Reincarnation space.

A place where one's nature can be revealed quickly.

That may not be true.

The tense spirit must be vented, which is a necessary means of self-help, otherwise sooner or later it will collapse.

Women, cigarettes, beer, gambling and more!

are good choices.

At this time.

Run-down streets,


A green military Humvee was galloping through the streets with a heavy roar.

The densely packed zombies followed closely like sharks sniffing blood.

And inside the car.

A bald man with hideous scars on his face was holding two young girls, and his calloused hands roamed around the two of them and kneaded them vigorously.


The two women's faces were full of pain, but they did not dare to let go of the movement of their hands.

One holds a glass full of beer to his lips, while the other carries a fruit plate and waits with peanuts.


The bald man directly kicked on the seat of the main driver's seat and scolded: "Four-eyed boy, has the speed slowed down?" "

"Yes, yes, yes."

The middle-aged man with eyes quickly explained in a panic: "There seems to be something coming over in front, I just..."

"Shut up."

The bald man smashed it, picked up the telescope beside him and raised his eyebrows to drill out of the skylight, not caring about the zombies behind him.

A heavy machine gun was placed on the Humvee.

"Gee, that's nice, isn't that cute?"

Through the binoculars, the bald man instantly found a bus opposite, standing in front of the car under the snow, Yukino and Karuizawa Megumi.

He casually threw the binoculars out and got back into the car.

"Four-eyed boy, bump into Lao Tzu."

"Huh? But there are so many zombies behind, they should also have them there, in this case..."

The four-eyed boy was stunned, and instantly explained in a little panic.

There were thousands of them behind them, and they must be on the opposite side.

It is best not to conflict.

"Shut your dog's mouth."

The bald man kicked again, powerful force, kicked the seat straight: "You scum, who do you think can live until now?" "


Thinking of what the bald man did, the four-eyed boy was instantly frightened, accidentally biting his tongue, and could only endure the other party's lewd power.

They also started with seven members.

Then, the others were all killed by the people behind them, only he would drive and the two women stayed.

It's more than that.

This man acts simply unscrupulously.

Moreover, the talent is even more terrifying, just over a day, killing thousands of zombies, which is not comparable to them at all.



And the other side.

"Everyone, come quickly, there seems to be someone ahead."

With the exclamation of the Ohga Sun, Si Xiao immediately appeared in front of the car, and Karuizawa quickly followed behind.

Under the snow who was napping, the two of them came to the front one step at a time.

I don't know when,

A blood-red windshield is much lighter and can be seen clearly.

As the distance gets closer.

Everyone also saw each other clearly.

"It seems to be a military Humvee?"

"It seems that there are heavy machine guns on it, how is this possible?"

"There are so many zombies behind, what should I do?"

Ohga Sun instantly panicked.

If you stop for a while, I am afraid that you will be surrounded by zombies on both sides in an instant, and it may be difficult to light a fire.

"They seem to be heading in the direction of the TV tower."

Yukishita Yukino said a little nervously.

She is not stupid and sweet, but her experience since childhood has made Snow understand the ugly side of human nature better.

In a place like the space of reincarnation, it is not a good thing to meet people.

Since it went in the direction of the TV tower.

It must be someone who is extremely confident in his own strength.

"What to do?"

Ohga Sun asked a little uneasily: "It seems to be a machine gun, and I don't know if this bus can be prevented." "

"Let's take a look before we talk."

After a moment of silence, Si Xiao said coldly: "If you can not touch, you will not touch, and the zombies behind will still find a way to directly ram over." In addition, Yukinoshita and Karuizawa are ready for battle, and under the snow are always ready to protect tires and fuel tanks with ice. "


The two women replied.

Now those who dare to run in the direction of the TV tower are definitely not good.

It is best not to be able to afford a conflict, and be ready to fight in case the other side has bad intentions.

Several people stared nervously ahead.

The two sides are also getting closer.


The roar of military Humvee engines resounded in the sky, and could be heard from far away.

Several zombies in the middle of the road were instantly attracted to them, and then directly knocked out by military Humvees.

Right at this moment.

A bald man emerged from the Humvee and slammed straight into this side.

