The two women looked at Si Xiao's back and looked at the countless zombies in front of them.

My heart seems to be jumping out of my throat.

I could only wait quietly for his orders.

And in front of.

Si Xiao glanced at the two women behind him.

He can break through the wall and escape with Yukinoshita and Karuizawa, but Yukinoshita doesn't know this.

It's just that it's a bit risky to do so.

Karuizawa can resist the blow of the deformed zombie, and there must be no problem.

If it is scraped casually under the snow, I am afraid it will be sent.

As for him,

The physique is already about seven times that of ordinary people, and I don't know if I can prevent a blow from zombies.

He didn't want to try it anyway.

Think for a moment.

Si Xiao quickly abandoned the idea.

"This building on the right, get ready under the snow, Karuizawa is in charge of the mat, understand?"



The two women looked panicked and quickly answered.

There is no other way but to listen to Si Xiao.

Right at this moment.

Si Xiao took the lead and rushed towards the thousands of zombies in front of him, and the two of them hurriedly followed.

The three rushed to less than ten meters in front of the zombie.

Si Xiao raised the stainless steel rod above his head and made the motion of bidding for the gun.

Immediately after,

The invisible air flow converged on the spear, forming a white air flow visible to the naked eye, emitting a burst of hum.

The visible range is getting bigger and bigger, setting off a gust of wind.

"This is."

The two women looked at the scene in front of them and instantly widened their eyes.

A gust of wind tugged at the two of their hair, lifting the hem of their skirts, but now they were not in the mood to care about it.


Countless fine scratches appeared on the walls on both sides, as if they had been cut by countless sharp blades.

When did he have such abilities.

"What is courage."

At this time, Si Xiao's cold eyes were like a knife, and he suddenly threw forward.

"Courage to face what you don't want to face is courage."

In his eyes.

Face strong enemies without flinching.

The good ones are called fearless, and the ugly ones are called reckless.

There are so many hated facts in the world that you can only call it courage by having the courage to face life.


The spear wrapped in spiral power is like an arrow off the string.

Burst out.

The strong smell of blood spread.

Where it passed,

The ground was instantly peared out of a ravine, and all the zombies in the alley in front of him were instantly torn to pieces, and countless blood flew in the air.

The scene in front of them was deeply engraved in the minds of the two.

The corners of Karuizawa's mouth raised slightly.

It was precisely because she did not have the courage to face those bullies, so she chose to escape.

But now, she is no longer afraid.

And heard Si Xiao's words.

Under the snow, Yukino pursed the corners of his mouth unfreely.

It is precisely because she does not dare to face her family that she chooses to leave, which is not an escape.

[Killing ordinary zombies: 0.1 attribute points rewarded].

[Killing ordinary zombies: 0.1 attribute points rewarded].

[You comprehend the true meaning of the brave and reward the title of the brave.] 】

[Killing ordinary zombies: 0.1 attribute points rewarded].


The uninterrupted prompt sound in his mind came, and Si Xiao hurriedly shouted.

The three of them leaned against the wall on the right, stepping on the countless flesh and blood on the ground, followed by the spear.


The spear was also overwhelmed and dissipated into powder in the air.

And the vacant space left by the zombies that were torn to pieces was quickly filled by the zombies behind them, endlessly.

And at this time.

The three were less than ten meters away from the exit.


Under the snow, Yuki Naitama's hand slapped the wall beside him.

The flat ground in front of Si Xiao instantly rose a series of azure blue stairs, leading to the front of the apartment building.

Si Xiao stepped on it without hesitation, and the two of them followed closely behind, and there were countless zombies behind them.


A slightly higher position is a balcony.


Si Xiao did not hesitate to break through the window, and as far as he could see, three zombies quickly rushed over.

Since it has been exposed, there is no need to hide it.

He instantly wrapped the spiral qi around his body, directly beating the two zombies in front of him into minced meat.

The other zombie bit into Si Xiao's neck, and before it was close, it was divided into minced meat.

As long as it's not too hard.

The powerful physique can already allow him to ignore the damage caused by the spiral qi to himself.

In simple terms,

He can completely walk sideways among the zombie crowds.

Therefore, this crisis is actually nothing for him to worry about.

The only regret is that.

The blue and white school uniform with blood on his body was also torn to pieces in an instant.


As soon as they entered the door, under the snow and Karuizawa, they saw Si Xiao's naked scene and let out a scream.


Karuizawa stared wide-eyed at the scene in front of him.

So powerful, Xiao Sixiao is simply like his strengthened spear, often hard, and powerful.

"What the hell are you doing."

Xuexia's little face blushed, and he quickly brushed aside his pretty face.

Just by glancing at it, his gaze was somehow attracted by that hideous and terrifying thing.

And in front of.


Si Xiao ignored the two, and his feet instantly collapsed to the ground.

"Brother Xiao!"

Karuizawa was shocked, and quickly stepped forward to pick Si Xiao up, more flustered than when facing the zombies, and said with a sad face:

"What's wrong with you, Brother Xiao, don't scare me."

"Si Xiao!"

Under the snow, there was also a sudden chaos, and he couldn't care so much anymore, stepped forward and shook Si Xiao's shoulders, and said in a great panic:

"What's going on, you're okay."


Si Xiao raised his finger to the balcony on the second floor, and said a little weakly: "Seal it." "


Under the snow quickly reacted, and the balcony was instantly wrapped in ice.

Unexpectedly, by this time, Si Xiao was still thinking about the team.

"It's okay, what the hell is going on."

Then, under the snow, he turned his head to look at Si Xiao again, and his pale and pretty face was even more panicked.

"It's okay."

At this time, Si Xiao could barely squeeze out a smile and said in an extremely weak tone: "It's just that the blow just now consumed too much of my physical strength, just get some sleep, and the rest is left to you." "

Finish speaking.

Si Xiao's brain was crooked, leaning on the appearance of sleeping deeply in Karuizawa's arms, but he was wary of the two women.

Although that blow did consume most of his physical strength.

But not enough to make him so unbearable.

Mainly under the test snow with Karuizawa.

That's right.

He didn't even believe Yukinoshita and Karuizawa.

Keeping Ohga Sun was to test the two of them.

Although I have read the original book and know that they are very gentle and kind people, they may not be able to face life and death crises and interests.

Only afflictions can see the truth.

If you want to betray, now is the best chance.

Kill him.

You can get a large number of attribute points.

Si Xiao squinted and was always vigilant against the two, ready to fight back at any time.


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