Inside the mall.

Si Xiao, Yukishita, and Karuizawa were back to back, looking around vigilantly.

Although it was still during the day,

But the mall, which does not have lights on, still looks a little dark.

This is a five-story shopping mall, with a rough view of the first floor of clothing, the second floor of jewelry fashion living area, the third floor of food, the fourth floor of children's area, and the fifth floor of building and training.

The mall is a dilapidated scene, and many shops are scattered with shards of glass in front of them, which is obviously explored.

"How? Did you find anything? "

Si Xiao looked around warily and asked softly.

A person's vision is still limited.

"No anomalies."

The two women spoke in unison and answered softly.

Although it is already extremely powerful, it can kill a zombie at will.

The defense is also amazing.

Ordinary knives can no longer cut their skin.

But in addition to Karuizawa, Si Xiao and Yukishita did not dare to test their defense with zombies.

In case of injury, it was sent directly.

Si Xiao can also wrap his body with invisible airflow, and the zombies can't get close at all.

Listening to Si Xiao, as long as he was fully fired, he could instantly twist a building into powder.

Although perverted is a little perverted, but practical.

And snow under the snow is not good

At most, you can only erect ice walls around to protect yourself, in case the ice wall is broken, it will be dangerous, not to mention the mutated zombies that do not know where to hide.


After jumping down,

Under the snow, it is inevitable that there is still some nervousness.

"Don't be careless."

"Check with me for the next four weeks."

Yukishita Yukino and Karuizawa followed behind Si Xiao and quickly finished exploring the mall.

There were a few zombies hidden in the shadows, which could no longer pose a threat to them, and all of them were killed by Karuizawa.

Although there are traces of searches, the supplies are still abundant.

Not only instant noodles, ham.

It seems that the electricity has not stopped, and there are still a lot of frozen meat, vegetables and the like in the freezer, and even ice kuro.

After all.

If there are no stored items, no one else can take them with them.

After exploring, I found that there are two underground parking lots, a large supermarket, and a lot of live fish in the fresh area.

Followed by.

Si Xiao pulled down all the fire shutter doors at the outermost periphery of the mall, and strengthened the defense performance again.

It's sturdy and soundproofing.

Ordinary zombies definitely can't attack in, and mutated zombies are a little uncertain.

Therefore, he placed another row of bells behind the door.



The three arrived at the home area, surrounded by soft twin beds and a variety of sofas and furniture.

"It's soft and comfortable."

Karuizawa climbed on the soft bed, with a look of enjoyment on his face, and soon fell into a deep sleep.

Although the appearance looks nothing.

But this time is actually too tiring.

Always alert to the surroundings, can't take a good bath, can't rest well, even if you wash, there is always a disgusting smell of blood.

Finally able to rest well.


Si Xiao sat on the sofa and took a beautiful sip of cola.

I felt happy instantly.

He looked at the beer and a few cigarettes he had brought over, and all sorts of snacks and junk food.


Si Xiao lit a cigarette and took a sip like a curious baby.

It's like there's some kind of rebellious mentality.

What was not allowed before, now he wants to try it all.

After all, with his current physical fitness, there is no need to worry about what health is not healthy.

It seems to be naturally suitable for attraction, or it is too stressful.


Si Xiao spat out a cloud of smoke.

Nicotine erodes the brain.

It instantly made him feel a lot more relaxed.

'Good stuff. ’

Si Xiao said with admiration on his face.

Tense the spirit every day and night, always face the pressure of life and death, without pressure is impossible.

Most military personnel like to smoke.

Even preferring to smoke a cigarette without eating, now he finally understood this feeling a little.

I don't know how long it took.

Yukino carries a food truck to the furniture area, where he had previously prepared dinner.

"What a taste, it's so fragrant."

Karuizawa shrugged his nose and woke up as well.

The two quickly gathered in front of Si Xiao's sofa.

"You're smoking."

Yukishita Xueno looked at Si Xiao, who was smoking and drinking on the sofa, and asked a little dumbfounded.


Si Xiao nodded frankly, handed out two cigarettes and said, "Do you want to try it, it's not bad, it can ease the pressure." "


"Indeed, when I was a child, I often heard my father say this."

Yukinoshita Yukino murmured.

As if the reason for the excessive pressure, the two women hesitated for a moment and took the cigarette.

"Cough, cough."

"What is this, it's so hard to smoke."

Suck it in.

The two instantly chose to give up and threw them aside in disgust.

"If you can't smoke, don't force it, let's eat."

Si Xiao also extinguished the cigarette.

He still likes it, and there are a lot of them here anyway.


The three of them sat down around the coffee table.

Yukishita Xueno lifted the lid, handed the chopsticks and drinks to several people, glanced at Si Xiao and said

"I made some fried chicken, mapo tofu and dumplings, let's see if you like it."

"Chinese food?"

Karuizawa shrugged his nose.

Quickly picked up the dumplings and tasted them, and his eyes lit up: "It's delicious, sure enough, the students under the snow are very good at cooking." "

"Without that, anyone can do it according to the cookbook."

Hearing the praise, Yukinoshita Yukino said a little embarrassed.

"That's right."

Karuizawa also quickly raised the orange sweat in his hand and looked at the two excitedly:

"It's rare that we found such a safe place, we can finally breathe a sigh of relief, and the supplies are still so rich, do you want to celebrate."


Si Xiao and Xuexia couldn't help but glance at each other.

He is a social fear, basically no social interaction, and basically does not contact people under the snow, and he does not understand very well.

But animation and TV are always seen.



The three of them toasted and touched together, and couldn't help but smile.

Oh, yes.

It's so exhausting these days.

"Si Xiao, thank you."

At this time, Xuexia held the cup to Si Xiao and said with a serious expression:

"If it weren't for you, I would have died a long time ago, thank you very much."

Saying that, Yukishita Xueno said a little embarrassed: "At this time, I should say that I want to toast you, right?" "

If it weren't for Si Xiao leading them.

Yukinoshita Yukino thinks back on her experience in the past few days, and really doesn't feel that she can survive.

"No, we're just helping each other. If it weren't for you under the snow, I'm afraid we wouldn't be so easy. "

Si Xiao also took the beer and looked at Xuexia and smiled: "I don't understand these things, and I don't need to care about these things here, let's just be casual." "

Saying that, he drank the beer in his hand.

His talent is more inclined to growth, and if it were not for the snow in the early days, I am afraid it would be difficult for him to grow so fast.


Yukinoshita Yukino also drank the juice in his hand and shook his head bitterly.

The first time I didn't bathe all day, the first time I killed zombies, the first time I cooked for the opposite sex.

The first time I spent the night in a bedroom with the opposite sex, it was still the case of two women.

Although there are too many firsts here.

It's all a choice in desperation.

Everything here negates her past knowledge.

It was really difficult to adapt under the snow, after all, since she was strong, she was only a flower in the greenhouse before.

"Me too, me too."

Karuizawa also held the beer and said a little shyly: "Brother Xiao, thank you for saving me, and most importantly, teaching me how to live." Thank you, Brother Xiao! "

After speaking, Karuizawa also drank it in one gulp.

Instantly, her beautiful eyes lit up.

"What is this, it's delicious."

Although minors are not allowed to drink alcohol in their place, no one can control them now, and they are naturally curious to try it.

What's more, even hundreds of adults are no match for them now.

"No, you remember what I told you before."

Si Xiao looked at the light Iizawa who had a small red face, and said meaningfully.


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