"Under the snow."


As soon as the voices of the two fell, the tires and fuel tanks of the bus were wrapped in solid ice.

Si Xiao stared at the scene in front of him, and suddenly his pupils contracted violently:

"Climb down."

Si Xiao quickly held Karuizawa in his arms and crawled on the ground, this guy's talent should be able to be used as a shield when he was unexpected.

And on the side, under the snow, he also crawled on the ground honestly and obediently.

Ohga Sun didn't wait for Si Xiao to speak, then shrunk under the seat, holding the steering wheel with one hand.

Because, the other party seemed to be aiming directly at him.

And with it.


A series of violent fires sounded, the windshield instantly shattered to the ground, and the iron sheet of the body slammed.

The other side did not target the weak points of tires at all, let alone consider the problem of saving ammunition.

It's as if you're going to beat them straight into a sieve.

"Under the snow, can your ice block bullets? Block it if you can, and instantly find a way for them not to bump into it. "

Saying that, Si Xiao quickly held up the map in his arms and spread it out.

The windshield has been shattered, and trying to rush through the thousands of zombies on the opposite side is undoubtedly looking for death.

At this time, under the snow, he raised his neck slightly, revealing half of his head to observe the scene in front of him, and the opponent's military Humvee was already close at hand.

Gritting his teeth, Yukishita closed his eyes.


The ground in front of the opponent's military Humvee was quickly frozen, and the entire body slipped and floated into the distance.

Her range of ability can already be used for more than ten meters.

"Four-eyed boy, you are looking for death."

A roar came into the ears of several people

There are no four-eyed boys among them.

A few people looked up slightly, and found a bald man with a scar cursing at the driver inside the Humvee.

And the opposite.

"No, it seems to be the talent of the other party."

The four-eyed boy explained in a hushed voice.


The bald man turned around and found the ice on the ground, snorted coldly and turned his head to look at the bus that was getting farther and farther away.

"Find death."

Saying that, the bald man stepped on the Hummer and looked at several people coldly, spread his hands, and an AK47 and an M4A1 appeared in his hands.

Looked at.

Several people quickly retracted again.


Then there was a sound of fire

Si Xiao stared at the map in his hand and said

"Oga, you let Karuizawa drive the car, there seems to be an alley in front, turn in."


Ohga Sun hurriedly gave up the driver's seat to Karuizawa, this position is too dangerous.

"I can't see the way."

"Poke the wagon with a gun and look from the other side."

"So how do you open that?"

Karuizawa was a little confused.

At the end of the day, she'll step on the accelerator.

"It's almost there, it doesn't matter if this car is scrapped."

"Oh, then I'll open it casually."


This heart is really big.


Si Xiao turned his head to look at Dahe Sun, gritted his teeth and said, "You, go up and give the other party some color." "

"The bullets on the opposite side seem to be infinite, how to get on?"

Ohga shook his head in panic.

Just now he also saw that the other party casually spread out two rifles, and even the magazine did not need to be changed, this special up is not sending to death, he did not do it.


Si Xiao didn't say much, turned his head and walked to the back of the car, coldly watching the other party's military Hummer getting farther and farther away.

Too far away.

It's fine to be closer.

But he doesn't have a long-range attack

However, the other party does not seem to be ready to let them go.

The bald man threw it casually, and the AK47 in his hand turned into a little starlight and disappeared into the air.

"Gee, it's a pity that a few beauties, count you a little skillful."

The bald man sneered, casually stretched out a few grenades and popped out of his hand.

He looked at the bus that was getting farther and farther away, gritting his teeth at will, and throwing grenades out without money.


The street, which was already somewhat dilapidated, instantly appeared several rows of deep pits.

Completely cut off the back road.

The windshield had been shattered by him, facing the zombies on both sides.

Death is certain.

"Big brother, there are still a lot of zombies ahead."

"Shut up, Lao Tzu knows."

Finally glanced at Si Xiao in the back window of the bus, the bald man scoffed and wiped his neck before turning around and ignoring it.

With a casual move, two more AKs appeared in the hand.

The terrifying zombies seemed to be just a dense swarm of ants in his hands.

Flip your hands over.


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