After cleaning up the dormitory building, it was close to noon.

It's a pity

Apart from some mops, I still couldn't find any supplies, not even a complete piece of clothing.

At this time.

Everyone was sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch.

Knowing that Karuizawa had a talent that would not be infected, several people were also relieved, and they checked Yukinoshita again to be on the safe side, which was completely relieved.

"Are you all right?"

Yukinoshita Yukino looked at Ohga Sun with a lost face and asked softly.

When a friend from the same world dies like this, it is natural that you will feel lost.

After leaving the dormitory building, Ohga Sun has been in this state.

"It's okay."

Ohga Sun shook his head bitterly: "There is no way around this, don't worry, I will be able to adjust it soon." "

"That's good."

Under the snow, there will be no more words.

Originally, it was just a proper question.

And on the side.

"Brother Xiao, try it, I made this egg roll."

Karuizawa said as he sandwiched an egg roll between Si Xiao's dinner plate.

It has been found that Si Xiao has a large amount of rice.

"Thank you."

Si Xiao naturally will not be polite, and those who come will not refuse.

Several people finished lunch.

"It's time to discuss what to do next."

Si Xiao took out the map in his arms and spread it on the dining table.

The school is located in the center of Qinghe City, and the TV tower where the corpse king is located in the main quest is about three hundred kilometers to the east.

Xuexia and the others came to Si Xiao's side and looked at the map on the table

There are tens of thousands of zombies at the school gate alone, and I don't know how many more along the way.

"Any ideas?"

Si Xiao tapped his fingers on the table and looked at the few people in front of him.

Although he is also interested in the Corpse King, his ability is obviously not enough.

"What about Si Xiao?"

Under the snow, he turned back directly, and Karuizawa also looked to this side.

"Just complete one of the three main lines."

Si Xiao glanced at this unassertive fellow, and his finger moved fifty kilometers in the opposite direction:

"The easiest is undoubtedly to survive for thirty days, and I want to go to this mall to find enough supplies before making plans."


Yukinoshita nodded.

It would be nice to be able to go out of school now.

"But this 50 kilometers is also difficult."

Ohga Sun glanced up at Si Xiao and pointed to a convenience store next to the school on the map

"The supplies in the convenience store are also enough for us to use for thirty days, how about finding a way to kill more zombies?"

It's just four people

There will not be many supplies needed, and a convenience store will have enough storage.


Si Xiao glanced at it and said, "There are shoe lockers in the teaching building, this should be closer to your Sakurajima city, I watch anime, most of the exterior walls of your convenience stores over there use tempered glass, is that right?" "

"yes, aren't you over there?"

Karuizawa was a little puzzled

Aren't convenience stores all over the world the same?

"That'll do."

This guy was still thinking about these problems, and Si Xiao was a little speechless: "The stainless steel rod I strengthened was interrupted by that speed-type zombie with a blow, if there is still this kind of zombie outside, the safety of staying in the convenience store cannot be guaranteed." "

"And the outside world will not be like the school, there is such a wide space for us to talk at ease, and it will be very hard to arrange a vigil every night."

"And most of the shopping malls have fire shutter doors, with the quality of this thing and sound insulation effect, as long as it is strengthened to isolate the mall, it is much safer than the outside!"

Although convenience stores vary greatly depending on local customs.

But anywhere in the world,

Shopping malls are all similar, and fire prevention is a must be considered.


Yukishita nodded seriously: "Then the rest is these fifty kilometers, what should I do?" "

That's the only difficulty.

With everyone's current strength, let alone fifty kilometers, you can't run even one kilometer, and sooner or later you will starve to death if you stay here.

Si Xiao can naturally run farther, but in the face of endless numbers, sooner or later there will be a day when he is consumed.

If you make a mistake, you die.


Si Xiao looked at Ohga Sun and said, "You judged that three hundred kilometers would take more than six hours before, did you have driving experience?" "

"Yes, yes, my dad sometimes lets me drive my family out on tours, but I don't have a driver's license."

Ohga Sun looked at the others under the snow and said a little embarrassed.

Unexpectedly, with a casual sentence, he was found by Si Xiao.

It's horrible.

But now is not the time to think about this either.

In short, leave the school first and find supplies.

And on the side.

Yukinoshita Yukino and Karuizawa looked at him instantly.

Underage driving in Sakurajima is a serious crime, and this guy is obviously not a self-guarded sunshine boy.

"Now is not the time to think about that."

Si Xiao got up and looked at Dahe Sun and said, "I don't know what is the difference between a car and a car, there is a bus in the parking lot, you can drive it first." "

"If it really doesn't work, change the car, but it's better to use the bus, and find some fuel or something as much as possible, and load everything you think you need in the car."

No way.

He was originally just a high school senior.

In addition to studying and practicing martial arts, just watching anime, all cognition is learned from the Internet.

But the Ohga Sun in front of him is obviously not a person who keeps to himself.

Toss twice, just open it.

There is also no need to consider any traffic here.

It's right to bump into people when you see them.

"As for you."

Si Xiao looked at the snow and Karuizawa who were waiting on the side, and pondered for a moment:

"It should take him some time to learn to drive, the road conditions should be considered at worst, the usual one-hour journey may take longer, and if it drags on until the evening, it will be bad."

"Let's rest today, tomorrow morning as soon as dawn will go!"


After speaking, Si Xiao flicked his sleeves and left.

There has never been a chance to be alone, and he still has something in his sleeve that he has not seen.

However, Karuizawa also hurried to follow.

"Sorry, but we probably can't help with the car."

Yukinoshita Yukino looked at Ohga Sun and said softly, "If you need help, you can find me." "

"Of course, I'm not welcome."

Ohga Sun showed a hearty smile, and when the snow left, his face became gloomy.

Although it can be seen that several of the group are now minors.

I'm afraid it really can't help.

But what kind of attitude is Si Xiao.

He was treated completely as a convenient tool, without asking for his opinion at all, let alone shouting and asking for warmth.

It really made Ohga Sun disgusting to the extreme.


Hesitate again and again

He got up anyway and headed to the parking lot.

After all, his own life was at stake.


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