Shopping mall furniture residence.

Karuizawa half-squatted next to the bathtub and boiled hot water, ready to take a bath, throwing some combustibles into the fire from time to time.

'Do you remember what I told you before!' ’

Thinking of Si Xiao's words and that meaningless look just now, Karuizawa's little face instantly turned red.

How could she forget.

Under strong pressure, it is only a matter of time before some cigarettes, beer, and women vent their desires.


It's just that the timing is not right.

Now the zombie danger that is temporarily far away, and there are so many supplies.

The timing is not right.

Think of this.

Karuizawa's pretty face was like a soldering iron, and it instantly became even redder.

It has to be said.

She also felt a little hot in her body.

Only then did he stick to Si Xiao's side every day for spiritual peace of mind and physical comfort.

"Oh, no!"

Karuizawa hurriedly held his pretty face.

Although they are bathing these days, the conditions are limited, and there is always some smell of blood on the body of the often killing zombies.

If Si Xiao dislikes it, it won't be good.

Think of this.

Karuizawa looked around, carefully left, climbed over the fence and jumped to the second-floor living area.

She picked up a few bottles of shower gel and shrugged her nose, and finally her eyes lit up and she chose a bottle of shower gel with an orange scent.

Followed by.

She came to the garment district again.

Karuizawa was holding a black lace bra with a pretty face.

Although I don't know where I saw it, it may be a curse of knowledge.

The first tiebreaker bra, sure enough, should be black is better.

But wouldn't that be too bold.

"No, no, no."

Karuizawa's face turned red and he quickly shook his head and quickly stuffed the dress back.

She's the first time.

It wouldn't be good if Si Xiao felt that she was a frivolous woman.

In the beginning, it really should symbolize pure white, right?

"It's decided!"

Karuizawa grabbed his small pink fist and went down, cheering himself up, hesitating for a moment to wrap up the shameful black bra.

Not now, maybe in the future.

"By the way, toothpaste, chewing gum."

Karuizawa hurriedly wandered around the mall.

I just want to present her most perfect side in front of Si Xiao.

Wait until everything is done.

She returned to the bathtub and quickly washed herself vigorously.

"Well, that must be fine."

Karuizawa shrugged his nose at his body, only feeling that his whole body was fragrant.

"Very good!"

Karuizawa holds his neck like a white swan, and his face is full of triumphant expressions.

Si Xiao will definitely be fascinated by her charm.

She walked back to the furniture area.

It's big and the mall is safe, so they don't have to huddle together anymore.

Karuizawa picked himself a soft big bed

Just sit down.

The mattress was soft and her entire hip was sinking in.

"Brother Xiao, I should come, shouldn't it be that I think wrong?"

Karuizawa's tight and delicate body glanced around like a thief cat.

Sighing why Si Xiao hadn't come yet.


Si Xiao wore a white bathrobe and walked in the furniture area looking for Karuizawa's figure.

The moment he was chosen by the space of reincarnation, he had already abandoned all law and morality.

It's not that he doesn't follow the rules, it's just that the apocalyptic world doesn't have rules.

Naturally, he is not a good person.

Before, it was just the timing, but now the timing is right.

Naturally, he had to enjoy it no matter what.


Karuizawa's figure appeared in his line of sight.

She sat on the edge of the bed in white tulle pajamas, her skin as white as snow looming under the dim light.

Karuizawa looked around from time to time, and found that Si Xiao's figure quickly glanced back at his little head, pretending not to see it.


The corners of Si Xiao's mouth raised slightly, and he walked behind her.

Before it was near, the space seemed to be filled with the smell of orange.


Karuizawa's pretty face was flushed, and he whispered a little shyly: "Brother Xiao, why are you here?" "

"Don't you know?"

The corners of Si Xiao's mouth became more playful.

Karuizawa was running around just now, how could he hide from him, and he also specially looked at what this guy was doing.

It's so cute that I'm actually picking clothes.

"I, I, I know something..."

Karuizawa's snow-white little hand clutched the back sheet and asked a little nervously.


Si Xiao sat next to Karuizawa

is worthy of being the popular heroine in "Real Teaching", and it is true that Megumi Karai Ze is the first in the world.

As long as you genuinely like each other, Karuizawa will give his all.

This woman is so well-behaved.


Si Xiao pinched his chin and commented, "Sure enough, it's better to take another piece you just took, right?" "

"You see it."

Karuizawa instantly turned his head to look at Si Xiao, and his pretty face instantly looked like a tomato.

Damn it.

Isn't that the side of himself that pleases Si Xiao like a fool has been seen?

As soon as I think of it.

Karuizawa couldn't find a crack to drill into.

"After all, Karuizawa is as dazzling as the stars in the sky, and the sight will always be unconsciously attracted to you, which is also a matter of no way."

Si Xiao shrugged indifferently.

Although he is only a social terrorist, he has seen a lot of teaching.

Anyway, just do as you like.


Karuizawa's eyes widened, and his pretty face turned even redder.

It seems that steam is coming out of the head.

Doesn't this mean that Si Xiao also likes her and will be attracted to her.

"I'll go change my clothes!"

She quickly picked up the black bra and ran away.


Si Xiao was extremely satisfied.

Occasionally bullying is really interesting.


Karuizawa changed into a black transparent gauze and appeared in front of Si Xiao again.


Karuizawa asked a little awkwardly.

Just now secretly looked at it

Although it is not ugly, but sure enough, this dress is still too bold for her.

However, as long as Si Xiao likes it, it is no problem!


Si Xiao's eyes lit up.

The black gauze perfectly wrapped Karuizawa, and the weak girl looked even more charming.

The white skin is faintly visible, making people want to step forward and play with it.

"Hey, hey."

Looking at Si Xiao's attracted gaze, Karuizawa smiled a little embarrassed. She just remembered something.

"Brother Xiao, you won't dislike me, will you?"

Karuizawa covered the pain in his lower abdomen and looked at Si Xiao a little apprehensively.

Although he is confident in all aspects of his figure, only that scar is really unsatisfactory.

Girls' skin should really be smooth and delicate.

"When you see my reaction, you're worried about this?"

Si Xiao spread his hands

The sword of the king appeared in front of Karuizawa's eyes, instantly making her feel relieved.

"If you still care, this is the reincarnation space, and there must be something to do after that."

After speaking, Si Xiao patted his thigh: "Come on." "


Karuizawa replied weakly.

Legs apart.

Sit on Si Xiao.

"Megumi, do you like me?"

Although he understood it by looking at her performance, Si Xiao still asked maliciously.

"It's too cunning to call me by my name now."

Karuizawa buried his head in his chest, the corners of his mouth slightly curved.

The sound is like the sound of mosquitoes.

"Hi... Like! "


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