"Hurry up and put your clothes on."

When Si Xiao returned to the paper building, Xue Nai threw his clothes in front of the two in a panic, and said with a slightly red face.

"Of course."

Si Xiao and Karuizawa hurriedly redressed.

"Let's start killing zombies next."

Si Xiao nodded without care, and his eyes glanced at Karuizawa uncontrollably.

The feeling just now still made him have some memories.

"That, Brother Xiao."

Karuizawa's face was slightly red, and he said a little embarrassed: "Did you feel anything strange just now." "



Karuizawa tilted his pretty face to the side and secretly looked at Si Xiao on the opposite side:

"How did you feel just now?"

It's like asking, how is my body.


Si Xiao was also very frank and commented with a smile.

After all, it's really great.

If it weren't for the timing, he would definitely be eager to graduate.

"yes, yes..."

Karuizawa stammered in response, quickly lowering his head.

There was a little surprise in secret, doesn't this mean that she is still very attractive to Si Xiao, and she feels very happy when she thinks of this Karuizawa.

At this time,

"You two stop talking about these weird topics."

Xuexiaqiao's face turned red, and he glared at Si Xiao sharply: "What to do now." "

Not sure why,

Seeing Karuizawa and Si Xiao so close, Yukinoshita Yukino felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, and he didn't know why.

"Okay, take a break, and get moving."


Paper Building,

As Yukino said, only about a meter wide, an adult with long arms can hold the entire building.

The stairs leading to the roof are also extremely narrow

Only one person can pass through at the same time.

It can be described as easy to defend and difficult to attack, taking advantage of the geographical advantage.

The three of them still followed the previous way, freezing the stairs into ice under the snow in time to attract zombies to come up.

The three take turns keeping vigil and taking turns killing.

It only takes one person to block this staircase.

With Si Xiao's confession, the two women also tried their best to keep the body intact and let Si Xiao use endless extraction.

More than 10,000 zombies, enough to kill for more than a day.

As the power grows.

The speed of several people killing zombies is also getting faster and faster.

Not enough food, go rummage downstairs.


It was the sixth day when several people came to the reincarnation space.

The main thing is that Si Xiao's use of endless extraction is too wasteful of time

On the last day, Yukino and Karuizawa basically stayed by his side to prevent accidents.


Si Xiao killed four thousand, Yukinoshita Yukinai killed nearly six thousand, and Karuizawa killed nearly three thousand or so, mainly as a result of the two of them giving in.

Si Xiao also found a big problem.

Although each zombie can provide him with 0.5 attribute points, which is five times more than the others.


Even if 10,000 dead pigs were placed there for him to touch the corpse.

He has to touch it for a long time.

With this time, it is better to kill five zombies quickly.

In the end, Si Xiao was a little too lazy to continue using Endless Extraction.

Of course,

It's not that there are so many zombies for them to kill anytime and anywhere.

After all, this is the result of two groups of people driving, and this small street can have so many zombies.

You still have to earn with endless extraction.

But Si Xiao also discovered the limitations of endless extraction, and when the strength reached this level, not every one had to be touched.

Otherwise, it's a waste of time.


Early morning on the seventh day.

The zombies on the streets were finally cleaned up, and only a few zombies wandered around.

Inside the paper building.

Under the snow, Yukino lay asleep on the ground, and Karuizawa and Sixiao slept on the bed.

Although she asked Yukino to come up and sleep together, she still seemed a little embarrassed.

As for environmental issues, several people have long ceased to care so much.


Si Xiao opened his eyes, sat on the edge of the bed and shook his head.

Yesterday extracted a day, it really tired him, mainly like assembly line work, it was too boring.

He opens the panel again.

[Name: Si Xiao].

[Reincarnation number: 7].


Brave: Only those who understand the true meaning of the brave can wear it, and the skill Heart of the Brave can be used. (Heart of Brave: duration 30 minutes, 4D attribute doubled in 30 minutes, cooldown 24 hours.) )

[Attribute: Physique 1310; Force 1965; Agile 1965; Spirit 1965 (10 for normal adults. )】

[Talent One]:

Endless Extraction (SSS).

All non-living objects can be extracted.

After extraction, it can produce unexpected effects.

[Talent Two]:


Quickly understand and apply what you have learned.

The higher the spirit, the faster the learning speed.

[Talent 3]:

Spiral gas strength (A).

・Creates a spiral air flow around the body, which can also act on weapons.

・Consumption of physical strength and power are affected by speed.

[Skill]: None

[Equipment]: None

[Attribute point]: 0

The corners of Si Xiao's mouth raised slightly.

That's right.

This is his current strength, not only strength, but also about twice as fast as the speed of sound.

If that light mind dared to appear in front of him again

Si Xiao was completely confident that he could kill the other party in seconds.

With these attributes, no matter how much that bald man kills, I am afraid that he will have to kill for twenty days.

Therefore, he touched the corpse to the end yesterday, and he really didn't want to touch it anymore.

Although I don't know how strong the so-called corpse king is.

But Si Xiao now felt that it was not a problem for him to pierce a building with one shot.

It is a pity that the weapon is not powerful, and the ordinary extracted spear has long been unable to meet his requirements.


He had already begun to wrap his spiral qi around himself.

Unfortunately, the spiral qi does not distinguish between enemies and us, and with Yukinoshita and Karuizawa by his side, he can't do whatever he wants.

This made Si Xiao a little dissatisfied.

But it's nothing, those ordinary zombies, even if there are more, it is no longer a problem.

This is the growth rate of endless extraction.

And even if Xue Nai and the others killed six thousand zombies, I am afraid that the four dimensions are still about a hundred.


Talent is different.

Yuki Yuki's talent is also extremely terrifying, and killing zombies in the back is like cutting grass, and there are almost no shortcomings.

Looking at the two who were still asleep, Si Xiao opened the task panel again.

[Main mission 2: Kill 10,000 zombies (completed 4972/10000)].

The second main quest has been halfway completed, and the first task of surviving for thirty days is not difficult as long as it is safe and secure.


A cold light flashed in Si Xiao's eyes.

That rampant bald man, and Ohga Sun.

He wasn't going to let these people go.


At this time, under the snow and Karuizawa also woke up slowly.


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