"What to do?"

Under the snow had a little headache, he turned his head to look at Si Xiao: "Since you have the ability to break through the wall, then we can also escape from the other side, right?" "

"No need."

Karuizawa was a little puzzled, and gestured excitedly: "Just let Brother Xiao be the same as just now, wouldn't it be good to knock down all those zombies in one fell swoop?" "

"No, in this case, Si Xiao's physical strength will definitely not be able to withstand it!"

Yukinoshita shook his head.

Put Si Xiao's safety first.

And aside.

Si Xiao stared at the zombies downstairs.

In front of them gathered the zombies they attracted together with the bald man.

It's just too much.

It should be much less to turn around and go to another street, and Yukishita is also a way to do it.

"Go back."

The three retreated to the room and sat down again around the small table.

"This is the first-order life recovery skill found in the corpse of the speed-enhanced zombie before."

Si Xiao put the first-order life recovery scroll on the table, turned his head to look at Karuizawa and said, "Karuizawa, you have learned." "

On the side, under the snow did not speak, knowing that Si Xiao must have his own considerations.

"Huh? May I? "

Karuizawa picked up the scroll extremely excited, and then said a little embarrassed: "But why?" Isn't it better for Brother Xiao to learn the words. "


Si Xiao shook his head, his expression a little solemn:

"Now that we're a team, we don't have to separate each other."

"According to my expectations, a team should at least be divided into main attackers, secondary attackers, medical, control, long-range, of course, if there are tanks with large-area defense capabilities and logistics, it is naturally better, but now I can't think about it so much."

"And medical care, in my opinion, although the main responsibility is to treat teammates, but also have a certain self-preservation ability, otherwise it will only become a flaw in the team."

"And Karuizawa, your talent is only C-grade, right? That should be perfect for the medical location. "

Saying that, Si Xiao stared at Karuizawa seriously and said.

In his eyes, medical treatment must have a certain self-protection ability, otherwise it is easy to become a breakthrough for others.


Let people save all day long, then it is better not to.

No confidence, what kind of nanny?

Now, as long as he wrapped the spiral qi around his body, he could also walk sideways among the zombies like that bald man.

At most, the clothes are crushed, and walking outside naked is not a big deal.

The hard thing is

In case a drop of zombie blood or something flies into the mouth, it will be bad.

All things considered,

This talent is actually not suitable for killing zombies, but more suitable for killing.

He was not a reckless man, but extremely cautious.

The presence of a team is a must.

It's just that there are no conditions now, and then it depends on the situation to find the right teammate.

"And you don't have to worry too much."

Si Xiao looked at the somewhat moved Qingizawa, and said a little speechless: "This skill is not strong, and it is certainly not very precious, and it can be roughly guessed that the number of such aberrant zombies is not a few." "

"I know, in the future, I will be Brother Xiao's exclusive nanny!"

Karuizawa tightened the scroll in his hand and said with some excitement.

Immediately, they saw the scroll turn into a faint starlight and dissipate in the eyes of the two.

"It's the nanny of the whole team!"

The corner of Si Xiao's mouth twitched.

There was another sentence he didn't say.

Nanny is a scarce profession anywhere, and even if he leaves, Karuizawa can have a certain ability to protect himself.

"Back to the topic."

Si Xiao turned his head to look at Xuexia and said, "As long as I return to a safe place before my physical strength is exhausted, I do have the ability to kill all the zombies underneath." "

It's just tens of thousands of zombies.

Tossing back and forth seven or eight times is estimated to be about the same.

"But... That would be dangerous, right? "

Yukinoshita Yukino couldn't agree.

If she lost Si Xiao, she didn't know how to survive.

Her dependence on Si Xiao is so serious.

"That's right."

Si Xiao nodded and said solemnly: "If I encounter any accidents on the way back, such as being dragged by those speed-type zombies, I am afraid that I will die due to exhaustion of physical strength, and you will not have the ability to support me for the time being." "

"That's not okay, it's really better to change the way."

"yes, let's go from behind."

Yukino and Karuizawa instantly tensed up.

Instead of letting Si Xiao face danger, it is better to change to a more secure way.

"Listen to me."

Si Xiao shook his head and said, "But we can say that we don't know anything about the future now, and it is not clear whether there are zombies that are stronger than those deformities." "

"Therefore, my idea is to find a way for three people to kill all the low zombies together and improve the average strength of the team."

"The strength of the team is always greater than the individual, so that we can face the unexpected accident."

Although there are reasons for caution, since Yukinoshita Yukino and Karuizawa Megumi are trustworthy, he naturally will not be stingy.

"Got it!"

"Listen to Brother Xiao."

The two women replied.

I don't know why, as if there is someone together, it seems that there is nothing to be afraid of.

So to speak.

The three stared at the map on the table in front of them at a loss.

There is a street nearly thirty meters wide in front of the apartment building, while the opposite side also seems to be an apartment building.

In addition to Si Xiao, they can deal with several zombies at the same time.

If this goes out, I am afraid that only death.


Karuizawa quickly gave up, turned his head to look at Si Xiao and said, "Brother Xiao, what is the name of the skill you threw the gun out before." "

"Huh? No name, just a way to apply talent. "

"Huh? Obviously so handsome said, why not make a name. "

"That's right, let's call it the gun of the end of the world."

Si Xiao nodded indifferently, still studying how to break the game.

There are words that he opens the way ahead

Karuizawa probably has no problem, after all, her defensive talent is not bad, at least she doesn't have to be afraid of being injured by ordinary zombies.

And under the snow, there is some trouble, her body is only a little stronger than ordinary people, and there is a risk of infection if she is scraped casually.

"Then a name under the snow, right?" Every time I look at your expressionless face, I turn the ground into ice cubes in one fell swoop, which is scary! "

Seeing that Si Xiao was concentrating on his work, Karuizawa led the topic to the snow.

Anyway, with Si Xiao here, there will be no problem.

"Is there any point in that?"

Yukino tilted her head a little puzzled.

"Increase morale?"

Karuizawa tilted her head, as if there was no special meaning, she was a little unsure

"Can you also remind your teammates to facilitate cooperation and so on?"

Anyway, it feels strange not to call a name.

"Well, it makes sense, I'll think about it a little."

Yukino pondered for a moment and nodded.

Anyway, with Si Xiao here, it is roughly no problem.

"Compared to this, Karuizawa-san, how effective is the skill you just got?"

"Try it."

The two quickly gave it a try.

Yukino gently scratched her fingers with homemade ice.

"Life is restored."

Karuizawa shouted softly, a pale green light wrapped around Yukinoshita Yukino, and the wound on his fingertips recovered in less than a moment.

It is several times stronger than the self-healing ability of ordinary people.

It may be useful in normal times or some collision injuries, but in a zombie-infested world, it is a bit of a chicken rib.

"Come here."

At this time, Si Xiao looked at the two and said.

These two guys trust him too much.


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