"Be careful! Back off! "

The voice just fell.

Si Xiao had already taken a few steps back.

It is not clear about the situation, let's put the distance away.

The first to react were Karuizawa and Yukinoshita, although they didn't understand the reason, they still honestly took a few steps back.

"What's wrong?"

Qinghai Tetsuya still asked a little confused, and Ohga Sun looked back at Si Xiao with some doubt.

Seeing Si Xiao staring at the second floor of the staircase, the two quickly looked back.

Right at this moment.

Under Si Xiao's gaze.

The zombie stepped lightly on the handrail, suddenly jumped towards the wall of the opposite stairs, and kicked his legs.

It's like an arrow off the string.

The next moment.

Already appeared in front of Qinghai Tetsuya, the ink-black claws suddenly swung down.


Qinghai Tetsuya was shocked, and without thinking about it, he quickly held the spear across his chest.



The reinforced spear broke instantly.

Qinghai Zheye instantly felt a pain in his chest, and quickly glanced down, a slender mouth appeared from his right shoulder to his left abdomen, and blood gushed out.

Under the gaze of Yukino and others under the snow, Qinghai Tetsuya fell to the ground and instantly lost his breath.

"What a speed."

"What kind of monster is this."

Yukino and Karuizawa Megumi were shocked and turned pale.

More than speed,

And the power is probably far above them.


The zombie landed smoothly

Turning his head to look at the others, he found Ohga Sun beside him.


When you step on it, the concrete floor instantly appears a slight depression.

The zombie soared into the air and rushed to this side.

Ohga Sun's pupils shrank into needle tips

There is no rush to think at all.

With the lessons of the past, he rolled directly to the outside to avoid the blow.

However, behind him was Si Xiao in the middle.

"Find death."

Si Xiao's cold eyes were like a knife, and he directly shot at the zombie head.

Even Qinghai Zhe can react, how can he not react, although it is fast, but the speed is estimated to be a little over 20.

Others just have a poor foundation, and they use attribute points for physique, and they don't kill more than Qinghaizhe.


The monster zombie in front of him is like a mouse's tail raised high

He directly adjusted his posture in the air, dodging the blow to the outward side, while the claws in his hand swung directly towards Si Xiao's chest.


Karuizawa's face was pale, and he hurriedly rushed towards Si Xiao with a spear.

And yet,

It's a distance.

How could she be faster than that deformed zombie!.

And the other side.

Si Xiao's pupils shrank suddenly, hesitated for a moment, and the invisible air flow rotated counterclockwise at the tip of the gun.

There is a talent for insight

He knew the use of spiral qi better than Ye Feng.

The faint air flow pulled the zombie in front of it, and its movements finally had a slight pause.

Si Xiao took the opportunity to glance not far away, his eyes were a little hesitant, and there was a trace of schadenfreude in his eyes.

The guy apparently didn't find anything.

The deformed zombie in front of him is obviously more capable than Yukishita and the others, and it has some intelligence.

At present, only he and Ohga Sun have the ability to cope.

This guy was actually squatting over there watching the play.

Si Xiao turned his head to look at the zombie in front of him, I don't know if it was because of talent, his thinking seemed to be much faster than ordinary people.

The attributes are all in strength and physique, if it is not for the spiral qi, he is a little unable to keep up with the speed of this zombie.

With talent, he has the confidence to kill this guy one hundred percent.

But if you don't use talent, it's a bit unclear.


On the other hand.

Whether this zombie can break his defense is also a question.

Although knowing that your defenses are much stronger than at the beginning.


Si Xiao didn't dare to try, even ordinary zombies.

After all, if you can't solve the zombie toxin.

I sent it by the slightest accident.

However, killing alone means little.

It's just that I met such a guy the next day, and the degree of danger in the future can be imagined.

Think for a moment.

Si Xiao came first and directly kicked the zombie in front of him out.

And that direction is Yukinoshita Yukino.

At this time.

I don't know if it's the reason for not sleeping well.

Under the snow, Yukino's legs trembled and she was a little confused.


