lightly: "Okay, under the snow, Karuizawa, me, Daga, and Qinghai stand separately, try not to let the zombies escape, it will be very troublesome to be disrupted in formation." "

He is not a reckless man, there are so many zombies outside, there is no need to covet this attribute point.

"Got it~"



Yukinoshita, Karuizawa, and Tetsuya Aomi responded in unison.

They all went about their own thing.

And on the side.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Ohga Sun's face was even more gloomy.

Although Si Xiao killed Jing Chengye yesterday, it didn't seem to have the slightest impact.

After all, there is no way around it

Jing Chengye's personality is obviously unwelcome, there are tens of thousands of zombies outside, and it is impossible not to cooperate.

Now Si Xiao undoubtedly has prestige.

What is even more shameless is that Si Xiao's attitude has also changed significantly.

At the beginning, I also communicated and negotiated with them, but now I have a tone of ordering subordinates.

One thought of this.

Ohga Sun's face was even more ugly, and he was extremely humiliated.

He used to be the central figure of the school, and both teachers and classmates were extremely polite to him and always revolved around him.

Now they have to listen to someone else's arrangement.

That's it.

He killed hundreds of zombies with one blow.

Why should you listen to the arrangement of a C-level gifted ability.

Even his friend Tetsuya Aomi began to listen to this guy's orders.

Think of this.

Ohga Sun was jealous and wanted to kill.


Between the handrail of the stairs and the wall, Karuizawa pulled out five fishing nets, each with a hole in the misalignment.

Under the steps is a semi-circular ice surface

Yukoshita, Karuizawa, Sixiao, Ohga Taiyo, and Aomi Tetsuya stood outside the ice with spears and waited.

Si Xiao glanced meaningfully at the Great Sun beside him.

It has to be said.

This guy is very capable, second only to him in the group, except for the small amount of equipment, there is no problem.


This is a fatal flaw.


The hunt begins!


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