And the other side.

When Si Xiao came to the school gate, his eyes were attracted by two ice thorns outside the school, which ran through the heads of the two zombies.

Under the snow, Xue Nai half squatted about a meter in front of the iron gate, staring seriously at a zombie in front of him with cold sweat.

An ice thorn slowly rose, and her speed attribute was too low.

The speed of ice thorn formation is not fast, as long as it is an individual, I am afraid that it can be avoided.


As long as it doesn't make a sound, the zombies in the day won't move.


The zombie's head was pierced by ice thorns.


Xue Nai breathed a sigh of relief, wiped the sweat on his forehead, and walked back, only to find Si Xiao standing 10 meters away waiting.

I'm afraid it's for fear of disturbing her

It's not good if you accidentally stimulate the zombie.

"Why are you here? Can I help you? "

Walking in front of Si Xiao, Xuexia asked in a low voice.

"What are you doing, killing zombies?"

Si Xiao looked at the three ice thorns outside the school gate and asked.

With the appearance that you have to rest for a while to build one under the snow, I am afraid that I have been killing zombies here.

"Huh? Doesn't it work? "

Yukoshita explained with some weakness: "Don't worry, I have taken care to avoid making noise. "

"Not really."

Si Xiao turned his head to look at the pretty face under the snow in front of him, and was silent for a while before saying, "You were obviously afraid before, but it was just a little accidental." "


Hearing this, Yukino was a little bitter: "I am really afraid, we have lost three people before we leave the school." I'm still scared, afraid that I might die in the next second. "

"But there is no way, there is no choice but to work hard to survive."

"Pay attention to rest, don't be careless."

Leaving a word, Si Xiao turned and left, as if remembering something, and added: "If you have time, follow Karuizawa to learn to drive." "

"Well, got it."

Looking at the back of Si Xiao leaving, Xuexia looked back at the zombies outside the school and sat on the ground to rest.

She had to get used to it all.

Although minors are not allowed to drive.

But what I thought was right before is now useless.

And the other side.

Si Xiao looked back at Xue Nai under the snow, and the slender back seemed to be much taller.

Whether it's good or evil

In the face of death, the space of reincarnation will undoubtedly reveal its truest nature, but the essence is also the same.

Yukinoshita Yukino is undoubtedly a strong and hard-working girl.

Since you can overcome your fear, look at those disgusting zombies for a long time.

He was a little underestimated before.

"By the way, wait a minute."

Didn't go far.

Hearing the faint shout under the snow, Si Xiao stopped.

He looked back at the snow running over and said with some doubt

"What's wrong?"

"I have something I want to ask you."

Yukishita Xueno said with some hesitation: "My physique has reached 12 points, which attribute is better to add next?" "

It's a pity,

It seems that because of the reincarnation space, Yukino under the snow is a little unassertive.

In the past two days, Xueno has also killed a lot of zombies.

But I'm afraid it's about 5.6 points.

12 o'clock words.

Barely a little better than the average adult.

According to Si Xiao's idea, it is better to increase it to thirty points in order to have the ability to fight for a long time.

But the speed at which they brushed attribute points under the snow was obviously far from enough.

If you occupy the advantage of the terrain type, the role of physique is not small.

But if it's in a wide space outside the school.

It's a bit of a chicken rib.

Can't do without, but it's not very useful.


Si Xiao glanced at the group of zombies outside the school and pondered for a moment

"Accelerate first, when the casting speed is faster, you can kill zombies much faster, and then consider the problem of range and consumption."

"Got it, see you in the evening!"

Yukishita nodded, then turned around and returned to the school gate, focusing on the speed of the attribute points he had just earned.

The afternoon is still long.

I believe that her speed of killing zombies will become faster and faster.

Add strength and spirit when the time is right.

It's always right to listen to Si Xiao.

Yukinoshita thought.



The next day, early in the morning.

As soon as the sky was shining, the zombies that were originally wandering around seemed to suddenly fall asleep, standing in place and shaking.

Everyone lightly carried the materials that had only been more than a day into the bus, and slowly drove the car ten meters away from the school gate.

Staying here will only lead to death of thirst and starvation.

Whether you live or die depends on today.

"No problem, right?"

Si Xiao looked at the big sun in front of him, and said with a solemn face.

The plan has been made.

It has to be said.

Although the Ohga Solar Apparatus is small, it is the best in terms of strength, heart, and teamwork.

It's a pity.

A small amount is a fatal injury.

"No problem."

"Let it go to me!"

The faces of the three were equally solemn.

"Then, action."

Si Xiao and Xuexia turned to leave the bus, his palm on the body, and used endless extraction.

[Extraction successful: The appearance and internal impurities of the bus are extracted cleanly, and the ordinary bus is promoted to a 0-class sturdy bus. 】

【Sturdy bus: Sturdier than regular buses.】 】

Si Xiao nodded towards the snow, and the two carefully came to the school gate.

Less than a meter away, although dozens of zombies did not act, they all looked directly at this side with ugly saliva.

Make the scalp tingle.

The school uses sliding iron gates.

Although there is still electricity, it is very simple to open the door.

But in case it makes a sound, it's bad.

If the distance is too close, before the car speeds up, these tens of thousands of zombies rush in, I am afraid that the bus will not even be able to drive.

Si Xiao nodded towards Xue Nai, and she stared solemnly at the iron gate in front of her.


Outside the iron gate,

A wall of ice two meters high and three meters wide slowly rose.


Second way.

Third way.

The iron gates of the school were completely sealed.

"You can only last for about an hour, Si Xiao, you pay attention."

Sweat broke down on his forehead under the snow, and he said in a low voice.


"Then I'll go back first."

After that, Yukino returned to the school bus.

Si Xiao took out the watermelon knife, cut off the iron door in front of him lightly and moved it aside, always vigilant against the zombies on the other side of the ice wall.

Speaking up.

I don't know what happened to Yukinoshita's talent.

The ice wall created out of thin air is almost translucent, glowing white in the sunlight, and extremely hard.


The iron gate was completely demolished by him and rushed back to the bus.

And the other side.

Ohga Taiyo, who was climbing on the bus skylight, looked at the scene in front of him

He quickly climbed out of the skylight, made a pitching posture, and the flames in his right hand quickly converged into a fireball and threw it into the distance.


A roar instantly erupted in the distance on the right side of the school.


Countless zombies let out a heaven-shaking roar.

It was as if the ground was shaking.

Countless zombies rushed in the direction of the sound source.

In front of the school gate, the originally dense zombies slowly became loose.

Ohga Sun quickly got into the sunroof, sat in the main driver's seat, and directly stepped on the accelerator to the maximum and rushed out.

Under the snow, his eyes were sharp, and the ice wall in front of him instantly turned into crystal light and dissipated in the air.

The school bus rushed out of the school gate in an instant.


With the roar of the engine, countless zombies reacted and frantically rushed to the school bus.


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