"For... Why..."

At this time, the classroom is in front of the right side

A young girl with a terrified face and lowered her head to cover her head and let out a painful cry

"Reincarnation space? Zombie? Why, why do I have to encounter this kind of thing, obviously it is not easy to enter the high level of cultivation, want to start again, hateful, why, why ah. "

Highly cultivated?

Si Xiao looked up and could only see his back

High golden ponytail, a blue shirt, burgundy school coat tied at the waist, and a white pleated skirt underneath.

Seeing this, Si Xiao raised his eyebrows

For some reason, he could understand the conversations of others.

This should not be Megumi Karuizawa from "Welcome to the Strength Supreme Classroom".

That behind her

Black long straight, black small suit school uniform, plaid short skirt, black knee-length socks, Ichima Hirakawa, plus black hair with red tie bows on both sides.

Yukino under the snow?

It's all acquaintances.

As for the other four men on the left and in the middle, I don't know.


The two in the middle are wearing the same black school uniform, obviously the same school, and should also be an anime character.

After all, their school uniforms are much better than the blue and white school uniforms on their own.

The two on the left look to be twenty years old and upwards, and most of them are social figures.

At this time,


Yukinoshita Yukino behind Karuizawa lowered his head and said in a cold voice

"It's naïve to think that crying will solve the problem."


Hearing this, Karuizawaka's shoulders trembled, and she looked back at Yukino under the snow, and after a short adjustment, she could barely squeeze out a smile and said

"Yes... I'm sorry, but I was so scared to suddenly hear about reincarnation space and zombies. "

"You don't have to apologize to me."

Under the snow still lowered his head, a little trill, "Anyone who encounters such a strange thing will be moved and scared, but crying can't solve anything, now we should think about how to face it." "


Si Xiao clearly saw that Xue Nai's little hand on Jade's leg trembled a little.

Although Yukino was not as gaffe as Karuizawa, his tone was also full of fear.

Right at this moment.

"Don't worry."

A yellow hair in the middle walked up to the two, and although he suddenly encountered something strange, he seemed to have quickly adjusted his mentality.

There was no trace of fear on his expression, but he said with a hearty smile

"It seems that you have just seen the words in your mind, although we have to complete those dangerous tasks in a place like the reincarnation space

But after all, there are still so many people, and I believe that as long as everyone works together, there will be no problem. My name is Ohga Sun, how about you? "

Si Xiao sat in his seat and watched the scene in front of him without moving.

It has to be said.

Karuizawa and Yukishita both grow very well, much more beautiful than the school flowers of his school.

This is called Ohga Sun, and this is also very beautiful.

Although there is a suspicion of showing himself in front of girls,

But bringing all of them in will not disgust people who have not participated in the dialogue, and also reveal the meaning of cooperation to everyone.

Such people,

I must have been the center of that class before.

"My name is Megumi Karuizawa."

Hearing this, Karuizawa quickly got up, exhaled deeply, and revealed a bright smile

"Just call me Mei, can I also call you Sun-kun?"

"Of course you can!"

"Great, it's really reassuring to meet someone like Sun Jun here."

Karuizawa quickly patted his chest, breathed a long sigh of relief as if reassuring, and his pretty face was slightly red and his beautiful eyes secretly glanced at each other from the bottom up.

Reincarnation space, zombies or something, it's really terrible.

She is just a parasite and can only survive by relying on others.

"Yukino under the snow."

At this time, Yukino Yukishita also looked at the school uniforms on the two of them, and her cold voice was a little puzzled

"Are you acquaintances?"

"Yes, my name is Tetsuya Aomi, and I am a student of Nishiki Tsuzuki High School with Taiyo, how about you?"

The man named Tetsuya Qinghai asked with a big grin.


Yukinoshita Yukino nodded and didn't respond, pinching his chin not knowing what he was considering.

"Nishiki Tsutsu High School, I haven't heard of Yah."

Karuizawa responded with a smile, "I'm a highly cultivated student, have you heard of it?" "


The three of them chatted with each other, and Yukino sat in his seat and listened silently.

"Karuizawa... Under the snow..."

At this time, a murmur attracted the attention of several people, and everyone looked at a man in casual clothes by the window.

"You know me?"

Yukishita asked with a frown, and the pretty face of Karuizawa at the front table instantly stiffened.

