Karuizawa slammed the steering wheel, and the sideways bus crashed directly into the wall.


The bus had not stopped yet, and turned into the alley.

Strictly speaking, it is a street nearly 20 meters wide.

Randomly placed garbage cans come into view, and the smell of rancid and blood mixed together is disgusting.

A few zombies scattered rushed to this side when they heard the roar of the bus.

"There's a dead end ahead."

Under the snow looked panicked.

Not far across the street are walls several meters high.

"What to do?"

Karuizawa quickly looked back at Si Xiao.

"Look ahead!"

Si Xiao scolded, his brows solemn.

His mind was full of thoughts, and he quickly commanded:

"Karuizawa, turn the car sideways and hit it, under the snow, you follow me to get ready for battle, Ohga you can find a way to go to the wall to see the situation on the other side, can you do it?"


"No problem."

Several people quickly answered.

Xuexia and the others quickly tightened the spears in their hands, and Si Xiao also carried a bunch of spears on his back.

The other side.

Ohga Sun climbed out of the skylight, half-squatted on the roof of the car and looked at the nearly six-meter-high wall not far away, the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

His physical strength is already stronger than Qinghai Zheye.

In the playground, hundreds of zombies were also killed when they went out of school.

Most of the attribute points are on power, and they do have the ability to jump on this wall.


A slight negligence, once the distance is not well grasped.

I'm afraid it's death.

Si Xiao simply let him die, specifically arranging such a dangerous task for him.

It's abominable.

It's a pity,

He is also not a naïve guy like Xuexia, who tells Si Xiao everything.

Come to think of it.

Ohga Sun threw his hands back and suddenly jumped into the air.


With a roar, the flames of his hands burst out, and the Ohga sun fell steadily on the wall like a streamer.

The scene in front of him instantly made his scalp tingle.

There were also thousands of zombies on the other side of the wall, and they heard movement gathering under the corner.



Karuizawa drove the bus and crashed directly sideways into the wall, and several zombies along the way were instantly squeezed into meat foam.

Ohga Sun quickly looked back and saw three people with spears breaking through the window.

"How's it going?"

Si Xiao hurriedly asked loudly towards the hundreds of zombies that were rushing in, and the zombies behind him did not know how many followed.

There are at least tens of thousands.

"No, there are thousands on the other side."

"Gee, okay, you also come down and prepare for battle."


Ohga Sun, who was standing on the wall, narrowed his eyes and looked at the street on the other side.

Although there are countless zombies underneath,

But across the street is a residential area, and it is the small villas that can be found everywhere in Sakurajima.

'Words at this distance. ’

Between thoughts.

Ohga Sun was still a little overwhelmed in his heart.

But when he turned his head, he thought of Si Xiao's commanding appearance, and Karuizawa's disregard for him and Si Xiao's stammering.

Yukino under the snow is also counted, after all, it is a double S talent.

Much will certainly be done in the future.

These two are nothing, a C-level enhanced auxiliary talent, why do they call him around.

Not to mention.

There are definitely tens of thousands of zombies on both sides, and I am afraid that they will definitely die today.

Come to think of it.

"Go and die, a group of guys who don't have the ability to see, let you follow Si Xiao, you deserve it."

Ohga Sun's face turned fierce.

Flames erupted with both hands and flew across the street.

Flying in mid-air, the flames in his right hand quickly converged into a fireball, smashing into the wall behind him without looking.


With a roar.

With the help of inertia, the Ohga sun set steadily on the roof, and he shook his somewhat confused head and quickly looked back.

The wall several meters high had been smashed into a hole, and even the bus behind it was on fire.

"Hah... Ha ha... Hahahaha. "

After a moment of silence, Ohga Sun looked at the scene in front of him and laughed wildly.

To do things is to do everything.

This is all to blame for Si Xiao and the others' ignorance.

If he had recognized him as the boss earlier, he would not have done so.

Reincarnation space.

It quickly reveals one's true nature.

It's just that the previous pressure was on Si Xiao, making them live too easily, so they were not completely exposed.

Laughed for a while.

Ohga Sun stared at the lower zombie, and his brain was still a little dizzy.

Although he didn't want to admit it, what Si Xiao said did make some sense.

He now has no supplies at all.

Sure enough, I still have to find supplies for thirty days, and then find a car." ’

Ohga Sun couldn't help but look towards the mall.

Without the ability of things, a person is indeed somewhat inconvenient, and his movement is still greatly restricted.

Take a break.

Ohga finally took a look at the wall, jumped to the other roof, and walked in the direction of the mall.

Although there is some air lag ability, the speed is still much slower.

I thought of the bald man I just met.

Ohga Sun looked at the flame in his palm, and a trace of longing could not help but flash in his eyes.

Although it cannot be used continuously, it only needs to be killed a few times.


I can also treat zombies as if they were nothing, just like that bald man.

Although it will be difficult at first, it will definitely be possible to live in the future.

Ranged abilities are much cheaper than melee abilities.


And the other side.

"How so?"

Under the snow, Xue Nai quickly turned his head to look, and his figure could no longer be seen on the high wall, and Snow Shitami instantly panicked.

In her eyes.

Ohga Sun's contribution is only to Si Xiao, and his combat effectiveness is even a little stronger than Si Xiao.

Although he and Si Xiao seem to be a little unmatched

But it's still very good to be human.

He never shirked like Jing Chengye, nor did he bluff like Qinghai Tetsuya, but he still appeased others.

If there is any problem, Ohga Sun can do it independently.

At least, lean towards the good guys.


Now Ohga Sun actually abandoned them and went straight away, breaking the wall.

Although there was a mental preparation.

But at this moment, Yukinoshita Yukino found himself still too naïve.

"Brother Xiao, what should I do?"

Karuizawa Megumi was also a little alarmed.

From time to time, a zombie entwined with flames came out of the bus and died under her gun.

"Under the snow, can you enter the house along the wall and lack of ice ladder?"

Si Xiao pulled out two spears and held them in his hands, wary of the thousands of zombies that were rushing towards this side.

Hearing Si Xiao say this, Xuexia quickly returned to his senses and looked around.

Houses on both sides,

It was roughly three hundred meters wide, and they were at the very end.

The sides, from high to low, are neat small windows, mostly just for ventilation.

With their current strength, they can't smash through the wall yet.

At least, that's what Yukishita thinks.

"No, these two sides should be apartment buildings, my current ability range is at most about fifteen meters, if you want to create an ice ladder to escape, you must at least be about fifteen meters away from the front of this building, and you can enter from the front."

Yukishita spoke extremely fast

Just say the most objective facts and leave everything to Si Xiao.

Although you can bypass the wall behind you, there are thousands of zombies behind, and the back of the apartment building is generally a wall, which is also a dead end.

Hear her words.

Karuizawa was also panicked, isn't this just waiting for death.


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