"What is it?"

Si Xiao pointed to the map and pointed to the apartment building across the street and asked.

Although it is roughly an apartment building by sight, I don't know why, it is much narrower on the map than the apartment in a hurry.

"This is an apartment building, what's the problem?"

Karuizawa was a little puzzled.

This kind of thing can be known just by looking at it.

"Why is it so much narrower than the next one?"

Si Xiao looked at the two and frowned.

The layout of the city is closer to the Sakurajima style, and the two should know something.

"Because it's only one meter wide, it's so narrow on the map."

Yukinoshita Yukino was a little puzzled: "Your side, isn't that like this?" "


Si Xiao was shocked.

His cognition is only at the third level of high school, in addition to studying, he is reading anime novels.

Only a meter wide house?

Long insight.


Si Xiao walked to the balcony, looked at the ordinary apartment building and shook his head, and Yukinoshita and Karuizawa followed behind.

"In this case, things will be simple, let's go over there, and then use the ground type to slowly kill all these zombies."

Si Xiao pointed to the group of zombies downstairs, and looked back at the snow in front of him

"I can go directly, Karuizawa is probably fine, do you have any solutions under the snow?"

"I'll take a look."

Xuexia walked to Si Xiao's side and looked to the opposite side.

It is about thirty meters wide street, and her ability range is currently only fifteen meters, which is difficult to cover the opposite side.


After a moment of silence, Yukishita nodded and said, "It should be possible, as long as there is a medium connecting the opposite side, I can freeze it up and slide it over." "

"Is that okay?"

Si Xiao frowned, not knowing much about her abilities.

But even the slightest mistake is death.

"It's okay."

Yukishita showed a sweet smile and said, "As long as it is ice, it is within my ability." "


Si Xiao nodded.

As long as Yukinoshita Yukino has a good idea of his abilities.


A few people cut the curtains into long strips and tied them into ropes, with table lamps tied at one end and balcony fences at the other.

Si Xiao threw it suddenly, and the desk lamp formed a beautiful parabola in the air, and he flew steadily over the opposite apartment building.

The long rope is straightened.

Under the snow, Yukino was able to activate it, and the long rope quickly formed solid ice and spread to the opposite side.

"Wait until we pass, you will act, I will watch you from below."

Seeing that Xuexia was just about to act, Si Xiao hurriedly blocked the road.

"Got it."

A smile appeared at the corner of Yukoshita's mouth.

Knowing that Si Xiao didn't quite believe in her abilities, he was also concerned about her safety.


"What do you do?"

Yukino was shocked and quickly covered her pretty face.

Because, Si Xiao in front of him suddenly took off his clothes.


Si Xiao said while taking off his pants

"Ye Feng's talent, that is, spiral qi, has some requirements for body defense, although I can withstand some now, but the clothes are not good, Karuizawa, you also take off, wait for Yukino to help us send the clothes over, remember to bring two more bath towels."


Karuizawa's pretty face instantly turned red, and he stammered, "What for?" Do I want to take it off too? "

"Can't you just try to strengthen your clothes?"

Without waiting for Si Xiao to respond, Yukishita Xue Nai quickly turned her back to him and said.


Si Xiao was stunned.

He really hadn't thought about it and quickly gave it a try.

Sure enough, it doesn't work.

Ok and no.

"I tried it, but it didn't work."

After Si Xiao finished taking off, he answered Karuizawa's question: "Of course, this talent does not distinguish between enemies and me, if you fall and are surrounded by zombies, I am not very easy to save, I can only help you block it, you yourself be careful." "

Yukishita's face turned red, and it was not good to say much.


Karuizawa's pretty face was flushed, and he said a little twisted: "A little ashamed, Brother Xiao, can you turn around first?" "

Thought of waiting.

It is necessary to stick to Si Xiao's naked body.

Karuizawa was simply too nervous.

"Is it time to think about these issues? There is no one outside, what are you afraid of. "

Si Xiao shook his head speechlessly, but still turned around.

If there is someone, kill it.

It was heard quickly.

Then I heard the sound of clothes sliding to the ground.

"Yukishita-san, I'll leave it to you."

Karuizawa picked up her and Sixiao's clothes and handed them to Yukishita, and said with a slightly red face.

"Know... Apologized. "

Yukishita took the clothes with a slightly red face, accidentally glanced at Si Xiao's boxer pants, and stammered.

Although I knew that there was no way around it, I was really a little embarrassed.

And on the side.

Karuizawa covered his delicate body with his hands around his chest, and looked at Si Xiao, who was half-squatting on the ground without a trace.

Carefully climbed on his back and wrapped around Si Xiao's neck.

"How... What do you think? "

Karuizawa's voice was like a mosquito, and he asked a little nervously.

Although I am quite confident in my figure, it is inevitable that I am not confident now.


The corner of Si Xiao's mouth twitched.

What's how, is it to listen to his evaluation.

"If it hurts, just say it.

Si Xiao hurriedly said, temporarily suppressing the thoughts in his heart.


Karuizawa's tone trembled a little.

Immediately, Si Xiao tested Karuizawa's endurance.

At least a talent.

Her defenses are stronger than her own 70-point physique.

Then there is no problem.

"Remember to cover your mouth and be careful not to let blood splash in your mouth."

Finish speaking.

Si Xiao carried Karuizawa on his back and jumped directly off the balcony.

Invisible air currents wrapped around the whole body, and the approaching zombies were instantly ground into minced meat.


After the two left, Yukishita Yukino finally breathed a sigh of relief, glanced at it with some curiosity, and instantly turned back and did not dare to look again.


She couldn't resist her curiosity and looked at it several more times.


Si Xiao carried Karuizawa on his back, and the two of them ran on the streets full of zombies.

And the other side.

Coming to the apartment building, Si Xiao's eyes were calm, and he suddenly jumped ten meters high, and then climbed the window sill to support himself to the rooftop.

Immediately, Bang Bang solved the two zombies on the rooftop with two punches.

"You be careful here."

Si Xiao quickly put Karuizawa on the ground and jumped back into the street.

If you are discovered, you will definitely feel perverted.

But there is no way around it.


At this time, Karuizawa reacted and answered, seeing that Si Xiao was not there, he quickly patted his hot face.


Karuizawa quickly suppressed his screams, but there was a hint of joy in his beautiful eyes.

Just now,

Not only above, but below

All kinds of places have touched Si Xiao's body, and I don't know how Si Xiao evaluates her.

Moreover, Si Xiao's figure is so good.

Karuizawa secretly looked back at Si Xiao, looking a little nervous.

And the other side.

Looking at Si Xiao who returned downstairs, Xuexia quickly retracted his gaze.

She didn't see anything!


She picked up the clothes of the two, and the watermelon knife, and stepped on the long rope with a slight jump.

In Si Xiao's line of sight,

Under the snow, Xue Nai was like an ice spirit, not even moving, directly following the long rope, floating from the second floor to the balcony on the fifth floor opposite.

Newton's coffin board was almost overwhelmed.

'It's a double S's talent, it's so strong. ’

Si Xiao sighed a little, he was here for nothing.

You still have to find clothes that won't break.

This talent is a bit of a waste of clothes.


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