With Sixiao's arrangement, everyone works together to occupy various geographical advantages, although it is hard and exhausting, but the risk factor is not very high.

Now, however, there is a real existential crisis.

The zombie in front of her, whether it is strength or speed, is far from being comparable to her.

Although the attribute is added to the physique,

But the zombies killed in the past few days are only forty or fifty, and the attribute points obtained are only 4.5 points of poor Baba.

Now it's just like an ordinary adult.


This word came directly to Yukinoshita's mind.


Yukino fell to the ground in a panic, her legs too weak to stand.

"Under the snow."

Si Xiao roared loudly.


Under the snow instantly came back to his senses, just sitting on the ground and looking at the zombies in front of him stunned, only then finally reacted.


A wall of ice nearly two meters high instantly appeared in front of him.


Si Xiao and Karuizawa passed by, rushing towards Yukino under the snow, and Karuizawa reacted and quickly turned around to follow.

At least the performance under the snow is not so bad.

I just don't know if her ice wall can be blocked, or how long it can be blocked.


The zombie in front of him seemed to be smarter than expected, and after changing its posture in the air, he suddenly stepped on the ice wall as a foothold.

The ice wall shattered at the same time

That zombie also rushed towards Si Xiao like a sharp arrow again, and the strongest among the group of people in front of him was him!

Si Xiao paused in his steps, tightened the spear in his hand, and the invisible air flow in his left hand flowed.

He didn't really want to expose his talent in front of Ohga Sun

After all, this will definitely make Ohga Sun briefly surrender to power, but it is only a matter of time before such a small person betrays.

Although there is no evidence, Si Xiao thinks so.

That's better than taking advantage of it.

It's a pity that the zombie in front of him is so ignorant of lifting, then it can only tear it alive, as for the snow and the others, I am afraid that they can't count on it.

Between thoughts.

Si Xiao held a gun in his right hand, and the invisible air flow in his left hand probed the zombie in front of him.

But the accident happened.

A yellow figure flashed past him, and in the blink of an eye appeared in front of him, it was Karuizawa who followed behind.

Karuizawa opened his arms to block in front of Si Xiao, looking at the ugly zombie in front of him and quickly closed his eyes in fear.



A shattering sound sounded, and Karuizawa flew out directly upside down.

Si Xiao's cold eyes were like a knife.

Although it was a bit of a surprise, I didn't miss this opportunity.

He dodged Karuizawa, who flew out upside down, on the side of his body, and the spear in his right hand instantly pierced the chest of this zombie.

The zombie in front of him is too flexible, but he still chooses to be safe.


The deformed zombie kept struggling, making a strange squeaking sound in its mouth, and its claws swung sharply towards the spear, as if sensing something and suddenly retracting.

As if the next moment,

As long as it dares to touch this spear, its entire body will be torn to shreds.

"Under the snow!"

Si Xiao stared at the zombie in front of him and said coldly.


Under the snow was stunned, and a little confused, only to react for a moment: "Understood." "

She walked within three meters of Si Xiao, and faint blue ice crystals began to converge on the zombie, and her hands and feet were quickly frozen.

No way.

His speed is roughly worse than the zombie in front of him, in case he is on the verge of death to fight back.

Look at the zombies in front of you who can't move their hands and feet.

Si Xiaocai pulled out the watermelon knife behind him and pierced the head of this zombie.

[Kill speed enhancement zombies: 0.5 attribute points rewarded.] 】

Until a prompt appears in my head

Si Xiaocai breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly squatted down and pretended to grope on it, while using endless extraction.

[Successful withdrawal: 5 attribute points will be rewarded.] 】


Si Xiao raised his eyebrows, feeling that there seemed to be something in the arms of this zombie.

He quickly put his hand in, which seemed to be a piece of paper or a scroll or something, and then quietly stuffed the scroll into the cuff.

Although his blue and white school uniform is a little ugly, it is still very good to tell the truth.

The loose school uniform with blood stains and something stuffed in the sleeve is completely invisible.

Until now, others thought he was looking for supplies.


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