"No, no, no, I don't know."

Feeling the gaze of several people, the man quickly waved his hand.

Saying that, he glanced at Karuizawa, his eyes dripping around, before explaining

"I'm just a little surprised, my name is Ai Chengye, listen to the name, you are all from Sakurajima, right? And I haven't studied Sakura, and it's incredible that I can understand your conversations. "

Finish speaking,

Jing Chengye looked at the other person and Si Xiao beside him, and was slightly relieved to see that the two did not speak, and the corner of his mouth unconsciously raised a smug smile.

"Huh? But what are you saying now in Sakura? And your name is so strange, what the hell is going on? "

Seeing that the other party did not know him, Karuizawa was relieved and greeted generously.

Behind the classroom.

Seeing this, Si Xiao raised his eyebrows.

So powerful, Karuizawa was obviously a little scared at first, but he didn't expect to adjust his mood in just a few minutes, and now he feels like a nobody.

Compare that.

Although Yukinoshita Yukino has always been calm, her pale and pretty face still betrayed her thoughts.

"Hui, that's not strange."

Ohga Sun looked over there and smiled, "If my guess is correct, the reincarnation space allows us to understand each other's language, and I-kun should be from the Dragon Kingdom, right?" Did you live in Sakurajima before? "

"No, I've been living in the Dragon Kingdom."

Jing Chengye nodded, not knowing what to say, it seemed that his communication skills were not strong.

"If you say so."

Ohga Sun pondered, "We were probably chosen by the space of reincarnation from all over the world." "

Saying that, Ohga Sun looked at Inariye and dominated the topic

"However, since we have arrived in the reincarnation space, no matter the people there, we are all companions, as long as we work as a team, we will definitely be able to cope with any difficulties, what does Jingjun think?"

"I have no opinion."

Jing Chengye nodded again and again and walked to several people

His eyes looked at Yukinoshita and Karuizawa from time to time, and the corners of his mouth occasionally showed a smile, which made people feel a little lewd, and they didn't know what they were laughing at.

He was originally an otaku

Originally a little suspicious, hearing Karuizawa and Yukinoshita's self-introduction, I was finally convinced that these were anime characters that he used to like.

Others obviously don't know this.

Jing Chengye secretly thought to himself, this is exactly the same as the reincarnation space in the novel, and he who is familiar with the personalities of several people will definitely be able to open the harem.

Come to think of it.

Ii Naruye's eyes drifted to Karuizawa and under the snow from time to time, casually coping with the topic sent by Ohga Sun.

The other side.

Si Xiao sat in his seat, quietly observing the scene in front of him.

Competent people are not uncommon

After a brief panic, Ohga Sun also quickly calmed several people.

It seems that not only anime characters, but also the reincarnation of the original world

Inari is obviously from the same world as him and knows these anime characters even better than he does, but this guy doesn't show it either.

Obviously, there is no other purpose, and the purpose is obvious, I am afraid it is Karuizawa and Yukinoshita and others.

'It's all so scheming.' ’

Si Xiao sighed secretly in his heart

No, what purpose the other party has has nothing to do with him, now it is more important to consider how to improve the probability of survival.

He was most concerned about another person, a guy in jeans and stud earrings.

Since waking up,

Instead of engaging in any conversation, he looked out the window and walked to the utility cabinet to hold the stainless steel mop in his hand.

Between thoughts.

Si Xiao looked at Karuizawa and the others again, and the gang didn't know what they were talking about.

Although there are still thirty minutes, it is too long to talk.


"We have already discussed, since we have come to such a dangerous place, only everyone can work together to get through the difficulties, let's work together as a team, two of you, what do you think?"

Ohga Sun looked at Si Xiao and the other person, who had not spoken, and opened his mouth to suggest, while Karuizawa and Yukinoshita and the others stood behind him a few steps apart.

And the opposite.

Hearing Ohga Sun's words, neither of them responded.

Si Xiao also looked at the man who had been getting the stainless steel mop

Although Ohga Sun quickly gathered his teammates, it was obvious that this man with stud earrings was more reliable.

These people just beeped Lai Lai for a long time, and they didn't say anything about tasks and talents, obviously they all wanted to hide.

Still teaming up?

No sincerity at all!

Daga Sun and the others did not care, looking at the two, Si Xiao had been sitting in his position without moving from the beginning, and it seemed a little wooden and worthless.

