Hearing Si Xiao's words

Yukinoshita and Karuizawa suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

The two looked around.

It seems to be an ordinary one-bedroom apartment, with the living room equivalent to the bedroom.


At this time, Karuizawa looked at the flesh and blood in the place, and said with some disgust: "Can you help carry Brother Xiao to the bed, and we will clean this place again?" "

"Well... All right. "

After hesitating for a moment, Yukishita nodded with a red face.

The two set up Sixiao on the left and right and carried him to the bed.

Under the snow, his face was as red as iron, this was the first time he had accepted the alien so closely, or when the other party was not wearing clothes.


Looking at the six-pack abs on Si Xiao's body, Karuizawa's face turned red, his eyes lit up, and he wanted to see it and was a little embarrassed.

It's just that there are still sporadic blood stains, which are a bit of an eyesore.

"So be it."

Karuizawa turned his head to look at Yukishita and said, "I'll wipe Brother Xiao's body, how about you clean up the room under the snow?" "

"No problem."

The two said they would do it.

Yukishita quickly cleaned the room a little, and Karuizawa also found a bath towel from the bathroom to wet and wipe Si Xiao's body.

After all, the conditions are limited

They're used to it, and they don't care that much.

Si Xiao lay on the bed with his eyes closed

I almost regretted dying, and I had already directly stabbed the three zombies with a gun.

Well, yes.


You wipe it, don't touch it around.

Wouldn't he be exposed again.

"What Brother Xiao said makes sense."

Karuizawa's little face was slightly red, and his fingertips gently stroked over Si Xiao's abs, and he muttered.

I only felt that my heart was beating fast, and I couldn't hold Si Xiao and kiss him now.

Sure enough, always on the verge of death, the pressure is too great, people need to vent.

If it were usual, she would definitely not dare.

But now what.

Must dare!

"Huh? Did he say anything? "

Xuexia turned his head and looked at Si Xiao's perfect figure in an instant, his little face turned red and quickly twisted back, and said a little flustered:

"What the hell are you doing, since you are finished wiping, hurry up and find something to cover him."

"Eh, what a pity, don't you feel anything under the snow?"

"No kidding, hurry up and cover him."

Under the snow, he rubbed his legs together, and his little face couldn't help but turn even redder.

I have to say,

She was also curious and wanted to touch it and see what it was like.

There are so many zombies out there, what are these two guys thinking." ’

Si Xiao lay on the bed, so angry that he wanted to hit someone.


Can't you just be quiet.

"Okay, okay."

Karuizawa covered Si Xiao with a blanket with some helplessness, sat on the edge of the bed and stared at the snow in front of him, thinking for a moment and a little tentative:

"Naw, Yukinoshita-san? Or do we do it with Brother Xiao? "

"Do? Do what? "

"That's it!"

Karuizawa compared circles with his left hand, and put a jade finger in his right hand.

She who felt that Si Xiao had fallen asleep did not pay any attention to it!

"No kidding, Karuizawa, I'll be angry if you make another joke like this!"

Under the snow, Yukino's little face turned red.

This guy really doesn't have a sense of urgency.

"It's not a joke, I've thought about it seriously."

Karuizawa put his hands on his jade legs and pursed the corners of his mouth: "What Brother Xiao said makes sense, since we have been selected by the reincarnation space, we can no longer expect to live like ordinary people." Moreover, it is possible to die at any time, and if you have not experienced death once, isn't it too sad? Or do you still do it? "

"Boring values, I just want to live well now."

Xuexia said a little speechlessly, a little curious: "You haven't answered my question just now, what did Si Xiao say to you before?" "

"Oh, this one."

Karuizawa didn't care: "He said that his spirit is always tense, and sooner or later there will be a day when he collapses, and occasionally he needs to vent out, women, cigarettes, beer, etc." "

"So it is."

Yukinoshita shook her head bitterly.

She also knows this, and also finds that her temper seems to be getting more and more irritable in the past two days, and she often speaks with some emotions.

Maybe that's why.

He added.

Looking at the bitter face under the snow, Karuizawa said with a bad smile on his face: "When we get to a safe position, we will eat both of us, and no one will want to run." "

I'm not.

I didn't.

Don't talk nonsense.

Si Xiao denied Sanlian in his heart, and opened a slight gap to look at Qingizawa, this guy actually dared to slander him.

"Don't joke, Si Xiao won't say such a thing."

Under the snow, I instantly panicked.

If Si Xiao wanted to do something like that, should he refuse?

She doesn't know either!

It doesn't seem to be annoying either.


Karuizawa covered his small mouth and snickered, and under the doubtful gaze under the snow, he explained:

"It's really cute under the snow, I thought you were even more terrifying."

"Huh? Why do you say that? "

"Because, didn't you call me stupid when you first arrived here, I thought you were a very terrible person, and I didn't dare to talk to you before."

"It's not."

Yukinoshita Yukino shook his head bitterly: "That sentence is more to myself, if you misunderstand, I apologize to you." "

"No, no, no."

Karuizawa waved his hand again and again: "I didn't pay attention to it, and we are now companions of life and death, so there is no need to apologize for these things." "

"Yes, indeed."

Under the snow shook his head bitterly again.

Life and death together.

That's true.

"What are we going to do next?"

Xuexia glanced at Si Xiao and asked a little helplessly.

"Of course, wait until Brother Xiao wakes up."

Karuizawa didn't care: "I just looked, there is still a bathroom here, you can finally take a bath, Brother Xiao seems to have said that it is very dangerous outside, wait for us to take turns to keep vigil, how about it?" "


There is no problem under the snow

Or rather,

She simply didn't know what to do.


Karuizawa entered the bathroom, and there was the sound of running water.

Under the snow, Xue Nai moved to the side of the bed and looked at Si Xiao's sleeping posture with soft eyes.

And Si Xiao instantly became nervous.

For a long time, I didn't wait for the movement under the snow, and then I relaxed.

Be alone.

This is the best time to kill him.

Since there is no betrayal now, then it will certainly not be in the future.


The sound of the door opening sounded, and it seemed that Karuizawa and Yukinoshita had changed shifts, followed by another uproar and running water.

Soon, the water stopped.

A faint smell of blood mixed with a smell of lotus and jasmine flowers.

Si Xiaocai was completely relieved.

He finally got two real partners.

"Then I'll rest first, and call me in two hours!"

Like a little fox, Karuizawa touched Si Xiao's side lightly and lay in his arms.

"You are!"

Under the snow, his eyes widened instantly.

So many places don't sleep, you have to sleep what Si Xiao is doing in his arms.

"I see that you haven't slept well in the past few days under the snow, so it's more comfortable to sleep, you can try it when you have the opportunity."

"And, rest assured, you won't be discovered, good night."

After speaking, Karuizawa hid in his arms, and his legs wrapped around Si Xiao tightened his passiveness, making Yukishita a little dumbfounded.

Si Xiao's face stiffened.

How many times have you said it, don't touch your hands.

How else to rest and recover physical strength.


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