Come to think of it,

Ohga Taiyo led Karuizawa and the others to the stud man.


Qinghai Tetsuya huffed and pointed at the two, "What are the names of the two of you?" Brother Sun is asking you, do you want to form a team? Agree to agree or disagree, how can you not be polite at all. "

"Ye Feng."

Hearing this, the stud man named Ye Feng glanced at a few people and said flatly, "There is no need to form a team, I can't hand over my back to you people." "

As soon as this statement came out,

Karuizawa and the others were stunned for a moment

Waiting for the meeting, but to face the reincarnation space, facing the zombies, obviously did not expect that there would be anyone to refuse.

"You guy is too arrogant, isn't it!"

Qinghai Tetsuya rolled up his sleeves and said a little angrily, "What do you call us people, don't think that you look bigger and great, do you guy plan to deal with zombies alone?" "

However, he did not find out.

Behind him, Jing Chengye's gaze dodged, and Karuizawa also secretly observed several people back and forth.

If it's just ordinary socializing, it's not bad, but it's too hasty to give the back to the other party.

Yukino Yuki's face was pale, and he looked at the sun and looked at the sun, his eyes pensive.


Ye Feng carried the stainless steel mop, whispered, walked to Qinghai Tetsuya, and scoffed

"Your name is Qinghai Zheye, can you guarantee that when you encounter danger, you can suppress your inner fear to help me?"


Feeling Ye Feng's cold eyes, Qinghai Zheya's face stiffened.


Although there is a friend of Ohga Sun, he is still very calm on the surface, but thinking that he will face the zombies in the movie later, his heart is naturally extremely nervous.

"Nope... I don't know. "

Qinghai Tetsuya said with a somewhat evasive look in his eyes.


Ye Feng was a little surprised, but he didn't expect this big grinning guy to be so honest.

"So, what about you?"

Ye Feng didn't care either, turned his head to look at Jing Chengye, and without waiting for the other party to respond, he looked at Daiga Sun again

"Or you?"


Karuizawa and Izariye dodged their eyes, and Yukino hesitated and clutched the little powder fist with his eyes, obviously still struggling.

It's a matter of life and death.

If they are too afraid, they will obviously leave others behind.

It's not something hard to talk about.

After all, for them, except for Ohga Sun and Aomi Tetsuya, everyone else was just strangers who met for the first time.

It is too hypocritical to say that you can sacrifice your life to cooperate.

"Ye Jun."

Ohga Sun looked at Ye Feng in front of him and shook his head bitterly

"I know that it is normal for you to be vigilant when you first come to such a strange and dangerous environment, but trust must also be cultivated slowly, although there is no guarantee that we will sacrifice our lives to save or cooperate, but we can guarantee that we will not betray, isn't this enough for the time being?"

"Yes, the sun is right, how about we try it together first?"

Qinghai Tetsuya quickly nodded and agreed, "Although I can't guarantee it, Brother Sun has helped me a lot in school, and he is very trustworthy." "


Ye Feng chuckled, then ignored it, and looked at the things in the classroom.

A fool, a hypocrite.


Twitter for half a day,

Tasks, talents, plans, none of them were mentioned

All the false things are here, and only an honest person like Qinghai Tetsuya will believe it.

Karuizawa's eyes flashed with a hint of hesitation.

Although there were only two girls present, she and Yukinoshita Yukina

But I began to be trained by Yukishita twice, and Yukishita Yukino's sharp eyes were really terrifying.

Instead, she moved closer to Ohga Sun's side.

But Karuizawa also felt keenly

Ohga Sun seems a little hypocritical, and although he sounds good, he always feels that something is wrong.

The other side.

Listen to the conversation of several people.

Si Xiao sat next to several people, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

He was already a little socially afraid


He also doesn't mind following the orders of others, or if he can do things with peace of mind under the leadership of ability.


The premise is that there must be competent leadership.

He will not put his life and death in the hands of incompetent leaders.

It's a pity that whether it's the Ohga sun or the leaf wind

None of them met his expectations.

He has been sitting here silent, just to observe whether several people, personalities, abilities, and trustworthiness are credible.

It's a pity that there is no one who can make him recognize.

In this way,

It seems that I can only come by myself.

Thinking of this, Si Xiao stood up.

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